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  1. About time. Though it's kind of disappointing that all the 3H lords have had the same weapon types consistently. They should have mixed things up more for either their Brave or Legendary versions.
  2. Why are people hating on Edelgard fans when Dimitri is #3 and just as bad of a pick for this poll?
  3. I was expecting/hoping for FE4! Looks great, I'll be using a few orbs here!
  4. FEH polls bring out the worst in this fanbase, let people vote for whoever they want for whatever reason they want.
  5. Actually I'm more confused about Altina because I thought previous winners were removed from the vote just like in CYL (though obviously not alts). Saw Vanguard Ike while scrolling too so I guess not, but I could've sworn it was the case.
  6. Did Legendary Seliph, Ninja Lyn, and thinking of Ballroom Sigurd today. Idk if interim results will affect my votes, we'll see. Thinking of going with Legendary Edelgard, Brave Claude, Mila, and Brammimond for the rest.
  7. @Mercakete you are single handedly saving the fanbase from itself with these CYL conversations. Love this second one!
  8. I am very happy to see Elincia and Pelleas rank highly, not sure if the latter did better or worse than last year but I think Elincia climbed quite a bit? Hope Pelleas is added soon. As for next year, Seliph, Alfonse, Rhea, and Elincia would be a pretty sweet top 4...
  9. Can't believe I didn't see this earlier lol. CYL 5 is great. Love the results. I'm sorry to Marth and Eirika fans, they really deserved 1st place... but the fighting got really ugly and I'm just glad they both managed to hang on. Hopefully all four units will be busted and get amazing art.
  10. Pre interim result votes went to Seliph, Rhea, Pelleas. Post interim result votes went to Eirika, Gatekeeper, Marianne, and Marth. Now to wait for the shitstorm.
  11. Looks great and I like that she turns into the Immaculate One. Now I don't mind that my vote for her in CYL didn't go anywhere.
  12. Brave Gatekeeper removes his helmet, revealing himself to be Nabatean, his weapon is a red dragonstone.
  13. This is the kind of wholesome crossover content FEH is supposed to be all about, love it!
  14. People are seriously harassing a VA over CYL interim results
  15. Gatekeeper is literally just trying to keep everyone but Marth away from 1st place and getting hate for it 😭
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