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  1. It shouldn't be that difficult to prioritize both considering the two paragraph weapon effects and refines we get nowadays.
  2. Well, I kind of just want them to be overpowered, but I like your ideas as well. Literally I'll take any kind of buff at this point so I have an excuse to take out my Ryoma, Xander and Camus again. Steady Stance 4 only works on Enemy Phase that's why I added Guard 3 there. And yeah I want it to be too much as an f u to other more powerful DC units.
  3. Too many plot holes and too much of an attempt to trash on the Last Jedi. JarJar Abrams really messed up and gave the sequels a dissatisfying ending. I'd argue the Last Jedi at least had that one amazing scene with Luke force ghosting away, but that's it. Rise of Skywalker had no such moments for me it's just slightly less terrible than TLJ.
  4. It really doesn't have much to offer once you've finished the Star Wars movies and watched a few Marvel movies. It didn't even have the MCU movies I needed to finish, sadly. I dropped it after 2 months.
  5. Still praying for older DC weapons to get refines. Fierce Stance 4 for Ryoma, Steady Stance 4 + Guard 3 for Ike, maybe Def based damage reduction for Xander.
  6. +HP/-Def Lif in a few orbs. Gonna try again to eventually be disappointed.
  7. I just used B!Ike, Lancina, Astram and Brave Lyn. B!Ike can tank Lif himself it's just insane. I did it again with B!Ike, Lancina, Askr Duo and Peony, it was much easier because magic takes care of armored knights.
  8. I hope this CYL isn't gonna turn out to be a Three Houses War Arc banner. I'm giving 3 Votes to Ishtar (just cause favorite char), 3 to Seliph (cause I want him to win), and 1 to Freyr (cause I want him to be playable).
  9. @Jotari: Add Lex from FE 4. Or not, never mind. I want Lex though.
  10. I know a dude with 2,000 f2p orbs saved up just for Charlotte.
  11. Still waiting for better Hector Lex, Travant, Legendary Arvis, Legendary Seliph and Altena.
  12. From the Comics: 1) Iron Man (Tony Stark) 2) Captain America (Steve Rogers) 3) Deadpool (Wade Wilson) 4) Spider-Man (Peter Parker) 5) Legion (David Haller) 6) Wolverine 7) Thor Odinson
  13. How broken would a once per turn Miracle Tyrfing be? I mean like if it were a thing where it would only work if the unit was at 7 HP or higher.
  14. In the future, yes. If I did it now it'll be lots of editing because otherwise it would look weird with the way I formatted things. Also there are B skills to consider as well, and seals. oOf
  15. I'm guessing there's an Atk/Spd Solo skill now that needs to be put in not just Ayra's but many other unit's builds. *Sigh*
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