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Berwick Saga Translation (Finished, v2.3) - Updated 23 Jan 2021


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Current Progress: Complete!

Patch Download: Link Here (Release v2.3)
Or, to upgrade from Release Candidate v1.0 (the previous version, released February 2020) to the newest release
, you can use this patch.

To download the script files for this patch (and also the Japanese script), see this link and the enclosed XLS spreadsheet.
If you'd like a copy of all of the face files used in the game, I've ripped
them here.


About the Patch

As some of you may know, after redoing the TearRing Saga: Champions of Yutona translation, I decided to continue on to the next game in the series, Berwick Saga: Lazberia Chronicle, Chapter 174, which was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2.  I decided to take up the project in December 2016, though I wasn't able to actually do any work until February 2017 when the programmer Lightgazer volunteered to repogram the Chinese fan translation's tools into a more convenient format. It's thanks to his programming prowess that I've been able to translate and insert the text at all. Now, I'm happy to say that the translation is complete!

Please see the link (in pink) above to download the current version of the patch.

Videos Of and About the Patch

Several people have done Let's Plays using the patch:

In addition, I did an interview with FED about my work on the translation.

Story Primer (and World Map)

For nearly five hundred years, the alliance of the Berwick League has waged on-and-off wars against their ancient enemy, the Raze Empire. These conflicts have dominated history on the continent, with times of peace as ephemeral as smoke. At the head of the Berwick League is the Kingdom of Veria, ruled by a King who is spiritually guided by the Apostle, the voice of the Goddess.

Fourteen years ago, while the Berwick League was embroiled in a bloody civil war, the Apostle and all her kin were brutally murdered by assassins. When the Raze Empire was revealed to be the culprit, King Mordias of Veria declared a holy war against the Empire. The civil war was quickly brought to a close as the Berwick League united against their common enemy, but Raze was not to be so easily defeated. Under Imperial General Zephyrus, the Raze Empire pushed the Berwick League's forces back to Fort Sakiria, a border fortress between them. Now, as the tides of war slowly turn against the League, even the states who had supported King Mordias during the civil war now consider the tempting option to side with the Raze Empire...

TearRing Saga Series Timeline (Backstory Spoilers):


Note: There are 3 calendars in use in the series--the Reevan calendar, the Razite Calendar (RAC), and the Verian Calendar (VAC). Reeve +1000 = RAC -235 = VAC -262, approximately. All of the dates below are given in Reeve and VAC years.

  • Reeve abt. -675: The Emiyu civilization is dying out. Miradona is sent to Lieberia. Taking into account the originally planned connection of TearRing Saga to Fire Emblem, this would have probably coincided with the end of the Guardian God Naga's War in Archanean year -500, Jugdrali year 680.
  • The events of Fire Emblem 4 and 5 would've taken place roughly in Reeve -590 to -575.
  • Reeve abt. -175: Immigrants from Jugud come to Lieberia and build several colonies. This would be approximately the same year as the founding of Archanea.
  • Reeve abt -75: The Jugudi colonies unite as the Republic of Reeve. Reeve is attacked by fearful native Zoans.
  • Reeve abt. -70: Consul Denoas of Reeve repels the Zoans. Chieftan Kalbazan of the Zoans gains his power, proclaiming himself as the Dark God Gerxel and creating the Zoan Empire.
  • Reeve 31 to 34: Carluon and Yutona wage war against Gerxel and slay him, destroying the Zoan Empire. Carluon is crowned as king of the new Holy Empire of Reeve.
  • Reeve abt 34 = VAC abt -1228: Some citizens from the fallen Zoan Empire flee Lieberia, setting sail to uncharted lands. They arrive in Lazberia and found the Lazberian Empire.
  • Reeve after 74: After Carluon's death, the Empire splits into four kingdoms: Reeve, Canaan, Salia, and Leda.
  • The events of Fire Emblem 1, 2, and 3 would've taken place roughly in Reeve 430 to 435.
  • Reeve 778-785: Leda and Salia go to war. At the end of it, Princess Tita of Leda is forced to become Kranion, and she devastates both kingdoms in her madness.
  • Reeve 803: After the Cult of Gerxel makes a resurgence, the Ledan Crusade takes place. King Bahanuk of Canaan also wages his own war against the Cult.
  • Reeve 810: Ahab stages a coup in Salia, overthrowing King Dagnell and Queen Maria.
  • Reeve 822 to 825: Bahanuk finishes his conquest, but then declares the revival of the Zoan Empire. He attacks Reeve and Salia. During attempted peace talks, Guenchaos has Enteh (as Mousa) kill everyone present.
  • Reeve 825 to 826: The events of TearRing Saga: Champions of Yutona.
  • Reeve abt 1035 = VAC abt -227: A devastating earthquake destroys most of the Lazberian Empire. The surviving remnants are consumed by infighting in the following power vacuum.
  • VAC -26: Barbarians to the east conquer most of the Lazberian Empire's old territory, founding the Raze Empire.
  • VAC -5 to -4: Aramgraz leads a group of faithful on the Exodus to the west to escape the Raze Empire. There, they found the Republic of Eltana.
  • VAC 1: Aramgraz passes away. Later, his granddaughter Valemtia becomes the first Apostle.
  • VAC 62: Eltana becomes the Kingdom of Veria.
  • VAC abt. 160: The Kingdom of Veria and the Raze Empire have a dispute regarding authority over the Leia region, erupting into a centuries-long feud. Veria allies itself with its neighbors to form the Berwick League.
  • VAC after 200: St. Serenia founds the Duchy of Serenia.
  • VAC 600: King Harmell VII of Veria is assassinated by the Cult of Raze. Crown Prince Arles is framed for the murder, causing much civil strife. Arles falsely confesses and kills himself in an attempt to end the fighting, but the conflict begins a civil war among the Berwick League. One side is led by Arles's brother Mordias, and the other is led by Arles's father-in-law King Carloman of Leia and son Bernard. 
  • VAC 604: Mordias asks the Raze Empire for assistance, leading Leia to capitulate, and Bernard's siblings Anastasia and Friedrich are captured by the Empire. After being threatened politically by Apostle Silpha, Mordias has her assassinated and blames it on the Raze Empire, declaring war on them as well.
  • VAC 607: The last remnants of the civil war, the rebellion led by Apostle Silpha's husband Denimud, are eliminated.
  • VAC 616-617: The Berwick League's invasion of the Raze Empire is pushed back to Fort Sakiria at the border. Mordias rides out to personally reinforce the front lines, but he is ambushed and killed. Mordias's son Volcens becomes king, and he retreats with his court to the Duchy of Narvia. He calls on the people of the Berwick League to assist him once again.
  • VAC 618-620: The events of Berwick Saga.




Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long is this game?
    • There are 41 missions, and total game time is usually about 60 hours.
    • The game is divided into 15 "chapters, " and most chapters have one main mission (mandatory) and two side missions (usually optional).
  • What does the translation cover?
    • Everything! The entire game—including menus, conversations, images, narration, and system text—are in English.
  • British English or American English?
    • American English. I'm originally from Minnesota, so don't be surprised if you see a Midwestern idiom or phrasing pop up now and then.
  • How's this game related to the first TearRing Saga? ...to Vestaria Saga?
    • Very loosely. It's a "sequel" in the same way that the Archanea Saga is related to the Jugdral Saga, that is, it's on a different continent and takes place hundreds of years later. Holmes and Katri are mentioned in passing as legendary figures, and according to the developer's notes, the ancient Zoans play a background role in the setting.
    • Vestaria Saga is unrelated to the TearRing Saga series in terms of setting or story.
  • Why did you translate X as Y? The page on [insert website here] calls it Z!
    • I'm the sole translator. I can make executive decisions like that. Please don't raise objections about them without a good reason.
    • I decided early on not to rely on older fan names for my translation, mostly because a lot of them were badly transliterated on older versions of the Serenes Wiki pages.
      • Where the names in my patch differ from the one used on the Serenes guide pages, it’s often because mine is closer to the Japanese, especially for bosses. For example, Serenes has “Richard” where I have “Ritchens” for リッチェンス Ritchensu.
    • I took inspiration from both the official names (“Volo” for ウォロー Worо̄) and from real names that are close to ones that Kaga made up (“Esteban” for イストバル Isutobaru).
    • For special items, I often trimmed off descriptors to make the names fit text boxes. For example, 聖弓ロスヴァイス “Holy Bow Rossweisse” is now just “Rossweisse,” otherwise it wouldn't fit in the proper text boxes.
    • I've essentially become the unofficial curator of the Berwick pages on the Serenes Wiki, and I plan on adjusting those pages at my own pace.
  • Will you be tackling Vestaria Saga after this?
    • Haven't you heard? Vestaria Saga has been translated, and it's available on Steam!
    • Even if the sequels don't get picked up by the same translators (Dangen Entertainment), I probably won't do them.
  • Do you mind if I stream this/post an LP of this on YouTube?
    • Please, go ahead! Anything that'd boost interest in the game is most welcome.

Patching Instructions:

  1. Acquire a copy of the Berwick Saga ISO. Don't ask where to get one, 'cause that's against the rules. The patch has only been tested on the normal release version (not the Premium Box edition or the "PlayStation 2 the Best" re-release). Some relevant info related to the unpatched ISO:
    Internal Numbering: SLPS_254.97
    Compile Date for ISO: 2005-04-13, 7:57 pm
    Size: 4,321,804,288 bytes
    SHA-256: 77a280686e34d26053ce03873eb6cd0f7fd9730c0b4d4e104f6eb63ac5bd7320
    MD5: a6d226e5128fc2ba720e3be75b56ec9d
  2. The patch is in xDelta format, so you'll need a patcher like xDelta UI to use it.

  3. To use xDelta UI, select bws_rc_v##.xdelta for "Patch" (where ## is the version number). Next select your Japanese copy of Berwick Saga as "Source File," and type the directory and filename you want with the extension .iso for "Output File." Then hit "Patch." Here's a simplified example of what your patcher might look like:
  4. Because of the size of the ISO, the patching will take a few minutes, and xDelta will be "Not Responding" during that time. Depending on your computer, it may take up to ten minutes to finish patching. (I've also heard that xDelta UI sometimes crashes for no apparent reason, but all instances so far have been solved by simply trying again.)
  5. The game can be played by loading it onto a jailbroken PS2 or on your computer with the PS2 emulator PCSX2. I'm not going to include instructions on how to use or set up either of these, because that's a bit in-depth and not the point of this post.

Known Errors/Bugs/Issues:

If you encounter a typo, misaligned text, inconsistency, or a visual glitch that isn't present in the original version, please PM a screenshot or verbatim description of the error to me--but please check this list first!

  • Some skill names exceed various text boxes. (Only fixable to a point.)
  • The names of main missions exceed the text boxes on the save screen. (Unfixable without breaking other, more important things.)

Non-Patch Issues:

  • If you're noticing strange lines on certain menus, this is an emulator glitch, not a glitch with the patch. To fix it, try switching your graphics plugin from Direct3D to OpenGL or vice versa.

Other Notes for Players:

  • You can take screenshots in PCSX2 with the F8 key. They'll be saved as BMP images in Documents/PCSX2/snaps by default on Windows. Alternatively, you can use the key combination Alt+PrtScr, which copies a screenshot of the currently opened window to the clipboard on Windows; from there, you can paste the image into Paint, etc.
  • Regarding controls—be aware that since this is a Japanese game, the roles of the circle (O) and cross (X) buttons are swapped when compared to most localized PS2 games. If you are ever confused about controls, I suggest pressing square, since it almost always displays the currently available controls. The controls during missions are as follows:
    • circle (O): confirm, select unit, choose action, etc.
    • cross (X): cancel, de-select unit, close menu, undo action, etc.
    • triangle (△): help, unit details, show terrain costs, etc.
    • square (◻): show controls for the current menu
    • Start: place flag markers on the map
    • Select: hold to show units' HP bars; shows the vision of known enemy units on FoW maps
    • L1/R1: cycles between units
    • L2/R2: I forget which one, but one of these switches between battle maps (only used in one mission)
    • L3/R3: (unused, to my knowledge)
  • Gameplay is substantially different from Fire Emblem and Champions of Yutona. There are some in-game guides that are given to the player as the plot advances, but if you want some in-depth information before playing, I suggest reading through Aggro Incarnate's guide or either my two guides here and here.
    • I've also been slowly working on updating the Serenes Wiki pages on Berwick Saga, now that I've got an account to do so. Aggro Incarnate has helped with this immensely, checking item data and such for errors (which there were a lot of).

About the Script Files:


The script is less disorganized than TearRing Saga's, but still not great to navigate. Please make use of the XLS spreadsheet I've included to figure out what's where. I use Notepad++ as well, which lets me do search and search-and-replace over all the files.

As for symbols you'll encounter, they are:

  • these refer to function commands (stored elsewhere) that do things like draw the text boxes, align the portraits, play music and sound effects, etc. On rare occasions, they'll be followed by あいうえお, etc., which are input parameters for the commands.
  • ●[XX] this causes the text to wait for XX frames. The game runs at 60 fps, so each frame is 1/60th of a second.
  • ----------------------- this tells the game to wait for the player to press a button before continuing.
  • # These are commented-out parts of the file (which the compiler ignores). Usually, I left the Japanese line in the file for reference, and on rare occasions, you might find skeleton translations, earlier versions of my translated lines, or notes to myself in these comments.

Also, be aware that the script has many variations (depending on if characters are alive/present/etc., or other conditions), not all of which are used. Most variations are stored in the same file.

Although most lines have auto-generated comments like #Upper Window; Size: 6; Christine before them, on very rare occasions, these labels are inaccurate, listing the wrong character or the wrong size. As for what "size" refers to, it's the width of the text box in pixels:

  • Size 3 - 166 px
  • Size 4 - 214 px
  • Size 5 - 298 px
  • Size 6 - 315 px
  • Letters - 296 px (internally)

If you've got any questions about the files, please feel free to ask me!

Edited by Aethin
update to v2.3, public release of script
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I've released a beta for this thing! Please check the updated OP for details.

(Why yes, this is a thinly veiled excuse to bump the thread!)

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4 hours ago, Ziggy McDougal said:

> says he only bothered with characters that you get in chap 1 and 2
> derrick

no need to hide the fact that you made exceptions for best grill muh dude ;):

But you kinda get Derrick at the end of Chapter 2!

All right fine, you got me. It was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. :P:

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I need to find a PC for this and TRS by the time this game gets a full fan translation. This game has kept its allure of the exotic for being so different from typical FEs over me for far too long. I want to experience it myself and see how it truly is.

I already use Czene in my profile, since I looked through all the official character artwork and she certainly was the best. That I think I heard she's an animal lover too helps. On the male side Kramer looks like one handsome Ogma Jr. too, they're certainly my visual favorites. Silvia also looks very classy. I might try them all out.


By the way, SF used to have the BS official artwork, but I can't seem to find it on the site anymore.

Edited by Interdimensional Observer
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Thank you everyone for showing up! Here's the VOD:

It will be up momentarily. Audio issues will be fixed for next time. I found out what the issue was -- it was actually processing my mic on my laptop (I was fooled by some weird setting because it showed a noise when I tapped my mic on my headset a few times) so once I managed to switch it back to my actual headset microphone it was fixed.

There's a much much deeper explanation as to why it was set like that, but that's for another time.

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3 minutes ago, flare9 said:

Question how do.i view the mercenaries happiness level?

You can’t. (Also, just as a side note, this might not be the best place to discuss gameplay or strategy; this thread’s just for the translation and feedback on it. You’re probably better off going to a chat or making a new thread. :):)

But thanks for the heads-up about the mercenary conversations!

Edited by Aethin
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AAAAAAAH! It's happening! YES! Been replaying through TRS lately so this beta can't come at a better time! Super stoked to hear you're translating this as well, I really liked TRS's translation. Does Berwick have as much dialogue as TRS does per chapter on average?

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4 hours ago, dark_knight17 said:

AAAAAAAH! It's happening! YES! Been replaying through TRS lately so this beta can't come at a better time! Super stoked to hear you're translating this as well, I really liked TRS's translation. Does Berwick have as much dialogue as TRS does per chapter on average?

Similar amounts, yeah, though it’s separated into smaller events, I feel.

Thanks for the praise! Glad to know people liked my old translation.

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