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  1. Minor quibble but it's actually more nuanced than that if I recall correctly. If you turn Tate's squad green by talking to her with Shanna, they''ll actually still fly around and attack enemies. You have to recruit her to get them to head for the escape point.
  2. Achievement progress in ToHaE coming along well. I've already got 5/8 of the unlockable extras. Could be going faster if there weren't some hiccups with the requirement descriptions. Take this one: You'd think this would mean launch > perform 3 attacks for 8k damage...but actually it's launch > perform 1 attack, launch > perform 1 attack, launch > perform 1 attack for 8k damage. The achievements for keeping the "dummy" in the air for 8 seconds and dealing 18k damage on the ground were pretty fun to figure out, though.
  3. For a certain point maybe, but it seems like at some point the point becomes just kinda to keep playing for the sake of keeping playing. I don't like open world or open ended games in general. Metroidvanias are an somewhat of an exception, but those still have a fixed end point.
  4. That's one of those game like Animal Crossing or something that's basically meant to be played continuously? Those sorts of games aren't really to my liking.
  5. Somebody here played Touhou Gensou Wanderer IIRC, right? How is that? I have a bunch of eShop money still unspent but not many games I'm interested in getting, but since I've been on a bit of a Touhou streak, I thought maybe getting one of the games on Switch could be interesting.
  6. Finished Tempest of Heaven and Earth's main story today. Definitely worth grabbing while it's still on sale. Now time to play something else...or I could do the boss rush and grind out the in-game achievements. 🤔 Good boss theme, but her third pattern is an absolute nightmare.
  7. Well, it works well enough as a boss theme for me. The whole game's soundtrack is pretty good. My favorite boss themes so far are Futo's and Yuugi's. It's 50% off on Steam for only 7 bucks now. Definitely worth a try if you like 2D platformers. BTW, happy 2021 y'all.
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