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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. Really loving the time spent and many optional events between each real “chapter” map. Makes the game more immerse and allows for a more realistic perspective on passage of time. I would probably have planned out my characters more if I had known how freeform the customization is. I am definitely more encouraged to go in certain directions. It’s not that I would defy the intended course of a character so much as I would have taken a more direct route from the get-go. I don’t hugely like how hard it is to recruit out of house magic units since building reason/faith on the main unit takes time. But on the flip side I feel like it’s easy to devote time to only half of the out of house units to grab what my starting units lack and fill out my roster with the appropriate implements.
  2. Hm...cool! So the units and classes are randomized, but maybe not their growth rates? That would explain 3 speed levels, ninos growth in speed is uhhh 60%? Could be broken to have her growth rates with early availability.
  3. That's ballsy. It's almost certainly the hardest one to ironman, even on just normal mode. I'm playing HHM fe7 for the first time and I still find it about the same difficulty as FE6 normal.
  4. Is there any benefit to staying as a Noble/Commoner between levels 5 and 10? Monk seems to offer at least some incentive for my magic user while they wait for stuff like Hubert going Dark Mage. And they mostly have Better growths.
  5. It hurts a lot that there are no Afas drops in this game. She’s a perfect candidate. I can’t imagine it on hard mode where everything has +3 ish to stats across the board.
  6. Ok so I’m on chapter...3? 4? And I’m just wondering when I can start actually putting these guys in to classes. I ran with Edelgard’s squad since it seemed like it had more magic options although I’m definitely gunning for that light haired young girl that has the high magic growth as one of my out of house recruits. Ive switched the avatar over to myrmidon to accelerate speed development and Edelgard to a Fighter for more axe focus. But I’m having her do flying practice with Petra with Dragon lord as a possible future goal. I’m also considering great knight but only if I can build some speed on her first. Bernadetta seems like a good Bow Knight candidate, and Ferdinand and Sylvain (I started as a girl to get him free) are my intended cavalier duo that I’m use to having from the gba games. EDIT: Nevermind lol I just need to get them to level 5. Probably going to do a random battle or two to bring the team up and get things moving.
  7. Turn 5 doesn’t sound that bad honestly. I can probably rush most of those enemies in that time since I’ll have more mounts running by then. I promoted Sain ASAP since he was slightly above average on the RNG this run and 8 move seemed like a good “carry my team” option for harder maps.
  8. Hmmm, ok. That’s the sort of thing that increases the number of grey hairs I have. And why I’m asking. I’ll have to do some homework. Gotcha. I will try to play mostly blind then, I just want to have a strong team at the end. I’ve always been the guy that tries very hard to recruit units I have zero intention of using.
  9. Hard. Want to relax first play through but my understanding is the game is easier in general and I literally can’t play FE8 on normal mode anymore and I’ve seen the two compared in terms of challenge often. My understanding is that you CANT recruit everyone on a single play through. I’m not totally unfamiliar with that since you have to choose between Bartre or Echidna in FE6 and Wallace (lol) and Geitz In 7. Just seems like it is more pronounced here.
  10. I’ve had Lyn hit 20 on strength skill and speed before promoting although she basically got no levels in defense or resistance and her hp was 2-3 points below average. But I otherwise avoid using her more than what the game demands. If it weren’t for Geitz and Lyn mode she’d never get trained above level 10 for promotion.
  11. I’ve done it. It’s just....very...slow...The only thing saving her is how light tomes are in this game compared to other games.
  12. I’m a completionist so I’m definitely doing Genesis. But I’ve noticed that enemy prepromotes on hard have much higher stats so I anticipate a harder time. I arena abused a bit on Port of Badon, which I don’t feel too bad about since you only get 7 units counting Canas, and I don’t use the units I trained there until the later chapters where most of my army is promoted anyway. But it was mostly to get Lords to around lvl 15 and let the following chapters do the rest in order to get Linus’ version of the map.
  13. Hey guys, stupid question time i’ve more or less only played the gba fire emblems for the last decade or so but I’m really looking at getting a Switch to play this game. It’s just that reading about it makes me feel mildly inundated with all the new customization options, and I want to avoid poor build decisions when possible. Anyone got some good general wisdom or a ‘guide for dummies’ that makes the differences more digestible?
  14. I'd remove Sophia. I'm always too tempted to play her because she's the only female Shaman in the GBA series and I love the color palette. But training her is a painful and debilitating experience.
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