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  1. Indirectly informed me that mountain dew cheese might be a thing that exists, somehow.
  2. Nintendo was promoting the shit out of Arms in the early days of the Switch. IIRC they even had free betas for it before the proper release.
  3. I don't think you need WiFi to install cfw. You can just connect it to your PC and copy the necessary files that way.
  4. CFW = custom firmware. It's a PSP mod that lets you run "unauthorized" software, including homebrew. It's pretty easy to setup - I think it's just a matter of downloading the installer and running it on your PSP. Alternatively, I think these days it's possible to convert an iso into a signed eboot to run without CFW.
  5. Based on when I played the leaked Zero tl, you'll either need to dump the iso and patch it, or there's a prepatched iso floating out there. Either way, playing it would need CFW.
  6. Knows horsemen destroying villages isn't unusual in history.
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