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  1. Wow, I'm 100% sniping for Valentines Faye now! Cute design, art, voice over and comes with a full busted kit aside from an Assist skill. Girl's got it all going for her!
  2. Yep, that's exactly what I was saying, no implications or anything. Art itself is a form of expression, so in a way the characters are expressing themselves in the way they are designed by their creator. I am fully aware that real women are real sentient people with their own conscious, but I'm not sure when we ever needed consent from fictional female characters (or any gender in that matter) on how they want to be portrayed, especially in the context of the Fire Emblem franchise. He is though, I could post numerous examples of provocative Hawkeye depictions, but those pictures would be inappropriate here. In my perspective, he is not as prominently drawn as other characters because the character nor the franchise were nowhere as relevant and mainstream as now, hence why I believe why there is a scarce source of lewd Hawkeyes, but they do exist. Also he's getting more exposure in Heroes at least. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) That was one of the main parts of my post, to point out the societal norm and the double standards when it comes to male and female character depictions. People are allowed to feel disgruntled and voice their resentment against Loki's design, but it is not fair to exclude half naked men like Hawkeye out of the argument just because he wasn't originally intended to be sexualized like she was. Both of them are designed the same way, just one is widely accepted and the other is controversial. Sure, she is probably designed like that in mind, but she's also a full-fledged character next to any Fire Emblem character, not just a blatant sexually objectified money maker, as some claim. I understand and agree with you, and there's nothing wrong with feeling iffy about female characters being sexualized for money, I completely respect your opinion. My other main point is that most of the posts are indicating that only female characters are the only ones being sexually objectified in the game and industry, which simply aren't true. That's a statement that I can get behind! What's not fine is belittling them as people and artists, that ain't cool. Just like @Alkaid has stated, there are female artists who objectify female characters for the sake of passion or monetisation. One prominent artist that comes in mind is sakimichan. I don't know if it's deliberately or totally fanservice at the time, but I can see where you're coming from. Sure, miniskirts were probably there to give the lads to peek back in the day, but I'd also weigh in that the design choice of a miniskirt is to display femininity to draw in girls who like cute, frilly and feminine characters and designs too.
  3. I understand and see your point. But in my humblest personal opinion, I still think it boils down to his personal tastes as an individual. I still don't understand what you're trying to disagree with me, other than Fire Emblem characters are not sentimental living beings, which I am fully aware of thankfully. I have not disagreed with anything you've said regarding this matter, and I have certainly not silenced or disqualified any form of criticisms against their design choices. All I've said is a character design is presented to allow different opinions and interpretations. Even if you personally don't enjoy the existence of characters like Camilla and Loki for what you think they're worth, other people can interpret and find qualities they deem likable in them in ways you may or may not agree with. I did not literally mean the characters coming alive after being drawn to express themselves... I still don't understand what you're trying to prove here and why you keep bringing up a sexualized Hawkeye to me when I've already said that he could potentially, or at this point already sexually objectified since I brought him up, other than to give me deep steamy thoughts about him.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) In our context, the women in Fire Emblem Heroes are still covered, and that's the main argument and double standards that I am presenting. I'm not going to delve into the shirtless women topic. Like you said, if it is a societal norm to be used to men being shirtless culturally, then why can't we even normalize women wearing skimpy clothes in a video game? Even if it's for the sake of sexual objectification, I'll concede to your opinion if the female characters are being objectified unfairly in this game, but this case is simply not true when we see male characters receiving the same treatment, even if there are gender disparity ratios. As I've said before, if a selective group of people are uncomfortable with sexual objectification, it's not the developers' jobs to cater and tippy toe around them, as they have millions of other players to please. If they simply do not like the content they are presented with, they are free to play anything else on the mobile gachapon market. And good luck, 'cause as many posters have pointed out, FEH is already on the mild side of a wildly successful industry. I'm quoting this separately because it highlights the double standards vividly. So why does male sexual objectification get brushed to the side and mainly ignored? Why does no one rally or raise their pitchforks when men (or in our context), male characters get sexually objectified, or at least properly identified as a problem worldwide? Why is it only when women are in the position of objectification, it creates such a hot topic? One fiiiiiiiiine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) example would be when Geralt (Henry Cavill) is bathing in the Witcher Netflix series, weren't majority of women swooning and fetishizing him to the point they wish they were his bath water? And why is such a fine, steamy scene allowed to put on air? Probably because most men simply don't care if they are being sexualized or objectified (obviously I cannot speak for everyone). If women can faun over the sight of wet Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) coming out of the water topless, or Magic Mike strippers grinding the floor til there's a hole. Men are perfectly in the right to have the same pleasure. Either everyone gets the same treatment, or no one can have any fun. Which ain't fun, is it? The world and society are constantly evolving and developing (excluding countries that I will not name), women are not the only ones facing sexism or being objectified, not to mention there are increasingly more medias for the female viewing pleasure. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And if they're not into that idea, cover the eyes, change the channel and move on to something less rowdy. Back to your paragraph, if people do not want to see their Hinokas in a bath towel, they are not forced to play or roll for her, she has her normal and Kinshi Knight alt. The game does not prominently shove Hot Springs Hinoka in their face, and there are plenty of ways to avoid or minimize their exposure to her. I understand if people don't like Summer or Easter Bunny alts, but the game has other audiences to promote to. If they were to cater only to one group who don't like skimpy female alts, it would obviously upset the others who do like them. So the obvious best and easier solution is to just try and please everyone. I'm not sure why you're mentioning your last point, as I have no quarrel with their criticisms regarding the fanservice. I had problems however, with a rude remark to a certain group of people who enjoys said fanservice, which they apologized for it, which is all good and dandy. So now I'm just responding and having an open discussion with you. I still don't understand why you're bringing up the Hawkeye Initiative to me. Frankly I don't care if there is a contrast between how the two different genders are portrayed, because no one is preventing men from being absurdly posed or costumed like comic book women. If the author/artist doesn't want to or have the intent to draw male characters in sexually objectified way as they do with female characters, there's nothing wrong with that. Also men are also progressively being depicted and sexualized in the same way as women nowadays, which I'm all for! I don't know what you're trying to prove here once again, there is nothing wrong with female characters exposing their thighs as a design choice, when I can literally see Summer Helbendi's giant bulge. Don't think you're stroking an outrage here though, don't worry. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Making an assumption of me not knowing what sexual objectification is fine, but then your following assumption is pushing it. I am not actively silencing or denying people from their opinions and ability to feel offended to they're presented in Fire Emblem Heroes, and especially not dismissing any discussion regarding sexism as it is still an on-going prevalent issue for both men and women. I'll just quote what I stated earlier and elaborate it further. Everyone is entitled to deem whatever they want to be offensive (or sexist in our case), and that's perfectly fine. What is not okay is deeming something sexist and expecting everyone else to comply to what you deem sexist. Everyone has their own individual values and tolerance, no one gets to decide what is or what isn't sexist for everyone. Also, if I didn't like to talk about anything related to people being opposed to sexual objectification, I would not be having a continuous open discussion with you lot, and immediately dismissed anything you've said regarding to the subject. How is it the norm though? Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, the current Book Hero (which if you haven't noticed yet, are always conservatively designed), plus the units that YOU want to use, are still the main focus of Fire Emblem Heroes, they get majority of the screen time while Loki pops in here and there to taunt or flirt with us, whether we like it or not. Even if Loki does appear frequently, what's wrong with it? Why can't we normalize women with big breasts in revealing outfits? If we limit or completely remove the exposure of said women, how do we normalize it like we did with shirtless men as a society? Again, I want to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with finding Loki's or characters similar to her, designs offensive. But your hypothetical woman has no right to decide that Loki's design is condescending for her entire gender, it's the character clashing with her own personal beliefs and values. I'll repeat myself again, the game developer cannot feasibly tippy toe and please everyone. If the designs are successful and everywhere in the video game industry and widely accepted, then where is the apparent or underlying problem? Why are we only getting the occasional articles of complaints of said sexist products? Where's the revolution to overthrow all this sexist bullcrap that is so harmful to consume? Why is it always about women? Why are you still consuming and supporting such problematic and exploitative franchise? Incidentally, I dunno if you've heard of it, but the Tifa in the 'Final Fantasy VII' remake had her breasts reduced because of people complaining about their 'unrealistic' size. And what or how do I feel about either incidents? Nothing. (OK maybe that was a lie because there's nothing wrong with a skimpy poster child male character or Tifa's breasts, I like 'em) The point is, the decision ultimately lands to the creators. If they want to comply with the suggestions or criticisms, they are more than welcome to go ahead and change whatever they like. If they want to stick to their original decision and ignore everyone, more power to them. It is not us to dictate what the creators do or how they present their product, after all it is their artistic freedom. Ultimately it boils down to the sales and feedback of the said product, and it is up to the creators if they want to take in results for their future product, or stick to their established vision. I know for a fact that even if some of Tifa's booby fans are crying about her cup reduction, most of them are still going to ultimately buy and play the game, and would not affect the sales in one bit, because it is still FFVII, just chopped into three bits. (Also how wicked were those trailers though?) But if we're talking in Fire Emblem Heroes' context, it is a wildly successful mobile app that is still raking in millions dollars of revenue every month, with hardly any controversies. So I don't know why this article is in any way relevant to our current discussion. And no, I do not have to go and figure. Thank you for the thought though! I have no interest in watching that video, appreciated if you could just summarize it for me. I'm just going to repeat myself here again, how is her ultimate motives being shrouded in mystery, and her interest in our powers to summon heroes from multiple universes not directly connected to the overall FEH story, universe and as a secondary antagonist (for now)? I'm gonna try and keep this part short 'cause it's not really in our context of FEH. If sexist portrayals reinforce sexist notions and worldviews, does violence in video games correlate to violence in society? Solely placing all the responsibility and blame on the media isn't fair, as it mainly exists as a form of entertainment. It's our own responsibility as a society to separate fiction and reality. There are consequences in real life, and yes, unfortunately some people do get away with bad things. Yes, I do not deny that women are suffering socially and professionally in society, but that can be applied to literally anybody else in society. That is called censorship. I have been paying attention, and openly accepting different opinions regarding this discussion. You're the one who's constantly sliding in remarks. If it's overwhelmingly critical, I'm sure the industry would have gone through a lot of change by now. I know there are people who agrees with your views and I respect that, I'm just spinning your remark back to you to read some opinions that may clash with yours. And since we conveniently have a person with big boobs offer their opinion on the matter, I don't think I need to anymore, not that I had to in the first place.
  4. Dang, Valentines Silque is looking like a pretty sweet unit, her art and staff are really nice! I don't know if I like her enough to give her Wrathful/Dazzling in her B slot though. Hopefully I can pull a Valentines Alm/Celica or Faye to use as my bonus units for this Tempest Trials, they're cute as heck. Even Atk Wave and Close Guard I welcome with open arms!
  5. I think Xander might get an Emblian Resplendent form actually, because of his current dynamic and situation with Veronica.
  6. Jello Tharja! Her default attire is very similar to Thrasir. Though I wonder if she'll even be getting a Resplendent form because she's arguably the best red tome user right now because of her weapon refinery, decent stats and how easy it is to merge her. I think the Nohrian royal siblings would suit Hel's thematic very well too. Elise's Resplendent outfit could be similar to Eir's.
  7. I'm a male and I think it's trivial to mention your gender about a subject. I don't understand what you're trying to disagree with here. You literally just reworded what I said. It's virtually the same, if a real life actor's values do not align with the creator's creative vision, there'll be another to take up the mantle to make the product happen. I have, and their fan base consists of more than just people who like what they're physically presented with, but you're free to believe the characters and their designs offer nothing more than eye candy and fanservice. I never said he was intended to be sexually objectified. I said his with his character design he COULD BE sexually objectified, not that he isn't already because God bless artists and the Internet. Also, you've completely skipped out on my question. What if there are a group of people are uncomfortable with topless men? Why do we not criticize and condemn the way Hawkeye is designed, is it because of the societal norm to allow males to be depicted like that? If so, then why is it all of a sudden rallies and pitchforks when females are presented in a scanty or sexualized way? I don't know where you're going with mentioning this Project to me, 'cause I have no problem with men being sexualized or dressed in absurd outfits. You're telling Superman wearing tight, muscle defining full body spandex, wearing a red underwear on top is not absurd to you? Women aren't the only ones being put in weird costumes and exaggerated body images. I don't know why you're explaining sexual objectification to me, as I'm fully aware of and acknowledge their existence within the game. In regards to sexist designs, I don't think anyone holds the authority to decide what is sexist for everyone. If you see you're up against Loki, tap the screen while you're battling Loki and the battle instantly ends without seeing her battle art, assuming you don't want to turn the battle animations off. If you see her in trailers, you can skip to her skills or completely. If she's on a banner, I don't know why you'd be looking directly at breasts when she has a face and there are other units being promoted. If you pull her randomly, bad luck and as I've said before, bench, fodder and ignore her after. If you cannot stand looking at mini boobs on a chibi sprite, then I don't even know what to say at this point. If an individual cannot handle at the sight of boobs and butts, then it is a personal problem. A game shouldn't have to tippy toe around someone because they can't stand the mere sight of breasts. Sounds like you just don't like the idea of Loki having interests in us other than the fact we're the self insert character.. Me bringing up Loki's other motivations is a perfect argument to your criticisms regarding her as a character and design choice. If that's the case, then let them..? It's their franchise and they can do whatever they want as long as it's not harming anyone. I don't think dismissing my opinions on the matter based on your personal experiences and assumption of people's opinions on characters proves anything. That popcorn would indeed come in handy for you when reading a more wide range of opinions on the Internet.
  8. Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks! I might use that for some Animal Crossing rewards. Ah, and I found who I'm going to vote for! Thanks for the idea, let's hope he gets to the Voting Gauntlet phase! Fingers crossed.
  9. I completely understand and respect your views and opinions. I was just simply kinda itched at the "scantily clad women throwing themselves at you is how you keep your esteem high, fine." remark. I completely agree with you though, I definitely prefer fully fleshed out relationships between characters over characters worshiping self-insert characters any day! Well I'm glad she's strong and comfortable with her body, but there are insecure people with big boobs too! Well to the part you selectively quoted, the argument and statement is the fact that the female body and personality are beautiful, people should be proud and confident about their bodies even if they get sexually objectified at times! As opposed to revealing ladies = Bad
  10. And if he dislikes the sexual fanservice, that's completely fine. My point is that it's trivial to point that out when it's his taste as an individual. Like the straight male target audience you've stated, there are women and gay people who enjoy these things too, even if it's not directly catered to them. Characters are most certainly expressing themselves by the way they are designed, and these characters are created for different perspectives and different people to interpret and critique. Sure, it might not be their foremost intention, but people can also view these female characters as positives such as empowering, not just sexually objectifying in a negative way. Hawkeye is a character that doesn't wear a shirt, probably to show off his strength and might, but what if there are people who are not comfortable with men shirtless? What if people sexually objectify him? But God forbid women be sexually depicted. I very much agree to your point that people should not be berated and called prude or anything for voicing their complaints and distaste for these sexual fanservice aspects of the game, and it certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea. But... FEH is in no way shoving these design choices in our faces. People who don't enjoy the content are no way forced to consume them, most of the time this franchise provides a means to avoid them. When @Alkaid mentions Aversa and Loki fighting over the player character in Foraging Bonds, you do not have to read it, there is a skip button and is not detrimental or important to the overall plot of the story. If you simply don't like the sight or owning scantily dressed women as units, you can bench, fodder or ignore them. You are not forced to use them. Aside from Loki, I cannot think of a single character who even dresses as scandalous as her in the main story, and constantly fawning over you. (Loki does have a set mysterious goal, and is also interested in us because we have the power to summon heroes from any universe, don't forget) When people insult anime characters with big boobs, how would people with actual big boobs feel? Is it better if they gloom about it, or is it better if they look at characters like Camilla and Kagero and not give a single damn about what others think, and be proud of their body like the characters? Anyone can be uncomfortable with anything, not just boobs or raunchily dressed girls with flirtatious personalities.
  11. I think I'll sit out on the voting. If a character I happen to like wins, great! If a character I don't really care wins and has great skills, fodder! If a character I don't really care for and has no skills to pass onto my favorites then... :c
  12. I understand that's not a trait that everybody likes. Alm technically did save her from the knight who was going to kill her, so I guess it kind of makes sense for her to be unhealthily obsessed with him. But hey, at least her obsession doesn't do any harm other than dishing out a few insults here and there to any girl who is near or close to Alm, and ultimately accepts Alm and Celica's romantic relationship.... even though she still dedicates her life to him. I think it's just the fact that Echoes: SoV had too little Supports, so not only her, but most of the cast in the game suffers from it outside of the occasional dialogue in hubs. It's a shame because she does have hidden passive supports with Mycen and Celica, which I think would definitely give her more characterization and dynamic, and flesh her out more as just another obsessive stalker character.
  13. I don't know why your sexuality has anything to do with this, 'cause these big booby designs also appeal to straight girls and lesbians too. Fighting war franchise with CHARACTERS, characters that can also happen to be scantily dressed, flirty women when not on the battlefield. What happened to women can freely express their sexuality? Are we suddenly a good Christian value community now when it comes to Fire Emblem? Also, there are people who feel lonely, are uncomfortable/busy with real life interactions, maybe these characters who constantly 'throw themselves' at the self insert character make those people happy without the heavy investment. Don't just generalize and mock everyone who likes these stuff as people who like to keep their esteem high, pretty disrespectful... -- Fanservice is fine when it's applied to both male and female characters, which I think Fire Emblem as a franchise and in Heroes is doing very well. (though I do realize there is disproportional statistic when it comes male/female banner ratios, and they can definitely do better in that department)
  14. I think Faye existed to add a girl into the villager bunch to make it a lil more diverse there. Plus she was the only unit in Echoes that has access to being a Refresher, though I do think Silque should have been the Refresher since she is the one who sings across the lands, and the one who beautifully sings 'The Heritors of Arcadia'. I think she's a great addition, shows that Alm is really a natural born leader to not only boys to girls too in Ram village. Camilla is obsessed with protecting her FAMILY due to Nohrian royal concubine wars. Tharja is an obsessive stalker, but actually tries to help other people's problems with her misunderstood 'curses', awkward behavior and bad choice of words. They all have their own merits, don't need to bring up characters who literally have no connections to Faye other than a trait that you despise. Also I think her inclusion in the banner is excellent. Since Valentines is giving to the person you admire and love, though in her case it's pretty tragic, since Alm doesn't share the same feeling towards her... I guess not every romance has to be successful...!
  15. I think most of the characters I want are from Awakening/Fates, but I'll list them anyway! Rinkah - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! I love my muscle goddess and how unique she is compared to other characters in the franchise. Noire - Though she has a summer alt, I'd like my favorite child from Awakening in her base form too please! Charlotte - I love her amazing design and dynamic, hopefully they can incorporate her passive and deal more damage to female units in Heroes like in Fates. Severa - Owain's been in for more than a year now, when is she coming?! Gregor - How is he still not in the game yet? He is probably my favorite male Mercenary character in the franchise. Benny - Aside from Effie, there's not a lot of Spear Armors that I like, so hopefully he can make it in soon! Midori - Kaze's adorable daughter! Mitama - Another adorable daughter. Reina - Love her badass and elegant design! Hopefully she'll make it in eventually, and they nail her duality, displaying her hospitable side on the Unit Inspection and blood lust side when deplored. Fates Anna - My favorite Anna of the franchise, hopefully when she attacks she gets into a ballista! Awakening Anna - I'd imagine she'd be a Trickster and use a Levi Sword (acting like a tome) afar, and has Close Counter. Orochi - Not my most wanted, but I love her design, and Diviner and Onmyoji animations would look amazing in Heroes. Nyx - Also not my most wanted, but I appreciate her dark and mysterious design. Mozu - I like my little hard working villager girl! Vaike - Teach needs to be in the game, with the rest of the Shepherds! Miriel - Same as Vaike, the mage of Shepherds needs to be in! Kellam - Another mostly forgotten Shepherds that I want in! Hopefully one of his skills incorporates his stealthiness. Forrest - I like him, and he definitely blows Lucius and Libra out of the park. Emmeryn - If Mikoto can get in, hopefully she will debut in Heroes someday too. Excellus - Don't judge me, but I find his design and moments hilarious, Grand Hero Battle of him please! There's probably more, but these are just who I remember at the top of my head so far!
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