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  1. With Aiko fully equipped for the dangers ahead, it's time to tackle one of the game's more difficult mysteries and hope it doesn't mess us up too bad. Part 4: A Metaphor For The US Election
  2. I am, to be frank, not very fond of 3H, and some of my ideas would end up radically altering the game in ways that would basically make it completely different (Byleth wouldn't survive such a rewrite, for starters). Getting away from those, here are some smaller (but still significant) tweaks: Get of of TWSITD. Like pretty much all the evil conspiracy-cults in the series, they add very little of interest to the story and take time and attention away from actually interesting and cool antagonists so we can see a really ugly dude cackle about how evil he is for "tricking" people into doing shit they'd have done regardless. These guys particularly suck, in my opinion, and they're also somehow even more superfluous than usual for their archetype. Add more shit to do in the monastery. If I'm gonna have to wander around this gargantuan building at least once a month, I'd appreciate if there was more stuff to actually do there, or at least if the existing activities weren't mostly "watch a character do a canned animation and say generic dialogue, then gain some tiny-ass benefit". As it stands its an interesting novelty that starts to wear out its welcome by the War Phase, and really wears out its welcome by your second playthrough. Properly frame Edelgard as the main antagonist of Verdant Wind and (especially) Silver Snow. The latter in particular annoys the shit out of me, since it's not like the two battles in Silver Snow following her defeat are interesting or fun; it feels like the most afterthought-y of the routes, even compared to the nearly identical Verdant Wind. Also, as a corollary, make Crimson Flower the proper villain route and not an ode to Dictator-Chan and how much she loves you. As for Cindered Shadows... I literally don't know, it's honestly pretty uninteresting but not in a way that's particularly different from how uninteresting I found the rest of the game. Maybe make it so its events aren't in their own weird little timeline divorced from the rest of the game?
  3. To each their own. While I don't think more frames = automatically better, and inappropriate use of a large number of frames can be a bad thing, I don't personally think any of the FE8 animations have this problem, and if anything I feel a fair number of FE6/FE7 animations suffer from the problem of too few frames.
  4. Totally understandable, and in fact a big part of me starting this LP was in the hopes people would try it for themselves! Hope you enjoy! We've saved our buddy from a fate that'd make Ridley Scott proud, so now let's have a relaxing vigil mourning a dead relative we've never heard of. Let's see if we can put this one in a spoiler this time! Part 3: Worlds Within Worlds
  5. I guess the new FE8 animations are, for the most part, a little less over-the-top than the ones originating in FE6 and FE7, and thus a bit less memorable. That said, they're generally better drawn and better animated, especially compared to classes that have gone unchanged since FE6 like the Fighter. It's especially true of classes that have obvious counterparts, such as the two promoted Wyvern classes; the Knight is drawn better and animated more smoothly than the Lord.
  6. Yeah, the sort of checkerboard-esque pixels lead to images doing that. It's a bit annoying, but you get used to it. Glad you're enjoying regardless! True, a lot of faux-retro games look like a rather idealized notion of what old games looked like. Still, I'm all for that instead of perfect mimicry, since some of these games looked like, well... I actually remember this game being on the computers at my elementary school! I wasn't good at it. Anyway, with Kouji's scissoring excursion out of the way, it's time for a new hero to introduce us to a far more complex palette of gameplay options, get an achievement of life-or-death importance, and learn about sea life with a pal. Part 2: Easy Eels
  7. So, you may have noticed that this LP's been kinda in limbo recently. You may also have noticed that I just started a new one. I'll admit I've had some technical difficulties with it recently (I kinda lost all the stuff I recorded for one battle; oops!), but that's not really why I've stopped updating it. Truthfully, y'all, I've been struggling with motivation for continuing this particular one. I've not been enjoying it for the past few updates, and I kinda need the palette cleanser if I'm ever gonna finish it at all. I'll be back to TKOL, but let's just say it'll be a little while.
  8. Remember when games used to look like this? World of Horror is an indie horror game being developed by panstasz, a Polish developer who's been working on the project in various forms for years. Its graphical style (done entirely in MS Paint) is designed to evoke both the 1-bit and 2-bit graphical interfaces of old computers and the works of horror artist Junji Ito, and does quite an excellent job with both. The gameplay, meanwhile, is clearly inspired heavily by the Arkham Horror board game, mixed with influences from old adventure games and RPGs of the era, and taking place in 1980s Japan rather than Lovecraft's fictional town. The game plays out like a lot of other indie "roguelite" games, being based on individual runs through a semi-randomized world, where you'll need to solve a number of mysteries before an otherworldly horror awakens and destroys the world. Runs are differentiated by allowing you to play as different characters with their own strengths, deal with different gods with their own game-altering effects, and by randomizing the mysteries and events the player faces. Along the way, various in-game achievements can be done to unlock new stuff for future runs. Due to the game's randomized nature (and also due to it being in Early Access, and thus technically incomplete), I won't be doing a full 100% playthrough of the game (the achievements alone would require a large number of runs); instead, I'll be going for a bit of a vertical slice of the game, covering each individual game mode once (maybe twice for the more complicated ones) and giving a bit of a rundown on how the game works, so this'll be a relatively short one compared to my previous LPs. Obviously, there will be spoilers, so if you wanna experience the game yourself, read at your own risk. I'm also warning for body horror and other disturbing content, so if that's an issue for you, maybe reconsider reading this. Also, if you're someone who's played the game and you catch me making a mistake on how the game actually works (as I'll fully admit I don't always 100% "get" the inner workings of World of Horror), feel free to call me on what a big dumb idiot I'm being! With all that chatter done, let's get to our first glimpse at World of Horror! Part 1: Kouji's Crummy Day Bonus: Kouji's endearingly derpy face from before the most recent updates. RIP my son.
  9. We've got a whole other battle of undead goodness, in which we make several powerful new friends and continue the whirlwind romance of Alphonse and Some Girl. Part 15 (Blete): Magic Batteries
  10. We're gonna finally complete the first of Quest Mode's offerings, before we march into a spooky haunted woods that introduces not one, but two obnoxious mechanics! Part 14 (Gryllus): Darude's Bow
  11. We'll be closing out the game's first chapter today, as well as chatting with Eleanor's mermaid-mom and figuring out where that magic weapon everyone wants has been stashed. Part 13 (Aquila-Formido):
  12. Wow, we've gotten super off schedule again. Oops! Before we stuck Alphonse in the time chamber, he was busy saving Eleanor from some dudes. Now we're gonna endanger her by taking her to an actual, active volcano, and get her further embroiled in our drama with our former bossfriend. Part 12 (Aquila): The Floor Is Lava
  13. Not one of you caught on that I was saying the mermaids should date each other instead of humans smh my head. Sorry for the delays, y'all. My desk chair broke, which is as good a reason to procrastinate as any! Alphonse remembers the tantalizing plot hook Eleanor dropped way back when they first met, and decides there's no better way to kickstart his budding relationship with her than by marching straight back to grill her about it. Can their blossoming love survive this, and also some dragons? Part 11 (Solea): Robin's Hood
  14. Protesting tends to be a "strike while the iron is hot" kind of situation. Waiting for some nebulous point in the future would cause many people to have forgotten about Floyd by now, so we wouldn't see the amazing turnouts and the chances of any of the demands of the protesters being met would be drastically lower. Besides, it's not like non-protesters are exactly doing any better in staying home right now. If we're talking about "demonizing" the cops here, the fact of the matter is that the institution absolutely deserves every bit of scorn it's getting right now, and the likelyhood of a meaningful number of cops supporting the protests under any circumstances is extremely small. The government needs to see just how angry people are about these issues in order for anything to get done: even "peaceful" protests need to be disruptive and assertive to accomplish anything. Honestly, I think a lot of folks don't fully grasp just how dire the circumstances are in our country (and even outside of it): this isn't just protesting the one murder, this is protesting a consistent pattern of violence and abuse by the police towards the populace, and especially towards poor black communities. Others have already said what I'm saying better than I ever could, but this is an existential crisis for a lot of people, and the anger all stems from a deserved and genuine place of hurt.
  15. Had a few hiccups getting this posted, but we're back! We'll be chatting with the mermaid leader and learning about that cool bit of loot they've been hiding, before returning to our mysterious benefactor and telling her all we've learned. Part 10 (Rana-Arena-Urodela): A Fishy Story
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