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  1. This sums up my feelings pretty much. That and I also am unabashedly lazy. I don't belong anywhere near the military.
  2. I love this game and the IZSJ is pretty great. Makes each character a little more unique, or at least gives you the option to have that. It was a great time. Having said that, I wish i had known I was going to get a switch and it would eventually release on it. I bought it for PC and while I managed to get it to run fairly well on my laptop, I feel like the game would perform better on the switch than on my PC. My pc can't run quickenings without slowing them down and messing up the sound :<.
  3. I saw a video of someone beating the elite 4 with a level 3 metapod. Game is broken lol. Eevee and/or Pikachu will have no issues.
  4. Home run contest would be a fun addition. I always sucked at it, but I do enjoy trying it out. Would be specially great now that short-hopping is so much easier in this game than it was in Brawl (at least it feels that way to me). That Ganondorf Dair will probably be a really good tactic still. I hope. I would also really love to see a board the platforms and break the targets specific to each character. I guess that is a lot to ask for though, so I'd be ok with a few levels of both to try out.
  5. I use deodorant. Really Like Degree for Men for its price and smell. Arctic Edge is the one I usually buy. I bought Axe once, but I found that it would smell really terrible the next day. A problem for me since I only use deodorant when go outside (hardly any need to use it if I am going to be alone in my room) and don't shower daily. I only use Sunblock when I know I am spending a long time in the sun. I take a bit to burn, so I am usually fine without for getting around town. Don't really use many other products. I hate smelling people's strong perfumes and colognes as well, so I don't use those. I used to use moisturizer, for my face, but stopped after some time. I decided a few flakes on my face were not actually that embarrassing.
  6. That is true, although that HD rumble is used a lot in Nintendo's own games (like Mario Party). Can't Say I am thrilled to hear about a new Nintendo Switch Pro, but I am not too butt-hurt yet. As long as it doesn't block me from games I want to play, the current switch suits me fine.
  7. You could do dancing, or hit up local board game nights around your town. There are usually regulars to those. Also what Rapier said is pretty good. Asking a friend or family member is a good way to find new things. Plus chances are they will be more than happy to have you there.
  8. I really want to get this game on release, but I'm worried they might pull the same shit as they did with Sun and moon where they release the definitive version a tad later.... I think I might wait a few months before i get this game. I wish I had done the same with S/M because looking back the game was pretty bare bones compared to other games, like B2/w2 and Platinum.
  9. Mordecai once got 2 speed BEXP levels in the beginning of part 2 of Radiant Dawn. With 22 speed he was doubling for a fair bit into the game. It aso meant he reached higher claw ranks faster so that was an even bigger boost to damage. Couple that with strength at almost every level up, and it wouldn't matter he couldn't double speedy enemies.
  10. This. I used to do this regularly when I was young (used to live in South America)
  11. I would recommend Contrapoints, Knowing Better, Thunderf00t, Scishow, Healthcare Triage, Kurzgesagt, CGP Grey, Two Cents, Wisecrack, Hello Future Me, After Skool, TheOdd1sOut, The only Vlog here is TheOdd1sOut, but I find it kinda entertaining and its all animated. Contrapoints tends to have really good videos about controversial topics. Thunderf00t is great for science related stuf, and his debunking is also pretty great. SciShow, Healthcare Triage, Kurzgesagt, CGP Grey, Two cents, and Knowing Better are informative videos. Wisecrack is great for philosophy in media, Hello Future Me often talks about writing and symbolism in TV shows, cartoons and movies. He has a really good video essay on Zaheer from The Legend of Korra. After Skool takes narrations, motivational speeches among other sort of recorded stuff and draws along with them. They are kinda really neat.
  12. I have always had a romanticized picture of whales in my head. I really like them, big ones in particular. I also like turtles/tortoises. Edit: oh and birds, because I am jealous of their ability of unassisted flight.
  13. I have not come out yet to anyone irl but I did have a moment where I came out to myself, at least enough to accept the fact that I wasn't straight. I'm also still not sure whether I would label myself with any particular label either. Aside from maybe bisexual with a preference for men. I jsut figure I'm attracted to whoever I am attracted to, what gender that person happens to be seems rather trivial honestly. Also I guess this is the first time I seriously discuss this on this forum and online in general so . For most of my teenage years I kept thinking I was straight, at least for the most part. Though I think I might have been in some denial. My parents have always been vocal about their homophobia (...? I don't really know what to call it. I just know they wouldn't be entirely happy with it, at least not at first), even if they say they would accept their children no matter what. And I believe them, I mean, coming out as an atheist was a pretty big shocker for both my parents but they eventually accepted it. And I think religion is an even bigger and more important part of their life. My mom even told me once that was the one thing she could not forgive (though I think she has by now). Either way, I always thought this coupled with some pretty strong homophobia from my childhood and teenage peers led to me being in denial about my own feelings for men. I had a few crushes on girls during High School. Though it was not many, and I honestly can't say whether I was forcing myself to have crushes, mistaking feelings of friendship for more romantic feelings, or actually having a legitimate crush. I honestly can't say I ever found too many people attractive during high school. I think I was 19 or 20 when I started experiencing attraction towards men and sometimes (but very rarely) women I would see in public. It was around this time I started to understand why so many of my male friends would often stop a conversation to suddenly talk about how hot someone who just passed by is. I used to think if I could just have sex with a woman, I would figure it out and become fully straight or something. Though I ended up having sex with a woman, I think i ended up being pushed more towards the other side lol. Granted the experience was pretty terrible and I think it is all my fault for pressuring myself into that situation without being clear and honest to myself as to what it was I was looking for. Not that I have a clear picture now, but I am honest enough with myself to know that sex with just about any woman is out of the question. I know I can't have sex with just any random person, as much as people, friends and family seem to think and tell me that just because a guy is a guy they want sex with whoever they can get it with. It was after that experience that I truly started wondering about my sexuality and trying to figure out what I wanted in a romantic and sexual partner. I also started being a lot more honest to myself about my sexuality and started considering romantic and sexual relationships with men as a possibility. Granted I am still in the closet about this and I find it difficult to just go up and ask a guy I might be interested in getting to know better on a date. Recently I have been wondering about how to tell my friends and how to best let my family know. I don;t particulalry have too many ideas on that, mostly because I figured I would tell them if the question ever came up again but it hasn't so far. I figure if I ever meet someone I would let my friends know when they ask what is new with me, or if they ever ask me again about my sexuality I'd be honest with them about the confusing mess it is. As for my family, I'm not to sure how I would approach it. Talking about it out of the blue seems very uncomfortable, mostly because I have never felt comfortable talking to my parents about sexuality, my love-life, or anything of the sort. I figure if I ever get a boyfriend and they ask me about my love life I would tell them... But that also seems difficult to do.... Guess I will cross that bridge when I get there. Hopefully some day there is some sort of organic way of doing it but I don't think that is a realistic expectation. Update 10/02/2019: I came out to my closest friend. Got a crush on someone, my friend asked me if there was someone and I ended up telling him I was interested in a guy. He was cool with it. To be honest I expected this reaction, but I was kinda scared at first he might make fun of me, or something. But that didn't happen so
  14. What I don't want to see returning from fates or awakening is the damn dating sim. To a lesser extent I would like a return of RD class mechanics, and skills. The skills in fates and awakening feel a bit too overpowered. And I liked how unique the class path of RD and PoR made each unit feel. Aron and Nephenee were the same class but each felt quite different when you played with them given their distinct growths and lack of ability to continually train them, re-spec and train again. Although you could max every stat with BEXP but I'm not saying lets bring back that mechanic in its entirety. I will just wait until more is known about the game to decide if I buy it or not. After the disappointment I found with fates and Awakening I really don't want to fork over the cash right on release.
  15. I heard that the switch isn't region locked and that you could change region settings from the menu allowing you to buy stuff from other regions' eshop. If its true, that might be worth doing. Octopath Traveler sounds like a really good game.
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