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  1. Intro song did not show David Cameron chasing a pig. Unwatchable.
  2. Man that actually looks kinda hot.
  3. I'd assume Ebay would be a good place to look first. Google is your friend. It can help you find out what kinds of things you have, too. ;)
  4. Generally through sound editing magic. Your question reminds me of the StarCraft Protoss voice sound effect. Here is a video on how to replicate it: But for when a character is thinking something, a lot less magic is needed to convey the message - a common trick is to muffle the other sounds of the scene and then play the thought line at normal volume.
  5. Nothing better than John Madden football.
  6. What if they move so much because those "breasts" are actually a parasitic twin? https://youtu.be/GswaFvEwkH8
  7. Thought it was going to be just another Illuminati joke at first. Still disappointing.
  8. Well, the answer is pretty simple - the writers simply have to stop using melodrama as a substitute for the character development of villains (and other Fire Emblem characters, too). Now that I think about it, I realize that Awakening never focused upon character change - everyone just stuck to their gimmicky personalities even though Validar hit the fan and everything was going to Grima. Perhaps if the Awakening characters significantly changed through the development of the story, writers would be forced to make the plot deeper. I was hoping that Fates was going to improve upon Awakening in this regard, but from what I have been hearing about the game, I think I would be better off keeping my expectations for the game low.
  9. I don't particularly love or hate thieves. In some maps, you cannot do without them in order to fulfill certain objectives like steal loot or plunder chests. As fighting units, I prefer using swordmasters over promoted thieves, though I played Fire emblem 7 and 8, not 9 and 10. I feel that swordmasters generally have better combat stats than assassins in general and the crit bonus is a lot more reliable than silencer is. I level thieves enough just to be fast enough or to survive hits, but I leave the real fighting to beefier, and stronger characters.
  10. Don't overlevel Marcus and train your weaker units. Roy is your boy. Beyond that, I recommend learning more about the game by actually playing it. Funner to explore on your own IMO. If you want to play perfectly through the first time, then just read walkthroughs and watch play-throughs.
  11. Is the book mostly text... or full of pictures? I love pictures! o3o I'm unfamiliar with what this book is about. Do you have any links to its reports?
  12. Obviously, the people who get seizures easily enough to be triggered by ambulance lights are securely stowed away in their safe space bubbles. Though, humoring you, if people were actually getting seizures from them, wouldn't it be kind of like the parable of the broken window? Inb4 Pokemon company being sponsored by medical insurance companies to make that seizure episode.
  13. You forgot "4x weak to a kick in the nuts". Those fighting types don't mess around, man. Watch out especially for Mega-Lucario! Anyways, welcome to the forums!
  14. Hey man it could have been worse. This talk of communal showers and poop reminds me of this "sneeze crap" clip from Tosh.0. Be glad that its all over the floor instead of all over your body.
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