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  1. And even though you got the pity bonus wrong and it's even higher than you said it was, you're still wrong. 8% divided 3 ways is 2.67%. 8.5% divided 3 ways is 2.83%. That's an increase of 1.0625×. 3% divided 1 way is 3%. 3.25% divided 1 way is 3.25%. That's an increase of 1.0833×. You get a bigger increase to your pity rate from a normal banner than from a Legendary Hero banner. And even if I let you compare to a non-Focus character, 3% divided 50 ways is 0.06%, and 3.25% divided 50 ways is 0.065%, which is still an increase of 1.0833×. Multiplication and division are wonderful like that. And if you try to argue about the additive boost, that's ultimately meaningless because the difference it makes depends on the size of the original value. Being off by a meter is a huge deal when building a house, but being off by a meter is meaningless when planning a road trip. Lets just say I think the additive bonus isn't as easily written off. I think I have made my larger points and have no problems just agreeing that we won't see fully eye to eye. Look I know summoning simulators exist. I do think they are cool and novel . I do respect that they take a lot of effort and work to even make something close to the main thing. Maybe I am just the real hands on type or just cynical but I don't just trust them because they exist. I know I have for other game ran into sims that I think where I felt where more generous than the actual games.
  2. Are you forgetting about fodder purposes for the units you mentioned? Anyways its not about being too attached to which particular seasonal its just imo seasonals> Legendaries in terms of what should get credit. If refines/Resplendent are anything to by I don't think we can count on set orders or anything like that. While I broadly agree that they will take age into account I don't think IS will be straight forward with how they do it. I also don't think the other options have nearly as restricted rules as people want to say. I do think there is an argument that we need to wait and see on future remixes. I just don't think we can take a set view on them right now or that they aren't going to throw in surprises or a wrench in expectations given how they tend to like doing that with other stuff like resplendent, refines, divine codes ect. A non-seasonal Duo Hero exists, by the way. I don't oppose people voting for said hero either. Strength is what matters most and I simply thing people are undervaluing the strengths of the non-legend/Mythics. No what it actually says is up for debate as its not fully known. People are taking incomplete math as fact when its simply that incomplete math. What the actual completed math says isn't so clear cut. It is important to consider that pity rate ups exist and those actually tip the favor in legendarys. Going from 8% to 8. 25% divided 3 ways is more meaningful than going 3 to 3.25% divided alot more than three times because that growth is more concentrated among the 3 options in the legend pool than it is the normal pool. As for how often it takes takes a rate up to get said unit needs a rate up in general is something that is growing beyond my scope and but I do think is important to keep in mind though because you are already beating the odds to get a 5 star without a pity rate up on both banner regardless. The general expectation from experience is you are probably going to need at least one rate up to get a 5 star in general. Where exactly the break even point is I am not sure but I do think it isn't accurately portrayed by just the initial rate stat alone. I don't claim to have all the answers here but I do know enough to say that we are only looking at pieces of the larger whole. Good budgeting lets you go a little pass the target number without issues to account for disaster scenarios. People aren't realistically going to ignore a 11% rate (aka they got super unlucky) after summoning hard for something if that is what happens at the end of 500. The problem with two targets simultaneously is your ability to flex is almost not existent. Not to mention more time in between may also give you a chance to up that budget altogether with just log in bonus orbs alone in not other factors. That alone dents your chance of hitting your targets if they are too near each other in terms of time.
  3. I have made the point I am supporting seasonal as well as normal banner units. Btw I don't support just duo/harmonics for seasonal just any really good seasonal. Henriette, Gustav, insert good seasonal here, ect. It just gets lost in the other point because people are so focused on arguing against my opinion. I get it that my other point is not shared so its going to take up the bulk of peoples attention but I have made points supporting seasonal units in my arguments both here and when I brought it up before. A rise of seasonal would be more than ok with me. Its really only my okayness with normal banner units that is causing the disagreements. Staleness is a real thing they have to balance. Repeating the same units on the remix banners over and over again is going to kill interest in them for people. Look at how they have done the normal legendary banners they make a real effort to mix it up. Yes it is part of the point but interest in the banners still needs to generate interest or else they aren't worth doing and IS will look elsewhere. And its not just about the banner units but they have to give off color options for the banners themselves. That I think is going to get spiced up at least once or twice in the multiple they are doing in this year. Thing is I don't even think that covers all the math involved on both banner types. There has to be some part of the equations that puts limits on who is in and who is out due to the exclusivity of options in the Legend banner and sorts through pity breakers on the normal ones. Just like there has to be some part of the summoning algorithm that excludes units based on color. What that exactly looks like I don't know and don't know if we have ways of knowing but it likely means that the 2.7% figure is an approximate base on part of the equation when the actual figure could vary depending on how they handle what choice of 5 star at the end. And how much IS actually is giving focus an advantage in the complex summoning math for both. I do think there is a possibility of an edge factor in both because the actual math used might be giving to low of numbers for rates and they actually have to put an a bit extra in to comply with gacha laws or compete with other gachas that get us to the 8% and 3% focus rates we know and love that makes summoning both types of a heroes a bit easier than the math implies. As I keep getting ignored on this comes back to timing alot. Sure it happens on August but guess what also happens in August regular cyl and reruns of the other cyls. Its not like players have just one interested character. I don't think its particularly sound advice to say wait until the one of the most summoned banners of the year if not the most summoned banner and use orbs on something else if there is something you have interest in. People can have multiple interests and Cyl is something the entire community looks forward to. Look I get that if the focusing on a hero you have to make sacrifices but I think we can at agree that this one is has some timing problems. Yes it can absolutely can because if you look at most people who do save they usually have more than one time they are saving up for. Savers don't usually just plan for one thing they plan for multiple banners in advanced. Look at reactions to new banners a common comment is "why did this character come out this month I was budgeting for month x instead" because they have multiple characters they want and multiple save projects. Maybe you still can have no problems with your first project but it can impact your others and have a ripple effect on your budget. Your wrong slightly about the extra slot Legendary heroes in the extra slot is dependent on season if it works. The extra slot currently requires Reginn or Serios and must be either anima/Astra blessed depending on which mythic you are running or the in season legendary. You can't use a wind legend in the extra slot outside of wind season. You could put a Astra/Anima unit in that slot but not wind. And even if you aren't trying to get vault to heavens a slight improvement to defense still can be a tiers worth of rewards. So having the option to be run consistently defensively can make a difference to how much you get per year even if it is small. I will just repeat what I said above the math isn't so simple.
  4. The point of this a hero rises is to focus in particular units to be made free. The math of the other color orbs doesn't exactly matter once you lock in your colored orb. You have a zero percent chance of pulling a red unit on a green, colorless, or blue orb. So the focus rate of pulling say normal Lysethia on any banner don't exactly matter for your result on a blue orb because its simply not going to happen outside of a major major summoning glitch. All green, Red or blue units go down to zero the second a colorless orb is picked. 8% divided by three is 2.66 repeating percent to get a given legend on the right orb. Yes that is 0.34% less than 3 but that isn't exactly the full story as you can only get one of three possible options for a 5 star of a given color per legend banner. So if the game decides you are getting a 5 star there is less options for the game to roll through than normal banners which have ~26 other options (the Sue banner for instance has that number of greens I counted). The math has to be adjusted somehow due to the limitedness and it clearly is more generous towards the banner with less choices in getting a particular unit. Adjusting for that I am not exactly sure on but I am willing to bet it makes up up for a large portion if not makes it in favor of the legend banners. I also want to reemphasize the structuring and planning around when the heroes returning being a thing. Pick a legend that exists and there is a convenient chart telling you how long you have to save. Compare that to say even the brave heroes and its who knows when gamble. Brave Dimtri has not had a focus banner with him on it since cyl. Lysethia just got hers as the voting gauntlet is up. So even the most popular common pool units can appear like once or twice a year on focus. Where as Legendary units like even the newest one Claude can have more time a year appearances. We already know he is back in May and he could easily be back in say November or December. Leif who is on the banner with Claude right now is back in June and again could easily make a reappearance in the second half of the year in the november/December timeframe. The fact we know this now and not later is a big edge for savers for a particular cause budget at the exact right time. Again this point is less relevant for next year with the remix banners. I think people are being a little silly if they don't think they won't spice up banners with some of the more current legends. They won't be as current as the year passes. I am not just making this about this year in mind which yes I am extremely frustrated with but I would like people to be more open in the future. Because the same thing happening next year is just going to repeat the negatives of this year.
  5. First of 6%? The standard normal banner starts off with 3% 5 star rate. Only special banners like double specials have 6 % sure but you get on them once and not again in favor of the years newer heroes. Even revival banners start off 4% 5 star rates. And even if you do pull a 5 star there are more options to give you what you don't want than what you do. Look both have issues but I think people have a bit of the blinders on when it comes to legendary/Mythic banners. You still have to defy the odds that are against you in the first place to get the unit that you want and 8% is a better shot. Not to mention that you are restarting at this higher point if you do miss which most of your summons are going to be anyways.
  6. You are leaving out that you have a higher rate to get a 5 star in general on the banner than you do on a normal one. Its much much easier to go deeper on a normal unit and not even walk away with a wrong 5 star unit only 3-4 stars. Aether raids defense says hi. It doesn't take much commitment or knowledge to know that running a unit without the right blessing gives worse results. And Legendary units are not only less consistent but mean you have to change whole teams out entirely. AR defense is infinitely more emphasized as a mode than arena defense is. So it hurts more if you are out of season and legends are simply out of season more. Its easier to even stay slightly optimal with normal units and you can actually do something other than wait until a given day. I will say mythics do have it slightly better in arena but still want to point out that they spend weeks without use just like legendaries in AR. A seasonal or normal unit can be more flexible and not have to wait as long. Again 5 stars in general have issues obtaining in the first place. You can spend alot more trying to get a 5* in the first place and hope its the right one on a normal banner. People are undervaluing the 8% starting 5 star rate and how painful building rate on normal banners can be.
  7. Edelgard is not my only frustration though or even my biggest. It goes well beyond who goes who made into top 8 in the first place heck even beyond that possibly beyond the top 20. So many mythics and Legendaries dominate the rankings. I am not just arguing that normal banner units are being undervalued but seasonal as well who are useful casually and in modes of your choosing. Also pity brakers are an argument that doesn't work in practice because its such a crap shoot and you can go years without summoning a common unit. There are streamers with white whale units in the common pool. Also don't think people give legendary banners enough credit. Sure misses happen but the misses on the legend mythc banners are purposely selected to be better than misses on normal banners. Sure they range in quality individually but still usually the best units on a given other banner tend to make it on to them. Recency is a relative term that constantly changes and as they can't repeat things ad nausem without running into problems. Recency now is not the same as recency in say June, July ect. Even if they put out a remix banner every 2 months that still is 6 banners a year extra for Legends. Yes I do think it will take some time for the newer legends to pop up. But it only takes one appearance on a remix banner to already appear more than a seasonal or even some normal banner in a year. Especially compared a seasonal unit who is going on a year old where they aren't going to be on double special heroes banners in favor of the new seasonal of that year. Heck even a normal pool unit can be in focus just as much as a legendary per year. The common pool is massive so the amount of units they have to rotate out of rotation also gets bigger and bigger. Thing is that seasonal and common banner units are often just as good if not better in the given modes while being usable in All of them. So if I wanted to do the bare minimum amount of effort I can make them work more consistently due to being able to change more things about them. Legendary units don't work often in AR as they need to be in the right week to get the most out of them. Same is true with Mythics in Arena. Both legendaries and mythics can feel like shelve until the actual date changes units. Take Legendary chrom for an example outside of the top 8. He is a real good unit but would still sit on the bench more than say brave dimtri or Brave Claude. Simply because you can change which mode they are focused on simper.
  8. I honestly think mythic and legends are so overrated on being on this banner in the first place and the banner is worsened because of it. Its frustrating to me that argument is being pushed over others. First off not everyone cares about arena or AR. Second the set schedule nature of legends and mythics make it not only easier to plan for their return but they are going to show up more than once a year like seasonals. Sure double special heroes are a thing but that is a one time reoccurance and we can see just as many reappearances of a mythic or legendary if not more. Not to mention there is a chance that they are thrown in on remix banners as enticement for the main remix unit. Its not entirely unreasonable for Dimtri to appear as a side unit to Luciana' or Ephraims remix banner for an example.
  9. Tbh I think they could have made every single route better without SS existing not just VW purely off saved time.
  10. So far did it with two teams double edelgard (brave and Legendary) and the much much easier duo lyn team. DUo Lyn team can almost one turn but sadly I end up one action short and have to leave the priest alive.
  11. SS is not even worth saving imo. I think it is clear example of getting to attached to an idea on the devs part if it really was the first route made. If you move a majority of your investment into the three lords than a route with out them is not ever going to work. I don't care if you make the route where you go solo on any path it just won't work leaving a more invested into interest wise area to a lesser one.
  12. Hoping Micaiah, Lyn, Edelgard win. Don't care who wins for freyja vs corrin win. Personally think Dimtri is the worst unit here other than maybe duo Byleth. Both are decent but I think the others do a bit more for people.
  13. I have been going for another henriette but Lif/Thrasir show up more for me. Single copy of Henriette but a +3 duo Lif. I want a far/save for brave Edelgard but don't want fodder my only copy of Henriette.
  14. I think people for Kempf wanted a grail unit on a summonable banner to see what would happen and thats who people rallied behind.
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