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  1. I think you overestimate how surprised I'd be. There are conflicting opinions, and unless I'm in a position of authority or expertise on such a subject (I'm not), I'm still skeptical that it's consistently done well just by the nature of it being fiction and there needing a story to be told and plot beats to hit.
  2. Farquad is a villain in a clear satire. It's a meme, though the monarch making decisions for the commoners beneath him over what he thinks is best for him is definitely a thing that can be applied to feudalism in general (and why it's bad). Can't make a determination on whether or not Claude would succeed in his goals without a widespread war since he's never really given the opportunity to try. I suspect it was a very long term goal. And arguably harder than just destroying religious and class barriers and letting the cards fall where they may. I've heard the opposite, actually, but I'm not sure how well I should trust a video game to accurately depict mental illness.
  3. It's easier being a Claude stan because the biggest and most frequent complaint is that he isn't dastardly enough. But the other two get the character arcs. That necessitates bigger character flaws, and bigger pay-offs in the end.
  4. No, but I see no reason for Dimitri to include children in the bunch if they indeed weren't children, and he is the most reliable narrator you have available (he's the only living witness, presumably). I don't think he revealed whether or not they were armed or hostile against him, but I doubt it really matters to him. That only matters to his defenders, apparently. You're not a more reliable narrator than he is. Doubt it. If the blow was that serious, you would have heard more about it afterward. Rodrigue literally put himself in the way and wasn't armored: he was a much softer target to begin with. Nevermind that even incapacitating him seems like a stretch to me - not even cutscene Edelgard managed to do that - but the story must go on, I guess. Oh I know it happens. Doesn't mean it's good or a fair more degree sad than killing full grown men. Dimitri has the strength and capability of incapacitating, not killing, someone who is a far less significant threat than he is. My theory is that he's fully aware of that, hence why he feels incredibly guilty, and he probably should. There was a point in time where he didn't care. You're fine with it because it's war, and can justify it so you can continue to defend and like him. I'd rather just accept he did the bad things he says he did and does genuinely need to atone for it. I hope you're fine with overlooking Edelgard's transgressions with "well it's war" or "it's necessary". Or the boar persona is far more bloodthristy and cruel than the Dimitri stans are willing to credit it. He wasn't fine with just killing Randolph, he also wanted the guy to watch his subordinates be killed. He likes to inflict suffering because it makes him feel justified, it isn't just merely avenging the dead or hating himself. Not even gonna touch the fact that the voices aren't actually real and a product of his own subconscious lol.
  5. Don’t think Dimitri would go after his family even at that point. That would require focus.
  6. He does get better. I just think Fleche also deserved the chance to get better. But yes, at their lowest points, Dimitri is arguably worse than Edelgard. At the very least, he's more cruel. Do people really get mad at Edelgard for killing Flayn and Seteth? I haven't heard that one. As for Claude versus death, I think trying to wriggle out of it is his first option like it is in CF, but he's not a begging guy. In AM, if Judith and Hilda fall in his map, "hidden soldiers" spring up and he starts to move from his spot to kill them. When he dies, he tells Byleth/Dimitri to retreat before he flops over. It's pretty sad. Then you have to restart.
  7. tbh whenever the npcs in the game go on and on about how x is amazing and they owe everything to him, I immediately get suspicious. And uh how did he get a retinue of warping dark mages? I don't remember.
  8. Be an Imperial general, more or less. I think last time we went into this topic, there were users who didn't like that he begged for his life and thought it was cowardly. Since he was a hypocrite, it was less sympathetic, I guess? Honestly it would have been fine with him behind killed on the battlefield. That kind of comes with the job. Fleche is a part of the army, even if she's too young to be on the front lines, but I don't think she was capable of the same harm Randolph was. Well, at least in regard to Dimitri himself. She still manages to kill a plot important character.
  9. Nah it happens some time after. She infiltrates the army as a servant with Dimitri's permission (he's unaware she's Randolph's sister) and she sneaks up on him with a stabby stab after battle. She, uh, makes it pretty clear that's why she wants to kill him right before (or after?) she does the deed. But Randolph is an example showing how there's a pretty big spectrum of gray between letting someone adamant about killing you murder your face and killing them, even if it was only because Dimitri didn't want to make his death quick. EDIT: Funnily enough, in contrast, CF Fleche takes Randolph's death remarkably well.
  10. Preeeetty sure she didn't stab him in the heart. That's kind of lethal and I don't recall it being considered a serious injury. He was incapacitated, but little else because she... well, couldn't manage that. He is justified in fighting back, but I can't say I'm comfortable saying outright butchering them is justified; there is a reason behind the added guilt, and a difference between fighting a teenager and a well-knowing full grown adult. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think Fleche deserved more of a second chance than Dimitri. And he'd probably agree, considering he was in the very same state not one minute before she emerged. But whatever, she's crazed and dangerous and responsible for her own behavior. As was he.
  11. Ooooh. Indeed, if he wasn't willing to be evil and selfish he'd probably be pretty okay! Like most people.
  12. idk being willing to kill four kids you helped shelter for years for your waifu seems pretty villainous to me
  13. I didn't get the impression that he was trying as hard as he could to make you see him in the worst possible light, so much as he just didn't care if you did and didn't care if someone inevitably killed him for the same reason he was pursuing Edelgard (and that is Fleche's motivation and why he's perfectly okay with her joining the army lol). I think the implication is that he was attacked by children and he killed them. I doubt he would have a motivation to go after them, but boar prince Dimitri is perfectly fine with killing anyone if they get in his way. If that makes the situation more alright with you, okay I guess. But it's not a question of whether or not he actually did it.
  14. He was a useful idiot for a time! Got a bunch of neat-- oh wait you haven't done that route yet.
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