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  1. Three houses is about as dynamic as it will ever need to be, B+ supports for some pairings to allow for additional conversations works just fine, any more complex like requiring other characters supports to be cleared would overcomplicate matters and just be a pain when you really just want to see a specific pairing.
  2. I am mostly indifferent to FEH pass, the orbs are so few that I can't be bothered and the extra resources dont entice me, resplendent heroes are an interesting idea especially if my favorites are included, I spent 3 years with no returning to the previous turn and no auto battle and damit I'll spend the next 3 years doing the same (NB4 IS offeres them to us as a peace offering), one summoner support is plenty for me, no, these will not make me buy FEH pass, because it's not about the features and I'm not afraid to spend money. Let it be known, IS, you will never make a cent off me using heroes, you hear? You're gonna have to find your minnows some place else, because you have sought out purchasers in the darkest of depths, there are only leeches here, I refused your BK pack and have only grown stronger than you can possibly imagine. If they add resplendent myrrh, mist, micaiah, or god forbid sothis, I will suffer beyond all measure.
  3. Now it's on sale again, I'm not gonna make any predictions, but it's wierd that it specifically gets mentioned, it seems like they are acknowledging it's existence and I just can't see any reason to put it on sale by itself unless something is planned to make it relevant again. Unless they expect fe encore to bomb in japan and they are trying to get some sales with another fire emblem spinoff. Unfortunately my Japanese is still entry level but it looks like it is going on sale until February 2nd at 11:59. Is this game dead or not? This isn't even attached to the 1/17 sale.
  4. Jeralt wasn't the only person that rhea gave blood to, given the circumstances surrounding jeralt's near death experience I think he received a larger amount of blood which concentrated in jeralt gaining a major crest and the truly overpowered ability to be an absolute dilf forever Spoilers for silver snow endgame
  5. Just bear in mind that even a good number of people at nintendo were unaware that byleth existed so I think rumors should be taken with enough salt to dehydrate an elephant at this point, I really wonder how nothing seems to get out anymore or even before ultimate was revealed, nothing, just nothing. I think sakurai has hostages, every time a leak is true he executes one of them, sometimes when a leak is half true he just tortures one of them within an inch of their life, he has since lost it, this is the only area he has any power anymore, he has been locked in the office for two years now and now that he has fulfilled his end of the bargain but has been rewarded with further imprisonment many more will suffer, don't buy smash pass 2, if only for his victims' sake.
  6. My opinion on this is that I like the inclusion personally, if it wasn't going to be young tiki, I'll take byleth, I am not a fan of how he was included though, his lack of divine pulse is a massive waste if you ask me, otherwise I'm to the moveset, I admit this feels like a backhanded response to people who gave the usual too many swords crap and in some ways I think byleth suffered for it. That aside I admit I am curious about other places but I think I already know how this is going over there, I mean he wasn't my first pick but good grief, the way some people are about things like this, I am curious how people will respond when pass 2 comes around and still no doomguy.
  7. The madman actually did it. I'll give him that one, I'm probably the only person who liked byleth.
  8. Probably more to go off of than I did with my rather bold prediction last year, but it certainly seems odd to do it now, the game did sell 1 million copies, so it could be seen as worth the effort in making a sequel at least if only to see where it goes. I don't think nintendo is trying to squeeze as much extra sales as possible now, it would just be too late.
  9. I'm calling the dragon born once again. Bethesda and Nintendo have had great relations since the beginning with the switch, and skyrim despite the meme it has become is an important game for user generated content and open worlds, it also influenced the design of BoTW after it very decisively beat skyward sword in 2011.
  10. Well, didn't think they had it in em, still very much a hard skip, would have gone for utaloid tiki, but not much else, just as disinterested with this as encore made me by doing pretty much everything wrong. Now I'm just curious if this will affect the sales of encore, I'm thinking it will be negligible but who knows, I think the music in the trailer alone lost some people's interest. Hard skip for me.
  11. One themed banner that I would love to see is "escape from daein" It would feature Greil(young), Elena, Ashnard(young), Almeda, and Rajion as a TT unit. The story would follow Greil and Elena leaving Daein with Lehran's medallion, I would love a young ashnard alt and a young greil, though given what we know now I would bet money on Gawain being a future mythic, but I think that that would be, pre ashnard, great rider Gawain.
  12. Book 1 manuals would be ideal, but I think it'll be something else, I would love to be able to get merges for characters like ike, but I do think if that's the route they are taking the exclusion of DC and CC fodder is to be expected due to the desirable nature that both have, however if they end up getting powercreeped in the future perhaps they can be added to the common pool, they also could be used to just provide straight merges to old units, which I would like, this would increase viability of most book 1 units if it is the case. In all honesty I really can't think of much else we could get, I don't think a skill refinery is in the cards though, the necessary restrictions to prevent totally killing parts of the skill system would also be an issue due to it possibly making the ability to inherit 4 skills somewhat overpowered, it would be nice if some prf skills could get some upgrades though.
  13. Timing doesn't match up for micaiah, like at all, RD came out during production of brawl not during planning phases, Ike also had a built in moveset unlike ephraim and hector who both had recovery options which were dubious at best. That isn't to say that Ike got in because he was the best choice at the time, he was chosen because sakurai chooses based on the most recent entry for fire emblem (chrom was smash ballot so I'm inclined to not count that as a change in attitude).
  14. Fire emblem: Beauty is a mad mistress Bravely second: Against emperor oblivion
  15. I have never heard a non sword user fe character request that wasn't horrible, people love to act like viability is so common without realizing how little there is to work with with the vast majority of them I'll just go over a few gripes mounted units have the misfortune of being absurdly clunky in the air and generally use very typical movements that really don't do them any favors in a game like smash fliers require you to assume that sustained flight just isn't a thing anymore alongside roughly the same issues as horses as for individual characters edelgard, no, a few pretty twirls and throwing your weapon isn't a moveset, come back when you learn how to reverse time dimitri, same as edelgard just with an eyepatch claude, good until you realize that wyvern riders can't use gauntlets and he has no secondary weapon options azura, same as edelgard but this time with crap musical numbers come back when you learn how to not be a plot device that I assume has a pulse, yes I hate corrin, no I don't think azura would have been a better or even a good pick in his place chrom was the tipping point where I realized that sakurai was a super casual fire emblem fan, on that note chrom's ability to use spears means nothing to his character and due to the clunky nature of having to assume he has one down his pants at all times there is no good reason to incorporate them in his moveset outside of grasping at straws to try to justify his inclusion ike wasn't a bad pick but he got in for all the wrong reasons Robin was one of the best character reveals in smash history and is probably the only truly great new fire emblem character where sakurai actually feels like he wanted to add him Ephraim, same as edelgard but with questionable tactical genius Though he isn't my newcomer frontrunner anymore, the black knight as a boss would just be an insult, medeus and garnef would be a much more interesting boss fight due to actually being large and actually being a good representation of fire emblem endgame bosses And looking at the usual fire emblem requests, I see no good reason to force a spear, axe, or bow user, fire emblem has interesting things to offer, but the weapon triangle isn't one of them Tiki is without a doubt the most underrated newcomer period
  16. This video about sums it up for me, tiki is just a good pick in every regard, much as I'd like to expect everyone to watch the video I'll summarize it, though if you want my full opinion check it out, though I will warn it is long though timestamps are in the description, the quality isn't perfect, but it isn't my day job. My primary reasons are that she is a legacy character who actually has a ton of resources to work with for a moveset and she would bring a completely new playstyle that isn't really present to smash bros due to not fighting with any conventional weapons and her ability to transform could make a genuinely dynamic playstyle, especially among fire emblem characters. The video puts it better than I can here, but this is my primary pick now and it has very little to do with favoritism.
  17. The problem with that is that it is difficult to implement permadeath and larger casts, there needs to be a leader of sorts, or a go to character to be the primary driving force behind the party, I am all for having more characters be important in the story, but not having a protagonist in general can make things feel off in the context of plot progression. This isn't a four man team like final fantasy 3 where the guy you start with slowly integrates into a small party and everyone feels important, this is a large group of 14 to 50 where someone needs to drive the story along, not everyone can be important without reducing team numbers to below 10 and even then not everyone can be seen as equally important.
  18. @EdelgardHresvelgTargaryen Ok, well, this is awkward, admittedly I'd like to get involved again, but it seems that I somewhat ended up botching up my timing by going radio silent for like a month, all the same I guess I'll need to resubmit, I would like to play early manakete recruit again since corra and emiri seems to be late game more likely than not. Name: Crimson Forum name: thecrimsonflash Class: manakete Affiliation: protagonist Recruitment: Protagonist talks to her Recruitment time: late part 1 or early to mid part 2 Face portrait: I'll see what I can do on that front, I really don't know what exactly to use due to my rather generic style of pfp. Other notes: Crimson is a fairly upbeat character just trying to enjoy herself, this can get her in trouble due to not thinking too much about her actions or words before saying them, she has a fear of confrontation and tends to avoid people she feels she has slighted (regardless of how her "victims" actually feel on the matter), this problem can also lead to her inadvertently slacking off of her duties. Crimson is also one of Emiri's retainers alongside corra and is close to both, she apologises to them often due to feeling bad for being difficult sometimes. Crimson has a tendency to grow attached to people easily. She also tries to sound smart by explaining things to people, to varying results. Crimson could be recruited long before Emiri due to getting distracted and lost after being sent off on an errand and deciding that joining the protagonist would help her return to Emiri and would at least be a better idea than going alone. Age: 1500 (15) Boon: atk Bane: def As for the general starting stat spread, high atk(mag or str whichever is the primary attack stat) and res, moderate skl, hp, and def, and low spd and the unused atk stat.
  19. I recall hearing that they were not going to add any new classes through DLC and visuals aside, given the way that weapons work there really is little need for master variants of classes I find. Honestly this whole list is a mess, they aren't meant to be upgrades, but they actually are upgrades in some cases.
  20. Chrom easily gets the boot in favor of young tiki. Though even goomba would be better than chrom in the grand scheme of things.
  21. the generics in general have a bit more to them, some have facial hair and different face shapes, I don't yet know how if it is random or not (most likely is), especially armored knights they have so many different possibilities I couldn't even describe them to you. though in the grand scheme of things I am indifferent to varied enemies, but at least it helps the guys without helmets seem less uncanny.
  22. Admittedly it does have issues, convenience isn't my issue as much as us somehow going from the monastery to enbarr in roughly 2 days, not too bad for a teacher who actively ignored the riding skill.
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