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  1. I don't understand how Three Houses still looks this unpolished and bad, what have they been doing for the past 8 months? It's even more embarrassing they showed the game after Dragon Quest XI S.
  2. I'm so stoked for L!Azura, she looks amazing AND she shares a color with S!Camilla! I just hope I don't get cursed by Fjorm..
  3. I feel extremely disappointed that this isn't our next mainline Switch title. Three Houses already felt bland and flat for me, this just makes it even worse. The theme, artwork, trailer, every material used in this reveal could've been an astounding and ambitious sequel, feels really wasteful to have it all just be used in a phone game... Also pretty glad that it seems like Kozaki is finally starting to get some appreciation for his work, after so much hate he got for simply drawing controversial designs.
  4. ..except all the characters that you mentioned were fleshed out in their supports too, you literally just defined their key characteristics and ignored the development they go through in their supports. Navarre is a stereotypical swordsman. Hector loves to fight. Dierdre and Ninian are just damsels in distress. Marth, Ephraim, Eirika, Lyn, Ike, Roy, Eliwood and Alm are all just bland goody-two-shoe protagonists that fight for the greater good. It's not hard to boil down characters into their one defining trait and call them one-dimensional. Are we really to the point in society where we're all so frail and sensitive that we can't even take Tharja, Nina and Soleil's characteristics as a joke anymore?
  5. You see, IS added themselves and every company in Heroes! It's Anna, and what does Anna always mention? $$$ and where does she have the most prominent role in the story? When there are seasonal banners urging you to spend money. If you want better male character representation and stats/kit, vote with your wallets instead of complaining about rEPreSEnTatiON. This also applies to character art and '''''''''''''''sexualization'''''''''''''', vast majority of people are willing to pay for them, therefore they consistently make these designs. And don't pretend male characters haven't been sexualized ever either. It's not IS' fault that their demographic are mainly straight males, it's not their fault that female characters and '''''''''''''sexualized'''''''''''' designs tend to sell more and it's not their fault for following statistics and catering to the majority to make the most profits. (Not sure where most of the money goes since Three Houses looks like that) Nothing is going to change if male characters still consistently sells less, '''''''''''sexualized'''''''''' designs sell and the playerbase is not taking a major dip.
  6. NOIRE?! Ahhhh, I wasn't expecting her inclusion, but I wish she was an Armor Bow unit.. Tharja was an bikini armor unit so I'd figure they'd do it for Noire too, and if her normal variant eventually gets in the game, she's going to be able to power creep this one since she'd be mergeable without limited to seasonal banners... Ah well, still going to roll for her regardless. I'm also going to be rolling for Cordelia, disappointing skills but with an art like that, how could I resist? Tana would be really nice to have. Innes is handsome, wouldn't mind getting him too, I wish Summer Xander's art was as good as his...
  7. They are, with the exception of the second post. The first and third posts are explicitly tearing the 'fanservicey' parts of the game apart and over-exaggerating the extent of fanservice in Fates. "Stripping, groping, incest, sex talk, etc. all is just blatantly trying to use to sell sex." Did I play a different game? Pray tell me where I can find the feature where I can grope my husbandos/waifus, as far as I can remember all we could do is pet their head and face and not anywhere below their neck. Incest? Wasn't this a forefront and glorified as great storytelling in one of the older FE games, and didn't Fates later reveal Corrin not actually being related to either sides' siblings with the exception of Azura (albeit with weak writing)? "You can't just turn off fanservice when it's EVERYWHERE", wat lol. Aside from Camilla's cutscene in Birthright, a few MALE AND FEMALE characters having a few revealing outfits, two features in MyCastle and the returning Awakening characters, I fail to see this point. So if you take in account of all those blatant unfair accusations towards the game, wouldn't those be insinuated onto the players who enjoyed the games? If I thoroughly enjoyed Fates or didn't mind the fanservice aspects of the game, should I be condemned and insulted as perverted, waifu-loving otaku because apparently Fates is such a horrible game for having these sinful and horrible features? Because that's what I'm getting out of from those posts. I don't even know where to start with this. This is the hypocrisy I see around here and THE reason why the Fire Emblem community is so fractured. Yo chill, no need to be hostile when they're just full of... opinions whether you disagree with them or not.
  8. I'm neutral about the new art style, I definitely prefer Kozaki and Hidari more over this artist. I'm not really a fan of how the artist draws and colors eyes, the irises feel empty and lifeless for how big they are. The line works of the portraits are extremely sloppy and inconsistent if you pay slight attention to them, and judging from Dimitri's design, the artist is lacking in skill in terms of drawing and designing armor. Also, with so many people pointing out and making comparisons to Persona, Fire Emblem has kind of lost its distinct niche look. The characters all lack something... They don't really pop out for me and don't really make me feel enticed to learn more of them compared to the elegant and mysterious blue haired dancer, or all the royal siblings in the Fates reveal. In previous entries, all the characters all popped and shone distinctively, but these characters are just... average. I feel more enticed to learn more about the Emmeryn-esque queen, sword-whip dude and sleepy Manakete than the three main protagonists. The designs are gradually growing on me, though I'm still not a fan of how Eld's (I can't remember her name on the top of my head) hair, skin color and irises are just a combination of extremely pale and bland colors, Dimitri looks like if Fernand and Clive had a child and Claude looks the most unique of the three, though personally I wish I could just cut that braid off. 'Teacher' just has a messy and incoherent color scheme going on. If I were to take a shot in guessing their personalities, Eld is probably going to be the keen and studious of the three, Dimitri is grumpy and serious, and Claude is going to be outgoing. I'm also hoping future character reveals down the line will have much simpler naming conventions 'cause I can barely remember their names besides Claude.
  9. Yeah, hopefully they use the 7 months to polish things up, really hoping to see something I like in the upcoming Directs for this game. As for the release date, I'm pretty sure they're going to be aiming for a global simultaneous release following the trend of every major Nintendo IP release so far.
  10. Hey! You can express whichever waifu is your type all you want without the need to bring my onee-chan down in the process! >:(
  11. I-I'm sorry, but all I can see from that sprite is..
  12. I don't know, it just feels the exact opposite to preach diversity when you group a bunch of so-called 'colored' individuals together in a term. But hey, what do I know? Who am I to judge the term 'PoC', probably should just stick to playing and discussing about video games. That's exactly what I'm scared about too, I'm not exactly a big fan of the artists' past works as all I've seen from her are pretty idol boys and girls.. but it's not fair to judge her based off just those so I'll probably reserve my judgement 'til more characters get revealed. Yeah, I'm really digging the calm and in-depth discussions so far in the thread despite the varied opinions about the new game! You mean Gray right? But yes, I agree with you. I don't think Japan cares about the number of racial, body, orientation or whatever diversity there is to discuss about, they're just designing whatever characters they themselves and their audiences find appealing in mind; and I don't know why people are bringing up real life nationalities for designs especially as cartoon-ish looking as Fire Emblem. They probably chose a darker skin toned character because maybe, just maybe it looks cool? It's probably not as deep and political ya'll think it is. Of course diversity is great, but I miss the days when people could just relate to characters without needing to look at the complexity of their skin or whatever, and please note that it's insulting to the characters and designers if all you can see is in their work is how underrepresented you think you are, when they are just making a game/character/setting that they love. I think Tolvir sums it up pretty well, actually.
  13. Something about the phrase 'people of color' irks me, I just can't pin point it. Maybe it's how it just further separates and categorizes us as people, rather than unifying everyone as one. But anyway, seems like Claude wasn't always planned to be tanned/colored whatever ya'll want to categorize him in from this mistake. He's also clipping through his cape collar, I really want to like this game but it's so unpolished, and the archers the back being clear copy and pastes like earlier examples....
  14. I wouldn't really call it 'complaining', it's more critiquing and expressing opinions on the new art style which is bound to happen. It's been pretty civil most of the time in this thread.
  15. It's true, honesty is a good positive trait. But there is a time and place for that, how he was acting towards Valbar was simply inappropriate. As I said, would this be acceptable if Leon was straight? But because he's gay, this doesn't count as sexual harassment or creepy people seem to throw around freely, and just gets a free pass. Honestly there's a lot of characters with one-dimensional, bland and undeveloped characters in Echoes too that people accuse of Fates and Awakening of having, but the latter two spunges up all the hate. I'm not too fond of the current roster reveal as they all seem like generic good protagonists like Lucina and Azura, just not with my ideal designs. It's still early to call this game off for me, hoping to see more of it soon.
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