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  1. It's helpful to have a mindset of "how can I manipulate these units so that I neutralise all threats in one turn?" so that you can advance your frail units without fear of them dying. Failing that, working out which enemies you can leave alive, or how to position your units just right such that the correct units are in/out of range. Liberal use of combat arts, brave weapons and Hero Relics will be helpful in this regard as well.
  2. I don't believe that Claude or Dimitri would have gone with it. Edelgard had already allied herself with the Agarthans and Dimitri at that point believed Edelgard to be behind the Tragedy of Duscur, and Claude seems like the type of person that would go along with any scheme Edelgard has, then take the power from her once Rhea was out of the equation. This isn't a "if we had just communicated, everything would have been good!" like Fates. The characters really are ideologically opposed.
  3. Agro


    All of the games from FE13 onwards have strong leitmotifs, and you can hear it in FE11 and FE12 as well in some of the tracks. FE12 has the My Unit theme, which plays during One Who Carves a New Destiny, and then is stretched out over double time to create Tearing Shadows (they're the same - took me a while to hear this one!) Awakening has 3 main ones - there's the game theme (main melody to Prelude), the one I call Emmeryn's Theme, which plays during the B section of Destiny, and then the Avatar theme. Fates has Azura's theme which is recognisable via the intervals & rhythm. Sometimes the rhythm is stretched out over multiple bars, like in Dark Wastes. FE15 has a new leitmotif that was written specifically for the remake, which is the bridge from the vocal theme. FE16 has the very obvious Edge of Dawn motif, and uses both the chorus and the verse melodies for different purposes. If you'd like to see this in action, I could put together a PDF or something?
  4. Anyone have a mirror link for this article? It's 404'd now.
  5. For story reasons, CF is the absolute worst to play first. The central mysteries in the game are: Who are Those Who Slither in the Dark, and what do they want? Who are the Death Knight and the Flame Emperor? What are the origins of the Crests and the Hero's Relics? Who/what is Byleth? What is the truth behind the Tragedy of Duscur? (actually, this is barely mentioned outside of BL route and their respective support chains) What are the origins of the Church of Seiros?
  6. So she's an adjutant during those battles, which means... she's not being used?
  7. OP, I'd suggest contacting the developer of FEBuilder or posting in the hacking questions thread if you need hacking help.
  8. It's a cool idea but I feel that the tentacle (?) graphics need some work. the tiles are a bit too repetitive. maybe add a few different graphics?
  9. Try using a program called VGMTrans (find the GitHub on Google so you have the latest version) to import song files from those other games. Literally just a matter of dragging and dropping the ROM into the program. Let me know how it goes.
  10. Chapter 1 is a MASSIVE map for such an early chapter. it looks like it'd take at least 15-20 turns to complete, which sounds painful. Sniper Jeigan is kind of useless as a Jeigan to be honest The splices are nice and clean but you're not really being very adventurous with them Post some gameplay videos and/or ask for hacking help if your game is bored!
  11. This game is shaping up to be pretty cool! though I do wish you'd do more FE sprites
  12. I rip them myself, usually using programs like VGMTrans. My latest thing has been to turn the Berwick Saga soundtrack into GBA-able format so this suits FE pretty well. I know some members here do their own compositions but I've not seen anyone with real composing chops unfortunately. There's quite a bit of theory involved if you want to write something like an FE-style soundtrack.
  13. It's a great class in Conquest, actually. There's a brief period (specifically chapters 18, 19 and 20) where there are consecutive lots of Kitsune/Pegasus/Generals/Horses and Odin and Kaze are really good units to switch over to MoA and give an Arms Scroll to, instantly giving them access to the Beastkiller, Armorslayer or Hammer. Kaze fares particularly well with a Defense pairup like Effie or Camilla and Odin likes a Speed pairing like Selena, Niles or Outlaw!Nyx and then they both wreck shit. It's a good time for them to learn the Samurai tree and they both value Life or Death in Master Ninja and Sorceror, respectively. Odin really likes it because it boosts his Nosferatu quite a lot and he can ORKO a lot of stuff with Lightning (it's a whopping +20 effective damage with Lightning) and Kaze doubles everything and has reliable 2-range and then can learn Shurikenfaire on top of that. +30 damage per battle is nothing to scoff at. With judicious use of Paralogues you can easily get them to level 15 in time for the last 5-6 chapters. If you like, you can recruit Midori around this time and have Kaze pass down Life or Death. Then Midori can switch over to Master Ninja to learn Shurikenfaire and basically becomes Kaze 2.0. Neither Kaze or Odin should finish up using swords in my opinion so they don't really make great users of Swordfaire. I can appreciate that Great Knight might be a better option for other characters, though. So yeah, it's a great pivot class. The base HP/Def is high enough to patch up potential bulk issues and base Speed is not terrible. I don't really think it's the best class to finish in as most characters have better options but again, a good class to put someone in for a few chapters so that you've got a reliable Beastkiller/Hammer/Armorslayer user.
  14. The problem with Micaiah is that the game makes it feel like such a punishment to use Micaiah. She could do with some Leadership stars, for a start. At least then it would feel like she's contributing to something. Instant staff access would be nice, rather than waiting until promotion. And giving her some good ones, like Rescue or Sleep = A+ unit already 6 movement rather than 5 (or is that normal in this game? I can't remember) From a story perspective it doesn't make sense for her to have huge levels of defense or HP, but they could perhaps have given her an auto-Miracle or something so she can survive another hit. Or just give her a Refresh move. I mean, Azura in FE14 is frail as shit, but she's still considered a top tier unit because of her ability to refresh. So rewrite Micaiah's Sacrifice ability as a Refresh still adn you're good. It fits in well with the story, too, since she is of heron descent, after all.
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