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  1. In your script, are making use of quotes from Heroes? In many cases, they appear to be lifted word-for-word from the games or obviously at least referencing specific quotes. I think they're rather neat. Some examples like: You get the idea. I think they would make for good additions or substitutions to your script.
  2. Are the alterations to Xavier's recruitment scenario present in this patch? If yes, will they be removed in the Lil' Fiana version?
  3. Comprehensive list, if you need it. Note that I'm not keeping track of the dialogue changes unless it's really egregious because that's too much work and you have the scripts anyway. Chapter 1: House that gives a vulnerary: Old woman -> different old woman Chapter 2: House that gives a vulnerary: Old woman -> adult man House that gives a speed ring: young man and young woman -> different young man and different young woman Chapter 4: Bottom left house: Old woman -> different old woman Bottom right house: young woman (Dashin's sister) -> same sprite but recoloured (WHY???) Top right house (the one for Corple): Old man -> different old man Chapter 5: One of the female NPCs is recoloured. Again, why??? One of the bandits with Lifis -> a different bandit sprite When you open the door to Lifis' cell, one of the bandits that speaks is replaced with a different bandit sprite Chapter 6: Bottom row right house: young woman sprite recoloured. I don't understand. Top row right house (right of Hicks' house): old man who talks about his grandson -> adult man who doesn't look old enough to have a grandson Lower Middle row right house: original patch didn't have a portrait, just lines of dialogue without a dialogue box. Assuming this was a glitch from the first patch, it now has a portrait but I don't know how it is in the japanese version. Bottom row left house (with Od scroll): young man -> different young man Upper Middle row left house (with Paragon manual): young woman -> different young woman Chapter 7: Bandit that talks to Shiva -> different bandit portrait House that gives a antidote: young man -> middle aged man House that gives master seal: middle aged man -> young woman + completely changed context + a long spiel about her attempt at seducing some random knight that the patch invented Bottom house that talks about the arena: old man -> old woman Chapter 8: Top house: Middle aged man portrait is coloured for reasons unknown to man. I also noticed the he makes negative comments about Gomez' intelligence that weren't present in the original and should be removed. Bottom house that gives luck ring: Middle aged man -> young woman Chapter 9: Top house: Old woman -> old man Bottom house: middle aged man has his portrait recoloured Chapter 10: Bottom house: middle aged man -> young man Chapter 11: Kempf's subordinate that arrests Olwen: knight portrait -> different knight portrait Chapter 11x: During the intro, 3 children have dialogue with Olwen. In this version, only two of the three speak. This might be an intentional correction since the dialogue suggests only two children speaking but it should be checked. Chapter 12: Old woman that speaks alongside Mareeta and Saias in the intro -> different old woman Top house (with silence staff): old woman -> middle aged man + dialogue about using silence staves to shut up children which I didn't feel was appropriate Bottom house (with Heim scroll): old man -> old woman (literally the same portrait that used to be for the top house) House which Olwen needs to visit: Instead of an old man thanking you for saving his granddaughter, a completely new scene is added between a child and a young woman where the former thanks you for saving her and the latter has no dialogue at all. This might be proper correction as the original dialogue was identical to a different house. Chapter 13: Bottom house (with Armourslayer): young man -> middle aged man Top house (with hammer): old man -> adult man Chapter 14: Almost all houses have npcs replaced. Tracking them with only text to reference them will take too much time. I'll continue this later but just look at this shit. More npcs have been either completely replaced or recoloured than were kept the same. What possible reason could there even be? In some cases in the original, a chapter uses the same portrait in multiple houses so I can understand the rationale there (even though that doesn't make these changes acceptable) but most of the time, these changes are completely random. Of course, it could be that it is the original patch that got it wrong and replaced portraits but I find that extremely unlikely, given the conventions of translation patches when it was made. In any case, this should be reverted. It might seem minor as these are just nameless one-off npcs but I think it does matter. These are extensive, unnecessary and bizarre changes and it's about the principle. This is wrong and needs to go. And given how extensive this is, it's pretty much going to involve having to look at every single npc that has any sort of dialogue or even just flashes on screen because odds are that their portrait was replaced for whatever goddamn reason. EDIT: In light on discussions I've had, further compilation is unnecessary. I realize I am in the minority regarding such changes and most people won't care. So I understand if reverting these changes won't ever be a priority but I hope the script revision you talked about will at least discuss some of the dialogue changes I mentioned as well as the possibility of at least the Lil' Fiana fork cutting down on the bigger creative liberties in dialogue.
  4. They’re adding flavour and then there’s this abomination. The dialogue is out of place and unneeded. It should be reverted immediately. And from the discussions I was having, there are many more instances of this. Also, I'm not fond of the constant alliteration the villagers do with the crusader names. It's kinda too much. This is probably unlikely to get changed but just wanted to say it. Edit: Literally starts happening in the first chapter. Replaced old woman portrait with a... different old woman portrait for the house that gives you a vulnerary. Another example: the house in chapter 11 that gives you the magic up staff. It too has a replaced npc portrait. Dialogue is almost identical this time but again, why replace npc portraits? Two more in chapter 12: the house at the top that gives you the silence staff replaces an old woman portrait with a middle aged man portrait. Also, extra dialogue about using silence staves to shut up children is added. The house at the bottom which gives you the Heim scroll replaces an old man portrait with an old woman portrait. Funnily enough, it's the same portrait that ended up being used as a replacement for the house at the top. This is so baffling. Many, many examples in chapter 14. Pretty much all of them have their portraits replaced, sometimes just shuffling portraits from one house to another for whatever reason. I could go on but you get the point. Literally every chapter I looked at (1, 7, 11, 12, 14 and 15) has at least one and most have multiple instances. I'm going to guess that every chapter has at least one instance but I'm going to keep checking anyway. I don't even know what to say at this point. These are some bizarre changes to make. What is even the purpose? This is clearly a extensive issue and should be corrected immediately.
  5. I was discussing the various translations for FE5 elsewhere and someone claimed that Project Exile went ahead and completely replaced some instances of dialogue. Like, they made up new dialogue and even replaced the original npc sprite. I managed to find one instance of this possibly happening and I wanted clarification. A village in chapter 7 gives you a Master Seal. In the original patch, the dialogue for the village is as follows: In this patch (which may have been carried over from Project Exile), the dialogue is as follows: And screenshots of both are included. The general idea of both is the same: Person mistakes you for the guard and gives you the master seal after you clear up the misunderstanding but this goes beyond creative liberties in dialogue. This is lines and lines of completely made up dialogue and a replaced sprite. What is the reason and justification for this completely made up dialogue? How many such changes are there? They should be reverted back, especially if they're replacing entire characters and sprites. I hope such stuff will be part of the script revision you said is happening.
  6. Speaking of Leif in FEH, what are movement stars called in the latest version? His special skill for the Legendary version is called 'Njorun's Zeal'. Zeal should be the term used for movement stars since Njorun's Zeal replicates the effect of movement stars in granting another action to the unit.
  7. I just think that though it started off its localisation history as a name for the lower ranked class, its recent history of being used for the highest tier version of the class shows intent. Granted, those games don't have a lower ranked class that would require an additional name but we've seen the localisation team stick with the direct translation even in cases where it may clash with established localisation norms (such as keeping Myrmidon as the name for the Mercenary promotion in SoV). I just don't think that PN deciding something makes more sense than what the official localisation does is a valid reason to affect this translation. Personally, I don't even think PN would have kept its naming scheme if it came out today because the Bow Knight's usage is more consistent today than it was when PN was released.
  8. Genealogy but damn, do I love the Kaga era. Yeah, I'm one of those "FE peaked during the Kaga era and never really recovered after" type of person. Tear Ring Saga is also another favourite and I very recently played and loved Vestaria Saga.
  9. I unironically think The Last Promise is on par in overall quality with a couple of actual FE games. Even the story is way better than the trash that is Awakening/Fates.
  10. Project Naga received its last update in mid 2016. Of all the games localised before 2016, FE9/FE10 used Bow Knight for the the Tier 1 class. The GBA and DS games had variants of the bow cavalry class but used different names entirely (Nomad Trooper for FE7, Ranger for FE8 and Horseman for FE11). But both Awakening and Fates used Bow Knight for the highest tier class. So at that point, at least it was somewhat dubious what the official localisation would be in the future as Bow Knight was used for a base class twice and for the promoted class twice. However, since 2016, both Echoes and Three Houses also used Bow Knight. If the intent of the localisation patch is to follow official naming conventions, then using Bow Knight for the promoted variant is the only decision, I feel. Project Naga saying, "Well, I don't think it should be this way even though this is the most consistent official way" was a very strange decision. I think its time for a localisation update to match the official localisation which have been pretty consistent about Bow Knight. I mean, you already chose not to use Forest Knight...
  11. The announcement for Lil Fiana was buried in-between the thread with no indication on the opening post so I don't know why such unnecessary hostility ("Learn to read.") by the other users. Still, I think I'm content to wait for the proper release of that but thanks anyway.
  12. I know you've already said that the vast majority of players don't mind the patch's QoL additions but you really should consider making a 'base' patch with zero additions readily available instead of people like me requesting personal patches. This is the only complete translation patch of FE5 readily available to the public and I don't like the idea that the only readily available patch is making gameplay changes to the base game. I've seen this on numerous sites that this is the patch that gets recommended whenever anyone asks how to start playing FE5. For better or worse, FE5 is not being represented accurately. I know the vast majority of people won't notice or care but still. I might be wrong about this but I think something similar happened with the newer FE6 patch that was also making changes (though vastly more drastic) and that was later separated into two different patches. And Project Naga didn't make any changes either. This patch didn't start off as the intended default patch for FE5 as Project Exile was still easily available and recommended to people (though I don't recall if it too made QoL changes/additions to the game) so it was fine that this was a 'deluxe edition' patch of sorts but that's not the case anymore and this has become the default patch. I appreciate the work you and many others have put into making translation patches so I'm not saying this because I think this patch is bad or anything. But purely from a preservation point of view, a 'base' patch that accurately represents FE5 as it was intended should be readily available (including the rightfully derided 'wait command at the top of the unit menu') in my opinion.
  13. You were willing to do it before so here I am again, asking for the latest version with no extra implementations, if it's not too much trouble. Like, exclude everything listed in this section: Essentially, a version with just the translation implemented. Thanks in advance in any case.
  14. I feel Leif's speech is far too formal in this translation. He doesn't sound like someone who's been on the run and hiding in villages for his entire childhood. I think Heroes did a fine job with his mannerisms and speech. He sounds like a brat at times there which suits him more but with some deep trauma behind that (though that part is done well enough in this translation). I doubt you're making entire script revisions such as changing the main character's mannerisms but whatever.
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