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  1. I hope the keep the GTS, with additions from later gens. Instead of removing it and relying on the app. Though this is likely very unlikely 😕
  2. kinda wished they had gone for a platinum remake. But hopefully they keep all the improvements and features of Platinum... I'll be very sad if we don't get the full Battle frontier at the very least. Also, I hope we get to go into Giratina's dimension as well. It would kinda suck if we don't 😕
  3. If the trailer is indicative of how much polish it needs but won't get (like Sw&Sh) it will get a shit ton of criticism just for that. Granted, Gamefreak is unlikely to escape that until they start to seriously treat part of their older fans a bit more seriously. Which they have very little reason to do, considering how well Sw&Sh sold... 😕 Also, i think since the starters are not from Sinnoh, I feel like we could see at least a few more pokemon from other generations. Although both Rowlett and Samurott seem to fit a feudal theme... so that might be why. Still the game looks intriguing, though not a first day buy for me. Gamefreak lost that trust a while ago. I will wait and see what happens with how the game is delivered. If they can't improve the animations (holy shit that chimeco is bad) and the textures of foilage and trees I'm probably not getting it.
  4. Is this the same for peak weight cause that might suck for a lot of people
  5. The evil church/religious officials trope of 'people can't handle the truth. The lie is more comfortable'. Not to say it can be done in a meaningful way but to me I feel like it is everywhere. I really didn't like this for FF14 Heavensward. Though it was well written in all fairness.
  6. 😮 at the skyward sword HD and the joycons! Kinda felt meh about everything else. Except maybe the Triangle something or other turn based game. That looks neat.
  7. Perfect day as any other to be ghosted by tinder matches 😄 Happy Valentines day lol
  8. This pretty much. What is seen as manly and what emotions and feelings a man is able to express varies by culture. Its a dumb thing humans do, but unfortunately they do. Fortunately though, you don't have to pay mind to it. Assuming of course that you don't live in a fucked up place x<.
  9. Insecurity and comparing yourself to others is a pretty normal human feeling. And guys, being humans, can feel that too. Feelings and emotions are not tied to a specific gender lol
  10. I think the wii had south america lumped with north America. From Wikipedia:
  11. In normal playthroughs i think it is mainly for the defense stat since Heavy armor tends to offer the best Physical defense. Plus the bonus stats might not seem significant, but it does offer some change, like if using a weapon that uses str purely in its damage calc and you have 100 atk power against an enemy with 50 defense, Assuming the character caps strength (99) using the grand helm (+12 bonus to Str in Zodiac age) and is at lvl 1 you'll do the following amount of damage: Lowest roll: 1984 Highest: 2479 Without the Helm: Lowest: 1545 Highest: 1932 So at most the extra bonus strength is a difference of ~1000 damage. At worst the difference is 52 HP. Since the damage is random this might not amount to much in the general course of the game, but in fights like Yiazmat and the other high HP dragon, you'll absolutely want to maximize your output as that is likely to matter a lot more then. I'm curious to see how this might affect average battle time against Yiazmat and shit, but I don't know enough about probability and how this would look like in a prolongued battle scenario and I'm too lazy to learn it. I should note characters are not going to max str at level 1. This was merely done to see limits. Out of curiosity, as your level increases the gap between max stat and not maxed increases by quite a bit: With helmet at lvl 99: Lowest: 3879 Highest: 4848 Without Helmet at lvl 99: Lowest: 3211 Highest: 4013 So overall the difference can be fairly significant, specially as your level and att power of your weapon grows. However the randomness of damage calculations can make the difference seem non-existent and confirmation bias can make that worse.
  12. Edit: I just realized title said favourite band. Tough shit, I like them all. Its definitely between Will Wood, Mother Mother, Belle & Sebastian, Bahamas and Dodie though. Mother Mother - Ghosting is one of the best songs I have heard. Absolutely loved to stumble upon that one. Their other songs are pretty good too (although I have to be honest Ghosting is the only one i listen to regularly). Will Wood - Memento Mori: The most important thing in the world is my anthem and I only found it like a month or 2 ago. Absolutely amazing song. His other songs are really good and the lyrics I feel are well thought out. Fred Radix and Micheline Dax for when i want to practice whistling Dodie and Bahamas also get mentions, their sound is pretty great. And Bahamas killed it with his Sad Hunk album. And I don't want to make this too big, but Belle & Sebastian, Cavetown, Vulfpeck, Ace of Hearts, Tally Hall
  13. Try the struggle for freedom mod! It is a mod that rebalances the entire game and makes it more challenging and interesting. It also changes some spells and techniques to make them more useful. For example Renew is now insta-cast, while still keeping its insane cost. Teleport stones are not that hard to get. Bats drop them like candy. And they are also rather cheap. Thats your fast travel option. Airships are basically that but completely free. Also, the original game was meant to be beaten with a guide I'm pretty sure. Most of the really good equipment is hidden in chests that no one would be checking. Or certain vendors changing their wares and having more useful stuff later. Honestly who would have gone right back to the start of the barheim passage to go talk to the merchant again... 😕 Not to mention their bazaar is quite useful but if you don't know what to sell most of the stuff you can get will be quite underpowered for that time in the story. Also Espers are one of those things that are hard at first, but once you know what they do they are a cakewalk. Except Zodiark. Dude just sneezes and boom 50% of death
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