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  1. I can see that! it'd also maybe give them an excuse to introduce more god characters (like nifi and musspel(?)) to bestow those ascended blessings, who would be yet more orb-bait. completely off topic: DD4 f!Lyon's been my 'delete ranged blues and colorless' button since last year; even maxed out +10 shinons and l!chroms couldn't touch him for ages. then suddenly i get an ophelia and a y!inness that KO's him within two weeks recently. @[email protected] powercreep with the skills is nuts.
  2. Agreed. Far, far better animation and the more mature characters (Lin Beifong and her whole arc being an excellent example) gave it some much-needed subtleties that "Avatar" did not. OP - S2 of Korra was the weakest, personally, as another animation studio took over briefly and it shows. S3, however, is my favorite, and I've found you can safety skip S2 and go straight from S1 > S3 > S4 and still hit the high beats.
  3. Thanks for making this tutorial - very well written and probably the best writeup on these flowers that I've seen yet. I actually really appreciate IS for making these so useful for older units while not breaking the games by making these whale-able. or abuseable beyond a def/res ascended f!edelgard. 57/58 attack/speed ascended nin!hark is a sight to behold. :D his attack's been lagging recently so it's nice to get some punch back in it. tho it makes me wonder which new heroes are going to be ascended ones. hopefully will also breathe some life into some gen1 fan-favorites that have gone stale lately.
  4. Yep, hearing android has issues, which tracks for me being on android. I do hope we might get compensation orbs, given it's going to fuck up grand conquests. :v would be handy to pull for the last Jill for a +10.
  5. Came here to ask if anyone else was getting Support Code 803-3001, relieved I'm not the only one. Seems like it's a temporary server error due to it being overloaded.
  6. Honestly, your (OP's) list would be perfect for me. As somebody who almost exclusively plays (or likes to play) on pre-Wii-era consoles, this would be an instant purchase from me. Miss those dang polygons.
  7. Neat build with the def/res push! I see the logic in there and agree the missing skills bug me as well. I was thinking the other night about Stefan potentially being in the upcoming Tellius new heroes banner (whenever it gets here), and what would work with him. Not a full build yet, but a 5-star something like... Vague Katti - NFU, slaying, locked to him. Astra - (duh) Atk/Spd Ideal 4 - feels like it jives with his "peak swordsman" sort of vibe. Special Spiral 3 - idunno something about it just seems to fit the guy. Works well with Astra too.
  8. bwahaha, you tried more than me, I give you the ol' tip of the hat. :D You're absolutely right that wyrmslayers are a thing in the series; which I completely forgot, oops.
  9. Looks like you and I had the same idea since I realized I had a bunch of merges on him but never actually "built" him. Since he hits the 180 score bin, he's apparently a fairly decent Arena core choice if you don't have a lot of axe units. The one that's doing fairly well in arena for me to replace f!Lyon as a green when needed: - Plegian Axe (I wanted Deck Swabber but didn't have one on hand), (any 300SP assist), Aether, DC, QR,, any tier 4 C skill like Joint Drive Attack. he's a damn good bow/blue mage tanker with his surprisingly high res. :o
  10. I like this guy, based taste here. Anyway, mine, or at least the ones I care enough to remember: FE7: Legault (poor bastard) FE8: Valter (solid chance of wining) FE9/10: Zihark (eehhh, blessed post!Tower version with Alondite has a chance but not likely) FE16: Hubert (the other solid contender) Going by weapon triangle and FE:H shenanigans, Valter's the clear winner because that man can cream red units, even mages like no tomorrow. If we're talking timeskip Hubert, though, Hubie-kun's sneaky enough that I can see him laying a trap in advance, or having a ranged magic attack, and/or pitting everyone else against each other, not to mention being crafty enough to avoid a dagger or sword to the face. FE10 Zihark has solid res and with a ranged Alondite if he avoids being OHKO'd, could maybe take out anyone who's not Valter, but not likely to be the last one standing. I'd be betting on my man Zihark but only for favoritism reasons, not realistic ones. : P
  11. Amusingly, I've always felt the same way as OP even after playing the majority of the FE games. I'm probably biased towards wyvern riders anyway due to the types of character archetypes ("traitors" of the enemy nation, usually) - but even gameplay wise, the mix of "not being able to 2OHKO stuff" and "not being able to tank a single turn of multiple enemies" renders them never used. Usually I have much better luck getting a wyvern rider being able to 2OHKO things, and archers don't hit wyverns nearly as hard.
  12. Went with a combination of y'alls suggestions for Kurthnaga - (atk/def brazen, QR, close guard for team tankability and a nod to his Night TIde, steady breath), and he's rocking the TT plus easy-medium level PVE maps which is all I needed to max out HM eventually. thanks so much!
  13. Never even summoned or built up Julius, but upon testing his refine I'm shocked that he's performing "almost" as well as my dedicated magic-tank +10 DD4 F!Lyon as a staff counter. @[email protected] F!Lyon will still come in handy for nuking Shinon/Legendary Chrom on AR-D maps, but it'll be nice to have Julius for the other season for pesky cavlines. Sacrificing w!Altina for Unity + NCD was so worth it. :D already maxed out her HM so I was done with her.
  14. Easy question to y'all: what's a good (enemy phase) budget build for Kurthnaga? I'm running low on DC's and that line of skills, so I don't think I'll give him the whole teakettle there - but managed to snag one of him in 100 orbs and I've never actually played with a dragon before, so I don't know where to start other than giving him QR and maybe a stance seal. :v
  15. Might +1 Kurthnaga given his breath seems pretty cool, and I can dump all the dragon-specific skills I have on him for one (1) dragon tank. Rhea's art is lovely. If next month wasn't going to drain me of all my orbs, I'd be tempted to get her too.
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