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  1. I would not be surprised if California ends up in far less dire straits than Florida in the next 2-3 weeks because of that.
  2. The caption is the author's interpretation of what was said in the interview rather than an actual quote from the interview. I don't see any problem with being cautious about it, particularly when translating from another language, and I wouldn't consider it great evidence to spearhead another storyline argument either.
  3. Yeah wearing masks is good actually and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a pivot towards encouraging people to make their own, honestly. I don't think it involves complex science.
  4. I've played AM/VW as female Byleth and CF/SS as male Byleth, and I intend to flip it around when I go through AM/CF/SS on Maddening. Gameplay and storywise I gravitate more towards female Byleth but there are certain cutscenes where I prefer the male Byleth version and it seems like he goldfishes less during dialogue (less of a wide blank stare?), so...
  5. Leonie was my cross-recruit MVP in my BL run. Also second Petra.
  6. The southern states are going to start exploding with cases soon and Trump is going to swoop in like a goddamn hero and give them everything they need because they're nice to him and will re-elect him. That's not even an exaggeration/hyperbole at this point.
  7. wow i expected annette to be in the top 3, ahead of mercedes the other two occupants are predictable though lol
  8. “So what’s the story behind the eyepatch?” ”oh we just thought it’d look cool.” though tbh I’m fine with that lol
  9. I don't think Hanneman or Linhardt are considering or anticipating mole man science. She lives long in Manuela's ending, presumably without mole man healing techniques, so I'm not sure how much stock to give character-reliant endings. If she has a Crest that strengthens the body, that presumably also helps her live healthier and longer and kind of goes against the argument that it's a significant issue? Are we simultaneously arguing that she is unhealthy and has limited time but she's also so strong and healthy due to her Crest that we're not going to see how these ailments plague her in the story?
  10. Unless Edelgard says she needs to unleash her plans immediately because she doesn't have much time left, I'm not so easily convinced that was the reason for the rush. I think there's more evidence suggesting she's doing it because she wants Rhea out of power as soon as possible. At no point does she actually imply that she's rushing things because she'll die young. Not sure why it matters which crests she gets if being experimented on period and getting two crests is what shortens your lifespan. Being a "pure mage type" doesn't mean you're less healthy so much as it means that you simply don't lift weights or something. She doesn't need to mention it. It would still affect her in some way much like the night terrors do, unless it's really not that severe. Lysithea outright faints in her supports lol. Regardless, I think there is some merit to the theory that Lysithea was the imperfect prototype and Edelgard really is the perfect creation the Slitherers were aiming for, with none of the drawbacks that plague the former. Including the shortened lifespan. EDIT: That said, unless there's another interview that outright confirms she does or doesn't have a shortened lifespan, the argument probably isn't going to get anywhere. I just don't think it's the 100% solid fact Edelgard stans think it is.
  11. There’s not enough evidence either way, but it is weird that there is absolutely no mention of her in any lore. What makes a saint, exactly?
  12. It's an "obvious inference" but we do not get the same emphasis on a shortened lifespan / afflicted health with Edelgard than we do with Lysithea, and that's noteworthy. Even if you argue it's because she doesn't value her own life so lament so much (honestly I think this getting headcanon-y), I'd expect some indication that she's winded while physically exerting herself or something like Lysithea is. It isn't simply Lysithea complaining a lot.
  13. I don't recall anyone alleging that Rhea is power hungry; the complaints are about what she chooses to do with the power she has. Which are perfectly legit.
  14. Edelgard is about as significant in Silver Snow than she is in Verdant Wind, even though that relationship should be more compelling in that narrative because she's your former student. You get one cool cutscene and then she essentially plays the same role she does in VW and AM. You can complain about Claude not "being delved into" however much you want, but holy crap is SS a parade of missed opportunities. Edelgard is bleh, Rhea gets shelved for half the game, and the other two lords are even more insignificant. Then she goes berserk for the finale because why not. Then CS pretty much undermines all the lore reasons to play SS on top of that lol
  15. Isn’t Cat a level requirement recruitment anyway?
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