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  1. Hoping for FE4 remake next year at some point. I think we'll definitely see something announced next year but who knows how development has been affected. New game in 2023. Would be odd if they took longer given how successful 3H was, series is growing with every release so it makes sense to capitalize on that.
  2. Yes! I just saw this, perfect banner, I'm a fan of all 4 characters. I'll be focusing on Guinevere and Dieck. That art for the latter is everything!
  3. Should have included FE11 or at least 3, honestly why not do an Archanea collection and include 1, 3, 11, and 12 and sell it for idk $50? The timed release is bull, but I'll buy it so they know there are people interested in the JP games.
  4. Definitely going for Flayn and Seteth!
  5. Great banner, nice to see some more Tellius, Jill especially.
  6. This is the best seasonal baner in a long time for me. I want them all! But since I'm low on orbs I'll prioritize Sigurd and Deirdre and hope to get at least one of the others. I'm glad Eldigan is a freebie too. Love me some FE4.
  7. I don't see that happening nor would I want it to. If anything I could see a collection of Marth's games with the originals plus the remakes or PoR+RD remasters.
  8. Men: Arvis (armoured green mage inspired by Deirdre), Zephiel (blue mage inspired by Guinevere) Women: Elincia (flying bow with Geoffrey's colour scheme), Rhea (flying red stone inspired by Sothis)
  9. Not to mention racists/homophobes/sexists Used to enjoy content from some others that came off looking real bad after the accusations of abuse surfaced so I haven't sought out any FE content on YT for a while. Phoenixmaster and Ghast are probably the only ones I'd still consider worthwhile.
  10. Picked Edelgard as my freebie then went through two full cycles and also got Dimitri and Lysithea as free pulls. Only one I wasnt able to get is Claude, and I'm now out of orbs, so hopefully I'll be able to summon him before the banner is done. Happy with the other three! I miss Legendary Edelgard's insane movement though, thinking of giving this one Galeforce.
  11. The art is really good for everyone. I like the idea of giving them Archanean relics but still would've preferred not canon weapon types for them, ah well.
  12. Still hoping for a remake announcement before then so we can have Brave Seliph next year. Unless it turns out to be FE6 Echoes, in which case I'll take Brave Lilina.
  13. Love the art for the CYL Heroes, but damn I was hoping for something more creative not just their final classes. Will be using my free summon for Edelgard of course but I'm going to try to get all four. Also I love that Jorge is a GHB lmao.
  14. Just a reminder that reducing all female characters to "waifus" is more than a bit sexist.
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