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  1. What is this fairy nonsense? Not a fan of book 4 at all. More Thracia is cool. But... Vouge?
  2. For newer additions, my favourites are: Normal units: L'Arachel, Hardin, Gerome, Dimitri Special units: Valentine's Hector, Roy, and Ike, Legendary Marth and Eliwood, Dancing Berkut and Rinea, and the most recent Brave units (the best overall art for Braves imo)
  3. Finally! She looks and sounds amazing, her swords look a bit awkward on her sprite but her attack animation is really cool. Fucking YES at getting Kita Senri to draw her.
  4. I jumped back into a save I had right before the time skip, recruited Anna and Mercedes, and now have Jeritza in part 2 as well. Gotta echo the people saying the DLC is nice but underwhelming. Anna having no supports is really odd, but Jeritza not having a support with at least Edelgard, ideally also with several others like Lysithea, is pretty disappointing. The outfits aren't that great but at least it gives male Byleth something to run around in that doesnt look bad and adds more freedom in battle. And the sauna is pretty confusing, it's neither fanservicey nor that useful as far as I can tell, so I'm not really sure why they made it a thing. Well, at least I'll have fun going through a quick redo of my previous CF file with Anna, Jeritza, and Mercedes this time.
  5. I feel like if IS decided to do a remake on their own they'd be doing FE4 specifically on the Switch. If Nintendo came to them and asked for a new remake on 3DS, and not the Switch, I could see IS holding off on FE4 and skipping to FE6, because it's a simpler game, it was already on a handheld, and Roy would boost sales on a dying system. So if this rumour is true then I'm confident they were working on FE6 and not 4. I do wonder if they were far enough into development where shifting it onto the Switch was viable. If they had to scrap it entirely, I could see them deciding to do 4 first after all.
  6. Now Hanneman is a character that really surprised me. He's great in supports.
  7. I like Cyril well enough when he isn't rambling about Rhea. His sassiness can be pretty entertaining and he has a good heart. I like his supports with Lysithea and Ashe. I get that he's a kid and given his background it makes sense he looks up to Rhea as a mother figure, but it got really grating on GD where everything was constantly "Are we getting Rhea yet? Do you think Rhea will be back soon? When's Rhea coming back? I'm getting ready in case Rhea comes soon. I sure miss Rhea. I hope Rhea is ok. Do you think they're hurting Rhea?" Like damn kid, yeah be grateful but move on, live your life.
  8. Yeah exactly. I definitely would want to avoid framing the conquerors as the good guys/saviours, but it could also be interesting having two perspectives of the story. One that more closely mirrors actual history with the conquerors claiming the land, and the other as I described with them being pushed out.
  9. Now I'm thinking of a game with Hilda's brother as the main lord. Make this game, IS.
  10. I think something inspired by the Spanish conquest of Mexico would kick ass. Could be a story where one region/tribe has a power grip on the continent and so rebellion breaks out among other regions/tribes as the foreign invaders also arrive, leading to a shaky alliance with them and eventually leading to an endgame where you've toppled the first unjust ruler but must now also fight your former allies as they take on the role of oppressive rulers. Maybe a time skip would make sense here. Haven't really thought of the story details, basically I just want Aztec aesthetics and feathered serpent/jaguar shapeshifters.
  11. Haha understandable Three Houses renewed my faith in their ability to write good characters, so I'm not too worried. As for a Tellius sequel, I'd have to see it to believe it. I love the games but I feel that story is done. FE6 is up there on my list of favourite FEs and it's definitely the safer option. Ideally a remake of FE4 would fix the gameplay issues of the original, though I'll grant you that previous remakes don't leave a very good track record in that regard. One of many ideas I've got floating around in my head is a midquel in Brigid with Petra as the lord, Thracia style.
  12. I've been wondering for a while what's next for FE and also what the fanbase is hoping for. We've got 3H DLC coming for a while still, but I have to imagine IS are already working on plans for the next entry. And with FE growing bigger than ever with each new entry since Awakening, there's quite a lot of possibilities imo. I think it's generally assumed they're working on an FE4 remake, but the director of SoV did state he wanted to do FE6 next, so it isn't a sure thing. There's also the possibility of a new Warriors game or another spinoff, remasters, and classic games being added to the Japanese Nintendo Switch Online app. That's without even considering a new game or follow up to 3H. So what would everyone prefer to see next? For the first question, try limiting yourself to your top 3 most wanted choices. Also, if discussing possible follow ups to Three Houses, please spoiler tag anything that reveals details about the story. I personally do want to see an FE4 remake next, as I feel it could build on the engine they've got for 3H and as it was sort of an inspiration for the story this time, it makes sense to remake it now. I'd also love a Tellius remaster double pack, as it's my favourite FE world. And finally, I'd love some sort of follow up to Three Houses, as I think Fódlan has a lot of potential still and we haven't really had a direct sequel/prequel in a while. Thoughts?
  13. Played for about 150 hours, two routes, still love it but the flaws are more apparent. The story and cast is my favourite since Radiant Dawn. That's a long ass time where FE was largely underwhelming in those areas to me. The gameplay is still fun but I really wish Hard was harder than it is, because while I find it too easy I'm not a fan of lunatic tier difficulty so Maddening isn't really appealing either. The monastery could use an option to do everything from a menu. The reclassing is excellent though. Maps are generally good but it does suck how much repetition there is. Still think at this point I'd rank it up there just beneath Tellius.
  14. I assumed the thread was gonna be about manaketes, which yeah could've been interesting, since there's lore behind it. But like, Kaden and Keaton who come from X country that has no bearing on the story and can randomly transform? No, that wouldn't have added anything, just as it didn't add anything in Awakening or Fates. And like others said having different shifters running around would make the existence of dragons kind of underwhelming in comparison, which in the story has to be a big deal.
  15. For your first point, we also learn that Lonato's son was actually framed by the Knights of Seiros and killed because it was the easiest thing to do. Catherine also talks about how she has killed for Rhea just because she ordered it and would again, and I know she doesn't necessarily represent the entire Knights of Seiros but they clearly operate on a "kill first, ask questions later, or not at all" basis, so it's not hard to imagine that more innocents have been wrongly put to death by the Church over the centuries due to misunderstandings or lack of complete loyalty. As for crests, yes their influence is due to the power they grant, but the status and standing of those with crests is still due to Rhea lying about them being gifts from Sothis and their bearers being descended from legendary heroes. While there are nobles that have fought for power without crests, we also see that there's nobles who are brought down simply for lacking one. Without the lies it's possible that crest bearers wouldn't overwhelmingly have a grip on the power structure of Fódlan, nor would there be such a focus on passing them down. And for the last part, my assumption is that Rhea would have still discovered that Byleth wasn't actually Sothis but had only received her power, so rather than giving them free reign she would've had to mold them to rule according to her vision of what Sothis would want (which is the messed up society most of the characters want to change). And since Byleth stops hearing Sothis once they receive her power, there's no way they would've been able to fact-check Rhea, nor would there be a reason to doubt her version of history unless someone (Edelgard) calls her out on it, at which point Rhea/Byleth presumably sic their army on her accuser for blasphemy and we get a war anyway.
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