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  1. My ideal FEW2 would star Darios and his story would start with him fighting out of the FE world equal of hell to redeem himself and his bloodline. After his escape he'd meet up with the Tellius, Three Houses and Jugdral casts, with the FEW1 characters being unlockables in History Mode but not in the main plot.
  2. Unfortunately the deployment slot thing is just a general issue with certain FE's, Blazing Sword Hector Hard Mode comes to mind with it's 7 to 8 deployment slots.
  3. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Freedom Planet 2 Final Fantasy 7R (Part 1) Hajimari No Kiseki (Trails of the Beginning) Langrisser 1+2 Shin Sakura Wars Trials of Mana remake Streets of Rage 4
  4. Absolutely fine, last poll had a meme character known as the Gunforcer etc etc.
  5. There's also several from Sky and Crossbell who could show up. Also i'm doing a fandom poll https://forms.gle/uETDNEHFjUByuXXu6
  6. No it's more like a 3rd style game but for Cold Steel, the main deal though is that we'll have 3 groups though, one led by Rean, one by Lloyd and one by an entirely new duo. 50+ Characters too. This is the start of something different though for sure since it's a new naming convention but it looks very much like a 3rd style game again, even mentioning "Episodes" for characters similar to the doors.
  7. I hope Horace joins so he can just pick Bors tbh.
  8. Considering you're one of the only people with these complaints in Ultimate, maybe you should reevaluate before you make a bigger idiot out of yourself. Honestly you sound like you don't even enjoy Smash, so keep away from it and stop talking about it so we don't have to put up with you. You've been insanely grating with this from day 1.
  9. Mostly watching to see if anything interesting actually pops up besides a possible Smash reveal.
  10. I think it's also the hardware switch from PS3/Vita to PS4, plus since the major focus is on the newbies in 3 (at least the first half) it would be a little silly I guess? Not sure though.
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