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  1. Is there any difference for Atk, Def, and Res What would be considered bad Atk, Def, and Res and where would those stats start to become middling
  2. Thank you So 25-30 is slow, got it What would 31-34 be considered
  3. So rule of thumb is "Below 32 speed is where a unit can start to be considered slow"?
  4. I kind of want to know the tier list placements for each character in here, but I want to know about Lissa, Gaius, Nowi, Olivia, Gerome, and Donnel Imagine theoretically were talking about Lunatic plus without grinding
  5. I mean base wise, not including other skills into the factor
  6. Let’s see -Hate Edelgard -Love fates more than Three houses -Think Corrin is more relatable than Alm -Ike is overrated -Three houses is starting to get overrated -Claude isn’t the best honestly, his route seemed like what Church’s route should have been -Lysithea, Felix are both a dislike in personalities -Mark should be involved in FE7s story more tbh -Kris wasn’t that bad tbh -Priscilla is best FE7 girl, not Lyn -I find Erk and Nino is a better ship than Erk and Jaffar tbh but not for the “Jaffar looks much older reason” -Echoes was trash -I think that FE6 & 7 should get remade into one game with a time skip like with FE4 but with the Mark being a playable unit, also any pairs from the first half will effect stats in the second half And I can go on and one tbh
  7. I meant what number counting down is where the stat starts to be classified as bad depending on the different roles
  8. What would you all consider the drop off point for base stats when it comes to each of the following categories Calvary Flyer Infantry Armor Dancer (If they have any) Nuker Tank Dragonstone units Support units Staff Units Mages
  9. If a seasonal unit had to get a PRF who desperately would want the refine and what kind of weapon would you give them?
  10. Do you mean complex as in gameplay, story, or its creation?
  11. I cannot be the only one wishing for her defeat in the first round I wasn’t a fan of her in three houses but this along with the CYL event is making me think this is asinine Im rooting for Sothis or Alphonse tbh, who is everyone rooting for?
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