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  1. VW -> AM -> CF -> SS Claude was the most interesting lord conceptually to me.
  2. I'm more confused about disbanding the whole Alliance than Claude peacing out to Almyra; I don't think there was ever a point where Dimitri expressed he wanted to take over anything other than Faerghus and had a more positive relationship with Claude, so after beating back the Empire they could have just co-existed as respective ruler bros and the Alliance didn't have to once again submit to a king. But nah, I guess?
  3. Yeah, it was removed. You’re not gonna get it.
  4. You can just block all the users who say mean things; there is a literal filter available to you.
  5. There was no "without question" attached. Trust is a two-way street, so I'd expect him to ask for some kind of commitment before sharing secrets she could easily use against him. It'd be pretty dumb of him not to, otherwise. There was a whole five years between Edelgard declaring war on the Church and Byleth/Claude/the Church allying against her. She had plenty of time to talk to Claude, but she wasn't interested. Hell, if negotiations were the thing that actually stopped her from outright steamrolling the Alliance during that time, it would have made more sense than "civil war is happening so I better let it play out for some reason". But it wasn't. As for Claude not reaching out to her instead, well, she is the one who kind of toppled over his sandcastle and is using the creepy demonic beast things to tear the kingdom asunder so... he might be under the impression that his odds of being listened to aren't very good.
  6. I wouldn't hope to find an ally for the revolution in Dimitri because what little he does share about his view re: the inherent corruption of the crest system is essentially "both sides have a point, there's a reason why things are the way they are." And if he finds out she's allied with the Slitherers hahahaha good luck talking him off that cliff so he can help her out afterwards. Claude is a much better option, but I'm not sure how she'd realize that without getting to know him because he has no observable history before they meet at the monastery and... he is not helpful in that regard. He doesn't even tell Byleth the entirety of what he intends to do until the second half of the game. That said, she does outright dismiss him (after apparently learning they're working towards the same goals somehow) and she's convinced she needs to kill him when he clearly doesn't feel the same during the final meeting, so she definitely screws herself over there. If I recall correctly, the library conversation was Claude and Edelgard poking at each other for being so secretive and he offers to share his secrets if she helps him achieve his goals and she's like nah you have yours and I have mine. I don't remember Claude saying anything that was particularly unfair (and he probably wasn't seriously expecting her to agree tbh).
  7. It's my favorite FE game but that's mostly because of the sheer customization it provides and I find the challenge of Maddening fun. Played VW first, thought the story was alright by FE standards (though characterization and worldbuilding is a lot better tbh), but the flaws become pretty obvious during the subsequent playthroughs. I can't say my opinions have changed much since my first playthrough, though. If anything they've become more solidified? I started ragging on the writing the summer it came out lol
  8. I don't have much to add because I don't hate flawed characters. I think disliking some flaws more than others is fine, though, and in that vein I probably like Dimitri the least because he's notably more weak-willed and short-sighted than the other two. The clear mental illness plaguing him just exacerbates it. "Hate" is a very strong word, though.
  9. That's just because he can probably actually steal it and still come out of it comparatively golden when we consider the woman carrying out assassinations of her political opponents and allying herself with evil mole people to overthrow the world religion and the murder hobo going on a misguided rampage in the countryside. The memes are really low on the totem pole of "things wrong with Claude", but the other two make it really hard to distinguish yourself if you want to make it as a morally questionable protagonist. 😞
  10. How so? He is meant to be a casual person who doesn't take himself too seriously. I don't think anyone thinks he's dumb, though.
  11. Thanks hoping the rona doesn’t stop me from making it to 152 ❤️
  12. I liked/like the Claude memes. How does it detract from his character? Make him not appear as super serious as the other two? I don’t think it’s hurt him. VW isn’t generally considered the better route over SS for the memes.
  13. Yes, yes... I know why you prefer to keep it vague and general. You're much less likely to be confronted for it that way. Though you are right, though, you don't seem particularly keen on arguing for anything. My bad.
  14. Eh, I'm willing to concede the point and admit that there's a whole lot of other things that factor into Dimitri's development that don't necessarily hinge on Byleth thank god You can probably manage to hate all the lords and still enjoy the story if you're an SS stan and they all die, which... might be what the author is getting at lol
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