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  1. Spanish is my native tongue. I was born in Colombia and my family lived there for my first 10 years, so I picked it up naturally. I still remember it and speak it, although with a somewhat diminished skill for grammar and spelling since I don't get too much practice in it. I started learning English when my family moved to the US. Its been the main language i use since i was about 12, given that i resided in the US and then moved to Canada. I seem to make most people think English is my first language. Only a few people seem to catch onto my slight accent. I kinda wish i had more of an accent nowadays though. When I was younger i used to get mocked for it and wanted it to stop. But now every time i hear a spanish accent it sounds so good, i wish i spoke like that a little more. I've also learned a bit of Italian during my High School years, but stopped pursuing it sometime after. I also learned some German, mainly as a way to go to Europe during my University years. Although I also really like how German sounds. The memes don't do it justice. But I did stop after reaching intermediate level. Mainly because writing complex essays and learning more and more complex grammar is very tedious. That applies to languages in general, not just German. Though i would certainly like to have more practice speaking both Italian and German
  2. Usually go with the male avatar. Only ever go with the female avatar if I have played through the game before and decided to go with the other avatar for a change or if i dislike the male avatar design. For example, i hate M!Byleth's hair and don't have many complains about F!Byleth so i choose F!Byleth. As for why, its mostly because I like playing with male avatars more than female avatars. There might be deeper reasons for it, but i don't really care. I just know that I like playing with male avatars.
  3. wait FE radiant dawn was to get a sequel? I thought tellius was wrapped up at the end of FE10... Not that i would complain about a sequel of Tellius mechanics
  4. I moved the safe file to my brother's wii u. But idk, i don't really feel that attached to the number on the screen. It was a while ago, and I have since moved on from a life of just video games lol
  5. I had 1600 hours on Radiant Dawn. Those were the days :). I collected that many through playing drafts in this forum. Up until the wii disc drive went and died on me by not spinning discs anymore ;_;
  6. I moved out in my second year of university and never looked back. Lived in a dorm in first year university, but I kept going back every weekend and went back to live with them during the summer. Living with them would be convenient and cheap, but my family's attitude and beliefs about life don't mesh very well with mine and they are not the kind of people to live and let live. So I'm very glad i moved out. I don't live alone though. I roommate with friends and that makes stuff fairly affordable and fun!
  7. Resolve and Fortify are probably the most useful ones that I could see. The rest are weapons that while they might be nice to have are not necessary. Specially since you can forge stuff (though its expensive). Unless you want a specific weapon for a character you really like I think the healing from fortify could come in handy.
  8. When I was very young, there was quite a bit of anime on Colombian TV. I remember shows like that anime about soccer which my brothers enjoyed, Sailor Moon, Knights of the Zodiac, and Dragon Ball Z. I remember really enjoying both Knights of the Zodiac and Dragon Ball Z a lot. DBZ in fact was quite often talked about in the house as all of my siblings have been fans of it. Later on, I also remember watching Yu Yu Hakusho and Slayers, both of which I ended up forgetting what their names were. Only found out what they were and watched them after joining this forum and asking about them. I also watched Yugioh, Pokemon, Digimon and Zoids back when I was in Colombia. It was only after I arrived in the states that I kinda lost the frequent anime watching aside from Yugioh and Pokemon. Granted at the time (2004) I did not know what anime was. It wasn't until sometime later, that I started watching Naruto through cartoon network. Eventually, with the help of the internet (a new thing for my family circa 2006), I learned what anime was, that it was made in Japan and that there were mangas associated with them. Naruto was probably the starting point of me consuming anime with the knowledge that it was anime. But I have been watching anime from a very early age.
  9. I'm tempted to buy the 3d all-stars, but i have played and beaten all of those. So i don't know if i actually will. Maybe if they had included SMG2 that would get me to buy it but otherwise... eh. Super mario 3d world though looks super fun and I am probably getting that one.
  10. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but proportionately speaking and all other things being equal among races, you should see a distribution of police shootings based on the racial distribution of the country. By this i mean that if a country has a population composed of 20% people of colour and 80% white people, shootings would also fall in a roughly 20/80 split. Regardless of whether its an unjustified shooting or not. The fact that people of colour are getting shot more than white people, in a country where white people are still the majority is a sign of inequalities present in both society and the justice system. White people aren't less likely to crimes. So even if there are justified shootings in the graphs, those must also be present in the white people numbers. This still means the graph fulfills its purpose in showing black people are disproportionately targeted by police.
  11. Raji looks super neat. I bought that one. Looking forward to playing it
  12. Hi ZM I lurk mostly nowadays and don't know whats happened between you and the forums but just thought i'd say hi
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