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  1. So, right off the bat reading this, 45% are in favor of what happened, and only 43% are opposed- the remaining 12% are divided between "didn't know this happened" and "unsure of how to feel about it," which is not exactly a rousing consensus that violent opposition to democracy is a bad thing. Moreover, further into the article, 63% of Republicans polled said they didn't consider the coup attempt a threat to democracy, which makes it feel like some of the Republican opposition to this coup has more to do with how ineffective it was than anything else, or in a more charitable reading has more to do with it being bad optics than the fact it was an attempt to keep a wannabe dictator in power. Also, like... Trump's administration didn't begin and end on January 6 2021. He's had four years of vile rhetoric and terrible actions under his belt, and the Republicans (particularly Republican politicians) have largely been all for it, or at least stomached any personal dislike of him to get their own agendas through. And their agendas are also terrible, to be frank, but even if they weren't, working closely with an authoritarian who encourages violence against protesters and the press and sets up prison camps for immigrants is, perhaps, a sign they aren't nearly as reasonable as you're trying to paint them.
  2. Lemme get my ducks in a row and we'll be back with Alphonse's wonderful adventure. Sorry about the several-month delay!
  3. A lot of city cops aren't from the cities they police, so that's one contributing factor. It's also just the kind of job that attracts a certain kind of dreadful personality.
  4. People are falling asleep and not waking up. Instead of trying to join them in blissful slumber, though, we're gonna wake them up, which I'm sure will be very easy and everyone will appreciate! Part 9: That's No Body
  5. Alright, we're back! And here I was thinking this'd be a short diversion from TKOL... We'll be checking out the Quick Play option today, and dealing with whatever randomized shenanigans it throws our way. Part 8: The Hunter Becomes The Hunted
  6. Save data I was using for this LP just straight-up stopped working. Boooo. Luckily, I saved my old save data, so we'll be back on track in a couple days. This does mean I'll have most every achievement already unlocked, so we won't be covering most of them, but them's the breaks!
  7. It wasn't just you, for whatever reason Dropbox hid the editor file for everyone but me. I couldn't figure out how to unhide it, and reuploading it didn't help, so I made a new link elsewhere. Sorry about that!
  8. Aiko is weary from her many trials, but must face one more before she can rest. Will it be her toughest challenge yet? The answer is no! Part 7: Girls in the Tower
  9. Oh, neat! I'm always interested in seeing more things people have done with the SRPG Studio engine, so I'll be sure to give this a go!
  10. Rejoice! The world is very-very-slightly-less-bad now! To celebrate the brief delay of the collapse of human existence, lets keep playing a game about that very concept! Part 6: The First of Us
  11. What a blessed relief. I know there's still a long and painful road ahead, but just not having a vile fascist and his cronies in full control of the government anymore is an accomplishment, and I think it's good to have some hope after so much dread and suffering leading up to all this.
  12. If I recall correctly, it has to do with how they chose to handle the absentee ballots and mail-in votes; I may be wrong, but I believe they all decided not only to count those last, but not even start counting them until other ballots were counted? Perhaps someone with more insight could clear that up. Anyway, I went into this election with heavy pessimism, and never have I been so happy to be wrong. Many problems still ahead, but the worst-case scenario has been handily averted!
  13. Fun news, everyone; there was a new update to the game, with tons of cool new content. Unfortunately, since I've already recorded everything ahead of time, we won't be seeing its additions just yet, but we'll get there soon! With today's update of World of Horror, we follow in the footsteps of a certain trio of filmmakers and encounter more than one twisted monstrosity as we wander aimlessly in the woods. Part 5: Giant Hairy Balls
  14. With Aiko fully equipped for the dangers ahead, it's time to tackle one of the game's more difficult mysteries and hope it doesn't mess us up too bad. Part 4: A Metaphor For The US Election
  15. I am, to be frank, not very fond of 3H, and some of my ideas would end up radically altering the game in ways that would basically make it completely different (Byleth wouldn't survive such a rewrite, for starters). Getting away from those, here are some smaller (but still significant) tweaks: Get of of TWSITD. Like pretty much all the evil conspiracy-cults in the series, they add very little of interest to the story and take time and attention away from actually interesting and cool antagonists so we can see a really ugly dude cackle about how evil he is for "tricking" people into doing shit they'd have done regardless. These guys particularly suck, in my opinion, and they're also somehow even more superfluous than usual for their archetype. Add more shit to do in the monastery. If I'm gonna have to wander around this gargantuan building at least once a month, I'd appreciate if there was more stuff to actually do there, or at least if the existing activities weren't mostly "watch a character do a canned animation and say generic dialogue, then gain some tiny-ass benefit". As it stands its an interesting novelty that starts to wear out its welcome by the War Phase, and really wears out its welcome by your second playthrough. Properly frame Edelgard as the main antagonist of Verdant Wind and (especially) Silver Snow. The latter in particular annoys the shit out of me, since it's not like the two battles in Silver Snow following her defeat are interesting or fun; it feels like the most afterthought-y of the routes, even compared to the nearly identical Verdant Wind. Also, as a corollary, make Crimson Flower the proper villain route and not an ode to Dictator-Chan and how much she loves you. As for Cindered Shadows... I literally don't know, it's honestly pretty uninteresting but not in a way that's particularly different from how uninteresting I found the rest of the game. Maybe make it so its events aren't in their own weird little timeline divorced from the rest of the game?
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