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  1. Your honor I must object to the prosecutions assertion that my client was at the scene of the crime during the night of the murder. The reason being is because my client was found sleeping with the prosecution's mother and as Evidence, I would like to provide images of the acts in the courtroom.
  2. Banned because I'm an asshole admin
  3. Thanks man, sorry I didn't see the original notif
  4. Before I look like an idiot, is this the 4th chapter in Lyn's route or Eliwoods route?
  5. What's wrong with taking a look at Moderators high scores 😫
  6. I have nothing to say about the comment I just wanted to say I like your Title thing
  7. I'll have to check with some friends who know more about this than I do, but I think I can say a few things about what you said. 1: I think it should be important to note that the Bible is a collection of books, and the collection could have different contexts (Such as Psalms being mostly poetry and songs). 2: I believe that it depends on the interpretation of Genesis, since Young Earth Creationism wasn't on the rise till recently and that an older earth and the Bible wasn't mutually exclusive, heck i've seen people talk about how the global flood could also have been argued to be a regional flood instead. 3: I think it's kind of inaccurate to say that the Egyptians would have recorded an event in history where their Gods effectively got spit on by another God, in fact we see this today with the Japanese where they tend to stay away from talking about World War 2, or anyone who would rather deny an event if it would spare them humiliation, it's why if someone would admit to something that isn't advantageous or an outright negative gain for them to admit, chances are it's accurate. Such an event would have been way embarrassing, but the jew migration i'll have to get back to you on that. 4: On the book of Maccabees "The book is held as canonical scripture by the Catholic, Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox churches (except for the Orthodox Tewahedo), but not by Protestant denominations nor any major branches of Judaism", i'll have to get back to you on that with some friends of mine about the Canonicity of this book, but as far as I know, it depends on the denomination. Also kind is going off topic, who brought up the first comment that started this?
  8. Dont mind me, commenting for gas on this post and to see replies lol
  9. Not gossip, I want to hear what really happened involving the dude cause it sounds like it's a fun story.
  10. Can you tell the story for Avvy then, I wanna hear this 🙂
  11. Asked a friend of mine to double check that and he agreed with the first point but the second one he disagreed, saying "Trojans were not more-or-less Hittites. They shared a common language at some times, though, Luwian."
  12. To be fair, the Bible has been used for Archeology and has scholars talking about the shocking accurate history it gets right
  13. I wouldn't say the story bends over backwords to glorify Corrin, mainly cause from what I remember, in Birthright he's always been called out by his other family for his siding with Hoshido and vise versa with Conquest, and in revelations it has him trying to get the trust of everyone and it requires Azura to help him. I might read through the script a 4th time but i'm a bit busy playing KoL... No they dont, you missed the point Saizo doesn't trust Corrin and only trusts Sakura, that's why he joins in Revelations, and in Birthright he joins you to help find Ryoma and that's with the other Siblings. Rinkah would only trust him because he saved her during chapter 1 and even then he got a talking to by Camilla, Leo, and Xander. My last point was trying to show that that either of those situations either didnt defied logic (in fact it was expected) but show that Corrin wasn't portrayed in the right in either situation.
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