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  1. Something I alluded to earlier in this thread is now officially Georgia law. Now minorities in poor communities who get stuck in line for hours can suffer even more!
  2. It was more of a commentary on how dismissive and eager they were to discredit the story when they thought it was a white guy who was the perp versus how (predictably) happy and thrilled they were to suddenly start talking about it when the perp was identified as a brown person.
  3. I don't think looking up sources should 100% be the responsibility of whoever is making the claim: there's been instances here where someone claims x, I doubt x but I'm not 100% sure, so I go try to find sources stating what they're claiming myself because I'm not really just trying to win in debate thunderdome. I have a Gab account for shitposting and there was only one story about the shooting in the popular threads feed the day of and it was a conspiracy thread. After this revelation came through, that's all they were talking about. You really, really don't need to read studies or metrics to predict typical human behavior.
  4. I like the phrase. It just really doesn't work here. The Democrats are not responsible for the acquittal and it's insane to think they are.
  5. I don't really disagree with the overall sentiment, but that's a dumb headline when you acknowledge victory was never possible in the first place lol EDIT: I'm assuming the author thought it was possible, in which I have to wonder if they've been paying attention at all we really need to stop worrying about what the republicans might do and blame dems for and start operating like we're living in a reality that clearly shows that if republicans control the house and senate in 2024, there’s no way a victorious democrat will be certified and allowed to take office i'm really surprised that hasn't seemed to sunk in yet
  6. Seems like it's just reversing the censure.
  7. It's just a formal statement of disapproval. For someone capable of feeling shame, it could mean something, but lol
  8. The best conversations are sometimes the ones that never start. The fact that it's really not being talked about anywhere as an alternative leads me to believe there's probably a catch. Censure seems to be the only one they're seriously looking into.
  9. What does the 14th have to do with anything?
  10. I'm sure they will not continue to behave the way they always have from this point forward, now that we have given them what they wanted by not embarrassing them further in the trial. Never have I wanted to jettison someone into the sun more than I do right now.
  11. They’re gonna threaten that every time they want a concession. Stop letting them set the rules.
  12. I don’t really care about the math thing. They’re alternative learning strategies that most students will never have to worry about let alone know exist, but now that Fox News has gotten ahold of it I’m sure conservatives will lather themselves into a frothing frenzy over it. So thanks for doing your part in that, I guess. As for the impeachment trial, they really should have called witnesses and made this as painful as possible for Republicans. But I always expect Democrats to stop just short of throwing the full punch for really dumb reasons, so whatever.
  13. Bernie has undoubtedly made his "egalitarian policies" more popular and has shifted the conversation surrounding those policies in ways your standard PAC-funded retail politician hasn't and can't. Unlike many of his most fervent followers, he is capable of acknowledging reality and working with the people he's got in his corner even if they may not be as "radical" as he is, because he's aware of what's at stake. He's fine, and he will influence things.
  14. No, there isn't. Impeachment will never again be considered a meaningful check on the president. For funsies and since everyone I know is doing it on Twitter, my predictions re: Republican votes to convict: Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, Toomey
  15. It’s not a matter of convincing them with good arguments. They just don’t care.
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