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  1. Disagree - Edelgard is clearly the designated tank of BE. She's even in an armored class, canonically. Caspar is... I don't know what Caspar is. The designated Brawler, but he's not slow as shit? Manuela and Hanneman would be instantly improved by raising their Authority ranks to at least C. They should come as Warlock and Bishop, respectively, with appropriate weapon ranks, just like Catherine and Shamir, who are mostly good because of their insane starting skill ranks. They're meant to be like pre-promotes! Why aren't they plug-n-play units? Flayn really just needs Physic, quicker Frozen Lance, and I'd advocate for some buffed bases as well, particularly Speed and Magic. Lorenz might have been fun with a personal gimmick that allowed him to use magic as a Cavalier. Also, not locking the only magic lance to CF would have been nice for this guy.
  2. It's too late to rate, but Constance for me was an easy 8/10. Rescue is really nice for increased strategic options and helps her to keep up her EXP gains; Bolting is a free enemy-delete button that you get SIX of per map as a Gremory as long as she has a good battalion and a Magic Staff equipped. She has a crappy early game which is what keeps me from rating her higher, though.
  3. Honestly, just play the game blind from Hard and enjoy the experience - don't use any recruitment guides, etc. Don't look up who gets Warp and who doesn't, and so on. There will still be some level of challenge and you won't be constantly trying to reach certain stat/class benchmarks for future maps. You'll actually miss quite a lot of content this way on your first playthrough - worry about that on your second. With so many new mechanics you'll spend quite a bit of time making suboptimal choices which will make the game naturally more challenging. Hopefully no one has spoiled the story for you - the first run-through is actually a really nice experience.
  4. You get 4 Arcane Crystals for free (guaranteed) in Academy Phase, and a free Magic Bow in Chapter 14 (though this might be BL-exclusive, from memory?). You can't make Magic Bows until B+ Professor rank, which is realistically around Chapter 9 or so.
  5. I don't believe it's random, actually. I believe there are 4 in total you can collect in Part 1 - they always show up in the same spots. I have enough for a Magic Bow, but I'm not at B+ Professor yet and I don't particularly fancy fishing 6000 times to get there...
  6. Topic title - I'm on a Maddening NG playthrough and I really need a Magic Bow for Archer!Mercedes, but the Pagan Altar hasn't yet unlocked the Offer Renown option. I could have sworn it was available from the beginning in NG+, so when does it unlock in vanilla playthroughs?
  7. I just did an identical run recently on NG+ Maddening too. Just some stuff to be aware of: Catherine and Cyril won't join until Chapter 12, so if you don't have any skill levels from previous saves it is REALLY tedious to train them into fliers. At that point in the game, Cyril's durability is really bad and will get one rounded by everything, so he's best going into Sniper/Bow Knight and spamming Point Blank Volley. Catherine will have some accuracy issues, unless you give her a good battalion and I'm pretty sure her base Authority is E so it will be a while before she picks up there. Manuela can scum for Gremory at C+ Reason as long as she has A in Faith - but it'll be a while before she gets Bolting. You also won't have anyone with Physic in that team, so try to keep Linhardt or similar around to Physicbot. Dark Flier Flayn is fun and definitely the most effective way to use her given the rest of the team. Haven't tried Sniper Hanneman but that seems fun!
  8. The reason for this is because on Maddening, enemy stats are so absurdly high that leaving anyone open to enemy phase attacks can spell doom for them. It's a much more effective strategy to either delete or neutralise enemies on player phase and to do so using the fewest units possible.
  9. Edmund Troops (Marianne's paralogue) give an insane +40 Hit at level 5 as well as +5 MAtk/Atk, so that's a good one for Constance. It does mean she loses a bit of attack but her magic is so insanely high she probably won't miss it. Your team is fine, it's NG+ so you can do whatever the hell you want and you'll still be fine. Jeritza is fun to use and requires pretty much no investment as a Death Knight.
  10. 9/10, early Physic and high magic for Warp are all I need. If y'all are letting him get doubled or landing him in combat, you're using him wrong. Linhardt exists to get Edelgard and Byleth to where they need to be to do their thing. He doesn't get a 10/10 because his mobility really sucks and can get him in deep trouble in some maps where there are reinforcements coming from behind (looking at you, CF finale...)
  11. Honestly, I've been smashing the FE3H Thunder versions of the map themes. I like them because they don't have a strong melody or direction, so they're easy to tune out, but also help me get in the zone. Most contemporary songs have way too much stopping/starting which I feel affects my pacing pretty badly.
  12. It's helpful to have a mindset of "how can I manipulate these units so that I neutralise all threats in one turn?" so that you can advance your frail units without fear of them dying. Failing that, working out which enemies you can leave alive, or how to position your units just right such that the correct units are in/out of range. Liberal use of combat arts, brave weapons and Hero Relics will be helpful in this regard as well.
  13. I don't believe that Claude or Dimitri would have gone with it. Edelgard had already allied herself with the Agarthans and Dimitri at that point believed Edelgard to be behind the Tragedy of Duscur, and Claude seems like the type of person that would go along with any scheme Edelgard has, then take the power from her once Rhea was out of the equation. This isn't a "if we had just communicated, everything would have been good!" like Fates. The characters really are ideologically opposed.
  14. Agro


    All of the games from FE13 onwards have strong leitmotifs, and you can hear it in FE11 and FE12 as well in some of the tracks. FE12 has the My Unit theme, which plays during One Who Carves a New Destiny, and then is stretched out over double time to create Tearing Shadows (they're the same - took me a while to hear this one!) Awakening has 3 main ones - there's the game theme (main melody to Prelude), the one I call Emmeryn's Theme, which plays during the B section of Destiny, and then the Avatar theme. Fates has Azura's theme which is recognisable via the intervals & rhythm. Sometimes the rhythm is stretched out over multiple bars, like in Dark Wastes. FE15 has a new leitmotif that was written specifically for the remake, which is the bridge from the vocal theme. FE16 has the very obvious Edge of Dawn motif, and uses both the chorus and the verse melodies for different purposes. If you'd like to see this in action, I could put together a PDF or something?
  15. Anyone have a mirror link for this article? It's 404'd now.
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