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  1. I got Linhardt and I'm not even surprised. Laying around learning shit and not dealing with real life sounds like a dream come true.
  2. This isn't censorship lol, can we please not use that word for everything? It's an unnecessary change. Wonder why they did it.
  3. I think they're both characters with good intentions that do some bad things. But Rhea had absolute power for centuries and used it to create a miserable world that only has peace because she has an army of zealots ready to kill anyone who questions her, no questions asked. We see this in Part 1 no matter the house. Crests are responsible for the cycle of suffering in Fódlan, and while she may not have created them she certainly is responsible for their role in the present. And while I sympathize with Rhea's backstory, her actions are ultimately selfish. When Edelgard wins, she uses the same absolute power Rhea had before her to create a system where everyone has more equal opportunities, do away with class distinction, and gives it up to a chosen heir once this is all established. She leaves the world better and doesn't restructure society to make it all about her, which is what Rhea did. Even in routes not her own, it's because of her war that Rhea is forced to confront her failings in the first place. I love them both. Great characters.
  4. I guess female Byleth because of their spoilery background. Also because female Byleth can have paired endings with all 3 lords and Rhea, while male Byleth can't with Claude or Dimitri. And, as the central conflict is between two female rulers, it fits to have the third key player of the war also be a woman. But female Byleth's design is awful.
  5. I don't like her, and it's not that I'm dismissing her background, it's just that her fear is played up too much and it's the same thing the entire game, she doesn't grow, it isn't used effectively, and there are characters with similar backgrounds that showcase the issue without being annoying, like Marianne. She feels like an Awakening character and that isn't a good thing.
  6. Anytime someone sends a worm or bird flying it's hilarious.
  7. He does and no it's not pandering, not sure why it's your first thought. A lot of the characters in this game have endings with same sex partners that range from friendly to romantic, even some that can't S rank same sex Byleth. It's actually refreshing to see. The supports with Felix at first kind of seem like it could just be a one way crush that Felix has but then naturally develop their relationship and Sylvain is actually the first one to make a move that could be seen as romantic, but in a much more heartfelt way than he ever does with a woman. And the ending text makes it pretty clear that they felt very strongly about each other. Seeing how his whole thing is that he was made heir to his house over his older brother because of his crest, I thought it was interesting that he has an ending where he doesnt marry or have kids but instead has a pretty intense lifelong thing with his childhood best friend. It makes the womanizing thing look like an act he took to the extreme because of the pressure of being the only legitimate heir to his family and having to pass on his crest and name, but with Felix he finally chooses to completely break free of that obligation and just lives how he wants. That's not to say his endings with women are lesser or anything, like I said I like his supports with Dorothea, but having a romantic ending with a man just adds an interesting layer to his character.
  8. He's pretty fucked up for pretty much emotionally manipulating women, even if his reasoning of them only wanting him for his crest is probably true. But his experiences with women and his brother show how the Crests corrupt the mentality of those born both with and without one, tears families apart, and, like a lot of other characters, he gets better in supports. I especially liked his supports with Dorothea, and his BL ending with Felix is really cute. In the former they both find a deeper connection than they thought possible, and in the latter as well with the bonus of making me see his whole character a looot differently.
  9. Don't see why he would be better than Edelgard when his entire character is being devoted to making her vision a reality. Like without Edelgard you basically have to rewrite him to the point that it's basically just making him a male version of Edelgard which serves no purpose.
  10. My first run was Crimson Flower and I pretty much stuck to classes that made sense. I had: Edelgard: Empress Hubert: Warlock (ran out of Dark Crests) Petra: Wyvern Lord (MVP) Ferdinand: Hero > Holy Knight for the last few chapters Linhardt: Dark Knight Caspar: War Master Bernadetta: Assassin (benched) Dorothea: Gremory Sylvain: Paladin Lysithea: Gremory Marianne: Holy Knight Felix: Dancer For my second run I decided to experiment a bit more. I'm almost at the skip and this is what I'm rolling with: Claude: Barbarossa Hilda: Bishop or Gremory (Serra memes) Lorenz: Dark Knight Lysithea: Gremory Marianne: Falcon Knight (once I gave her a Levin Sword she became indispensable) Ignatz: Dark Knight (not the best mage, probably the only experiment that has failed me and I really like him so it sucks) Raphael: War Master Leonie: Bow Knight Petra: Assassin Dorothea: Gremory Ashe: Wyvern Lord (has been quite good) Caspar: Dancer I haven't used the monastery characters much, I made Manuela a Pegasus Knight in BE and pretty much spammed Soulblade, and I want to use Seteth in GD. For BL I'm thinking of doing an all-mounted run except for Dimitri and my dancer (probably Ignatz).
  11. Part 2 recruits could've been really beneficial, yeah. I really wanted Ladislava and Randolph to join in BE, and when I saw Judith I thought she would be perfect for GD. Nader also makes a lot of sense. For BL I guess Rodrigue could be added, but I can't think of a woman they could add to make it even across the houses. These characters all have potential and if they were added as DLC I would be pretty happy.
  12. Picked Black Eagles first, favourite is Edelgard closely followed by Dorothea. Recruited Sylvain, Felix, and Ashe from BL among my 2 playthroughs and my favourite is Sylvain. Currently doing my second run with GD, favourite is Lysithea. For the staff, Hanneman is a great character. I really love all the Black Eagles minus Bernadetta though. Wonderful supports and a great story. The Golden Deer are a bit simpler by comparison but I'm growing fond of them too, recruited Marianne and Lys in my first run and love them both, as well as Ignatz, Claude, and Hilda.
  13. Part 2 was even better. Really cool way for fans to get acquainted with characters they may not know.
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