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  1. I will establish my superior tastes once and for all with these arbitrarily ordered and highly predictable lists: Fave Games Of The Decade: Alien: Isolation Smash Ultimate Valkyria Chronicles 4 Resident Evil 2 Remake Darkest Dungeon Portal 2 Super Mario Odyssey Mount & Blade: Warband Night in the Woods Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fave Games Of All Time: Final Fantasy XII Silent Hill 3 Alien: Isolation Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Mount & Blade: Warband The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Mirror's Edge Left 4 Dead 2 Jagged Alliance 2 i'm going to be unsatisfied with these lists in about 10 minutes i'm sure of it
  2. My schedule hasn't entirely cleared, but I've got a bit further into Hell Gate so I figured it's time to post again to prove I'm not abandoning this thread. Chapter 4 Hell Gate Floors 7-25: Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down
  3. I've got a lot of shit happening in my life rn, so this is gonna have to stay on the back burner for a bit. Should probably have something a bit after Thanksgiving, maybe earlier if we're lucky.
  4. implying that my content usually isn't coherent smh Eh, most of the equipment options it provides are pretty good, and most of the spells and techniques learned here are honestly kinda overpowered. The only stuff that's really less useful than it sounds are most of the new units, and the only real impracticality for the rest of it is how random and/or difficult actually acquiring any of it is. We'll be finishing off the initial string of story-related battles for the Hell Gate, including meeting a ghostly mentor that can hopefully make those melee fighters of ours suck just a little less. Chapter 4 Hell Gate Floors 4-6: Pumpkin Pals
  5. Aw, thanks. I wouldn't do it if I didn't think people would like it! Sorry about how insanely long it's been (and also that this particular update's kinda brief), but I'm back! We'll be going back in the Hell Hole to meet just some of the interesting new units that can be found there and grabbing some new trash with limited practical value in the process. Chapter 4 Hell Gate Floor 3: Inequivalent Exchange
  6. With the way to Heigm opened for us, it's time to completely ignore it so we can go putz around in a massive hole in the ground, learning magical secrets, gathering rare treasures, and eventually being bored to tears as the experience drags on into its 11th hour. Chapter 4 Hell Gate: Scalie Magic
  7. You aren't wrong. They could've made it a quarter of the length and it'd still be too long. There's some cool battles in there but there's just WAY too much repeated content. TO's old translation is at least not as incomprehensible as FFT's was at times, but other than that it's kinda worse just because it feels like the translators hated working on it. Even early on they inserted all sorts of dumb jokes that don't land and just generally made the whole thing read like a GameFAQs thread. Somehow there are folks who still prefer it to the PSP script, unbelievably enough. I guess that script's occasionally a bit flowery tbf but it's honestly just so much better otherwise. It's probably gonna be a little while before the next update. I kinda forgot what an undertaking this particular part of the game would be, and while I'm gonna try and trim it down a bit we'll still be here for a while.
  8. Definitely not significantly more than I've actually shown in the LP and they definitely weren't mostly Cockatrices. As the war ramps up, we need all the power we can get, even if it's arguably too dangerous to actually use. Let's finally finish a long and convoluted sidequest and meet a few critters that we'll soon be very familiar with. Chapter 4 Just Kinda All Over I Guess: Underwhelming Power
  9. Even though it has that flexibility over Princess, Princess still wins out imo because Lord doesn't have very many skills of its own, so making it a do-everything war god takes an annoying level of grinding. I mean more so than the PSP version's class system already demands grinding of course. With Kachua back in our army at last, it's time to see her slip into her new role as Leader #2 before we go on a search for the knowledge of how to actually shoot those fancy new "gun" things, perhaps with the aid of a certain pet-loving old rival. Chapter 4 Grimby City-Nimurba Forest: Humane Society of Valeria
  10. Matsuno loves him some obscure bullshit. Really, old RPGs in general were fond of that. Denim just won't stop moping about this whole Kachua situation, so it's time to go deal with her once and for all. Chapter 4 Banisha Castle: Unadvanced Warfare
  11. Didn't expect Wesnoth to go all We Live In A Society like that. Given that it's pretty blindly adhering to the Tolkien-style of fantasy races I'm not sure it's the best venue for commentaries on racism lol I didn't know there was some special Tier 3 for the Orcish Assassin that's just randomly relegated to being an NPC class. Kinda weird that the line just ends at Tier 2 if it's got a possible promotion available, but I guess the unit's annoying enough already.
  12. Shelley's gone missing, and only a very specific and convoluted set of steps can help us find her. Once we've finished with that mess, we head where the plot actually wanted us to go and get a sneak preview of a very spooky sidequest. Chapter 4 Lanbees Hill: I got some shit wrong in an earlier post and I went back to edit it but SF wouldn't let me so now it's just wrong forever I guess and that has nothing to do with this update at all but it's annoying me now
  13. Remaster: Jagged Alliance 2: This one's actually been remade twice now, but the remakes were both terrible, as was basically every sequel and spinoff to either. I wouldn't necessarily mind another remake, but with such a spotty track record I'd prefer just a straight remaster, especially since it's a bit difficult to get it running properly on some modern systems now. Would be neat if they took some ideas from the 1.13 mod too, but even base JA2 is good enough on its own imo. Pokemon Colosseum: Or XD, but I have a slight preference for the first of the two. A compilation re-release would be great too. Perhaps expand the player's options in Colosseum a little bit more (in particular add the shadow moves XD had), and maybe update the mechanics a bit to match more modern games in the series, but otherwise neither needs a lot of touching up. Either Tellius FE Oh My Fucking God: I no longer own either and they're super expensive and my poor computer is too much of a potato to emulate them like please Nintendo I'm suffering here free me from your prison of artificial scarcity Remake: Valkyrie Profile Lenneth: This game's gotten ported once or twice I believe, but it could probably stand to be straight up remade, given its fairly archaic and obscure design, and a revamp of the script probably couldn't hurt either. Still, I'd prefer to keep most of the game's old aesthetic (aside from the portrait art) or at least something similarly appealing, and any replacements for said portrait art would hopefully not be as generic as Anatomia's artstyle was. Ogre Battle 64: March of the Black Queen would also be great, but this one in particular would be exciting to me since it's a bit of a pain to get it working properly on emulators and I don't own a N64 anymore to run physical copies on, and while I love it there's definitely some improvements that could be made. Plus it's the best game in the series so it deserves it the most. Resident Evil Outbreak and File #2: I know this isn't happening in any way whatsoever but I can dream. If they wanted to make it more like the RE2 Remake I'd have 0 complaints about that, since that remake was excellent. Just keep the online as a thing please, and allow for local co-op as well so if the servers die the game isn't kinda screwed.
  14. Eh, just think of them as regular-old assassins and call it a day. It's far from the only anachronism in the Ogre series, really. By his own admission, Star Wars is a big influence on Matsuno's work. It's at its most blatant here, but you can see it in other games too. The Foriner family reunion isn't over yet! We encounter both the missing sister and the patriarch of the family and start an annoying and obtuse recruitment process that would put Thracia's Xavier to shame. Chapter 4 Banhamuba Shrine: Rocky Relationship
  15. Matsuno seems to love having ninjas (and occasionally samurai and martial-arts-using monks) in his medieval Europe-esque settings, so it's probably best not to question it. We'll be meeting up with the Filaha Order, ignoring the game's intended solution to dealing with them so we can learn the secrets of flight, and receiving a flurry of plot reveals and a touching family reunion. Chapter 4 Brigantes Castle: Faith Gives You Wings
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