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  1. If Henriette becomes playable, I expect her to be a tome user, based on her artwork. I will guess that Nótt will be a sword user, based on the trailer... but I am still not sure about that. The sword she is holding is Gramr, so I don't know if she will use that as a weapon, or she is holding that in the trailer just to tell us that they have that. Eitri... is hard to guess... since I have no idea what is that thing she holds in her art. It kinda looks like a gun? I will say maybe she ends as a colorless tome user (if she becomes playable or at least appears as an enemy unit). Could that be consider a bow? I have no idea. It is weird that we have no OC with a bow as main weapon of choice.
  2. I gave Bowbreaker on Legendary Leif, and he is having fun there.
  3. Congrats! That's pretty nice that you got another Throne! I hope you can get a Golden Trophy soon.
  4. Flying Bow Rokkrs... It's time for Cain & Abel to go to the battlefield!
  5. The A Hero Rises Voting Gauntlet is coming! Remember: The four winners of Round 1 will appear in a summoning event scheduled for the second half of March, which you can get a free copy by doing 40 summons! And the winner of this Voting Gauntlet will be gifted to all players... for a limited time! Also... for this Voting Gauntlet, you will not get a 1.1x voting boost if your leader is the same character as the Hero whose army you joined. If you are on Team Seiros, for example, you will not get a higher score by using Seiros during the event. So... Which army will you support? VG Predictors, by @DarkAlf! PREDICTOR A PREDICTOR B
  6. I have been using Seteth, Est, Reyson and Halloween Mia against the Death Knight and Ferdinand Von Aegir. I usually always use Fliers in Rokkr Sieges, since the quad attack from the Whitewings usually make the battles easier and faster. Unless the Rokkr is an archer... Then I use Cain & Abel for, again, quad strats.
  7. Yeah. Grail units already can have traits. The thing that would be new is having a Grail unit in a banner for the first time.
  8. I hope you can get that for her. It's Dive Bomb or Wyvern Flight the best options for her.
  9. Díthorba's map was quite easy. Here's my one-turn clear, by using galeforce: And then we have Saizo doing his job: @BoaFerox @Maaka @daisy jane @DarkAlf @mcsilas @Some Jerk @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @Sasori Nice use of Henriette to tank those two ranged foes at the beginning. I was expecting some Far Save action here, but nope. You didn't need it. Good job!
  10. Yes. My Minerva has it. I think that's a rare skill to appear, because if you think... All inheritable weapons have 4 different versions, which are the refinements. There is a chance for you to get a +Spd Slaying Axe+, and you also have a chance to get a +Res Slaying Axe+. Since the Ninja Weapons can't be refined, they are only one copy in the pool of weapons. You could say the same for the Prf weapons, but I think those have a higher chance to appear.
  11. Yeah. Infantry Rush was released in June 2018, on Summer Noire. Then it returned in Mikoto's kit in November of that same year. Finally, Brady in June 2019 carried that skill to the 3-4* pool, even though Rush 3 is locked at 5*. Infantry Flash, however, was released in August 2018 on Legendary Marth and... that's all. No other hero has that. It could be a nice skill to put on a grail unit or a future demote.
  12. I would love Wings of Mercy as a seal. That would be great. Others that I would like to see is Infantry Rush and Infantry Flash (this one is still exclusive on L!Marth, which is pretty weird), Guard and Link skills. I miss the 3rd seal in TTs... which were the ones that players usually would not invest coins with priority... like Spurs. I am kinda sad that we didn't get the rest of double spurs. We only have Atk/Spd, Atk/Res and Def/Res.
  13. I am considering getting Forma Young Minerva as well. Mine is getting some nice skills. I only need a C skill for her to be ready. It could be a Rein or Odd Tempest. I don't think there is a SoV unit that would make me use a forma soul...
  14. I used WInter Cecilia to tank the Red Archer and the Blue Raven Tome cav. Klein can easily quad and kill Conrad, so I gave him this job. Lilina killed the Red Tome Mage, and Roy was used to buff Cecilia and to kill teh Green Fáfnir.
  15. A new Forging Bonds event is here! The stars of this Forging Bonds Event are Erinys, Annand, Azelle and Lex, the new Heroes from the "Enduring Legacy" banner. In Forging Bonds, SP and Hero Merit earned in battle are doubled, so use this opportunity to train your most needed units. I hope you enjoy the new stories featured by these Heroes!
  16. There is also the chance of removing Book 3 units from being summonable in New Heroes Banners but don't adding them to the 4* Special. Just having them in weekly banners and as pitybreakers in "Heroes with" and "Voting Gauntlet" type banners.
  17. This was a fun map to try my new team:
  18. @Kaden I think we may have the rest of Book 2 5* Heroes this year, in the weekly revivals/4* special focus. Maybe in the 6-months event. The same I can say about the remaining Book 2 Legendary Heroes (Lucina, Marth, Tiki, Eirika and Hríd). They may be added in Remix banners later this year.
  19. I am picking Lyn in round 1, even if the battles don't look like these I am predicting. But if they do, I hope we can destroy Edelgard. It will be hard, but we can do it!
  20. If it uses the same structure from last year... the AHR 2021 Voting Gauntlet will have: In the Left Side: Seiros (1st) Vs Legendary Corrin (5th) Freyja (4th) Vs Bride Micaiah (8th) In the right side: Ninja Lyn (2nd) Vs Brave Edelgard (6th) Legendary Dimitri (3nd) Vs Summer Byleth (7th) Just to remember: the top 4 heroes FROM THE VOTING GAUNTLET are the ones that will have a banner, not the Top 4 in votes from the website. So basically the 4 winner of Round 1 are the ones in the banner.
  21. Yeah. I am thinking about that too. It Will be only a improvement from 170 to 175, but still... Extra stats too I guess. Also, I was thinking she could get a more powerful buffing skill for C slot. It's been 2+ years since Hone Atk 4 gave us the ability of buffing +7, so wouldn't be surprising to get a +8 buffing skill this year. I mean, +8 is already possible if you use Harsh Command+ in an unit that was affected by a max level shrine in AR.
  22. Hmm... That's a skip. I will use my free summon and tickets on Red. Not only that has 2 heroes, but also a chance to get R Duel Infantry 4 to my Marth. I wonder how much Sp Duel 4 will cost... Duel 3 is already 300 sp. Being 350 Sp would make sense, based on Ostian Counter, but it could be 400 Sp because... Why not.
  23. From what we know about the Remix Banners, and the return of Legendary Heroes: Looks like the remix banners will be every 2 months. However, the next one will be in 3 months. I think they did this to not have both Remix and Double Special in the same month, like how will happen this time. The reruns of Legendary Heroes are: May: Robin (aka Grima); July: Fjorm, Ike and Lyn; September: Hector. Gunnthrá, Ephraim and Ryoma were not scheduled to any of these banner. However, I think they will appear in May's banner, alongside Grima... so May's Banner would have one Legendary for each color, and would have the Remix Treatment to Gunnthrá and Ephraim. @Othin and I discussed about this in the General thread: we expect Grima to appear in all Remix banners, since she is the only colorless legendary hero we have there, so she could get her remix in July alongside Lyn. Then Ryoma appears in May, to return again in September and get his remix alongside Hector. Then, maybe until November, which I expect to be the banner after September, we get the rest of Book 2 Legendary Heroes, so September could be Lucina and Marth.
  24. I wonder if Grima will receive the same treatment she got in 2018, when she appeared in every Legendary Hero banner from Book 2 after her release. Like... Grima will probably appear in all Remix banners.
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