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  1. Has misinterpreted the context of my sig screenshot and assumed it was mistranslated
  2. Asked a question. It's relatively easy, but it depends on what you're interested in. For the original, you just need an SNES emulator that can run Satellaview games, and a Satellaview bios. Anything reasonably modern like SNES9x, BSnes, or their Retroarch cores will work for this. however, pretty much all of the story and dialogue in the originals were presented in audio/cutscenes via the Satellaview broadcast, which you unfortunately can't experience anymore. If you want the story, all the chapters were included in FE12 (though that comes along with FE12's gameplay changes). IDK what the current good DS emulators are, but it wasn't hard for me to run FE12 several years ago.
  3. Likes the FE that is 2x my favorite FE, if you don't count BSFE.
  4. Knows that a lot of technology has come about for faster storage, but the actual benefit for consumers is somewhat diminishing past a certain point.
  5. Did not recently move their OS from a SATA drive to an NVME drive.
  6. Banned for being faster than me. :v
  7. Not sure all three of you needed to answer that. But thanks.
  8. Does FE7 even have an S-Rank Staff?
  9. Plays many of the same series as the poster above them.
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