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  1. Both times I was the first person to get Priscilla at max favor despite everyone else having a lead on me. IMG_0565.jfif IMG_0702.jfif
  2. I have a project and want to ask the help for a modder It isn't required but it would make a nice touch for my video
  3. I just realized that Langrisser is also a game that I love Also while hated games are alright, I meant games that you never see anyone talk about for Underrated for the most part
  4. Hey everyone, I wanted to ask you all what do you think are some underrated games that you have played (It’s one thing to say you know something underrated, but it’s another to say you played it) For me, Rhythm Thief and Tangledeep are two underrated gems that I always adore
  5. I need to do some research on the general consensus of healers in FEH, and given that staff units are the typical demote nowadays So I have some questions 1: Are they good to use? 2: Do they compare well to other heroes? 3: Do they need a kind of buff? 4: Do they require more investment to be good than most heroes?
  6. On a lighter note, the Corona virus name dragging down the sales of Corona beer is like the same song and dance with the Aids weight loss chocolate product before Aids the sexual disease was a thing I admit this is something I haven't thought about, but honestly it's a line of thinking I would get annoyed at by other people having when people use said stuff to fuel their already prevalent racism. Personally I would never use the China Virus seriously and would take it with a grain of salt, I prefer the name Corona like most others, but I tend to have a personality that let's me see where others could come from (Especially when they get hated alot of the time in media since I myself have been in that position of being the most hated in a group before in a few groups i have been in) Basically what I am trying to say is that criticism towards China is deserved, especially if they are lying about any cases with the Corona virus or keeping them on the hush hush like before it before popular, but hating on someone from China or any Chinese citizen because they have roots in that country is not only horrible, but downright inexcusable since it wasn't their fault.
  7. 1: I understand that it could sound like it puts blame on the Chinese people, but honestly I think only the most extreme of the right would blame everyone Chinese for the virus, however I could be wrong and if I am I apologize as I wouldn’t personally say Chinavirus, but I would blame the Chinese government for this epidemic 2: I understand that, I was referring to others not in government who are arguing about their side about how the government is doing so far I also was referring to those in congress who would veto an idea on the basis of the opposition side said it if that is still going on right now Arguing about how to fix this mess would be exempt from what I was talking about
  8. I got a lot to say to be honest but let’s get some quick things out of the way 1: Personally I don’t think Trump calling it Chinavirus was all that bad since if the news about China actually keeping news on the down low about the Coronavirus is true, they deserve to be called out for the pandemic, but I don’t think the president can say that it’s Chinas government fault for the virus directly so it’s the next best thing 2: People shouldn’t be fighting about politics in general right now since this virus is starting to kill people and we have no vaccine or cure, save that shit for after the world is less in immediate danger and show some basic empathy towards others during this virus 3: I don’t think the virus should honestly make people buy up every bit of toilet paper for months, maybe for a week but that’s it What's it like with me? I’m terrified. Since the virus is spreading I’m honestly terrified about the elderly since they are going to be vulnerable to the virus and I got a grandpa and grandma who I don’t want to catch the virus at all My mother I’m just as worried about since I don’t want her to catch the virus And as a paranoid person I’m going to go through every day worrying if any of my family caught the virus and praying that they stay healthy during this time This honestly needs to be a time where the White House shouldn’t be infighting about people from different sides of the political spectrum and should honestly all agree “Hey let’s get this virus shit done and not spite each other” (For reference, there has to be a 2/3rd majority for the whites house to do a decision if I remember correctly) I already had to lose a grandfather and my dog of 10+ years last year, I don’t want to lose anyone I know to this virus Also admins if I said anything bad or offensive, please tell me and I’ll edit it
  9. Is there any difference for Atk, Def, and Res What would be considered bad Atk, Def, and Res and where would those stats start to become middling
  10. Thank you So 25-30 is slow, got it What would 31-34 be considered
  11. So rule of thumb is "Below 32 speed is where a unit can start to be considered slow"?
  12. I kind of want to know the tier list placements for each character in here, but I want to know about Lissa, Gaius, Nowi, Olivia, Gerome, and Donnel Imagine theoretically were talking about Lunatic plus without grinding
  13. I mean base wise, not including other skills into the factor
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