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  1. I'm fine with quitting if the job gets too tough. Worked in customer service for 6+ years -- never again. But I think they can probably move some of the money away from tanks and robot dogs, personally.
  2. Crime rates are rising everywhere last time I checked. Conservatives are suddenly very sympathetic to people refusing to do their jobs and still getting paid. Though I guess these guys at least quit?
  3. I find this is a good explanation behind why qanon is appealing even though it seems insane to anyone outside of the rabbit hole.
  4. whataboutism is a widespread Russian propaganda tool 🙂
  5. Yeah they're not selling me on the AP = Hamas, either. I still think that the government increasingly kowtowing to right wing elements is enough to make them feel emboldened enough to do this sort of thing, though.
  6. probably just look at how our politics/country has transformed in the last four years. did you think the jan 6 insurrection was something on the horizon back in 2015/16?
  7. I’m pretty sure perceptions are changing now because there really was no precipitating incitement beforehand to justify the violence Israel is dishing out. There’s been some interesting mental gymnastics from supporters to try to justify it retroactively, but they’re ringing pretty hollow. Not every building is a Hamas hq. Things change, even ancient problems.
  8. The history behind the situation and the solution is complicated. I don’t think the morality is, though, because of just how asymmetrical the power is. Hamas being bad does not justify what Israel is doing, nor does their belief that the land belongs to them.
  9. Hasn't the West Bank been demilitarized since 1994?
  10. It’s hard to “both sides” this when there’s such a huge power discrepancy between the two powers involved: it stopping is more contingent on one side stopping.
  11. Then they can just play M!Byleth for aesthetic reasons like you if it bothers them. No one actually cares. I chose F!Byleth because I prefer to fly sooner in Maddening. I'll probably try out M!Byleth eventually but I've burnt out on Three Houses.
  12. It's just a whole lot of "oh my god we're so partisan" bellyaching. If you really want to see if the stats back up the claims of systemic racism you could, like, try to look it up. There are studies: you are not the first person to ask the question. This was a pretty solid case, with a mountain of video evidence depicting the crime. The defense threw everything they had against the wall (even blaming aliens lol?) and it was pretty unconvincing: there being other contributing factors in Floyd's death doesn't mean shit. It's like punching someone, having them hit their head on the way down and dying, then blaming the cement for being too hard.
  13. Something I alluded to earlier in this thread is now officially Georgia law. Now minorities in poor communities who get stuck in line for hours can suffer even more!
  14. It was more of a commentary on how dismissive and eager they were to discredit the story when they thought it was a white guy who was the perp versus how (predictably) happy and thrilled they were to suddenly start talking about it when the perp was identified as a brown person.
  15. I don't think looking up sources should 100% be the responsibility of whoever is making the claim: there's been instances here where someone claims x, I doubt x but I'm not 100% sure, so I go try to find sources stating what they're claiming myself because I'm not really just trying to win in debate thunderdome. I have a Gab account for shitposting and there was only one story about the shooting in the popular threads feed the day of and it was a conspiracy thread. After this revelation came through, that's all they were talking about. You really, really don't need to read studies or metrics to predict typical human behavior.
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