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  1. Wait, why is an FE6 boss in this romhack suddenly
  2. Well they did call it the "Strongest", you can't have something Stronger than Strongest!
  3. Well IRL somehow the names Iberia and Albania went from referring to parts of the Caucuses in the Classical period to Spain and...Albania in modern times, so maybe something similar happened in Yslandia.
  4. There's only one Alp? 🔫 Always has been.
  5. love Ys's incredible naming of things Afroca, Roomn, Garman, and Greek wonder what those could be corresponding to also I didn't realize that Felghana was in Pomerania/the Baltic, I thought it was in northwestern not-Germany for some reason.
  6. who cares about supports when you could warpskip Celica's maps? Edit: Wait, I forgot warp isn't infinite range anymore since modern IS hates fun.
  7. Random thought, did SoV have the revival army swap exploit that Gaiden had? I remember reading that it didn't, but I'm not sure on that.
  8. Clearly this was a reference to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and we're going to get a game in not-South America instead!
  9. good Luna Nights good Now play Scarlet Curiosity and Tempest of Heaven and Earth too
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