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  1. Dedue!Dimitri, Hubert!Edelgard, and pigtailsHilda!Claude. That's what I want.
  2. Friendly reminder to not underestimate the competition, fellow Edelgard voters. Keep our Emperor in first place!
  3. At this point I know it's either give all your votes to one character or risk your favourite being pushed out of the top 4. So I'm going all in for Edelgard. Hoping to see Marth finally get something but I have a feeling Dimitri and Claude aren't letting him. Poor guy. For the women's side, obviously hoping for Edelgard, Eirika would be interesting to see, but I fear she might not be able to compete with Byleth. This has a high chance of being the first time we get all four CYL champions from the same game.
  4. Crimson Flower clearly wants you to S rank Edelgard, the ending cutscene between them feels like it's meant to be seen, but honestly Byleth is awful and I don't like forcing them onto any of these characters. I like Ferdinand, Hubert, or Dorothea more as romantic partners for Edelgard.
  5. I've used Marianne and Caspar in my 3 runs so far, the former because I heard she doesn't show up in part 2 if you don't recruit her and it's probably because she kills herself and I can't let that happen, and the latter I just have a soft spot for, didn't plan to recruit him to BL but did so I can do Mercedes' paralogue. I forced myself to not recruit Lysithea, Dorothea, and Petra to BL after using them in BE and GD and I can tell I'm going to suffer when I have to fight them. I also forced myself to not recruit Linhardt to GD, but ended up boss rushing the chapter he appears in so he wouldn't get killed by green units.
  6. There's a very good reason why Linhardt is there: https://twitter.com/lytiic/status/1217847964141359105?s=20
  7. No dark skinned characters? But what about Claude, Petra, Dedue, and now Hapi? Or am I misunderstanding you?
  8. Should have been Edelgard, would have also been hyped for Dimitri or Claude. As I watched the trailer I desperately even hoped it was Sothis, who I never considered but would have been cool. Byleth is such a boring choice. Brings nothing new and has to steal weapons from better characters. Edit: on the positive side, I like the stage, the character cameos (gatekeeper is officially in Smash), and the music. Sothis memeing too many swordsmen was great too.
  9. I really need to know if this is a full house route or if it's like a couple chapters in the middle of part 1?? The purple borders and all the lords being together suggest the former, but people seem to think it's the latter. I need to know if I should put a hold on my current BL run before reaching the timeskip. Hope there will be more information soon. Famitsu haven't teased anything have they?
  10. Thiiiiis! Please add them for free in the last DLC update, IS, I know you're listening. I'm not far in BL yet but from what I know it does seem like it was the first route they worked on, and that's why Edelgard and Claude get less backstory shown and cutscenes.
  11. Three Houses has characters of varying prominence with variants of my dad's, my two sisters', and my own name. The only one who isn't represented in some way is my mom (not just in Three Houses, but in the whole series, afaik, hope that gets rectified soon). I'm one of the Elites. Edit: I stand corrected. After a quick search I found out there's a very obscure character in the lore of Archanea with a variant of my mom's name. All is well.
  12. Three Houses won two awards, made the whole thing worth it. Totally deserved, hope the series continues to improve. The rest was mostly disappointing/boring.
  13. What is this fairy nonsense? Not a fan of book 4 at all. More Thracia is cool. But... Vouge?
  14. For newer additions, my favourites are: Normal units: L'Arachel, Hardin, Gerome, Dimitri Special units: Valentine's Hector, Roy, and Ike, Legendary Marth and Eliwood, Dancing Berkut and Rinea, and the most recent Brave units (the best overall art for Braves imo)
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