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  1. I understand the frustration and wanting to retaliate, and I'm not at all interested in pre-negotiating with the GOP or expecting them to engage in good faith. Sadly being a craven asshole and enabling your orange god isn't illegal as far as I know, though said orange god should be charged with election fraud -- there's already far more evidence of that on his end than on the election officials or voting machines. But their willingness to undermine the legitimacy of our electoral process may, ironically enough, backfire and demoralize their voters from participating in the upcoming Georgia elections. Can't say I'm a fan of making the same mistake just because they did it first. It doesn't actually, you know, help.
  2. Sure, but I happen to like elections compared to the alternative.
  3. Yeah lets not set the republic on fire ourselves just for the sake of winning, particularly when it's entirely feasible that the other side may win again and we've helped destroy even more guardrails. 🙂 Sounds very not good.
  4. hope the good judge is prepared for the craziness coming his way
  5. If Biden had only won by a single state, I’m sure there would be an all out push to steal the election via the courts or a state legislature and it’d be a greater possibility. Good thing he didn’t, but it is something to worry about in the future.
  6. it's theater for the base and the georgia run-offs, not out of a sincere belief that they can actually overturn the election additionally
  7. this will be the dumbest slow-mo coup attempt ever
  8. Huh. You're right, I was wrong. The truth is we don't really care about any of those territories. I suspect most aren't even aware of their existence.
  9. Puerto Ricans have been citizens of the United States since 1917. So are the citizens of Guam. So are the citizens of American Samoa.
  10. i'd be okay with it if they wanna leave the union instead, tbh, but lol at that happening
  11. puerto rico has a Republican governor and resident commissioner puerto rico deserves to be represented in the us government -- with some actual weight -- and not remain just a sovereign state for eternity because the republicans are afraid of democracy
  12. I think they need a new Trump and I’m really curious which conservative is going to try to emulate him. My money is on Cruz but literally no one actually likes him so... Maybe Cotton?
  13. I think, if it weren't for the great archive of tweets and other media, the history textbook writers would be compelled to give him a better edit just so we wouldn't look so dumb in electing him. We do for most of our presidents. Even so, we'll probably still be much kinder to him than he deserves.
  14. Ooooh, I was worried there. I know McGrath was pretty weak, though. She started running pro-Trump ads lol.
  15. This is probably a better parsing of that document/decision. Which I genuinely forgot about.
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