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  1. jaajajajaj holy fuck that signature

  2. In the last couple of months, I've been delving into similiar philosophies that eventually lead me to some undertstanding on this. I think there's a saying, "trying to find conciousness inside a body is like trying to find a radio broadcaster inside the radio device itself"...something along those lines. Basically, the idea is that we are told that we are what we our pretty much our external experiences. Our thoughts and our mind are not "us", and just something that happens and we have the choice to seperate and not act upon it. This last part is also the basis for Stoicism.
  3. I somewhat had this manga on my radar, "If it's for my daughter I'd even kill a demon king" (among those lines). Well, apparently not too long ago, it has an anime now. I've had decent expectation of it, but I may have judged the book too much by it's cover: Long story short, I spoiled myself way ahead. Dale and Latina apparently get married...can't see I didn't see it coming. When you get an adoptive parent figure who's not even that old to be a parent and a child that grows way too fast (literally?), this is just bound to happen. I expected no more than what the premise proposed. I was actually looking forward to something platonic, and the romance aspect just seems really off. Again, I'm open to criticism since I didn't even watch the anime yet. Should I give it a chance?
  4. I've always assumed everyone with a *5+10 exclusive is a whale, but this experience has taught me that you can honestly do it without a single penny, as long as you're dedicated.
  5. Thank you, I was pretty patient saving up for her. If I hadn't wasted my time and orbs trying to get Idoun (and failing), I might've had an extra 200+ and I might've actually +10'd her. I got my 8th merge on the last day on a .75%. Thought I wouldn't make it.
  6. baby for you I'll be batman

    1. Rose482


      ...Talk about random lol.

      And thanks : P If I ever needed a hero to save me, I will remember to give you a call.

  7. Hello, this is my +8 Charlotte. I was very close to getting her to +10 as an F2Player, but I am very content, still.
  8. I used to love hentai too.

  9. those creatures are KYOOT

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