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  1. I miss the 2D battle animations. There should totally be a spin off or something that brings that back.
  2. Three Houses is also my favorite game. There's more than a few flaws that I can think of, but the raw display of intuition, creativity, and care that went into it far outweighs the negatives. There was just so many things within this game that I had always wanted in a Fire Emblem franchise. Gigantic monsters, creative weapons, dope villain designs, more chances to fight the "good guys", and especially, the way they handled classes. I once advocated for the act of completely getting rid of classes period, but I will admit that the way Three Houses handled them is better than my idea. I wanted a game where classes are not locked to a single set of weapons and did play huge role in deciding the core of a character and I got that in this game. Also Battalions.... I LOVE the battalions. I do think that IS could have done more with them, though. That point aside, battalions gives me more of that "war" atmosphere I desire instead of one where your team is like 12-20 dudes against another small group of individuals. Really add to my imagination. tl;dr? Dope game. Love it.
  3. I just want the option to attack or atleast get the chance to equip a more appropriate weapon whenever one of my guys run into a suprise enemy. Other than that. I think it would be really cool to have certain parts of a map be lit up by torches or something: a scenario where your team is in a dark dungeon with some scary looking baddies elsewhere on the map, being visible to the player at the start, but runs off in the darkness when the enemy phase starts. You wouldn't know where specifically they are, but you know that they are coming for your team. Oooh. The semi-thrill.
  4. It might have seemed kind of cool to have a "wind spell breaker" or the such. But me personally, I absolutely loved the way they handled magic in this game or just weapons in general. No more limiting a class to one or two weapons. Magic ammo was indeed a little lacking at the start of the game, but as the game progressed, I barely remember a time that became an issue for me. Many of the magic classes doubles the amount of times a unit can use the basic spells. Plus, I don't exactly see how allowing a magic unit to just spam the big finishing attacks over five times would be a great idea. They're the big guns. They should be used in with care. Of course, I would not mind if they revert to the old ways or go to a completely different system, but I would mind a hell of a lot less if this is the new tradition. Also, I REALLY like the idea of tomes being something that could give users specific spells if equipped like a shield. That sounds really cool.
  5. @vanguard333 Alright so. The most important part of this conversion. Capes: yay or nay???
  6. Never played the Tellius games. But from what I've seen, it looks pretty fun with the beast race, the cool villains, and a big baddie that's not a dragon. Another opinion, there should TOTALLY be a promoted class that uses only staves and can access an S rank mastery to them. (Is it "an" or "a" here...?)
  7. I guess when it comes down to it, many if not all of us agree that this is a good step in a more balanced direction. Now that I think about it, they already trade both spd and res for some more dfs. There's also the armor slaying weapons which exists. That by itself should be more than enough to balance the extra defense. Adding a movement penalty burdens them with more limits than advantages. @vanguard333 And that's another thing that baffles me about knights. You see, in most FE games, the cavaliers and sometimes other units are wearing armor as well. Fates's version depicts them with the type of armor you displayed in your post. So I guess armored knights generically are supposed to be hella bulky to actually be considered such in the FE verse, which I personally don't like. I'm of favor to those you showed, but then what would differentiate a great knight from a paladin? Design wise, I think SoV depicted them pretty nicely.
  8. @HappyHawlucha. Blue Lions? Ah! Found a brother in arms! Although, I probably could've figured this out sooner by looking at your banner. I typically don't pay attention to those. But if they are indeed going to to the route of clumping movement types together and allow them free range of weaponry, with them being depended on the character, not the class, I'd be glad. I've been advocating for something similar to this approach, but everyone seems to disagree with me on that idea. (strongly, I might add... ;-;) So will swordmasters still be a thing, or will we just see a character that seems like the Navarre stereotype while just being classed as a mercenary? Also, what is the possibility of even more weapon types being considered? Infantry units may have exclusive access to the gauntlets. What if there are other classtype-exclusive weapons? Maybe for once, IS will actually differentiate spears and lances, making the latter one exclusive to flyers or cavalry. I know this is not going to happen, but I'd totally be pumped to see chain maces or wrecking balls exclusive to armors. Hell, maybe even bring back the chained weapons animation from the GBA titles.
  9. Renault. I read a fanfiction called "wayward son" a while ago and his character really grew on me. It's to bad second seals did not exist back then. It'd be a pretty to cool way to hint to his past and maybe even put him into a more appropriate role.
  10. Has that been confirmed? Through out the series, the pegasus have more resist while the wyvern rider gets extra def. In terms of Claude, how about an ARMORED pegesus rider? ;)
  11. Not a manakete, but a flying wyvern that's also armored. That just seems like a dangerous combination to me. I personaly would love to see a badass, mounted, flightless wyvern that's armored, looking more like a rhino or something. But if there is an ACTUAL population of manaketes that's not nearly extinct in game, I would absolutely love that. I also hope that in one day, we get more Corrins, people with human side weapons such as tomes, bows, and the such along side their dragon stones.
  12. @Jayvee94 Ugh. An armored dragon as the promotion is the last thing I'd want to see. That'd give them THREE weaknesses worry about/ exploit. That plus their lack of resistance. An armored Pegasus will be a more interesting thing to see. The Pegasus haves natural resistance plus armor. So they probably would not be overly resistant or susceptible to magic.
  13. Paladin!Chrom. Get that juicy, early lance exp!
  14. *Sigh I guess. Also, I just thought of this, but having a shield in one hand and a gauntlet in another may look strange. (...Although, I sure as hell would be interested in seeing what that looks like)
  15. My personal favorites are FE7's and Gaiden/Echoes' battle themes. Even when I first heard the latter in FE8, for some reason, that tune just sounds so powerful and challenging to me. I would consider the 3DS era, but I'm sure rather or not those count.
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