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  1. tbf Tiki and Anna are the only two it makes sense given they are known to be in multiple timelines tbh. Technically I guess they could do Three hopes/Houses or Path and Raident dawn but I highly doubt they going to do that and they are only doing it because its Anna and Tiki.
  2. Wanting her to get a legendary for awhile was wondering if it would be her path of radiance version or this. Slightly prefer this but am a bit curious if we will ever get the path of radiance version art wise.
  3. Tbh I kind of feel the last cyl kind of proves otherwise. A lot of the heroes people really want are already had their brave alts. Decent portions of the fandom already have the one brave unit they really wanted. Which is a big reason the number of votes is what it was last year. New eligible charcters is going to increase intrest far more than a cause for an older charcter.
  4. Could easily see Ascended Seior becoming a unit in the future after this chapter. Kind of like Fjorm and Laegjarn.
  5. I do hope resplendents don't just become you are all faeries now. It's a cool place but there are so many faeries other places need more reps.
  6. Took me quiet a bit but finally did it with my final villain in the book feh team. Gullveig, Freya, Embla, Eitri. Mainly thing was dealing with Alear herself was really annoying ended up going the super chip damage route with Gullveig are special, flared sparrow savage blow and finally did it. Probably will take a bit to recreate it as it took multiple tries to get everything just right.
  7. I think you are underestmating the group of people who are sticklers about only playing official US released games a bit. I am more optimistic on his chances despite not voting for him. Also Sigurd does more than most emblems in engage (spoilers for engage)
  8. I mean Sigurd technically is an engage charcter so not sure engage hurts his chances. It is the first time people who only play official US released games get to see him so that might help more than people think. I kind expect his engage appearance to help him alot tbh. I know if they let me vote for one chacter of each gender Sigurd rose for personally alot because of engage. Bernadette I honestly don't see beating out other engage chatcters this year at all. The year after sure it will be more of a race but her competition is far from the engage charcters not named Ivy, Alearand Yunaka is going to be alot tougher than expected imo.
  9. I think the Byleth's waiting for a while until female finally won and the just released legendary Alear likely mean we won't see Alear winning this year. Male Alear probably has better chances but I still see him not. winning this year. I personally would want any of Ivy, Veyle, Goldmary, Chloe, Hortensia, Yunaka and Celine to win. Wouldn't mind Zephia but her having a unit already probably hurts her chances more than Ivy having a version does just on popularity alone. My guess would be Ivy and Yunaka. Might personaly split votes between Goldmary and Ivy. I could see Sigurd winning on the guys side since he is in Engage and did pretty decent recently. Don't really care fir the guys side though so pretty much my only thought of note for that side.
  10. So a Gauntlet hero thats not actually a Gauntlet hero interesting. Also they seem to be doing the spoiler thing without actually spoling the thing with the special.
  11. I do think they are clearly holding back in this forging bond with Gullveig a bit for future book 7 stuff. Mainly with how she plans on achieving her goals and the like. Or even if things like Seior going to Vanehemir like she does in the forging bonds begimnig is even a good thing. Also if there ever is a repeat of harmonics for titles the next heroes harmonic probably would be Gullveig/Corrin. But Xander/Veronica exists so not a huge need for fates/heroes crossovers.
  12. I think Gullvieg they wanted complete the color cycle with and Robin was getting the sword so it was really a fight over which unit got colorless and which got green between Soren and Corrin. It probably was just simply easier to make a colorless dragon over a colorless tome which they don't do alot of.
  13. https://youtu.be/ChQQ_EnDphQ The tips and tricks video for the cyl units came out. It's kind of cool they are playing into the Gullveig shenigans a bit and having some fun with it in small ways like this
  14. Saw someone in a video point out a fun thing to try with Gullveig give her support partner Alear so she just can have charge and laugh at the self gravity. Wish I had Female Alear and might have to pull more on the hero fest so I can do this tbh.
  15. The terrain stuff seems pretty cool and a way to expand the game in cool ways in the future. Going Gullvieg for my free and attempting to get as many copies of the two ladies as I can. Also on the art front they continue to play safe with all the designs.
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