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  1. When I was very young, there was quite a bit of anime on Colombian TV. I remember shows like that anime about soccer which my brothers enjoyed, Sailor Moon, Knights of the Zodiac, and Dragon Ball Z. I remember really enjoying both Knights of the Zodiac and Dragon Ball Z a lot. DBZ in fact was quite often talked about in the house as all of my siblings have been fans of it. Later on, I also remember watching Yu Yu Hakusho and Slayers, both of which I ended up forgetting what their names were. Only found out what they were and watched them after joining this forum and asking about them. I also watched Yugioh, Pokemon, Digimon and Zoids back when I was in Colombia. It was only after I arrived in the states that I kinda lost the frequent anime watching aside from Yugioh and Pokemon. Granted at the time (2004) I did not know what anime was. It wasn't until sometime later, that I started watching Naruto through cartoon network. Eventually, with the help of the internet (a new thing for my family circa 2006), I learned what anime was, that it was made in Japan and that there were mangas associated with them. Naruto was probably the starting point of me consuming anime with the knowledge that it was anime. But I have been watching anime from a very early age.
  2. I'm tempted to buy the 3d all-stars, but i have played and beaten all of those. So i don't know if i actually will. Maybe if they had included SMG2 that would get me to buy it but otherwise... eh. Super mario 3d world though looks super fun and I am probably getting that one.
  3. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but proportionately speaking and all other things being equal among races, you should see a distribution of police shootings based on the racial distribution of the country. By this i mean that if a country has a population composed of 20% people of colour and 80% white people, shootings would also fall in a roughly 20/80 split. Regardless of whether its an unjustified shooting or not. The fact that people of colour are getting shot more than white people, in a country where white people are still the majority is a sign of inequalities present in both society and the justice system. White people aren't less likely to crimes. So even if there are justified shootings in the graphs, those must also be present in the white people numbers. This still means the graph fulfills its purpose in showing black people are disproportionately targeted by police.
  4. Raji looks super neat. I bought that one. Looking forward to playing it
  5. Hi ZM I lurk mostly nowadays and don't know whats happened between you and the forums but just thought i'd say hi
  6. I watch it and can usually handle it. Though I do have a sense of fear lingering for a while (few days) if its something I found particularly scary or creepy. Watching The Hauntings of Hill house, The Shining, and It (the old one and to some extent the new one) gave me that. It is particularly hard to deal with it, when I'm walking in the dark around my home or heading to bed. But I manage to fall asleep and can usually succeed in not reacting to the fear (like turning on the lights or walking faster or running up the stairs from a dark-ish place). The more scary and horror movies I watch the easier it gets. Though now I have started to be disappointed by scary movies since most have lost that sense of horror, unless the psychological build up is really good.
  7. I always give myself a buzz cut. So it hasn't been an issue for me. Once a month is usually good enough.
  8. Grocery stores could sort as they go. I mean at my store at least we already sort garbage, reclamation, recyclables, and compost. Adding another section for donations would not be a big deal. My grocery store doesn't usually let us take stuff home. And don't usually get a lot of food for free. The only common thing we get for free are cakes and other baked goods that would have otherwise been thrown out that day. Food from the home-meal replacement department such as cooked potatoes and chicken all get thrown out, even if they would have been ok to eat but not ok to be sold. Food from the grocery aisles is almost never given away. Aside from produce which often gives us produce that can't be sold anymore. I realize this sounds like a lot, but compared to how much edible food employees are forced to throw away it really isn't. Certainly a lot of steps have been taken to prevent waste in grocery stores and supermarkets. But a lot more can and should be done.
  9. While its true that sending the food elsewhere is expensive for a grocery store, nothing is stopping them from calling a food bank or other charity organization and asking them to take the food away; if they can at least. The receiving dock of a grocery store is not always busy, at least if we go by the experience of my store. And yes it might take the company an hour or 2 of somebody's pay to do this, but it would be a drop in the bucket considering how much this could help the community they reside in. Even if food banks would only take the canned foods and non-perishables. Not to mention the amount of diapers, razors, tampons and pads, shampoos and other essential products that go to waste because the package is slightly open or other wise slightly damaged (This is specially bad for tampons and pads considering they are often individually wrapped). Also, yeah that is true, people can be asshats and leave garbage everywhere. However, just because some people are assholes doesn't mean that all of them are. That said I don't particularly know what could be done about this. I know people can be prosecuted for trespassing when dumpster diving, so maybe in the cases that the people don't make a mess don't prosecute? Although, if we had another system of getting food that isn't going to be sold, but still safe to consume, to people who need it we wouldn't have this issue. My store recently put up a new program that allows people to get food that is expiring soon for super cheap. Which i guess is a step in the right direction.
  10. What do you call it when someone is starving in the streets then? I would definitely call it denying food when grocery stores throw away food and lock 'waste' in bins. A lot of the times simply because they much rather let food go to waste than potentially hurt the market by giving food away for free to those who desperately need it but can't afford it. I personally think leisure time is important as well, about as much as employment. And quite honestly, I think people are too infatuated with the idea of a super productive human to the point that it is detrimental to their well-being. The amount of times I see people at work continue working despite having some form of injury or illness is kind of insane. Yet a lot of them feel proud and colleagues often praise that attitude to boot. Shelter, like food, is a basic human necessity. Having these rights guaranteed sounds really good to me. I do think there is a lot of discussion to be had as to how far these rights should go. For example, there is definitely a need to discuss and set minimums such as how much living space does a person need. But I would not agree with the current system of "If you don't have it too bad. Maybe you will be lucky with shelters and food banks". I think the option to have more should be available, in case people want to go for it, but that isn't guaranteed. Only a minimum standard of living is guaranteed. Implementation and other logistics is a whole other game. But I think studies and inquiries could and should certainly be done to try and find if this is a better plan than the current status quo and also what might be the best way to do this. Kinda like Ontario has tried to do with a universal basic income study (except it got cancelled before it finished due to a change in political party rule)
  11. I definitely used to. I graduated about 3 years ago, and had a difficult finding a job. Only ever got 2 interviews. One for a career job (which i didn't get) and another for a part-time position at Walmart. I did get that position at Walmart, but quickly left it for another position at another grocery store a friend worked in because, it was relatively better. I kept trying to get a full time job in my field (or related, however thinly). I never got any interviews. Then i realized i really enjoy working part-time, not because of the work but because of the amount of time I get to myself. And I also realized I was fine living on that wage (don't have to live on credit). After that I stopped feeling behind, because I figured it all depends where you as an individual is going. Our society seems to think, and wants us to think, there is only one way to go. That is get a car, a career, a house, a family, and retire. To be honest though, I realized i don't want any of that. And that's ok. There isn't a single plan or end goal everyone should aim for.
  12. oof, i honestly lost a lot of hype after watching this new trailer. It might work fine, but it definitely won't be a first day buy for me. I think I'll just wait and see. That and I think i will get bug fables instead The bosses felt kinda disappointing, but I'd like to see more about them. Idk, maybe they work in game some how.
  13. Xenoblade is awesome. Since you already have maddening unlocked, you've played 3H already and honestly, replaying 3H is tedious and annoying (because of the requirement to explore and teach). Xenoblade on the other hand is not as tedious, and the gameplay is not interrupted for too long by at first neat but quickly turned annoying and extremely long intermissions.
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