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  1. Also on the bright side it's not gonna be competing directly with the Dragon Quest 11 re-release. Or my current gaming priorities at the time anymore.
  2. I wouldn't call a lot of what's in the game safe, drastically overhauling how the game structure even works, along with not even having the usual identifiable archetypes. We have a FE here, where most of our cast is seen out the gate even in terms of beginning gameplay (unusual), where we have some Langrisser like mechanics (the battalions but they don't work like Langrisser either). We have a massive focus on character customization like say Final Fantasy 5, taking inspiration from Fire Emblem Echoes in how a number of things got directly taken, like Combat Arts. The weapon triangle being a vastly under-focused aspect of the combat. DnD like magic where you can only use spells a set time before not being able to, no purchasing and learning them on level up. Removing pair up (the new system is more like an exp share), and S supports (outside of Byleth). Which was fundamentally what the new fanbase was used to. We have a Princess Maker like calendar management system, a Hub World that we can explore in full 3D. I wouldn't call this traditional or safe in any sense of the word.
  3. You can temporarily recruit other house students for maps, kind of like the mercenary mechanic in Berwick Saga.
  4. And to think Vincent said just today that news would be slowing down. I GOT SOME WORK TO DO haha.
  5. I’m contemplating class routes and making silly edits for both 3H and my other big anticipated release this year.
  6. Don’t bow to possible peer pressure. Play what’s comfortable for you.
  7. I'll start normal classic, then go hard for the rest. Will have to wait and see if Lunatic gets patched in later/added as DLC.
  8. Jedi

    Hey There

    Welcome! If there is any way we can help when you get to playing more, feel free to ask.
  9. The other two house heads might be rather out of focus compared to your own, but who knows.
  10. I feel partly ashamed I didn't think of it sooner being fairly knowledgeable with the entire franchise. I was too busy having fun with my own Harry Potter and Trails of Cold Steel comparisons to really think about it deeply.
  11. https://www.rpgsite.net/interview/8711-fire-emblem-three-houses-interview-intelligent-systems-nintendo-talk-bringing-the-beloved-strategy-rpg-series-to-switch The rest is in the article and, there are some interesting nuggets of information. Funny how this in particular was addressed. Although I do like the idea that the concept of the 3 houses were based partly off Sigurd, Quan and Eldigan's backstory in FE4.
  12. Hmm 3 to recommend, I'd say one of Kent or Sain (Maybe both if you want), Florina, and probably a magic user, but as I mentioned anyone in this game is fairly usable in the long run. It's not the worst thing to spread out the Lyn mode experience, it just makes things smoother if you focus on a few.
  13. Well first off in Blazing Blade, you do have some strong units to rely on when you get to the Eliwood portion of the game, Marcus and Oswin. They can help quite a bit, picking a few units to focus in also would probably help out. Can't spread that experience too thin (but don't be afraid to rely on folks like Marcus either). Later on you'll get other powerful prepromotes to help out in case your main army is rather weak, such as Pent, Hawkeye and others. FE7 tends to reward smaller parties though, although early on there are quite a few lances, so having a Lyn mode boosted Dorcas for those first few lance heavy chapters of Eliwood mode will probably help he's not super great in the long run but a small investment won't hurt (this is so Hector won't have to be EVERYWHERE for lances at once unless you want to go about it that way), and speaking of Lyn mode, pour the experience in that segment (the first 10 chapters). into roughly 3 units, that you know you'll want to use in the Eliwood segment. Use the stat boosters of the Lyn chapters on them as well. (Or Lyn herself if that's how you wanna roll). Everyone is pretty usable in FE7 so any choice should. Work. Next with weapons, try to purchase some whenever an armory/shop is around or take them from units you're not using. This can help you have a decent supply.
  14. Here's hoping! Crossing my fingers for ya.
  15. Ohhh gotcha, well that works out nicely!
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