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  1. Does "everyone" really say that? I thought the consensus was arts were seriously nerfed compared to sky. That was my experience, anyway. Offensive arts we're really useful until lategame in Zero. In Azure I guess they were more useful partially thanks to the bell quartz.
  2. What 1 chapter of starshere abuse does to a MF: @Saint Rubenio it's ya boi
  3. Reminder for those interested that my stream is in ~half an hour. :v
  4. Stream is starting in half an hour!
  5. It doesn't support paypal but US credit cards work fine. Just make sure not to browse the site in public.
  6. hrm Has anyone ever done a draft race for The Last Promise? I wonder if there are even standard rules for it.
  7. Random trivia nobody asked or cared about: all SNES games have an internal header with some info about the game, including the game title. For pretty much all games, their titles are ASCII text, even for non-english games. Satellaview games also have a header with a title, but for some reason most of them use Shift-JIS encoded Japanese titles instead.
  8. Does he start as an NPC and steal your exp? He's not really a "Pent" if not.
  9. idk, I always found I could equip enough speed boosting gear to go before enemies and then using break boosting quartz + crafts with high break ratings I think rean's helix or juna's cross break were usually good crafts to use. Anything with A or or more break rating. And you can always use chrono burst to give yourself extra turns to break enemies. Helps to use something like Sara's lightning flash to gather enemies together Edit: Skuld MQ also helps a lot
  10. there are many forms of unga bunga possible in cold steel
  11. idk, just have Rean delay everything and then have Laura smash w/ whatever damage boosting you can get her then in CS2 you can have dodgetank fie there's also chrono break/burst or w/e that just gets you two turns for free in cs3 you just use sledgehammer to break enemies then wind blade/edge/whatever it is to speed up plus more delay and chrono w/e and the enemy never gets a turn unga bunga
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