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  1. The DLC doesn't really sound that appealing to me due to all the waifu pandering via exclusive classes and the much-criticised Cindered Shadows chapters I mean the characters do seem ok at least
  2. Edward and Leonardo were considered important enough to be Spotpass units in Awakening so I can see at least those two getting in
  3. People who brand Edelgard as a liberal or any political leaning outside of a meritocracy confuse me, she's not aiming for a communist/socialist government or anything like that.
  4. If the next banner is FE4 Gen 1 themed and Azelle is on it I sort of hope he's a Red Tome Cavalry demote, since there are no non-5* Red Tome cavs in the summoning pool
  5. An Edward/Leonardo/Nolan/Jill banner with their Legendary Daein weapons would be perfect, although people would probably complain about Nolan and Jill sharing a color... Hopefully Edward would be the demote because we've hadn't had a red demote in ages (also makes sense with the whole Zero to Hero thing)
  6. It's been approx. 3 years, add the Dawn Brigade already. They've probably been stalling because they're mostly male I guess
  7. I'd rather have a refine for Shiro cos sword cavs are everywhere and infantry lances are comparatively scarce. Hopefully next month? I can totally see Leon having a combat bonus when in 2 spaces of an armored ally lmao I have a +3 Gwendy so hopefully her refine is good, maybe a defense-based Heavy Blade?
  8. First one of mine, decided to +spd to guarantee more doubles and get damage through special activations I think I'll give him Blue Flame from the Owain Divine Code when I get it
  9. It's sort of baffling how Oboro doesn't have an alt yet.
  10. Australia has the advantage of being about 1-2 weeks behind everyone else and have already introduced some tough restrictions and lockdown policies. Our infection rates have started to decrease but I'm worried this is just the lull before the storm, especially considering how appalling airport health regulations are right now
  11. China really does deserve the flak it's getting. A country that rich and developed has no excuse for allowing wet markets to continue. ...I feel bad for the Chinese people in China and other countries though. People are not going to forgive China for this and I fear racist attacks against Chinese people are going to explode in number once this is all finished.
  12. Of course the only attractive male Ashen Wolf is straight
  13. I’ve been training him in other areas because I want him to go Wyvern Lord
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