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  1. I had this issue with Fates when I finally got to Revelation, but honestly it might also have been because of how bad Revelation was. For 3H I'm planning to do at least 2 routes back to back, then maybe take a break and/or watch a playthrough of the third route, depending how long it takes me, before going back to the game eventually to finish the rest. Also, I'm planning to do Hard/Classic for my first file, but I'll be turning the difficulty down or playing on Casual afterwards just to make it easier to get through the whole story.
  2. Apparently they also reviewed each path individually. The issue is supposed to be out today. Interested to read what they have to say.
  3. I really do think there will be recruits post skip. Even Rhea and Sothis might be post skip units, as I don't think we've seen footage of them in battle yet? Maybe they're recruited early into part 2, which would explain why some people already saw that they have an S support with Lady Byleth, and others don't show up until later on. It would just be very odd for FE to have the whole playable cast introduced so early. I know 3H is experimenting a lot, but getting new recruits just lends itself naturally to these games since it's all about shifting alliances. And why wouldn't the lords rally more support for their cause once they're the rulers of their countries, beyond ex-classmates?
  4. Everybody freaking out about how romancing students is creepy, and IS just walks in like "bang your students' parents".
  5. As far as "the choices" and certain characters appealing more to LGBT, I don't think it's quite as complicated as all that. If these same 5 women and 3 men were the only S rankable options in general I imagine straight women would be upset too.
  6. To everyone dismissing the complaints as overreaction or whining: imagine if there was just one character for each sex that was exclusively gay. Only male Byleth could S support Dimitri, and only female Byleth could S support Petra. Now imagine the shitstorm that would ensue despite this miniscule portion of the cast being same-sex exclusive. And yet, no one is even asking for that because of course the straight fans must be pandered to, but when queer fans want more than a few bisexual options (not even exclusively gay) with popular characters, people are very quick to dismiss that as entitlement, when really it's asking for little more than the bare minimum. I still think there's a possibility that there's two more male options that are only recruitable post skip, and thus aren't shown on the main menu until they're recruited, to bring the total to 5 just like with the women.
  7. Exactly, like how in the GBA games characters were grayed out on the support menu until you recruited them. Can't remember atm if that was also the case in the later entries. It's really baffling that Claude at least isn't an option though, like everyone was hoping/speculating he would be since the first trailer lol. Pretty tone deaf of the developers.
  8. It's kind of weird that they would show all the support pairings like that on the extras screen from the start, instead of revealing them as you advance in the story. Unless of course these are only pre skip supports and there's more that haven't been unlocked yet. Which always opens up the possibility of there being 2 male same-sex options that are only available after the skip, for a total of 5 just like the women.
  9. I mean, it's fine? Most people buy amiibo for the collecting aspect, the in-game content is like a bonus. And having full characters or maps would be way too much work on top of everything already in the game and the paid DLC coming down the line.
  10. If there must be avatar shipping then I'm glad to see them becoming more inclusive. Kind of disappointing if there's no paired endings for other characters, or maybe A+ is the equivalent for non-Byleth units?
  11. Every new preview makes me more hyped than the last. These last 2 wreks will be very long.
  12. No, I'm fine with the three paths being it, and there being no canon/happy ending for everyone option. I also wouldn't want the real villain to be exclusive to the "canon" path. I'd rather have three equally developed choices each with its own conclusive ending. If there is a "best" path, then I would prefer it not to be about everyone banding together for the happy ending. I'd be fine if it was basically finding a solution to the conflict where all the lords survive, as opposed to having to kill them in the other paths, even if not necessarily as friends. But a Revelation type scenario where they just forget all their problems with each other wouldn't sit right with me.
  13. Everything sounds amazing. We have Choices That Matterâ„¢, a narrator, voiced supports, calendar art that develops the world. The only negative thing that stood out is that normal mode is too easy, but I was going to start on hard anyway. I know Fates bashing is tiresome but the way this guy describes 3H as what Fates should have been and that the developers learned from what Fates did wrong and made 3H with that in mind... this game is gonna be amazing.
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