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  1. oh you mean like how black people can't be racist because it requires "privilege + power"?
  2. I've always hated the term "white privilege". It implies that white people are spoiled and considered an "elite class" instead of being considered the "default" citizen and makes it sound like white people have never truly earned anything on their own merit or have ever suffered. "Black hardship" sounds like a better term that wouldn't make people defensive.
  3. My two cents on this whole thing: - why'd they have to protest and gather in huge numbers in the middle of a pandemic, couldn't it wait? - don't people understand the basic concept that demonizing and shamelessly hating people tends to drive them away from your cause?
  4. Ashe is the only character besides Bernadetta and Yuri to learn Deadeye so I think that's worth something
  5. Ashe has both boons in bows/axes so he can easily get Death Blow and nuke things with Hunter's Volley
  6. The DLC doesn't really sound that appealing to me due to all the waifu pandering via exclusive classes and the much-criticised Cindered Shadows chapters I mean the characters do seem ok at least
  7. Got Oboro in less than 30 orbs but with +res -atk, yuck
  8. Edward and Leonardo were considered important enough to be Spotpass units in Awakening so I can see at least those two getting in
  9. People who brand Edelgard as a liberal or any political leaning outside of a meritocracy confuse me, she's not aiming for a communist/socialist government or anything like that.
  10. If the next banner is FE4 Gen 1 themed and Azelle is on it I sort of hope he's a Red Tome Cavalry demote, since there are no non-5* Red Tome cavs in the summoning pool
  11. An Edward/Leonardo/Nolan/Jill banner with their Legendary Daein weapons would be perfect, although people would probably complain about Nolan and Jill sharing a color... Hopefully Edward would be the demote because we've hadn't had a red demote in ages (also makes sense with the whole Zero to Hero thing)
  12. It's been approx. 3 years, add the Dawn Brigade already. They've probably been stalling because they're mostly male I guess
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