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  1. beat Final Fantasy Adventure today. Also actually bothered to finish Octopath, finally. This has been a good weekend. \o/
  2. it's dead, and yet it will never die. :v
  3. ...oops, kind of forgot about this, didn't I? Well, I did stream the finale...but didn't advertise it, so... Well, that aside, lets get on with the actual finale! Chapter F-2: Stat Update/Retrospective: And that's that! The patch for this can be found here, if you'd like to try a playthrough yourself. Thanks so much for reading this mess!
  4. I assume our damage tier will reset between rounds? Getting the max tier was easy peasy, when usually it's a bit of a chore in these modes.
  5. Freepulled a Delthea. Already had a +Atk version, so that one is now +1.
  6. Discovered a fellow Eevee that likes FE.
  7. Midia's HP isn't a bug, it's unfortunately just what it turns out to. The HP bug was me incorrectly setting the max HP and having a bunch of units with 20 HP.
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