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  1. The game actually informs you that the star shards exist and are beneficial before they start being missable - the first appears on the Chapter 3 boss, and as such is unavoidable. Then in Chapter 4 a villager will mention that "good things will happen" if you hold them. Admittedly, this is a bit vague, but it is a hint. (Also, if you've played some form of FE1 beforehand, you would remember the significance of the starsphere and might be reminded of it, but that might be too generous of an assumption.) The first actual mention of the plot relevance of the star shards comes at the end of Chapter 6. Between Chapter 3(which, as I've already established, has a shard that AFAIK is impossible for the player to miss) and the end of Chapter 6, the following star shards appear: Gemini is on the chapter 5 boss(unmissable) Samto is holding Aquarius in Chapter 6 - missable if you don't kill or recruit him(which I assume most players will try). Libra is in a chest in Chapter 6 Cancer is on the Chapter 6 boss(unmissable) So of the five star shards that appear before the game tells you their plot significance, three are unmissable, and the other two are won from side objectives that I assume most players will attempt. Edit: I almost forgot - FE3 also offers you a handy dandy screen to check your collection of Star Shards, which is available in Chapter 1 even! It even shows them in roughly the order they appear in. All you have to do is press A on the status screen. (IIRC the manual mentioned this, but I'm not 100% sure)
  2. Knows this may be the reaction of some depending on who FP5 is:
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