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  1. Xenoblade is awesome. Since you already have maddening unlocked, you've played 3H already and honestly, replaying 3H is tedious and annoying (because of the requirement to explore and teach). Xenoblade on the other hand is not as tedious, and the gameplay is not interrupted for too long by at first neat but quickly turned annoying and extremely long intermissions.
  2. I'm not American, but holy shit that Biden speech was good. After four years of hearing and reading about Trump and the GOP, it honestly comes as a surprise. I know a lot of people were divided over the democratic candidates, and some even claim they will not vote for Biden if Sanders or someone else wasn't the candidate. I hope this speech is enough to unify the voters who want Trump out, and this whole ordeal encourages people who don't usually vote to go out and vote (or mail it cause covid). For the sake of everyone in the states.
  3. lol. I was wondering if i was remembering the ending wrong
  4. Stopping Trump, a public official, from blocking people is regulating the president. If the president starts blocking people on a popular platform, it might interfere with the first amendment. I don't really see how this is regulating social media, given twitter in this regard still allows people to block each other if they so wish.
  5. I'm honestly surprised this is still going 37725
  6. gross no thanks. Unless the base is literally a few very huddled up huts, please lets get away from 3H explorable bases. Fun for like an hour or 2 but after that the damn thing is nothing but a chore. I miss PoR and RD in part because so much of the game was focused on the missions, as opposed to everything outside of them. I wish we could go back to that. Though i know that is unlikely to happen with the success of recent FE.
  7. Fair enough but at the time i didn't have disposable income. Since the amount of games i'd get in any given year back were limited i had to decide which games to get. Super Paper Mario wasn't one of them.
  8. I don't know what the problems were with Sticker Star or Color Splash. I'm kind of excited to see paper mario again, now that i have the console to play it. Last time i played it was back in GC era and i skipped the wii era because of how different Paper Mario Wii was. I don't hope for much, but at least the trailer makes the plot seem wacky enough.
  9. In that sense, i could get behind the idea. It would be interesting to give mounted units a few more things to worry about, given how good they tend to be. Specially when it can be so easy to ignore weaknesses in some games.
  10. depends, i'm indirectly answering your question by suggesting taking care of mounts would amount to a sort of simulation game. Which i don't particularly care for in fire emblem games
  11. please, can we please stop making fire emblem games into sim games? I just want to have my turnbased strategy game back. Having mini games and stuff is fine and all, but if you are going to have it make it completely optional, no super op items that can only be obtained through them either. Three houses is a pain in the ass to play through again. Although stuff is skip able, it will severely weaken you to skip shit.
  12. This happened when i was a teen. My brother had asked me to mine something in EVE online for him while he was off working. He showed me how to do it and he would pay me a few bucks for every day i did it. I logged in one day, went to the location he had told me to go and started mining. Now i don't exactly know what happened next, i barely knew how to mine; however, i was apparently warned about something or other most likely not to enter a section of space by npc's. I figured maybe it was just the segment of space the ship had traveled on or something, after all i had been mining this spot for some time now. I decided to keep going, and figured even if i were to get attacked i might still be able to get away . Unfortunately my brother's ship got destroyed in what i assume was 1 shot. I went back to his base in a tiny pod and went logged off. Hoping that maybe, just maybe the ship wasn't destroyed. It remained destroyed. I apparently lost him a lot of in game money and hours due to that. To this day i don't know what happened. But my brother never asked me to mine for him again
  13. that one has nothing to do with coke. Don't confound things
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