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  1. hey Aethin i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the translation and make you a request please can you translate BS_Editor_v101 so that we can make the useful life of this game last much longer and can make several editions and do you have any patreon account to be able to donate to you because you deserve it for so much hard work !!!!! BS_Editor_v101.zip
  2. man put some talk help like FE8_QOL_1.1
  3. excellent....Very good hack rom I'm playing right now and I love it
  4. MAN this hack is soo good man more i need more xD
  5. THXXXXXXXXXXXX ; ) i love this xD
  6. thxxxxx i love F rogue xd and erika xD
  7. hey man the link is off please repost xD ... I WHANT to play this hack xD
  8. hey man i love this thxxxxxxxx xD friend I tried for my game and it did not work said that it is not compatible with size something like that, because I have already used another patch to increase the difficulty of the game has to do to use two hacks together
  9. OHhh i happy now xD PLEASE I NEED you help i will pm you
  10. finally I found a very good hack ROM play with the villains excellent ...a question how I transform Lyon into a necromancer
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