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  1. I might actually make a case for Edelgard as the best war cleric. Sure she has a hard time training faith magic but she has a better spell list (she even learns an additional faith spell over Catherine with the rest being identical) and does the mix physical/magical role better than Catherine. So I guess it kind of depends on how much we are taking into consideration getting into the class over how they do once they are there. I know that the lords/Byleth can be put down as the best for pretty much any class but Edelgard in particular I think is worth noting for the war cleric class as she is probably the best suited lord to do mixed mage/physical builds on who doesn't have a unique class that allows them to do so (Byleth). It is worth mentioning that Edelgard does take a bit more work to get to the class but once there I do think she excels at it. I also think war cleric is one the better classes for the mixed role of physical/mage as I don't like trickster as much for power and the rest are master classes with their own issues.
  2. I have Henriette on my anima team and tested Lyn vs it and she still was able to save
  3. I think he is going to make a mark in Dark season AR defenses. I say dark season because Detailed report messes with Peony's dance giving extra movement the most out of any mythic units. Might see some anima use for the same reason this time with duo Peony but given that you actually have to pull duo Peony and even still might not see her on all Astra teams I think he is better of in dark to mess with the mythic peony that is pretty much guaranteed on most light teams.
  4. Personally think Marth is probably going to disappoint/ not hold up as well as people hope. He is still going to be good as cyl units are good but if any unit doesn't hold up its going to be him. As the others aren't as replaceable. Marianne is a unit I think needs time with to truly judge simply because her unique special does something you won't find elsewhere. It's just a question of how practical it is to use. Being colorless I think helps alot for her. Erika I think is the star of the banner. Can't really ask more of a Lance cav unit tbh. Slaying, Self sustain, canto, weapon effectiveness, damage reduction ect. Just the fact she has canto with her weapon alone pretty much ensures she will have a place some where in my eyes. Gatekeeper is far to unique to not have an impact on the game going forward. He impacts last years Brave edelgard by stopping her warp if I am understanding his abilities correctly. Also messes with Peony/duo Peony extra part of her dance so in dark season has some extra value. I think his detailed report is only going to get better with age and more shenigans get added to other units.
  5. I actually think Maddening lets you do more crazy things than people expect. I have a more meme playthrough and have made Wyvern Lord Lysethia, Mage Edelgard, Armored Ingrid (I know its still a physical class but she is traditionally used as flying unit and armor is probably the polar opposite of that) ect. Lysethia preformed a lot better than I thought she would in physical classes on maddening even without combat arts aka when she is being attacked. That being said if you don't want to play maddening you don't have to. Just think there is room to do meme builds on maddening.
  6. This banner actively annoys me alot. I am tired of the three houses lord being stuck in story alt hell. I actively dislike the fallen forms in story too. 😞
  7. I wouldn't be so sure it wasn't more widespread when we have such a limited view on Fodland and TWISTD. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if people outside of TWISD are doing some experimenting given how desperate people are for crest. Haneman's backstory for instance involves his sister being mistreated because of the fact she has crest and wasn't producing offspring with crests and that was when Edelgard and the rest of the students were babies. If people were that desperate for crests back then you better believe some of the more evil people were willing to do even more to get crest bearing children even if they never met with Thales and co. Going back to Lysethia and her being experimented on we don't even know how many people where experimented on before they started on her. We just know she is one of the successful ones but we have no info on how many people were before her or after. Just because they succeed with her doesn't mean they stopped testing to ensure that the method wasn't a one time success or a success unique to Lysethia.
  8. They also made it a point in heroes specifically that she would like to overcome the fact she can't swim in the videos that came along with cyl4 hear from the heroes video for Edelgard. "as I spend more time here, Perhaps I will warm up to the ocean as well as I have to the other heroes" is one of her lines from that and asks the summoner to watch her progress and says perhaps being in askar is a chance for her to address some of her weakpoints. You could argue they are setting it up as character growth for her. Which is honestly more of a reason than they pick other characters for. As for the banner I am kind of feeling like they will go no theme and just pick who they want for summer. Because of the above I could actually see a harmonized unit with Edelgard. Maybe Xander and Edelgard as the can't swim duo lol.
  9. Just a minor point that I think the op is intending to exclude the dlc based on the thread title. In which case I assume its Caspar/Mercedes, Leonie/Linhardt, Claude, and Edelgard? I do think the dlc ones are nonsense but based on the title I don't think they count for this. As for part 1 ones yeah I do think the Lorenz map is probably the most challenging if you actually intend to fight everyone. My second pick for part 1 would probably be Alois and Shamir just because of how spread out you have to be.
  10. Leonie and Linhardt is my number 1 by far because the boss is the most annoying paralouge boss by far oh and its a fog map. The fact he gets quick reposte and renewal is really annoying oh and no Edelgard or Hubert on Cf. My second pick is the Edelgard one Insurmountable purely for the reinforcement spam which is constant (can't remember if the Hilda version of the map has reinforcement spam but if it does it goes here too). Third I probably would put Petra/Bernedetta as there are some pretty strong enemies and the ambush spawns can be really rough to stop. Fourth I would put Marianne mainly due to the fog.
  11. I am actually going to champion the fortress knight class a bit there are parts in CS that tanking is actually the best option and you only have one option and that is Edelgard in fortress knight. I also think its probably the best use of foul play you can get. Every unit you get in Cindered shadows hits hard so its pretty interchangeable otherwise but if you focus on moving your tank around it can be useful to position enemies. In particular I think armored Edelgard is good in choke points and against a couple bosses. There are a couple chapters I wouldn't personally mind even more armor teammates but alas Edelgard is the only one with armor capabilities. But my real answer for any unit in cs is to go by a map by map basis. You don't have to lock anyone into one role. Hilda and Edelgard are two of the orignal cast I can see people switching back and forth on the most.
  12. My point was more so about preserving the old campaign for those who like it for gameplay reasons is possible while giving people the additional part that people want of CF vs TWISD. Now people will have preferences on which option they personally prefer between changing the old one or adding it as is and putting it in a separate menu like CS but the option to make new stuff and leave the old game as is there. So if some one wants to keep things as is but get new stuff the option is there
  13. Thing is the addition to cf can easily be and probably has to be cindered shadow style in implementation where it is in its own save space and everything like that. I don't know from a technical standpoint they could do it any other way tbh because it probably would be challenging and potentially problematic to code the existing end to go to a new place not to mention balancing the new maps for wildly different playthroughs. So the main game difficulty probably would be as it is now and the new stuff with its own balance like cindered shadows has.
  14. There are multiple things I think this doesn't take into account. 1) Launch time of the Javelin of light is unknown and probably takes a bit to aim properly and all of that. 2) The down time between launches is probably considerable considering there is only one launch per route. 3) Given Jeritza was able to know the nuke was coming and warn Byleth to run its possible that the same could happen with launches or someone on the battlefield know that something is up. Keep in mind the armies are way bigger than potrayed on screen and because of their sizes the distances are probably bigger than the maps accurately portray. So launching a javelin might not be as effective as people think because of the respect space that the armies give each other 4) They might have still needed Edelgard to be alive for the plans to work until after the war at least 5) More importantly they might have just plain underestimated where Edelgard was at her Slither removal plot. Its very possible that Corniella's death was their first indication that she is not the puppet they thought she was. Hubert and Edelgard did their best to keep up appearances around twsid and make themselves look trustworthy to twsid and were able to catch Cornellia by surprise. The reason why might be as simple as they didn't think Edelgard was ready to do that and they might have trusted their sources about Edelgard going to the kingdom's capital a bit too much. 6) The battle of Tailten plains which is probably the battle people think that twisd could just nuke them the most was bit messy due to weather. If twisd wanted to nuke all the major players it wouldn't be easy given how staggered and separated the kingdom and church armies were in the battle. Rhea's location in particular wasn't easy to pin down at the start and she is probably the person they wanted to nuke the most. 7) Lastly given real weaponry is effected by weather the javelins might also be depending on how they work so maybe mute for the Tailtien plains simply because of rain alone its an unknown.
  15. I free summoned Micaiah off the Micaiah revival banner but she showed up with the 4 star special animation.
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