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  1. Jeralt's death wasn't even planned. It seems like something Kronya did out of anger rather than something any of her higher ups wanted her to do. Thales had to come in and bail her out.
  2. In Chapter 7, if you kill Ishtore before you kill Liza (which I accomplished with the use of the Sleep sword), this happens: The text also skips from the first line to the second as soon as it's finished displaying (ie, without you pressing the A button).
  3. Man, it certainly sounded from the post announcing his retirement a month ago that he had more time. The post made it seem like he was going to take a backseat in the coming months while his content creation (especially his podcast) transitions over to his wife and people he trusts (so people like Jesse Cox and Dodger for his podcast). It sounded like he had a few more months at least. Does going off treatment for terminal cancer really make it progress that fast? That's... rough. The gaming world will never be the same without him.
  4. I'm curious why you kept Lazberia but the two separated names as Raze and Veria. Unless there's an extra story reason I'm missing, those are supposed to be the same, yes?
  5. Posted from Reddit. Nanna in Heroes has two specific quotes in Heroes: Back when Nanna was first released in Heroes and her voice clips came out, due to the way they were arranged, it made it seem like these quotes are the same thing and that Nanna was talking about feeling incestour love for her 'brother' like Lachesis did for Eldigan. Lots of people assumed this. The truth is that these two quotes are completely unrelated to each other. Nanna's line about understanding how her mother felt refers specifically to a conversation she has with Finn in FE4. The kicker is that this conversation can only happen if Finn is Nanna's father. The dialogue in question is this: And in FE5, you also get this dialogue: Heroes is very good at referecingin extremely specific lines of dialogue, especially for the older games. So her line "Now that I'm older, I understand how my mother felt..." refers not to her feelings for Leif but for Lachesis' reasons for leaving. When she was young, she could not understand why her mother would leave her but when she grows older, she finally understands it's not so simple as a mother seemingly abandoning her child. Nanna's dialogue in Heroes has nothing to do with incest. So let me repeat that. It has nothing to do with incest.
  6. Guess what Loptyr's name was changed to in Heroes.
  7. The Turnwheel isn't altering or rewiniding time, it just shows a vision of the future and you 'turning back' time is actually Alm or Celica seeing a vision of the future where something went wrong and taking steps to alter it.
  8. Okay, so after you defeat Rudolf in Echoes, you can talk to a few soldiers. There responses are awkwards and nervous. Soldier: L-long live His Excellency Rudolf II! Archer: …Welcome home, Prince Albein! But compare that to how the soldiers respond to Alm in Gaiden. A single row of soldiers, all proudly shouting loud: Their response immediately makes the culture of Rigel apparent. The soldiers have absolute faith in their leader and have no objections or reservations about the man who defeated their leader, showing the value they place on strength. Men: Long live Emperor Rudolf the Second! Their response immediately makes the culture of Rigel apparent. The soldiers have absolute faith in their leader and have no objections or reservations about the man who defeated their leader, showing the value they place on strength.
  9. There's also that people like Luthier simply assume that Alm is to be their King long before the Delivarance invades Rigel. Luthier outright states that he thought Alm was to be their king so this is a sentiment likely echoed by most people in Zofia.
  10. People don't seem to get that if Rudolf's plan fails, then he's the sort of person to just go "Well, I guess we deserve to die by rampaging mad dragon." Rudolf's plan is fuckin great. It's a last ditch attempt to save Valentia.
  11. Delthea says a couple of times that she never really asked to be a prodigy and just wants to be normal. Her failed rule is the explanation. She tried to rule Macedon but the people rebelled against her. Yes, Hardin influenced the rebellion but remember that the people of Macedon hailed Michalis as the second coming of Iote, their country's founder. Minerva 'betrayed' her country so they probably didn't think highly of her.
  12. Making him a completely different character that misses the point of the original is not 'making a deeper character'. Never mind that making Alm a brutal character that supposedly represents Duma'a philosophy is not adding to his character, but rather subtracting Ann's making him a lesser character. Alm is supposed to represent the best of Mila and Duma as he is Rigelian raised in Zofia by a person who has the perspective of both as well as the knowledge of the coming events. It makes no fucking sense why Alm would be a power hungry reckless idiot that some apparently want him to be. If he was, then that would mean Mycen completely fucked up in raising Alm. That's why Awakening Alm is awful. Not because they're 'making a deeper character' but because they're making him lesser. They're reducing him to a stereotype of Duma's philosophy completely forgetting that he had no reason to act that way considering his upbringing, i.e., they completely missed the point. I'm glad that SoV's writers weren't so amateurish to make that same awful mistake. FE11 Marth is not missing point of Marth's character. That's why what it added was good.
  13. Alm is only the second protagonist in the series so him being too similar to every other protagonist that followed is not a valid point. And a remake completely reinventing the personalities from the original and missing the point entirely is something I do appreciate not at all. Awakening Alm was a travesty. Good riddance, I say.
  14. No, Alm represents the best of Mila and Duma's philosophies. He's a Reglian who has been raised in Zofia by a former Rigelian AND Zofian knight. To portray him as purely a representation of Duma's philosophy completely misses the point, that how you were raised matters more than your heritage. Alm never sought power. Him killing his father is not a result of Alm following Duma's principles. It's the result of Rudolf following Duma's principles. And in the original Gaiden, Duma is part of the plan anyway. He and Rudolf recognize where Duma and Mila went wrong and Duma gives Rudolf the Falchion to set things right.
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