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  1. Of course the only attractive male Ashen Wolf is straight
  2. I’ve been training him in other areas because I want him to go Wyvern Lord
  3. My Maddening mode Bernadetta has high skill/speed and bad everything else. But really the only “bad” BE unit I have is Ferdinand since he’s too damn slow (why do Cavaliers suck) Ignatz is surprisingly awesome and fun to use as a support unit since he can get multiple rallies/Poison Strike/Seal Strength/Break Shot/Ward Arrow really easily
  4. I actually think Maddening is an easier yet more pleasant experience than Conquest Hard
  5. You know, the maps in Three Houses don’t bother me at all Anything is better than Ninja Hell and Fuga’s Wild Ride
  6. yeah Xeno X's story does kinda suck but the combat is far superior to the original which I found really barebones and repetitive And despite having half the amount of playable characters I still didn't really care for any of them aside from Shulk Melia and Six
  7. also X is the best Xenoblade game and Yelv is my husbando
  8. does Three Houses have the best maps in the series or something
  9. I mean Edelgard's white so she can't help being a fascist /s
  10. I want to go to Japan just for the vending machines
  11. Is this enough to get you to play Heroes again Nobody
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