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  1. Spreading the holiday/birthday spirit, I see. Hope you have a good day. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!
  3. Everybody be nice. Every round was hella thrilling and it was a surprising outcome for sure. I happened to join the winning team for this last round but holy balls, dudes and ladies, Takumi fought well. With very little in the way of late multis I think it's ridiculous to call the round rigged. For 500 flags, just level up some HM and hug your fellow SF member instead of being salty.
  4. If you want a FE game, listen to Jingle Jangle and then ignore every game that isn't Sacred Stones. If you want to play a game with so much style that your pants fall off, play Persona 5. If you want to hear me cry about my true gaming love, play Valkyrie Profile. Otherwise, keep on doin' what you're doin'.
  5. I voted Persona because complete bias. However, if you really want an influx overload? How about the Suikoden series?
  6. I spent a semester at a college in Boston proper and joined a video game club. Most of the members had 3DSs (I was there during the release of Sun/Moon, so) and I'd streetpass them twice or thrice daily. I was rolling in streetpasses and it was great. Otherwise, wow, I'm lucky if I get a single one every couple of months.
  7. Sacred Stones is definitely my favorite. Loved the story, the cast, and I found it super enjoyable overall. PoR and RD have a special place in my heart for being my first two and for giving me the improbable RNG goddess that is Nephenee (I don't think others have as much luck with her as I do). Awakening is probably the one I've played most (long plane rides with my 3DS, ahoy), and I still find bits of it that make me smile. But I find I prefer my FEs a little more old fashioned. It's why I like Echoes but couldn't get through Conquest.
  8. I spent a pretty long time trying to get into Fates and felt worried that maybe the FE series was going down a path I couldn't really enjoy. But then I picked up this game today on a whim and I'm thrilled. This is a Fire Emblem game! I've only played a few hours and I'm already enjoying it much more than Conquest. I'll report back when I reach the end, but for now, this is what I'd been hoping for. I did love Awakening, but I felt Fates pushed too far away from the FE charm I'd come to love. Sure, dungeons are new in Echoes, but they totally fit the precedent of other games with how they're structured. Long story short: I'm old and grumpy and Echoes reminded me of my love for the series.
  9. I was going to give it to Thracia, but after two pages worth of thought, I'm going to give it to Binding Blade. Thracia is no doubt hard, but it always felt more cheap than truly difficult. It needs a strategy guide because if you go it blind with all of those mechanics, you'll probably hit a wall pretty soon. In the same way I don't consider certain modes in otherwise easy games to qualify (because they're specifically made to be obtuse pains), I don't think a game literally designed to be unplayable without outside help counts, either. It's not hard with a guide, as intended, and it's certainly doable without one if you have patience. That left me with Genealogy and Binding Blade. For me, 4 was a culture shock. Gone were the succinct battles in favor of gruelling, huge maps where even the prologue took longer than three Sacred Stones missions. There was castle management and baby-making to think about (okay, that part I could handle thanks to Awakening). All in all, it felt like a FE game that was designed to rework the series and add a depth of strategy without putting it into insane territories. Hard? Yes, but maybe more because it's such different mechanics. The title goes to Binding Blade because it's exactly what you expect of a FE game (at least, GBA and GC/Wii offerings) but it's difficult. Bigger maps, RNG that hates you, and (for me) a cast and story that didn't hook me, so the entire reason to continue with the game was just overshadowed by its difficulty level. tl;dr everything can be hard if you make it hard but binding blade is pretty hard by itself thanks for your time
  10. I selected Path of Radiance as my first because it was the one I walked into Gamestop for and bought with my own money way back when, then proceeded to play and wholeheartedly enjoy. However, thinking back on it, I did play a bit of Blazing Sword because my cousin had it in his home and never played it, so I took a look at it. It completely failed to catch my interest, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't even thinking of that game when I purchased PoR. Regardless, from there I went on to buy Radiant Dawn and Awakening when they came out (don't know why I skipped Shadow Dragon, but I can live with that), and since senior year of high school and into college, I've been emulating the SNES and GBA games, where I fell in love with Sacred Stones and entered a long-term abusive relationship with Genealogy and Thracia.
  11. I think it comes down to who I think would be hella cool and who I'd get based more on personality. Tana, Naesala, Lucia, Severa, Haar, Lon'qu, and Nephenee come to mind for the former. For the latter, I'd probably get Heather or L'Arachel.
  12. My friend and I are planning on doing simultaneous playthroughs of SS, and we both want some sort of theme to our runs. We did some research, but are really looking for some (perhaps) off the beaten path variants. Here's what we discovered so far: Girls Only Mounted Only (Certain Weapon) Only Royals (with or without royal by marriage clause) Chess (twins as king/queen, paladins/great knights for knights, magic users for bishops, fliers for rooks, trainees as pawns) (Region) Only I'm leaning towards a royals run, but I feel like there's gotta be something really creatibe out there. We had been joking about a headgear run or something equally silly, but hey, that's why I came here to ask.
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