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  1. Protesting tends to be a "strike while the iron is hot" kind of situation. Waiting for some nebulous point in the future would cause many people to have forgotten about Floyd by now, so we wouldn't see the amazing turnouts and the chances of any of the demands of the protesters being met would be drastically lower. Besides, it's not like non-protesters are exactly doing any better in staying home right now. If we're talking about "demonizing" the cops here, the fact of the matter is that the institution absolutely deserves every bit of scorn it's getting right now, and the likelyhood of a meaningful number of cops supporting the protests under any circumstances is extremely small. The government needs to see just how angry people are about these issues in order for anything to get done: even "peaceful" protests need to be disruptive and assertive to accomplish anything. Honestly, I think a lot of folks don't fully grasp just how dire the circumstances are in our country (and even outside of it): this isn't just protesting the one murder, this is protesting a consistent pattern of violence and abuse by the police towards the populace, and especially towards poor black communities. Others have already said what I'm saying better than I ever could, but this is an existential crisis for a lot of people, and the anger all stems from a deserved and genuine place of hurt.
  2. Had a few hiccups getting this posted, but we're back! We'll be chatting with the mermaid leader and learning about that cool bit of loot they've been hiding, before returning to our mysterious benefactor and telling her all we've learned. Part 10 (Rana-Arena-Urodela): A Fishy Story
  3. Not when they are so rarely even charged for such crimes, much less convicted.
  4. Not to be rude but I don't think Disney changing a 30-year-old ride is really the sterling example of extreme attitudes you think it is. Splash Mountain has been under fire for its theme for years, and according to Disney itself this retheme has been in the works for a year (though who knows if that's actually true). Besides, Disney's prone to changing or removing rides regardless of popularity, so this would hardly be the first time. In general, I'd really recommend doing more research on the events of the protests, on why they're happening and on what's actually being asked by protesters, instead of assuming companies grasping for wokeness cookies are representative of the movement. You seem to only have a very surface-level and heavily skewed perspective on them (which is understandable given all the misinformation going around), and it wouldn't hurt to get a broader view at the problem.
  5. Mostly a matter of versatility; she doesn't have access to regular attack spells, while most other high-end casting characters do, and most of them can also equip all of Deneb's non-Temptation spells aside from maybe some edge cases. That said, summon magic does dominate the endgame enough to make multiple summoners worthwhile, and Temptation is one of the most consistent status effect abilities, so Deneb's never entirely redundant. Her main competition is exclusive to the path we didn't take, anyway, so she'll be around a while. It's canon in-universe that Deneb's done the body snatcher routine before, so it's definitely more than just a regular class change or, like, a disguise or whatever. Generics changing appearance constantly is clearly not the same thing at all. After Alphonse split with Cybil over his desire not to harm the mermaids, he finds himself with two whole chapters worth of mermaid slaughter in store. Can he ever show his hypocritical face to his sudden love interest again? Part 9 (Arena-Rana): Deneb's Drought
  6. The people have spoken, and we're gonna tell Cybil's cryptic ass that we're done being her groupie. Soon we'll have a new sorceress pal anyway! Part 8 (Solea-Sufrir): The Possession
  7. Route B seems to have pretty decisively won. I'll get started on that soon!
  8. Tonight we'll be deciding the fate of Alphonse and pals once and for all. Before get to that, though, we've got yet more generic bosses out for our blood. Part 7 (Urodela): The Revenge of Shinobi
  9. Today we'll be taking the briefest sampling of a cool bonus mode TKOL provides, before eventually returning to Alphonse being dragged through the swamps by his mysterious rescuer to accomplish whatever goals she has in mind. Part 6 (Ardea): A Sinking Feeling
  10. We're marching to Formido tonight, where we meet a number of soon-to-be-important characters and the plot starts getting just little more complicated. Part 5 (Formido): The Tide Is High
  11. The execution certainly isn't perfect, but I really enjoy the concept and I was rather sad that it didn't return for the LUCT remake, or get poached by other SRPGs. Well, shit. So many other mage-fighter types got stuck with missile spells I just kinda assumed they did as well. It's time to move on to our first non-tutorial battle, where we meet the best Cressida in Tactics Ogre and have to decide if we want a cool knight lady to join us or not (we do). Part 4 (Vespa): Never Forget
  12. Rictor confirmed Alphonse-hater. This is gonna be a rather slow update here as I just explain some of the basic game mechanics for folks who might not be familiar with it, as well as how things differ from our last little excursion to Ogre land. Part 3 (Scabellum): Ogre Emblem
  13. Glad to see so much enthusiasm right out the gate! Hope you enjoy! Let's see what's become of Alphonse after his unfortunate little tumble into the sea. Part 2 (Scabellum): Errant Errands
  14. Have you ever heard the tragedy of Dark Alphonse the Unwise? Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis is a prequel to Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (and the Ogre Battle games too, or at least OB64) and the last original entry in the series to be released. It stars characters from the nation of Lodis (aka where the Dark Knights are from), something like 20 years before the events of the previous game, and tries to expand on Lodis and on its newly-created land of Ovis and how they play into the wider world. If you've played either version of LUCT, the gameplay of Knight of Lodis should feel quite familiar, but it also has some fairly cool and unique ideas of its own that would end up utterly unused by the LUCT remake several years down the road. To be honest, of the Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre games, this one's probably the least good, but I'm still a little fond of it; it has a certain pluck I admire. While I'm hoping this LP will be a comprehensive playthrough of one of the game's routes (and we'll get to the route split later), I am generally less well versed in this game's systems and secrets than the previous one, so we may miss something. Fortunately, there are multiple excellent guides and fansites out there to help, but even so, if you think I may have missed something, please let me know (and don't jump the gun and tell me about endgame secrets while we're still fighting the tutorials). I do ask that no one put obvious spoilers (especially regarding a certain character's identity) out in the open. Stick it in a spoiler or just don't mention it, please and thank you. While the plot isn't quite as good as LUCT's, it's still got some fun surprises in store, and while I'm well aware that Parrhesia already LP'd the first half of this game, I'm assuming that some readers haven't read that LP and starting fresh, both for their sake and also because I'd like to give my own thoughts on the game instead of just blatantly copying him. Plus it's more fun for me this way! Alright, all that out of the way, to the experience! Part 1 (Intro-Lutra Island): Fortunate Meeting
  15. She was actually recruited immediately before we entered Eden, but she ended up being pretty helpful since it gave Kachua more turns to spam Wipe Out instead or having to heal. Certainly better than my attempts to turn a generic Archer into a Cleric... My bias against the Lawful and (especially) Neutral routes aside, showing those routes would involve playing the game two more times, and not only would Chapters 1 and 4 only be very slightly different each time, Chapter 2 would be nearly identical for the Neutral route as it was for Chaos. The game already took a long time to finish, and I'd rather mix it up a little bit instead of just doing the same thing again. I do plan to return to a version of this game, eventually, so they may get their day in the sun. But for now, we're done with LUCT. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed this LP. Unfortunately, even with the other routes, there's only so much game for us here. But what if we could have something similar? Something in the same series? Something that at least tries to expand on the story of LUCT? Something that, frankly, is a bit worse overall? Knight of Lodis has us covered. Off to Ovis we go! Press F for my planned World of Horror LP, slain by technical problems that stopped me from being able to record the game.
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