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  1. Crossing my fingers for a mass demotion in the next FEH channel so types like Hubert will be in the 4-star pool ... so i can finally +10 him without wasting all my orbs. I'm sympathetic to the meta cancer that f!Edelgard is, but also, like, yeah, there's ways around her. If I can get my Valter to 1v1 her as the 'decked out favorite' option, but also have windsweep Selena and/or Ashera as the easy delete button option, people more creative than me can find 2-3 options that works with their team. Cancers will always exist (eg, Sutur, the Rein, etc.).
  2. was literally editing my post to reflect that update when you beat me to it, after hastily checking to see if that was the case. x) Appreciate the speedy fix!
  3. Reporting back on Nailah: I've actually found the Atk/Spd Menace skill goes wonderfully with her, and strongly suspect Guard Bearing would also pair nicely with that based off of what I'm seeing with Valter. DC+Guard Bearing gives that initial enemy phase tank ability against all but the most dedicated nukes, and by that point in time the remaining foes are within Menace range, and she's not had any problems cleaning up foes since, even mild green ones (versus before). RIP me next time the fallen banner rolls around as I'll be sparking a few Menaces....
  4. I sincerely doubt that, because : "By February 2019, the game had grossed $500 million worldwide, with Japan accounting for 56% (about $280 million) of its revenue. As of January 2020, the game has grossed $656 million worldwide, making it Nintendo's highest-grossing mobile game." - sauce and I truly think it's just IS shaking things up and A/B testing different ways of selling waifus. Probably wanted to see if organic social media marketing with Fjorm's videos did more than the standard Mythic banners to sell a waifu.
  5. Frenzy looks juicy enough as fodder alone that I'm considering sparking for that. Happy for all the Charlotte fans of being able to get out of alt-only hell. :)
  6. I guess we're not getting a trailer tonight. D:
  7. It's a pity with her not being able to use Close Call, because the speed stacking kind of screams that between damage reduction and the hit and run style. (It's what I run my Zihark with which has been still amazing to this day.) I'm not really somebody that runs a lot of mythics, so with your mentions about positioning ... she may be a part of my 'all beast team defense squad' (involving p!Tibby, Reyson, galeforce Naesala.) Might be some potential there. Thanks for the responses!
  8. That's fascinating. : o My one FEH superstition is that i *always* lose the AR match if I play in the morning, and it's super cool to hear that it's actually true in a way.
  9. Question for y'all: I just got a +SPD/-RES Nailah (one of the last few characters I really really wanted to get, and an eventual +10 project). I'm a 'occasionally gets into VoH' type of player that'd like to use her in AR. What builds would y'all suggest? open to high investment / "wacky/fun" builds for a niche. Her base kit confuses me because she reads like a ... blue fallen lyon on first glance (staff/windsweep counter?), but her tankiness is ... not that great for the current meta. (I really need a duolif counter, sob) I remember reading a reddit user that landed in the top 100 AR players that used nailah as a carry, of all characters, for galeforce/Glare shenanigans... leaning towards something like that - wish I knew what other skills they used. ;a;
  10. Warlock. Ill health means dark magic holds a distinct "fuck around and find out" appeal. (Plus I have a soft spot for Hubert.)
  11. In my entire time of being in AR for the last year, with a bit in VoH, I think I've maybe seen one person do a WoM attack, so the disarm trap idea sounds solid on paper, if you don't have an immediate merge project with the Divine Codes 2. Definitely seen a weird increase in disarm trap ninLyns on defense replays. SS3 feels like rare enough fodder vs maybe +2 atk/spd that I'd personally lean towards not merging her, but it definitely depends on how serious a carry you want her to be, and to invest in. Maybe a +1 one merge to negate the bane and increase survivability a touch?
  12. Nooo, there goes my plan to dump orbs into +10'ing Jill/Shinon. :< At least I'll have November to look forward to for making a Zihark Emblem team.. Speaking of, shouldn't we be getting the trailer for the new heroes tonight or tomorrow? edit: I also just want to say a lulz build of DC+Guard Bearing+Noontime on Valter was the best idea ever. it may not be the most meta, but boy lordy he can solo most infernal maps and laughs at every mage now. straight up survived a 79ATK hit from Lewyn in VoH (how, I don't know, lol), and destroyed him after. not quite f!Edelgard sustain but there's a weird synergy. love my evil worm man ❤️
  13. I don't know all the details between the differences of the GC version and the DS version, but what I do know is the DS textures seemed hideously ugly and repetitive vs the strikingly minimalist ones gank'd from the N64. Ikana Valley was a pretty bad offender especially.
  14. Seeing the financials that FEH pulls in for Nintendo ... i think it's safe easily for another 2-3 years. The chart where FEH's compared to Nintendo's other gacha/mobile games is ... impressive, and that isn't even touching the boost it'll give the next FE title(s). In other topics ... somebody on Reddit gave the galaxy brain'd idea of Flow Refresh (B skill) on Petrine - half a mystic-boost, and neutralizes evilgard's null-follow up so she can double and player phase evilgard? hell yes. Given Petrine's my second favorite ... pulling Duo Caeda rn for this idea.
  15. I love, love that infographic, because it's so true. I was always going to like Black Eagles far more than BL, and chose accordingly, but everybody definitely has their own flavor of favorite kinds of themes/stories. This is actually making me want to try a Church route for the themes listed there. : o Also! If OP does ultimately decide to go with BE for the first route, do be warned there's some things you must do in previous chapters to lock into that path - I accidentally had to play the whole school half over again because i missed those. (eg, supporting Edelgard, having a mandatory conversation with her.)
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