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  1. Took me a lot of orbs but finally got Byleth of the the three houses banner actually went on a fairly rough no 5 star drought. Still want Base Edelgard though. Got a minus attack Bridal Micaiah a while back makes me sad that she is minus attack. Also got a Leanne off that banner who is new for me. Mila is only unit I am really intrested on the legendary banner so skipping that.
  2. I think another reason for Calude is the fact Three houses itself is nearing the anniversary of the release (end of july which is a mythic month) and this is probably the closest to release Legendary banner other than August which is cyl which is probably not ideal for the release of three houses legendaries given the fact it is an all three houses cyl. Also I really don't think this month is going to be red and Claude is one of the more logical colorless options.
  3. I think at least one of the next two legendary banners will be a three houses lord and this month makes more sense than August when CYL happens. Also colorwise it makes more sense to me for it to be colorless over red given how many units in red there needs to be put out. And from the Colorless options Claude stands out the most to me. Micaiah just got a bridal alt on a banner right now and she probably would be one of the next most thought of as colorless options so she is a little more unlikely to me right now. The only real thing against it is Mila also being colorless. Its more that I don't think Edelgard will be the only one released before cyl. I just have a feeling at least one is going to happen. Also I think someone like Seleph makes more sense as the August Legendary when CYL is out. They probably don't want to do a Legend and a brave alt of the same hero in one month. And he is a popular request so it probably makes more sense to do red that month then it does this one.
  4. I am actually thinking Claude for the next Legendary hero. Red has a crap ton of units who need to return and Colorless has a spot open and if they need to get all the three houses lords out before CYL now is the time to do so.
  5. Edelgard is so good and also so fun to use. Wish I could put heavy blade 4 and higher merges on her to truly break the game.
  6. I used three of my favorite ladies (Lyn, Edelgard and Micaiah) to win one of them being my newest 5 star Bridal Micaiah who is sadly minus attack. One turned Mila so Isolation wasn't an issue for me to deal with. The side reinforcements were the real issue for me though. Took for ever to figure out how to not die to them.
  7. Here is a couple questions for you: Why does that matter to the topic at hand? And if every route matters why are you picking points about one route to bother you? Is that not a form of bias itself? I don't care to to try to change your mind on things just pointing out that I don't think the route you are going about this is going to get you to where you want to go. And it is a bit too hard on the anti-side for people to be willing to move on to the other sides. There are better ways to steer towards more vw and am centeric discussions than making negative remarks about other routes. And I also think for this particular topic cf is going to be a discussion point because in order to do the all routes consideration things it is probably the one that needs examining the most simply because the difference between going into AM and VW isn't all that big tbh. Both sides have only Dimtri and Dedue as unique to BL and only Claude unique to VW and on both sides you have the church big wigs as allies. Smaller differences in factions tend to make it more of a meh discussion point. Its not without merit but I think it a lot more open to interpretation of people than other similar topics. Personally I think more people would join Claude over Dimtri but I think the topic is way way more open to subjectivity.
  8. I think you are looking too hard into seeing things a certain way right now tbh. CF discussion is not always about Edelgard its about how independent of everything else it complicates things because it doesn't truly begin until after the timeskip. And it has other unique factors that make it weird to not get its fair shake of discussion either. And as for why people go to more lengths to discuss and defend it its because of how the game is structured more than anything else. Claude is relegated to side character that doesn't do much overall in AM or CF. Dimitri doesn't do much other than show up for one battle during VW or CF. Because of this people focus more on the empire as it takes more of plot focus despite it being a three way war evidenced by the battle of eagle lion part 2 among other things like Claude having his own ambitions.
  9. Its not that other routes don't exist its that the CF and the other routes are different in when they can show things and when they can't. People are taking things before CF is even allowed to show things to mean everything when that is not exactly fair to CF. Which is why people are bringing up CF because it matters too and it is a reason pre-timeskip stuff is not 100% either way. Imagine if their was a AM route split at the end of part . That route would be in exact same spot as CF in making things include both pre and post timeskip stuff have to be examined in order to discuss it. They can't show stuff that leans to hard into either AM route if had a split when they don't know which one you picked yet.
  10. Here is the problem with assuming part 1 is neutral it isn't. Because you are not in CF yet the game can't go to hard on showing you pro-CF stuff until you are actually in the route in case you don't go that route. Imagine if there was a blue lions route and Verdent wind route splits in the story as well it would be pretty jarring to see dialogue implying you are going a different route than the one you are going no? Therefore you can't actually get a fair representation of CF before timeskip and using pre-timeskip dialouge that needs to let you go both ways is a bias in itself. And that aside you are totally glossing over things I and others have brought up like the fact pretty much all unique battle quotes are between close characters (Ignatz vs Raphiel for instance) and she has shown no real attempts to approach the other lords. And her stubborn nature to get what she wants and not relent until she gets it.
  11. You realize CF exists right? Your quoting act like cf doesn't exist which I don't like at all. And the fact she has a quote with Edelgard is kind saying she has more of a bond with Edelgard and thus less likely to betray her then anything. Look at other unique dialogue options all of them are really close characters Shmamir vs Catherine, Annette vs Mercedes, Felix vs Ingrid, Sylvain vs Felix, Raphel vs Ignatz, ect. so I don't think the unique dialogue option helps the argument they would go separate ways much in fact I think it does the opposite.
  12. My point is that that is by far more weaker part of the argument and that cf does matter too and I feel he was ignoring it compeltly. Constence has been shown to never give up on what she wants. She wants Edelgards help and has even in other routes been implied she has been asking non-stop. Even far more trivial stuff she has been shown to the type who keeps pestering people until she gets what she wants. So I am saying given other stuff the non-cf is more ooc for what she has been shown in the cindered shadows dlc which is the most neutral enviorment. Since it goes against her whole charcter of not giving up until she gets people to give her what she wants.
  13. You are using Dialogue made for another route and expecting it to apply to be neutral or apply to CF. I don't think the non-cf side is the one she would choose without Byleth because of how much effort she puts into trying to get Edelgard's aide. She implies that she has asked many many times to get her thoughts and help get her aide for restoring her house. In the dlc she goes to Edelgard over the other lords for the restoration of her house. No way she goes to those lengths with pestering and just gives up on her. They aren't making a paid dlc charcter leave your party on certain routes that would be super super silly of them to do so they are going to make good dialouge for all routes.
  14. I will start with the Ashen wolves: Hapi is inarguably Black Eagles as she hates the church with a passion. Balthus in the camp kind on Crimison flower talks about how his mother is a reason to fight for the Empire but also knows Hilda/Holst so its down to those two factions for him. Yuri is the type who can join and leave any faction at any moment so yeah not going to give him a house. Constance has the most connection with the empire of all the Ashen Wolves and probably has the closest connection to Edelgard of all of the wolves. For the golden deer: Lysthiea and Lorenz are very pro Edelgard and the empire. But a sleeper pick the empire for me is Marianne because Edelgard kind of represents the type of person she wishes she could be strong and able to not worry about how others think of her. As for the blue lions- I think it might actually be the least loyal house. Annette and Felix both have cut betrayal content in the form of unused voicelines in the files. Felix is also the one to not really want to go with the kingdom because of his father and Dimitri. He doesn't strike me as he is happy with any option but the kingdom I think he doesn't like the most because of his father and Dimtri. Ashe and Sylvain both have reasons to hate the system alot. Mercedes has Jeritza. Really only Dedue is ironclad loyal to Dimtri as students go. Ingrid I don't think really is too attached to any route so long as she can fulfill her knight dream. As for black Eagels: only really Ferdinad and Bernedetta stand out to me as potential leavers. With the right person approaching him after his fathers dismissal I can see him being sorely tempted. Bernedetta would probably be the most likely to peace out of the war entirely and go somewhere where she can just stay inside. Lindhardt is probably third most likely but honestly is probably just too lazy to do so.
  15. Not to mention that: -Hubert and Edelgard get benched eternally until the dlc drops and having a main lord being benched feels horrible. Even more so when its one of the first character they showed to the public. And if you are benching the two unique characters that have zero playtime in other routes what is the point of a BE route at all? AM and VW get all the SS characters so its not like you get new characters. - Continuing off the last point any advice or strategy guide for the game will be filled with suggestions not to use Edelgard and Hubert with no way around it. And if you use Edelgard because you like her alot or she is just putting in work for you since she has good stats your time spent goes into a void with no ways around it. This is significantly different from a guide telling you a unit is bad because at least units the guide maker says doesn't preform that well can use stat boosters and change of tactics to get around have a way to be useful even if it requires work. - I also feel the bait feeling and the other irl problems can't be understated for how much problems they would cause. They are big deals that can kill enjoyment of the game on launch for people (like me) and how the game launches is a big deal.
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