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  1. Igrene And uhhhh I'll take Barth because why the fuck not.
  2. leave geronimo at E tier because noone really uses him unless its for a meme.
  3. @AnonymousSpeed Forums are back up.
  4. I might also say Mata Hari to top of D tier at least since she can help in the Solomon chapter with her seals. Idk if that'd warrant jumping to C tier, but it's a relatively helpful-ish thing she can do.
  5. At the very least, Darius can be a K-Scope using Farming zerker. That's still better than anyone else in D tier. I mean, he's the blandest one, but it's still better than whatever bullshit the rest of the tier does. Darius to bottom of C tier. He's the worst of the farming berserkers, but that's still better than the rest of D tier since he's pretty straightforward.
  6. if this goes like the manga, you're gonna fucking looooooooooooooooooove the safari zone and ghost tower.
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