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  1. While I like seeing these characters in, I hope it doesn't mean their normal versions won't get added... I'll be trying for Sylvain and Dorothea, I'd be cool with getting Ingrid too! I'd be excited about Rhea if she didn't come with Byleth.
  2. I don't know if excusing all your evil dad's evil deeds to the point of "what is justice, really?" qualifies as daddy issues. Maybe Leo, who actually struggles with the guilt of having an evil dad, or Camilla, who was emotionally traumatized having to fight for her evil dad's love, or Elise, who never got affection from her evil dad, would've fit the theme better. Anyway, voting for Altena.
  3. This duo unit is completely random... and not in a good way like adding Mustafa or evil Julia.
  4. Great, now I'm mourning the wasted potential of Gangrel and Plegia like it's 2013 all over again.
  5. Mustafa is a cool idea, I'm all for adding out there choices and NPCs, too bad I don't particularly care for him though. Awakening is a pretty dry well at this point. I like Gangrel so at least the GHB will be worth doing. And these fairies ruined the story mode for me tbh, can we move on to book V soon thanks.
  6. I remember Treehouse said they have rough English scripts of all JP only games for reference for working on Heroes and in general. Probably would need a bit of touching up but it seems like they have something to go off.
  7. Need that FE4 remake, stat! Poor Tellius.
  8. Ike, Edelgard, and Lyn are my top 3.
  9. FE4: Eldigan the Lionheart FE5: Base (not sure if this is the actual name) FE6: Beneath a New Light FE7: Distant Travels FE8: Truth, Despair, and Hope FE9: Congregation of Ambition FE10: Eternal Bond / A Grasping Truth FE13: Conquest FE14: Dusk Falls / Road Taken FE15: What Lies at the End / Twilight of the Gods FE16: Chasing Daybreak / Apex of the World / Blue Skies and a Battle (yeah choosing three is cheating but I really can't pick one) Can't recall any from FE11/12 😬
  10. I want this for new games, but not for eventual Tellius remasters. I don't think the games will receive a complete remake, probably somewhere between remaster and remake, but adding explorable bases would be overboard imo. There's more pressing issues to solve, like adding supports, fine tuning balancing, quality of life features like speeding up battles, etc. If they do make explorable bases in the future, having a menu where you can quickly access commonly used activities would be great so it's not always necessary to run around/quick travel to the specific rooms.
  11. Micaiah and Sothe, so cute! Will spend a few orbs trying to get them for sure.
  12. I just want Jill and Pelleas. Petrine GHB would be cool too.
  13. I haven't played SS, but I was disappointed in VW... that said I don't like the idea of saving his route for DLC or even making it the Golden Route. Tbh I wonder if maybe the best course of action would've been keeping their original plan of having only SS/CF, with the students from other houses being recruitable as usual but keeping Dimitri locked to SS, which would incorporate his arc from AM, and Claude locked to CF, as secondary lords. VW makes a point of how Claude and Edelgard shared some ideals, and for being built up as a schemer he never really does anything to earn that reputation. How could he have been more involved in the plot? If he was actually taking advantage of the situation to further his own goals, playing both sides to find out the truth, and joining Edelgard mid to late game to take out TWSITD.
  14. Tellius is my favourite in the series. Echoing everyone praising PoR. However RD is my favourite and I think people are a bit too hard on it, the story has some issues but they mostly come in the latter parts and don't, imo, ruin the overall plot. It does some ambitious things and it doesn't always execute them perfectly, is all. Definitely needs to be played after PoR though, the story and most of the cast is deeply tied to the first game. Gameplay in both is linear, including set promotions, so I'm not sure how hard it would be to go back to that if you're more used to the newer games which allow more player choice. However, maps and mission variety is excellent, and skills/forging still allow some customization.
  15. As much as I love Lysithea, I think this is actually my top 3 for the GD because everyone knows Lysithea is really a Black Eagle. These three are really good characters. In the end though I gotta give it to Marianne, she's so wholesome and just needs some hugs.
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