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  1. https://smashboards.com/threads/adol-christins-journey-towards-smash-now-with-alt-colors-general-falcom-support-thread.489045/ With Terry Bogard breaking stuff wide open i've started a campaign of sorts to show what Adol Christin and the Ys franchise have to offer Smash, in terms of legacy, (since that seems to matter for 3rd parties to Sakurai) among many other things, although I lead this charge I also do it knowing it's not the most likely thing. However it allows me to spread the word of Ys, Falcom and more. I'm currently in the process of a video write up as we speak. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18De0qUNozRVMnueOfmWsWOnoflQRTT4j5UGchi6Bgy8/edit I've had these done
  2. I’m using a T-16 emulator to play the very original LoH currently. Much more Dragon Quest but also has some of the Trails quirks like being able to retry fights among other things. Im not far enough to have formed an opinion though. The very original had an English release actually. PSP trilogy is different from the original two LoH games but also it’s more their localization is atrocious than the games themselves if you want an actual atrocious port of a Falcom game play DS Ys 1 lmao.
  3. Yeah it's likely V since that takes place before 8. Also I got Ys 9! It's really fun.
  4. Hey Jedi, could you could give your friend Michael my Super Mario Maker 2 profile code? (8BK-09T-LMG) I'm pretty sure he's trying to reach out/message me on his Switch, but hasn't had any success in doing so aside from being able to friend me on his Switch console. I've also tried to reach out to him, but I can't find his account in Super Mario Maker 2 or send him any kind of message on my Switch.

    1. Jedi


      I'll send the message when I can.

  5. https://www.sourcegaming.info/2019/09/11/sakurai-talks-more-about-smash-ultimate-dlc-development/ The full translation is here
  6. Easily one of the most gorgeous games that's on it's way.
  7. I’m not calling a boycott, I’m merely pointing out a change that seemed like censorship, and from what I’m hearing now it’s related to Australia’s rating system.
  8. Uh about that, SNK isn't particularly consistent with a lot of their inputs besides some like Power Wave and the like, Terry's rising tackle, crack shoot and stuff seem to flip around how they're imputed like every other game. For instance, sometimes Rising Tackle is a charge move, other times it's input is like a Shoryuken.
  9. Original on top, the alteration as of the recent patch is on the bottom. Not only is this unneeded censorship, it kind of makes the support overall make a lot less sense? I'm very confused on why this change was implemented.
  10. These 3 videos are mine, just showing various things Terry can do, i'm no where near good, but I can at least show stuff off. This video goes into King of Fighters mechanics (and shows how some are similar to smash brothers). Youtuber and Streamer Protonjon also did a stream about the history of SNK. It is very long clocking in at roughly 5 hours.
  11. Yeah this statement alone just shows how nutty this is gonna get imo haha.
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