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  1. I recently purchased The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2. Earlier today, I caught up to Emma Millstein. You have a deeper appreciation knowing who her (English) voice actress is ^_^ Here's hoping you ge cast for the role in Trails of Cold Steel 3!
  2. I will be at Anime Boston in two weeks. Here is the guest list so far: http://www.animeboston.com/guests/guest_listing/ To save a Click: Here is the list of confirmed North American VAs: Voice Acting Guests Brina Palencia Bryson Baugus Cherami Leigh Christopher R. Sabat Greg Ayres Johnny Yong Bosch Kyle Colby Jones Lex Lang Lisa Ortiz Michelle Ruff Patrick Seitz Robbie Daymond Sandy Fox I don't know if anyone else from SF will be there but if you are, it might not hurt to ask if they can confirm their involvement with SoV. I plan to ask Greg, Cherami and Chris should I make it into their meet & greets since there's a good chance at least one of them worked on SoV. Hmm...I know it's probably a long shot but is there any chance we might be able to ask Reina Strober if she worked on SoV as well? In case some folks don't know, she's Azura's English VA from Fates.
  3. Back to my initial thought: What if a full game was made based on Lucina's timeline? We know Chrom's death was what sealed her world's fate. I say Chrom's death and not Emmeryn or even Walhart's even though both had the potential to unify the world against Grima. It's very likely this was why Grima advised Validar to help Chrom indirectly when they turned to Plegia for help with Valm. We know for sure Ylisse and Ferox fought against Valm since Basilio is killed by Walhart according to Lucina. Of course, we also know Validar isn't supposed to die when he's killed in Chapter 6 thanks to the opening battle in Awakening. Grima stepped in when necessary to ensure the course of history stayed as close to Lucina's as possible. Emmeryn wasn't killed that night and thanks to her Spotpass Map we know unlike Walhart or Gangrel (who were both definitely killed) she somehow survived her "death". Walhart was likely defeated by Chrom so Grima needed to ensure Walhart was defeated, too. As Aversa states later on, he was a threat to their plans and jumped at the opportunity to Chrom gave them to have Walhart removed from the picture. Now, Grima!Robin probably merged with Grima's consciousness after he and Chrom downed Validar in the opening battle. Robin being so close to The Table was what made Grima's awakening possible. One interesting detail we don't know is how the Robin in Lucina's world met Chrom but it's likely Robin was raised in Ylisse. Validar states Robin's mother left with him/her when he/she was a baby and it's unlikely Robin's mother fled to Ylisse, whe she raised Robin. That Future Robin probably knew he/she was from Plegia but little more than that...until he/she merged with Grima. I think most of the other 2nd gen chars were born after Chrom's death. Lissa was probably pregnant with Owain around the time Chrom was killed or just had him since he's not much younger than Lucina. Over the 17 or so years that follow, the parents of the 2nd gen raised the kids in hiding for as long as they could until they were all eventually killed by the Risen. Getting back to Morgan, in the Future Past DLC both Morgans appear and fight for Grima to stop Lucina's forces. Those Morgans were likely born to Grima!Robin shortly after they became one in Lucina's world. The biggest clue is Lucina and the others have no memory of either Morgan in the present even if Morgan is a sibling. Either that or as I said before, Morgan comes from a totally different timeline.
  4. ...I came to this forum for the sole purpose of proposing a Meta Sequel to Awakening set in Lucina's timeline and factoring the reset done by Anankos in Fates. Then I found this thread ^_^ Eh...I always looked at the Risen showing up then to be a direct result of Lucina and Grima!Robin appearing around the same time. More specifically, Lucina happening to arrive from her world at that moment in that location. Lissa probably would have been killed if Lucina arrived in the same area she traveled to the past. We know from Laurent's backstory Time Travel isn't an exact science as he'd gone further back in time than the others by about 3 years. It's also Likely Morgan is from a different timeline entirely since none of the others know him/her from their world. Anyways, Lucina should have popped up near Naga's Temple but she instead warps in several miles away in the past. Talk about damned good timing. What I find interesting that I haven't seen alot of folks comment on is the liklihood Grima arrived in the past before Lucina did. Grima himself states after you down Validar for good the first thing he did when we went back in time was try to merge with his past self's consciousness. The attempt failed and the shock of the attempt erased just about all of his/her past self's memories. We know his power rivals Naga's so even though he left for the past after Lucina, he would have gotten there first. Since he couldn't merge with his past self, he had to set things in motion to (re)claim the power he had in his own time. ...Playing the Future Past DLC maps explains what was going on in Lucina's world before she and the others went back in time. Get them and play them as alot of the holes you're thinking of is explained.
  5. I wish I paid attention when I saw that hint in the Lost Woods X.X I didn't realize that's what it meant. I finished Celica's Ch. 4 Route and am now working on Alm's. I spend most of the last few hours getting everyone to their tier 3 promotions just to survive. The enemy wizards and witches wear down non-Magic units and they hit hard. I'm going east first to shut down the spawning mobs. It's crazy. I feel like I have to level a bit more just to outlast certain mobs. You definitely have to plan ahead.
  6. I kill the first one but I do it in two turns. I'll reshuffle the party so the Whitewings (mine are all promoted) start near it so they can kill it in one turn.
  7. I cleared Cellica's route up to this point. The Bigles (the pink eyes) dupe faster than I can kill them. I can hold out indefinitely but how do I kill them before they regen back to 12+? I haven't played Alm's Route in Chapter 4 yet. Is there a mechanic similar to Chapter 3 I missed?
  8. Watched the Live Stream but had to watch it again since I missed what turned out being the first 5 minutes.
  9. ...If they fely like it, they could definitely do a remake of Sacred Stones. I do agree the interest isn't there though. Blazing Sword is the only localized game that could get a 3DS port but only if it's done aloneside Binding Blade. Either both games packaged together or both games released together. Geneology + Thracia could be packaged as one game with Thracia being in-game DLC. I think they'll try to fit them all together though.
  10. ...Obviously the remake will be much more rebalanced. LOL. Personally, I'm eagerly looking forward to the music. I can imagine how the battle music for Celica's forces will sound <3 Gaiden Playthrough Update: I'm about 70% through Chapter 3. I anticipate Alm and Celica's meetup in Zofia Castle (Sofia Castle in Gaiden) to be a much longer story sequence, possibly having a cutscene or two thrown in. After they split, an earthquake hits and separates them. Celica heads East to to Doma Tower while Alm heads West for Rigel. In order for Celica to progress past Milia Temple to Doma Tower, Alm needs to capture the Water Gate. An interesting mechanic is introduced in Chapter 3: Spawning armies. Every few turns enemy forces will spawn from the Water Gate and Milia's Temple until you capture them. I have not seen this in later games but it's basically a good way to EXP grind off mobs. Celica has the choice of recruiting Sofia (Mage) or Deen (Myrmidon) in the East. This will either remain true in the Remake or you will be able to get both of them. The fight with Geyse was annoying as hell for several reasons. There is a Shaman on the map, who keeps summoning Bonewalkers. Killing the Shaman gets rid of their summoned monsters so...yeah. Fortunately, they're not very dangerous on their own. Their ability to endlessly summon enemies is the bigger problem. Nevermind the first leg of the map is desert: Non-Mages (Excluding Jessie and Celica) and non-Fliers can only move 1 space per turn on desert tiles (Mages can move 2 spaces). Presumably this will be less painful in the remake. Don't attempt Geyse unless Jessie has Psychic: Geyse himself will take a chunk ouf your melee Unit per exchange. You'll need to keep them topped off as much as possible during the fight. Keep Jessie far away but have Celica heal up close. Those enemy Mages will wreck havoc early on if they're not taken out since they teleport in and hit your most vulnerable units first. I summoned phantoms with Jessie, which is what gives you a chance at actually getting into the fortress: There are two Snipers and 3 Wizards flanking the entrances to the fortress. They will tear Celica's forces apart without the phantoms. While the phantoms are active, enemy units tend to target them first. Once both Geyse and the Shaman are downed, the rest is just cleanup. Celica's army gets the Whitewings: Palla and Catria join you after Celica's first Chapter 3 battle if they both survive (visit Sofia Village to recruit them). You actually have to beat Geyse to rescue their sister, Est. Triangle Attacks, if set up right allows you to 1-shot otherwise annoyingly placed enemies. ...Overall, I am enjoying Gaiden. The stupidly broken/dated mechanics aside, the game is impressive: Starting in Chapter 3, you control both Alm and Celica's forces at the same time. In Sacred Stones, you have to choose between Eirika and Ephraim. That's pretty impressive when you think about it. Alm and Celica have separate inventories but there is a trader you can use in villagers to send stuff to the other party. You can arrange the order of each party as well. The first 10 chars join you in dungeons so you'll need to plan ahead if you have more than 10 chars. Speaking of items: Be careful using the Dark Sword. It's a cursed Weapon: There is a chance you will lose a chunk of your health when using it and yes, you can die from the HP loss. Of course, enemy units will attack anyone using it knowing that. I'd be wary of relying on it and placement of units using one. You don't want 2-5 enemy units rushing someone having it equipped just to get the TKO. I'll close with this: You'll definitely want to grind, especially with Alm's forces. I came out of Chapter 2 pretty strong because I grinded (Army strength was close to 500). If you don't want to start giving your Melee units to Celica at the beginning of Chapter 3, grind off some mobs first. Celica's team should have their first third tier unit by the time you beat Geyse. For, it was a Demon Slayer: Impossible to kill let alone hit and they do MASSIVE damage.
  11. I think if Ike's lineage is referenced, he shouldn't appear unless it's a brief cameo. I feel like it would take away from the title chars otherwise. For example Alm meets a mysterious person who offers to join him in exchange for helping them recover a family heirloom. Alm gathers clues that lead him to Ragnell, which is hidden in a shrine. Upon finding it, the person reveals themselves to be one one Ike's descendants and joins Alm on his quest, offering to tell Alm about their legendary ancestor. ....I feel like that would be pretty sufficient for an Ike cameo. Don't forget he DOES have an Amiibo.
  12. I'd switch the question around: Will anyone make a cameo appearance or reference who wasn't in the original? I think so and the more I think about it, the more likely I think it will be a few more chars from FE1 or Mystery of the Emblem. We got confirmation there will be more characters in Echoes so it's possible. I think IS will have to be real careful with how they handle Camus in particular: He's character only those familiar with FE1 and FE2 would really know about. I think they will approach him in Echoes one of three ways: Add an "accomplice" (doesn't have to be anyone important) who knows who he really is to explain to Alm's team he can fight despite having amnesia. Camus doesn't have amnesia but simply hides his true identity. He left Archaeaa by ship and found himself on Valentia. He will also vaguely reference his homeland without giving away where he comes from (most likely IMO). Bare-Bones explaination for why he's on Valentia (What I'm expecting being honest). ...The Whitewings will definitey be back. I just happen to also think we will see other FE Chars make an appearance is all. You don't necessarily need the Outrealms to use chars from FE1 or FE2 though.
  13. Ah, I Just love Class Speculation threads <3 ...I'm playing Gaiden myself right now. I'm expecting Alm and Celica's promotion trees to be unique. I think Alm's will be like IKe's in Path of Radiance: Swordsman --> Lord. If there is a third tier, it will be Swordsman --> Vanguard --> Lord. I think Celica's will be a bit more original: Priestess --> Princess. If there is a third tier, it will be Priestess --> Holy Knight --> Princess. Villager will probably have six choices instead of the five from Gaiden: Mage, Soldier, Cavelier, Myrmidons and Archer will be joined by Knight as a choice. Knight will be separate from Soldier on that note. Mercenary and Cleric also make the cut. I also think Dark Mages, Outlaws (Thieves), Thieves, Fighters, Pirates and their promotions will be added as playable classes as well. Assuming Gryphon Riders are added, they will be the Wyvern Riders prettymuch. I think we could see both Branching Promotions and Third tiers as well: Soldier Promotes to Halberdier or the choice of Halberdier (Lances) or Seninel (Lances). Halberdier has high Speed and Skill while Sentinel has high Defense and Res. Myrmidon Promotes to Swordmaster. If there is a third tier, it will be Myrmidon --> Swordmaster --> Trueblade. Fighter Promotes to Warrior or the Choice of Warrior or Berserker. Pirate Promotes to Buccaneer or the choice of Buccaneer Captain (Swords and Axes). Captains can Summon NPC Pirates to fight for your team. Mercenary Promotes to Hero or the choice of Hero of Swordmaster. Knight Promotes to General. If there is a third tier, it will be Knight --> General --> Bastion (Lance, Axe and Sword). Bastion will have be Highest Def. Class in the game. Cavelier Promotes to Paladin. If there is a third tier, it will be Cavelier --> Paladin --> Gold Knight. Mage Promotes to Sage or the choice of Sage or Mage Knight regardless of Gender. Clerics promote to Bishops (Light Magic and Stave). If there is a third tier, it will be Cleric --> Bishop --> War Cleric (Axe, Light Magic and Stave). Dark Mage Promotes to Sorcerer or the choice of Sorcerer or Summoner. Archers promote to Snipers or the choice of Snipers or Bow Knights. Outlaw (Swords and Bows) Promotes to Trickster (Swords and Staves) or the choice of Trickster or Assassin (Swords and Bows). Troubadour Promotes to Valkyrie. Gryphon Rider Promotes to the choiice of Gryphon Knight or Grpyphon Master. ...There wouldn't be any crossover promotions this time. Dancer/Singer (Swords) would be a unique class that promotes to Trickster though. ...Mind you, this is just my head cannon so don't take it too seriously XD
  14. Clickbait topic title >.>; Can a Mod change the name of the thread please?
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