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  1. Summer banners were never going to leave off Dimtri and Edelgard as they are probably the most requested swimsuit units or at the very least top 3 of their respective gender. I think he will make a solo appearance in a future banner and wouldn't be surprised if it was a duo/harmonic
  2. Oh yeah forgot to mention I am really happy with Elincia getting a grail alt. 1000% my next grail project is going to be her
  3. I think she has actual scars from her past that they probably don't want to show for a fun alt. Plus they probably don't want to bother to draw them because its much easier if they don't. I don't think its about being tasteful or anything like that in this case but more about her lore. And her getting over her inability to swim is also a reason I wanted her to be Summer hero. Also FINALLY the house leaders are free of in game alts only. Its one of the things I wanted most for them is to break free of the in game variation alts. Mainly because it seems like a waste to only do versions that are in three houses and that's it.
  4. I think it did sound like him after that but I don't know what it is sounded a bit off. I think it is probably how the trailer was set up more than a voice acting change or anything. But I do think it is possible that Billy sounds slightly diffrent now a days with cancer treatments but I do think three hopes was likely recorded a while a go so he probably was fine for this particular project.
  5. Is it just me or do some of their voices sound a bit off/diffrent in this trailer. Like Edelgard when she says her imperial forces line and Ferdinand when he says his signature line both sounded a little off to me at first. Not a fan of Bernie's new hairstyle at all. Caspar I am mixed on liking or disliking. Doretha and Petra I like probably the most for students so far other maybe the hair net thing Petra has. Lindhart and Ferdinand are simple changes I have no issue with. I do like Edelgard and Huberts new design alot too.
  6. I think for me and Ashe its a by comparison thing I think they are upgrades but unfortunately there has to be ones I like the least and it happens to be Ashe. I actually like Annete's new design even if I am not the biggest fan of the cloth. Although to be honest I think just don't like hats/Helms in general as when ever I have the option in games I hide helmets.
  7. I think I will say Mercedes simply due to how big of an upgrade it is to her three houses design. I don't mind Ingrid's resdesign that much really. As for least favorite I am going to be honest none of the male designs other than Dedue are really great imo. I think Ashe and Felix are probably the two I like the least.
  8. Honestly thinking about the class system I think is pretty clear indication that pretty much ever main game playable character is getting in imo. The class system alleviates the need to make each character needing a unique to them moveset concerns. The only difference will be in slight stats things to make certain characters better in certain classes and worse at others.
  9. Also just saying the mainline dynasty warrior empires games (which I am a pretty big fan of) can track multiple constantly changing maps with a ton of the most random non-historcal factions including player charcters while also giving you unlocks for meeting requirements in the main menu upon meeting said requirements (usually gallery stuff). Pretty sure managing three faction maps is a whole lot easier than what they have to deal with for the empires series but maybe I am wrong.
  10. Its really not as hard as you think to do with multiple ways to implement it. The easiest way is basically treat each route like a more advanced Fire emblem warriors 1 history mode menu and boom your done full access to all three routes without forcing you to finish one to access the other.
  11. Female of both Byleth and Shez and going to do Black eagles first as it is my favorite house. I do think that there likely is going to be plot hidden behind all path completion because warriors games in particular love do that. At the vary least I can see them hiding history mode stuff behind beating all the paths.
  12. Eh think that has a good chance of being Edelgard route specific as they did show Empire battalions being equipped. They did not totally ditch the three path systems so probably see remakes of important battles for each route near the timeskip. But I wouldn't totally be surprised if the three routes converge in this game at some point in the future.
  13. Honestly this makes a ton of sense to me and I can totally see them going this route. As for other random thoughts I did think it was likely to get a female version of purple hair and that is finally confirmed. Also just like three houses was advertised having three routes I think there will be multiple routes here besides the three advertised even if the golden route is not taken. Byleth being set up as an enemy is interesting but I doubt its going to be that simple. Also I am now an even more of a believer every playable charcter from three houses will return plus more. The one oddity being the ashen wolves who may again be dlc
  14. Personally I feel that you can argue Rhea and Aurindel are equal obstacles for Edelgard. While I can see the argument for Rhea being the more thematic antagonist in some regards Thales can be a good contrast (to both Rhea and Edelgard) while also being more personal with his direct role in Edelgard's family's tragedy. I see it more of a toss up and either one can work as a final boss than I do think it has to be one or the other so long as both are finished off. I don't think an extension of CF be forced to story wise have to put Thales after Rhea for any reason other than coding the game itself as it is now may not allow otherwise but I also wouldn't care too much if he was after so long as both of them are dealt with. Also Thales being badly written in AM imo is more to do with his lack of existence and the imo harmful effects it has on other characters than it does himself.
  15. At least with CF I think it probably was because of the time crunch that the route clearly had as the offscreening of Aurindel and TWSID makes no sense other than time crunch. As for AM I honestly just think it was bad writing with how Thales was written in that route.
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