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  1. So there's a pretty interesting reddit post that gathered a lot of the very faint "Tellius Remake" rumors that i've been hearing for the past year. Now normally, I roll my eye at most rumors/speculation (I don't care about games/movies/pop culture these days), except for the fact this happens to be my one all-time favorite game with a speculation that at least feels slightly more credible than the ol 'my uncle works at Nintendo' anon meme. With my cynical corporate hat (I work in a media corp), the theory below of the remake being delayed due to Covid seems ... also surprisingly dead-on. Marketing initiatives are a whole different (and almost bigger) juggernaut than the actual game is, since there's a whole pipeline of making the internal and external sales pitch and contracts with vendors (say, the figmas), the creation timeline, the marketing for that, on and on - so I can see Covid screwing up the 'push marketing all in the 2 calendar quarters where game sales matter most' bit. Honestly the whole post is pretty copypaste worthy, so transcribing it below: A user named "thanibomb" in 2019 revealed a large amount of information about Fire Emblem Three Houses before it was known, which all turned out to be true when the game got it's next trailer and was released. Ever since the Beginning of 2020, the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game has been having an unusually high amount of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn related content, such as seasonal variants of these characters appearing every month (in 2020 only), and the pattern of the game subscription service "Feh pass" being broken recently by one of the protagonists from these games. A statue of the duology's main protagonist was also recently released. Users on r/FireEmblemHeroes discuss this pattern and speculate something minor, but then "thanibomb" replies saying that they think it is something "much bigger." In response, another user then speculates that these characters might have been released throughout 2020 to coincide with these remakes, but the remakes were delayed while the mobile game content was not. The leaker "thanibomb" then replies to this comment specifically with emoji eyes, possibly hinting that what this user speculated is true, and that these supposed remakes of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and/or Radiant Dawn were planned to release in 2020 but were delayed due to the pandemic. EDIT: A user in this thread named /u/JDraks has informed me in their comment that "thanibomb" has made even more similar comments previously in the past month, shown here: "It's worth noting that thani has been subtly hinting at this for at least the past month and a half, but it's only now that they're starting to lean more into it. They commented this on a post about various people acknowledging Radiant Dawn's anniversary They replied to this comment talking about how several Tellius characters have been recasted with emoji eyes as well Additionally, and this one could mean nothing but it's still worth noting, when thani was asked what it'd take to bring them back from Genshin they said "An RD remake". JDraks original comment includes additional speculation.
  2. So I was fishing for Pent yesterday, and felt really good about the last ticket. "Hmm," I said, "I feel lucky on this one green orb... either Pent .... orrrr Fallen Lyon.... I'd be OK with." > in comes my last f!Lyon merge > surprised pikachu face :D anyway have this lovely bastard at +10. First 5-star exclusive so that feels really cool. Pretty standard high-invest enemy phase f!Lyon kit, though I'm tempted to go with a double-bracings one that I just saw in AR. Eh. He's great in water season and against all of those all-the-rage colorless meta archers right now. (Claudes, Shinon, etc) I also +10'd Ashnard recently because a) convenient timing of GHB rerun and I already had him at +8, and b) he scores pretty well in Arena since I already accidentally(?) built him with a base kit that was top-scoring. Been attempting to (honestly) get into T21 once recently, I've recently gone up from T16 to T19.5 with him. Not bad! (Also an enemy phase build, clearly. Funnily enough he's the one I use most often as a Heroic Ordeals partner due to the Assist slot and being able to tank a hit.) Next up is probably Petrine and/or Valter. Valter's my main carry in Arena, amazingly enough, so I may focus on him finally for the honors. :o (The one consistent truth in Arena is *somebody's* gonna take damage, and my gosh that man is amazing when he's on 1HP with galeforce charged and hungry for blood)
  3. Just joined last year about this time, since I finally got a smartphone. Didn't really care about FE other than 9/10/16. Having some of my favorite characters (and villains!) be playable again has been a massive treat. I recently started paying for the Pass, but otherwise F2P, and it's been incredibly fun to just bounce along and slowly build the barracks with the favorites and "learn" how a new FE game works. It's got a much longer shelf life than most other FE titles do, and I think that's why I like it. You trade tight plot for continuous favorite character usability. Haven't struggled with balancing getting new (powerful, favorite) units with hoarding orbs for my #1 favorite. I hover around ~1k orbs these days. Would say it's worth another go for ~2 weeks or so, just to test it.
  4. Might have to pick up a few copies of Zihark as a zihark emblem fodder now that I've already +10'd him... :o dem quad attacks for future!Stefan. Not to mention the atk/def rein on nin!Laev that +10 Arena Ashnard is hankering for ... goddamnit this was supposed to be an orb saving month.
  5. Putting on my cynical corporate hat, I can definitely see this banner continuing because: a) it allows IS to quietly check off an (almost?) all-male banner and/or some villains that'd be really tough to fit in normal NH banners without being a money loss. b) and (wonders of wonders) still be a reasonably reliable moneymaker due to the slightly better kits + art. Guess-wise I'd be mildly happy with almost any of the guesses above - it's the only non-NH banner that I reserve an open mind for due to an affinity for villains and just how good these are usually treated. I'd pull for Orson and Bertram. And would guess at fallen!Ninian showing up reasonably soon.
  6. Sonia will be lovely for my villains squad ... I'll enjoy merging her in the GHB. Lowkey trying to resist the siren's call of sparking for Pent / sniping green .. I got a lot of green units I want ..... but saving orbs..... but Pent!fodder.... hmmm.
  7. i'm on the fence about what I actually 'want' for summer banners because I don't care at all for seasonals that are so OOC ... that being said the Pirate banner last year was a lot of fun. P!tibby was broken as hell and felt like basically a better version of his base-game even in art. The same kind of thing for Naesala would be kinda cool. Can see a lot of mixes, and a bunch of the Book 5 characters because the muscle valkyries would make it rain money no matter what. Maybe even Fafnir with a joke about how he's so pale and could use a beach trip? : P
  8. could definitely see Fates as an alternative to Blazing Blade; for such a popular game i'm actually surprised that it feels like it's dropped off the map recently i terms of new units, even seasonals. i just need it not to be zihark for once otherwise i'll have to turn into a whale overnight, sob... at least let me get back up to 1500 orbs...
  9. This was amazing, bahahahaha. I wish i could've been in the board-room when FEH's executives had to sign off on this.
  10. Why couldn't the free Formas start showing up when I wanted to merge up Hubert not a few months ago.... ;a; Mostly indifferent on celestial stones... might be useful to stock up on dragonflowers for my fliers (I have a mostly all-flier/infantry barracks so i'm always running low on those).
  11. re: Yuri - don't they normally debut characters in their "normal/base" version before going for legendaries/braves? I'm thinking of the 3H lords and likewise the CYL winners. Another way of saying I doubt we'll see his legendary for a while. Eventually, sure, but next year at minimum. Can see Sanaki or even Tibarn since he's still pretty popular despite having an alt/base in the game for a while.
  12. Aw, you're sweet! :D thank you~ Ahahah it's my favorite game of all time, and I tend to go back to it whenever I have a big "life event". Been a little tradition like that. You should post your own bragging list!
  13. Community: Drawn for the FE fandom for a good ~15 years now; an archive of the fanwork can be found here. Some of you may even recognize me as one of the fandom olds in the creative space from the deviantART days to my personal site. Modded countless anthologies/clubs. Beta'd an equally countless fics. Held a torch for Zihark as a favorite character of all time from the very start. Gameplay: Beat PoR 70+ times, across all modes (including JP MM), and unlocked all the bonus material. Just finished a run, actually. There's others, but those are the three that I'm most proud of.
  14. Having recently watched the Conquest / Revelation endgame on youtube, the latter's final levels was nothing short of breathtaking and some truly bizzare FF-level 'fighting god' bullshit. (I say that lovingly). i lol'd outright at the Ashera comment.
  15. Hel Micaiah doesn't feel like an unusual choice due to the a) dark affinity, and b) whole "Dark God" thing with Yune, honestly. Art's not bad - there's parts to it that I like (those colors! a nose!), and parts that I don't (the chest being accentuated a bit). That being said I'm really glad for a free OG!Micaiah so I didn't have to waste another ~100+ orbs on summoning for her on the revival banner. :D Back to grinding for 1k...
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