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  1. I am more or less saying I am ok with it being reworked to be something armor focused not 100% the op's idea. Even still I think showing how much defensive focused to do might give people to think hey this kind of cool maybe I should try armor out. But I do agree that 4 is probably overkill. Not sure where I would put it though. As for canto techincally with dlc and Yuri's relic you can give armor Edelgard canto if you really want to. Yes we can argue it might not be the best use of the relic (personally I like it on my dancer to have them keep up with the unit I dance) and yes there is value in the other classes having it built in along with other benefits and yes its paid dlc but its an option to sort of fix that problem if you really want and isn't that much effort and concessions (I get the paid part is a problem though). The cs part is more so my own personal opinion and I like just how much more you can survive and make easier with armor imo.
  2. Honestly I am kind of with the armor overemphasis on Edelgard's personal idea just to get people to see what armor can do standpoint. So many people seem to avoid armor like the plague (in fire emblem in general not just three houses) because of movement that I think it would help get more people open to using in the future. Although would kind of have to be careful to not overdo it so it doesn't become to unrealistic for other armors. Don't get me wrong I love doing unconventional Edelgard builds but if more people are willing to give armored units a shot in general I think it could have been a smart touch for future games. Although personally I think it would be broken in Cindered Shadows where I personally think armor access alone makes Edelgard the most useful unit other than maybe Lindhart who is by far the best healer. Mainly because there are a lot of chokeponts and places to fight alot of units at once in the dlc that I value the extra defense more than how hard the units hit. Besides the lords all hit in the same ball park anyways that it really comes down to who gets more exp.
  3. Eh I think that removing gender is opening a whole can of worms that doesn't need to be opened personally. Refinement of the current system sure but I can already see the massive amounts of headaches that it will cause especially given how strong cyl units tend to be. And insert gender here gets less versions of them with voting is a headache that doesn't need to exist honestly. Which I think will show up in the sales of the year in a not really good way for IS if they do try this. Like it or not there are quiet a few players where gender is a factor for if people will summon or not. Some people summon for the guys other the ladies it is how it is. And I think this is especially true for the more casual Fire Emblem players who may only have played 1 or 2 games but play FEH anyways. So I feel its in IS best interest to make sure people who prefer summoning for one gender over the other both have targets on the biggest money making banner of the year.
  4. Only Three houses character I want is Female Byleth but she might be hurt by the Legendary alt she just got. Other than her I want Elincia and Female Robin probably going to vote them at least until midterm. Guys tbh only one I sort of want is Chrom but not nearly enough to toss a vote on the men side. I really wish they actually would let us vote for one of each gender.
  5. Recorded it this time around. Edelgard is really the only one with real merges at +7. Claude is just +1 and Dimtri and Byleth are no merges. And mostly bases kits too other than Heavy blade 4 + galeforce Edelgard which is her usual set anyways.
  6. Took quiet a bit of feh pass resetting but I finally got the thematic abyssal clear I was looking for with the legendary three houses lords + new legendary Byleth. I want to do it again and record it but it will take a bit to remember what I did lol and do it without feh pass resets
  7. Summer Edelgard as a harmonic with someone. Main reason why is since CYL with the three houses banner and the video with them I kind of feel like a summer Edelgard could actually be a good opportunity for feh character growth for a non- feh charcter with her learning to swim and conquering her fear of water/the ocean. The summer banner and Halloween probably are probably two of the banners best set up to address character flaws now that I think about it. With Halloween being about more generally spooky stuff and Summer being about the beach/swimming/athletics which provides a chance for the non-swimmers like Edelgard (and the other fire emblem non-swimmers) to maybe learn how or get someone who is lazy to be more active.
  8. I think the more accurate answer is it depends a lot on what you are playing for. I think a lot of the argument against dancer Edelgard is from the min/max and optimizing everyone perspective. But if you change what your optimizing for dancer Edelgard can become quiet good. For instance if you wanting to have a particular unit like Petra for instance be your carry dancer is a good way to keep Edelgard alive and earning exp without benching her entirely. I personally think the dancer class is underrated as a straight up fighting class and Edelgard is one of the better options for it as a fighter. There are tradeoffs but I kind of feel like that could be said about giving the class to anyone.
  9. It was a combination really kind of depended on what I needed at the time. If I remember right it was maddening crimson flower with the only new game plus feature I did was to insta recruit everyone with Byleth A supports. Pathed her to get deathblow and str from the axe starting classes than pretty much went the sword route. I will say that her plain old physical damage was better than I thought it would be. Yes soul blade and the magical stuff was her best part but she did pretty well on enemy phase too for damage and taking damage. Don't get me wrong she is not the physically strongest wyvern but I think she preforms closer to her competition than people think. And honestly I kind of view wyvern as probably the best melee class to get one shots and dip on so even if its get a magical one shot and leave that still puts her in decent spot imo as a wyvern lord. I think she is more towards the middle than the bottom personally.
  10. Speaking of weird builds I actually think Wyvern Lord Lysethia works a lot better than it gets credit for. Do I think she is the best wyvern in the game no I don't but I also don't think she is bottom of the barrel for wyverns. I do think you want a bit of sword training to for some of the sword combat arts but I was actually impressed with her alot as a physical unit. Part of it might just be her reputation for being magic only but she actually does a good job in the physical department when put in that spot imo. I also like Wyvern Lord a bit better for her over the other physical flying units purely for the extra strength stat boost.
  11. Honestly I think armors are actually underrated especially early game. I made armor Ingrid in one run and she was actually pretty good at fighting foe like the deathknight early on. I don't think Ingrid is particularly built for the armor knight class given she is pretty much the stereotypical Pegasus knight. And if we are talking about the dlc content and Cindered shadows armor access alone makes me feel like Edelgard is one of the most important units if not the most (Lindhart might slightly edge her out by being the best healer in the dlc by a wide margin but its close imo). Mainly because there are points where there are so many enemies the extra bulk comes in clutch like nothing else will on enemy phase and drawing them into fight your armor unit can save you some headaches for future turns. Sometimes you even save time/turns when you can bait more units in. Honestly I find offense pretty interchangeable in the dlc from the main game charcters for the most part other than Hilda and Claude being able to fly. However I do think the map design for the dlc does slightly favor more defensive playstyle with how often the dlc maps have multiple attackers approaching your units in the same turn.
  12. Free pulled Witch rhea (sadly minus attack) also managed to get a special 4* Sonya and brave Dimtri with just the story and some tempest trial orbs
  13. Don't look it as oh I can't do as much because I am halved but instead look at even having those one or two uses in the first place is a boon that other classes don't have. Even using it once or twice a map can be a huge bonus. Javelins and throwing lances frankly suck in three houses (they feel heavily nerfed) while swords have always lacked good 2 range options. Its pretty much just axes for the traditional physical weapons with good range capabilities and even still magic can do things ranged axes cant with magics additional effects ( Luna ignoring res, Wind magic being strong against fliers, Serphiam being strong against monsters or the healing part of nosfartu). There is value in being able to hit against res instead of defense for instance from 2 range. Also as an aside I am not counting bows because at base they can't fight at both ranges like throwing weapons and magic can.
  14. I have multiple issues with this argument. Number 1 is you are ignoring the range argument with the spells way too much and the fact magic in general gives additional utility like healing and other possibities. Lightning axe is cool and all but it has other issues other than just it is one range in the fact it uses up weapon durability and doesn't let you do anything other than it. Magic comes back for free each battle while ores and funds can get tight when you are upkeeping your entire squad. If you are minmaxing one unit you are likely minmaxing the rest so it makes upkeeping more of a thing. Yes one could probably point this as a more minor complaint but it still there. Also for continued use of said things if you are battling alot weapons with useable combat arts can be more difficult to use right than one shot spells with less maintenance. Even if you use the combat art say once per battle you still are likely using it for at least one or two counter attacks on enemy phase or other normal usage which adds up over time and can create situations where you want to use but can't afford to use it. Magic you know how many times you can use it from the start and therefore you can easily plan when and where to use it. Number 2 again you are comparing a master class to a class usable at level 20. War cleric is usable at earlier points in time and even for some one like Edelgard with a bane in faith still can get in without as much time as it can take to get in than a master class with A requirements to get into. Especially when we factor in low percentage passes. Number 3 and probably the biggest one by the logic you are using you are basically binding all units to there combat arts getting slight bonuses on faire skills when its not about them at all. Just because a faire skill buffs a combat art doesn't mean that unit is not also great in that class. Just because a unit has a weapon specific combat arts doesn't make the auto bad at classes that use different weapons. Dimtri for an example can't be placed as a bad sword user just because he doesn't get a faire bonus on his lance stuff which is obviously where he is best at. He is still in the top of the crop with his strength stat alone. War cleric is more than capable of taking out things with spells as again you don't need faire skills to kill things. War monk Lysethia is a thing I have played with a fair amount and guess what she still nukes things with magic without the faire skill helping her. Heck I would even argue I think she is a sleeper candidate for a very good warmonk for the very same argument you are using for physical Leonie or physical Dimtri as a war monk. Because again its not about other options existing for the character but what they do once they are in the class. And good stats in one aspect can more than make up for lack of class exclusive skill/combat arts. Edelgard is one of Lysethia's closes competitors on the magic side of things imo. People just don't use magic Edelgard very often because she is so good on the physical side. Just because she is physical beast doesn't mean she isn't one on the magical side as well. Also side note the magic stat that Edelgard has also helps with the class exclusive combat art hit harder in comparison to other options in the category.
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