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  1. Might also be disappointed to know that even though Gaiden has all of its spells coded as items, equipping them doesn't actually do anything.
  2. Probably didn't know previously that someone made achievements for The Last Promise.
  3. Oops, it's been a lot more than a week. Sorry, I just kinda forgot to put out an update. Anyway, a version with the above inconsistencies fixed is now live on RHDN.
  4. Asked a question. It might depend on the vendor of your phone. Mine has an app called File Manager and there's a dropdown menu in the upper right that gives an option to create a new folder.
  5. Marthipan PFP. The PN patch has an IPS format patch, so you should be able to just put that in the same folder as the game and your emulator will softpatch it.
  6. Didn't discover today that someone made achievements for FE3.
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