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Found 24 results

  1. I hacked a code way back in 2015 to allow both of FeMU and MaMU (from Avatar Logbook importing) to actually have supports and support each other in one given save file. I never really did anything with it other than make silly posts on my Youtube channel. Fast forward to today where the 3DS Firmware updates and new hardware (New3DS and New3DS XL) have rendered those codes useless. Because of Awakening's 10 year anniversary as of April 19, 2022 of the Japanese release... and how this single game changed the course of my life (that being I met my wife through it despite the astronomical chances of everything) I felt a little nostalgic. I rehacked those old codes of mine and the itch to use them for a playthrough just happened. I definitely lurk in Serenes discord but posting a playthrough like this in a discord server feels wrong and sucks for archival purposes. The premise: A Lunatic/Classic run where there are two MUs that are married to each other. I must recruit everyone possible and any character permadeath requires a reset. That's it. The general guidelines is this is a no-grind/DLC run and I will try to use actual strategies that are reliable. But when it comes down to it if I survive via RNG and it prevents a reset, I will take it. This is a gimmick run after all. It's time to show everyone how much of a faker I am making that Lunatic+ guide years ago when I actually suck at the game when you record everything I do. Codes used with Luma3DS Action Replay plugin: Before I posted something here I felt like I should at least get to the point where the entire premise of the playthrough was proven. Link to Playlist: Click here for the playlist I am now up to Chapter 7 and my uploads up to Chapter 4 where our MUs meet up gameplay-wise. #1 Prologue (Rey's Side): I have to admit, the Prologue was definitely a slap in the face and set my expectations of what I'm facing in early game. Like it took me SO MUCH to readjust and derust my brain on things I could do to prevent oneshots from enemies. The game definitely said "are you sure you want to jump back into this game after 7 years right into Lunatic?" And as a self-proclaimed masochist, I answered: "Yes. Yes I'm sure." #2 Prologue (Belinda's Side): This time around I used the water trick. Pretty straightforward... until I had to reset a lot because my muscle memory hadn't come back yet. I even had a misinput and had to kill the mage with Frederick's Silver Lance. But it be that way. And also my wife gets FRIGGIN PERFECT LEVEL UPS. #3 Chapter 1 (Rey's Side): Chapter Bear Meat. Now I remember the story of this game somewhat lol. No notable occurrences other than fort strats and praying some misses occur. Now I'm starting to remember that trading in this game in Lunatic = losing. You have to dodge a lot of stuff. #4 Chapter 1 (Belinda's Side): Really feeling the earlygame boredom here. Like being shocked back into the mindset is nice but man these chapters don't have any options for the player so it's a lot of pain. #5 Chapter 2 (Rey's Side): True hell. "You are sentenced to death of a thousand resets." This place is the wall for earlygame Lunatic. Some part of me wishes I did the water trick in Prologue for my side. Considering this isn't a guide, I just... gave in and kept the Dual Guard save. Like I didn't want to reset anymore. THEN I WAS ALSO A DUMBASS and didn't calculate damage right and the short axe would have killed Viole/Virion if they didn't dodge, forcing a reset. I'm just glad it's over for my side. #6 Chapter 2 (Belinda's Side): Hell 2: Electric Boogaloo. Here we go again. I really went for mountain strats instead of just sending frederick to get overwhelmed with a Silver Lance and pray they don't die. #7 Chapter 3 (Rey's Side): I'm at the final stretch before our files finally combine. I actually felt like this was a lot more fair than Lunatic+ Chapter 3. I remember hating that. #8 Chapter 3 Belinda's Side): I had a couple of stupid resets because I was just really dumb about making sure people were out of range. Was all on me and not on the game. Very fun and chill chapter. Regardless of this file disappearing I'm leveling all the side units as normal so that her MU isn't overleveled. #9 Chapter 4: Masked Math Finally. This is where the real playthrough starts. There was so much management until I could get to the fun part. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to get here no-grind again after 7 years of rust playing this game. I have to say though I reset a lot more than I thought I would working with two MUs instead of just one. It's kind of different compared to anything else.
  2. Hello guys, it has been a while doesn't it? Today I bring you my first go on nightmare modules: A rebalance project on Fire Emblem : Gaiden You see, some days ago I tried to play this old gem since echoes it's so far away from my hands and I just drop it at the beginning of CH3. Some could say it was the difficulty, but what really brush me in the wrong way was the fact that you need to grind in order to avoid frustration in the near future, and I really hate games with that kind of mindset, so I decided to give it whirl and make it better. *UPDATE* VERSION 2.0 IS OUT Changelog: - All units on both routes got their bases & growths rates completely redone in order to avoid empty level ups (I played this whole thing twice and I haven't get an empty level yet) or units which are completely useless (I'm looking at you Boey). - All weapons were changed in order to both bring a balance between power vs speed and create a more unique artillery - Magic spells got buffed since they don't scale with skill in order to ensure they are relevant the entire game - All classes base stats were changed in order to both nerf overpower enemies (the mercenary tree) and make other stand out (soldier tree) - Several changes were made to make sure the game is beatable even without the use of stat boost via the Lion Heads - New palettes for both player and enemy units: With this out of the way, here's the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lekrcdzoekzhsh4/FE2 MR v2.0.rar?dl=0 (You only need to patch a clean file, please don't use any translation or anything) ***VERY IMPORTANT***: This mod has been tuned with the EASY MODE in mind, please do not play it under NORMAL MODE unless you really want a BAD TIME If anyone can give me some feedback and suggestions, I would be glad
  3. Ok, so since I kind of let my last playthrough of Fire Emblem Awakening lapse, I kind of realised I needed to...do it again and this time give it a more sustainable future and not lose any units because that is the ultimate goal here. Also I'm a masochist and like to drive myself crazy. The last playthrough I did had a poll on whether or not I would do Lunatic Classic or Casual, but since Classic won by a landslide and so, for the sake of those whom wished to see me complete that run, I have returned to do just that. Complete this run of Fire Emblem Awakening Lunatic Classic and do so without losing a single (Virion included) unit. I am a pure masochist so for the real fun I am opening a few things for suggestions, take note however the following has been set in stone: 1. The team must have Chrom, the Avatar and their wives (Maribelle and Lucina). Sumia is locked to Henry because I have massive bias and I like a dark mage Cynthia and a +6 mag modifier Grandmaster/Dark Flier Morgan abusing Aether like no tomorrow XD 2. The Avatar is +Mag/-Def named Grima and his birthday is the 19th of April (mark that down if you like, we'll call it an Easter Egg for this playthrough, brownie points if you can guess why that is so.) 3. The first couple of chapters are over two videos, but hopefully it will be a chapter/map per video thereafter. 4. There will be some grinding, this isn't meant to be a massive challenge run, but will contain the bare minimum of stats required to pull through each chapter map without the units dying. DLC will help build up certain relationships after all. 5. Class suggestions will be considered, even the DLC classes if it's worthwhile. 6. There won't be any Enherjar units unless needs really must. 7. Enherjar shopping and grinding is acceptable for this run. With those wrinkles out of the way, suggestions and the run will now begin in ernest. My next post will contain Part One and Part Two of the run. Thanks for following and I do hope you enjoy me being the masochist I truly am. Tagging previous run watchers @Nym @DisobeyedCargo @deskita @ChickenWings @ElectiveToast @Light Strategist so you can join in on the masochism and take a sip of soft drink or more healthily water every time I tell Grima off in this playthrough. Part One: The Curse of the Game Overs XD Part 2: Chrom gets a kill XD
  4. I think it is about time I tackle the last of the Fates Lunatic modes, but after an intense Conquest play through I want a different kinda challenge run, hence the PMU. So some ground rules, 1. You have 13 slots to pick. Feel free to choose classes and parents for child characters. 2. Corrin (M), Azura, and Felicia are already part of the team, although people can pick a final class for them (and Boon for Corrin) 3. The only DLC classes available are the free DLC classes and bonus Path classes (max 2 Dread Fighter, max 2 Dark Falcons; max 1 of either Ballistician or Witch) 4. No Amiibo or DLC characters (Sorry Anna fans) 5. Have fun with classes, I rarely experiment with changing classes, so I am looking forward to having to play with some people in very different classes this time around. Edit: As of now all slots are filled. The units that have been chosen are as follows If there is interest in me doing so, I can do a write-up of the run as I go, and some more detailed rules I will be following for the run are listed in the spoiler tab below.
  5. Hi there! I'm going to do a Fire emblem awakening PMU, I need 14 units to be picked, this is excluding Chrom and Robin, (You can pick their classes) I would be so very grateful if you guys would help me out and pick the unit's I'm going to use and their classes, thanks so much!
  6. Hello everyone! Yesterday I found my Awakening cartridge (which I have not played in about two months) lying around on my desk and realized that I kinda missed the game. Awakening was the first game in the series I played (although not the first one I saw), but because I was so bad at FE back then, I didn't really enjoy it until a couple years later. My main save (as in, the one I bought the DLC when my old but newer 3DS was still functioning) has almost 190 hours and I have also played several challenges, but... all of them on Normal. My longest run on Hard died around Chapter 6, but now that I have several playthroughs of different harder FE games, I feel ready to take it on again. Where do you come in, you may ask? As you probably read in the title, I thought of doing a PMU. There are a number of rules you must follow, however: - 16 units total (the Avatar is forced, but Chrom isn't), including up to three children (Lucina doesn't count as a child) - Children may only be picked if two parents have already been picked by other users: this means that you may not choose who the unit you pick marries, but the user who picks a child may (I hope it makes sense) - One unit and their class(es) per user: for example, you may pick Tharja and have her go Archer and then Sniper - The user that decides the Avatar's "class progression" may also choose their gender and looks (add a photo of the way you want the Avatar to look or write down the numbers of his/her features); they may also invent something about their personality and choose their spouse (Morgan is not forced) - While they are not forbidden, I want to play a new couple, at least for the Avatar, which means that male Robin may not marry Lissa, Sully, Maribelle or Cordelia and female Robin may not marry Chrom or Frederick - I don't have DLC access anymore - I will try to keep the run as "no-grind" as possible, so choose wisely I know that's a lot of rules, but I hope it's ok for you guys. Have fun picking! UNITS - +Spd -Lck Avatar (Berserker), marries Lucina - Virion (Wyvern Lord) - Libra (Sorcerer) - Maribelle (Dark Flier) - Lissa (War Cleric) - Lucina (Paladin) - Gregor (Assassin)
  7. Rules: 1. Game will be attempted in 400 turns (500 for the medal, but I'd like to challenge myself) 2. Normal/Classic 3. All deaths are permanent 4. No more than 9 characters + lords for each route 5. Pitchforks and Deliverance DLC's (if the former is specifically requested) will be permitted 6. After completing the main campaign I will be playing through Act 6, please keep this in mind for the viability of certain picks 7. I enjoy having units who support one another when possible Thank you for any picks you provide! Alm: - Faye (Mage - Kliff (any class) - Clive (Mercenary) Celica: - Leon (default class) - Catria (default class)
  8. Lunatic+ LTC Rules: Lunatic+ / Classic +Mag/-Str Female Robin. Going -Str is just a big mistake objectively and there is no reason to do it, just go -Luk like a normal person. +Mag is required for hitting a specific benchmark for chapter 5, as well as for general high killing power. -Skl is the usual flaw but I can't do it in this playthrough because Skl won't be a dump stat here! Renown allowed up to Tiki's Tear. Given the nature of this gamemode, I want as many statboosters as possible for consistency - this seemed like a good stopping point. For a future run, this is probably unnecessary and going up to Seraph's Robe is probably just fine. For complete overkill, going up to Gradivus will allow for Gradivus Fred which sounds pretty hilarious actually but that's not going to be a thing for this playthrough. All Gen 1 units must be recruited and kept alive. Gen 2 characters are optional. Paralogues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 17 are mandatory and may be done whenever. Children paralogues are all optional. However, any children paralogues done must result in the children themselves being recruited. Skirmishes, DLC, Logbook, bonus box, wireless, Anna shops are all banned. Exception: Spotpass shops may be used to replicate items in shops blocked by Risen. Sparkling tiles must be avoided where possible. Any items obtained as a result must be discarded. The major divergence for this run is allowing renown beyond the standard Bullion (L) - going up to the Seraph's Robe seems arbitrary, but I'll talk about it a little later. For the uninitiated, in this gamemode every enemy has two random L+ exclusive skills - it is also assumed these skills are all uniformly distributed. These skills re-roll on each map roll (though they do not reroll for map skirmishes). From Prologue to Chapter 2, the random skill pool is: Hawkeye (Enemy hit is 100%) Luna+ (Luna which always triggers). Note that Luna(+) always rounds down for total damage dealt. Vantage+ (Enemies always attack first) Pass From Chapter 3 until the rest of the game, the random skill pool includes the following skills on top of the previous four: Counter Pavise+ (Pavise which always triggers) Aegis+ ( Aegis which always triggers) One peculiarity of Lunatic+ is that enemy units do not 'know' they have their skills, bar Pass and (I strongly believe) Hawkeye. This means that for instance 1-2 range Counter enemies can be manipulated to attack at 2 range if able, and enemies with L+ can be baited to damage a unit in preference to killing another. To give a specific example for the latter, let's assume a 9 Str Iron Sword myrmidon with A swords and L+ has two targets: 3 HP / 14 Def Silver Lance Fred 20 HP / 6 Def Robin With L+, the Myrm will deal 7 damage to Fred and cleanly kill him; in practice, the myrm will always go for Robin over Fred as the combat forecast damage shows a higher displayed value, so assuming he does not double Robin will survive. Another peculiarity of L+ is that due to the existence of the two skills Luna+ and Counter, having a high amount of raw HP is extremely helpful compared to normal play; this explains the seemingly arbitrary Renown benchmark of Seraph's Robe. In addition, unlike many other FEs, Awakening enemy AI is 'smarter'; Units are able to gang up on a single unit if the AI calculates there may be a kill, and it will also move a unit out of the way if a unit can score a kill - a prime example here is during Interceptor's old Chapter 5 turtling strats, where a blocking melee may move out of a way if a mage can score a kill. There is also minor (but still extant) randomness in the AI, in which it may behave slightly differently for no discernible reason; this can happen for attack order, unit targeting, and general enemy movement. As an example for the latter, KTT's Chapter 1 strat may see the boss move in another direction some of the time for no real reason. This run plays significantly differently compared to vanilla lunatic. The nature of this gamemode encourages juggernauting to the extreme; in particular, I rig Robin's early levels a lot so that she can snowball ASAP. Also, the reliability of many early to mid game chapters are probably completely shot, but I wouldn't attempt this run if that discouraged me. >.> Chapter List:
  9. Hello everyone! I'm new here so I'm not sure if a thread has been open about this. So I bought a new SNES Classic Edition from Gamestop, and have modded it to run a few extra games. One came to mind is both Genealogy of Holy War and Thracia 776. I looked online to see if it has ever been done before. So I did some research. since I do have the North American version of the SNES Classic, the emulator built-in will not be able to play PAL or Japanese games. But there's still a way to play Fire Emblem games for those that don't want to pay an import fee for a Super Famicom Mini Classic (even though the console still looks cooler than the lame NA look). So far, I'm stuggling trying to find a proper patched Genealogy of Holy War (w/Project Narga translation patch) and unable to play the game on the Classic. However, I was able to run Thracia 776 w/ the english patch (although an old patch) and was able to get a close enough real SNES experience to play the game. What you need to do this A SNES Classic Edition (either PAL or North America models) Hakchi mod tool for your desktop Retroarch w/cores Thracia 776 Rom w/English Patch I'll be updating this thread with more as I'm at work right now. Will post pictures, and if you're an owner of a SNES Classic and was able to add both Fire Emblem games, please contribute here. Here's a video demo https://youtu.be/NzfKzb7E1fA
  10. So the SNES Classic isn't actually being discontinued after two weeks. It's gonna keep selling until sometime in 2018. As for the NES Classic, it's making a return next year as well. So if you missed out on the NES Classic, your chance to get one of the new 50 units will be here soon.
  11. If you are one of those special people that managed to buy an NES Classic this past year, then I have some good news for you. In the past few months, applications like Hakchi and RetroArch allow us to put any NES, SNES, GBA, and many more onto our NES. Now it is possible to play Fire Emblem 1 all the way through to 8 on your television. Of course you can always play emulations on your computer, but I've always enjoyed playing NES and SNES on the big screen. The menu music now is the 8 bit FE theme song. I'm thinking about making an entire FE theme for the NES Classic. I hope this thread inspires someone else with a mini to download the FE titles. This tutorial is not mine, but it is the best one out there right now. NOTICE*- The GBA games (FE6, FE7, FE8) require a Wii Pro Controler if you would like to enjoy the full experience. It is still possible to play them, but the NES controller does not have bumpers.
  12. As the title says this is about the Classic Fire Emblem TCG. Well since I have been having trouble ever since the beginning ever seeing them I was wondering if any of you guys know any spots where they can be found at. Not the new Fire Emblem Ciper Cards I`ll get to those at a later point. What I have been searching for for the longest was the original classic TCG. Ebay has failed me and Amazon has also failed both don`t have all the cards and I`ve been wanting to get my hands on them for the longest :( Amazon did however have Genealogy of the Holy War cards the originals and I`ll finally after eyeing them since 2012 be able to have my hands on those awesome things. But then I see there are also Monshou no Nazo cards out there and Thracia 776 ones when I look those ones up nothing..Not a single thing So do any of you own the classic TCG? (If you do you are super lucky btw as they are so dang rare it`s like no copies exist anymore) And if you do own the classic TCG where did you find it? I need to know where Thracia 776 cards are and Monshou no Nazo ones since Genealogy ones seem to be slight easier to find I said slightly because even those are hard to come by on amazon and ebay. Thanks in advance I must have the classic TCG sets they will be golden gems in my trading card collection such rare things.
  13. After many, many resets for a good initial seed, this is finally started!
  14. Hey all, I recorded some gameplay for a 0% growths hack someone else made after asking me for some initial help, and though I'd share this gameplay of the 0% growths hack, the person who made the hack has already completed both BR and CQ, so I decided to focus more on Rev instead. Since this is 0% growths, everyone is at base, so here's a few things that make this different from normal: 1. base Corrin can't tank a wyrmslayer even with Sakura aura 2. base Kaze also dies if he tanks wyrmslayer + thunder (regardless of Sakura being near or not) 3. Because of this, you have to consistently dance around outside of wyrmslayer range until you can have Corrin kill the wyrmslayer pair 4. Even then, Corrin can't tank more than 1 thunder hit (10 damage per hit with base Corrin having 19 HP), so you also have to get rid of the dark mages before attacking the mercs. 5. "Why not just use the HP Tonic?", because I need it for Rev6. This is probably the most consistent and safest strategy I could find, there might be faster ones, but this was pretty good for very first few attempts without prior planning. There's a +1 def at the end of the video because the person who made the 0% growths file forgot to dummy out the Feral Dragon growths, I fixed that but sadly the video was already recorded, and I wasn't going to redo for a +1 defense that I save edited out anyways. And as such, here is Revelation chapter 6, which I was able to complete thanks to the tonic I saved from Chapter 5.
  15. Rules Here is the unit list, in order of obtain-ability. Spear Master!Emi (S-Laslow) Strategist Elise Dark Flier!Arthur Robin!Odin Lucina!Azura Kinshi Knight!Selena Hero!Beruka Wyvern Lord!Camilla!Sophie Berserker!Peri (S-Keaton) Wolfssegner!Peri!Velouria Maid!MU!Soleil Dread Fighter Benny General!Beruka!Ignatius Adventurer!Charlotte!Nina Balistician!Shura Dark Knight!Flora MU: Name: Emi (Works with my name and means Smile in Japanese, fitting with Laslow and Soleil) Boon/Bane: HP/Lck
  16. Hello! I just finished the third route for me in Fates, so I decided to try a PMU, mostly because I've never done one before and I wanted a challenge. I'll probably give updates whenever I feel there's a need for it. Rules Please don't give awful units. Growth rates should align with classes, not counting magical weapons. Bad units will be ignored. All DLC classes are available. Everyone about the MU may be customized, except gender. The MU will be male. Azura is going to be used no matter what, but you can decide her class. Please consider accessibility when choosing units. It's not necessary, but I highly encourage class changes! In my first runs everyone kept their class for the most part, so I want to change it up. Please explain how to get classes if class changing (example: support partners). No Gunter, Corrinsexuals, or Einherjar units. If giving a child unit, please say the parents. Each person can choose 2 units. Units Onmyoji!Lucius (+Mag, -Luck) Maid!Azura (A+ Elise) Berserker!Arthur Adventurer!Subaki (A+ Niles) Swordmaster!Kagero!Ophelia Dark Knight!Kagero (S Odin) Maid!Sakura (A+ Elise) Falcon Knight!Laslow (S Azura) Dark Flier!Felicia Spear Master!Benny (S Oboro) Hero!Effie (S Keaton) Master Ninja!Azura!Soleil General!Keaton (S Effie) Wyvern Lord!Oboro (A+ Beruka) Priestess!Sakura!Mitama Dark Flier!Nyx!Caeldori All units are selected, so I'll be starting now. Thank you for helping! ^-^
  17. EDIT: Finished getting units! I'm going to do a PMU of Revelations as my second playthrough of the route. All units are fine except Scarlet and Gunter, for obvious reasons. Be hard, I've used a Sorcerer Charlotte on my Randomized Conquest run. I'll pick by who posted first, and I'll only take up to 3 per post. Also, here's my Corrin (He was randomly generated via Kamui Customizer.) Name: Mario Class: Paladin Boon/Bane: HP+, Skill-. Rest in peace Hit rates. At least I use swords. Oh, and all DLC is available besides Boo Camp, Museum Melee, and Ghostly Gold, so any DLC class is fine, besides 2 Dread F and Dark F limitation, and 1 Lodestar and Great Lord. I also won't be using the scout option, nor using any challenges. I kind of realized I do get exp from the DLC, so I will limit Vanguard to 1, Witch to 2 (One from Anna's gift), and Ballistician to 1. Grandmaster DLC doesn't give main party exp, so it's fine. 1. Mario (Paladin) 2. Nyx (Paladin) S-Support Mario 3. Sakura (Maid) A-Support Elise 4. Felicia (Maid) 5. Flora (Maid) 6. Ryoma (Strategist) S-Support Elise 7. Oboro!Caeldori Lucina (Great Lord) 8. Effie (MoA) A+-Support Hana 9. Azura!Soleil (Dread Fighter) 10. Shinobu (Dread Fighter) Einherjar Spear Fighter 11. Nyx!Kana (Dark Knight) 12. Oboro (Wyvern Lord) A+-Support Beruka 13. Odin (Vanguard) 14. Selena (Berserker) S-Support Keaton 15. Camilla (Wyvern Lord) 16. Felicia!Ophelia (Witch)
  18. (Note: DO NOT post unit choices in this thread. For that, please go to my planning thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63275) Hey all! I'm just about to finish my first playthrough of Birthright, and before I tackle the beast that is Conquest, I wanted to try a PMU just for the heck of it. The rules are as follows: My main team will be composed of 16 units (including the Avatar) You can choose the class, gender, Boon/Bane, and even the name for my avatar if you are so inclined. Since this is an Ironman run, I'm going to have an alternate team of up to 10 units to cover for inevitable deaths No grinding for EXP, supports can be grinded in My Castle Battles Units will be reclassed into their chosen class as soon as possible If a unit needs a specific pairing to obtain a class, please tell me that pairing. I'm still not used to how class inheritance works... The only DLC classes I can use are: 2 Dread Fighters, 1 Great Lord, 1 Lodestar, and 1 Witch/Ballistician Well, that's enough from me! Give me your best (or worst!) units, and I'll try to make them work. [spoiler=Main Team] Oni Chieftain!Orochi Falcon Knight!Sakura Lodestar!MU (+DEF/-MAG/Talent:Knight) General!Setsuna Hoshido Noble!Kana Blacksmith!Hayato Witch!Rhajat Priestess!Hana Onmyoji!Silas Onmyoji!Kagero Sniper!Felicia Dread Fighter!Azama Spear Master!Oboro Spear Master!Subaki Great Lord!Caeldori Mechanist!Reina [spoiler=Alternate Team] Butler!Takumi Kinshi Knight!Kiragi Blacksmith!Hinata Master Ninja!Shura Mater of Arms!Izana Onmyoji!Yukimura Dread Fighter!Azura Kinshi Knight!Ryoma Swordmaster!Kaden Maid!Hinoka
  19. (Note: this thread is a planning thread for my PMU. To view the actual PMU, go to this thread: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63273) Hey all! I'm just about to finish my first playthrough of Birthright, and before I tackle the beast that is Conquest, I wanted to try a PMU just for the heck of it. The rules are as follows: My main team will be composed of 16 units (including the Avatar) You can choose the class, gender, Boon/Bane, and even the name for my avatar if you are so inclined. Since this is an Ironman run, I'm going to have an alternate team of up to 10 units to cover for inevitable deaths No grinding for EXP, supports can be grinded in My Castle Battles Units will be reclassed into their chosen class as soon as possible If a unit needs a specific pairing to obtain a class, please tell me that pairing. I'm still not used to how class inheritance works... The only DLC classes I can use are: 2 Dread Fighters, 1 Great Lord, 1 Lodestar, and 1 Witch/Ballistician Well, that's enough from me! Give me your best (or worst!) units, and I'll try to make them work.EDIT: Both teams have been filled! PMU coming soon! [spoiler=Main Team] Oni Chieftain!Orochi Falcon Knight!Sakura Lodestar!MU (+DEF/-MAG/Talent:Knight) General!Setsuna Hoshido Noble!Kana Blacksmith!Hayato Witch!Rhajat Priestess!Hana Onmyoji!Silas Onmyoji!Kagero Sniper!Felicia Dread Fighter!Azama Spear Master!Oboro Spear Master!Subaki Great Lord!Caeldori Mechanist!Reina [spoiler=Alternate Team] Butler!Takumi Kinshi Knight!Kiragi Blacksmith!Hinata Master Ninja!Shura Mater of Arms!Izana Onmyoji!Yukimura Dread Fighter!Azura Kinshi Knight!Ryoma Swordmaster!Kaden Maid!Hinoka
  20. I'm curious to know how everyone will play their game on their very first run, so feel free to share your choice and reasons. For me it would be: Hoshido Hard/Classic No Reset Little to no grinding (but I will be messing around with Hoshido My Castle). I always play a new Fire Emblem game this way because it reminds me of playing the series for the very first time as a kid and I wanna see how much I've improved as an Fire Emblem player in general by thinking of strategies on the fly and dealing with the consequences of having a character die without making the game unbeatable (i.e Fredrick dying in lunatic during the first few chapters of Awakening). But if Orochi, Orobo or Pieri die... so help me god I will jump out of a freaking window. EDIT: Now Hoshido or Nohr is an option in the poll.
  21. I'm doing a no DLC playthrough (reeking boxes and skirmishes allowed.) and I've gotten around to recruiting the children. They have decent stats and growths and there class options offer some very helpful skills. The only problem is that their paralouges are hard as hell. My main team mostly consists of level 1-8 promoted units. I've hadn't had any trouble with Morgan's or owain's but the others are a different story. There are sages, sorcerers, assassins and berserkers with ranged axes meaning my units aren't very safe and considering res growths aren't usually very high and assassins are very accurate my units die very quickly. The ones I'm having the most trouble with are inigo's, nah's, severa's and gerome's. Are there any tips anybody could give me to survive these, I want to get the children as early as possible so that there useful.
  22. For those unfamiliar with the mode, Lunatic Plus takes the most difficult and frustrating aspects of the regular Lunatic mode and makes them worse. The game achieves this anomaly by randomly assigning skills to every enemy, who have the same stats as their Lunatic counterparts. You should be familiar with one such assigned skill; Pass, obtainable by all assassins, promotes interesting changes in player tactics. However, the other possible skills are exclusive to Lunatic Plus enemies and downright broken. Hawkeye guarantees that its wielder will strike his or her foe. This skill effectively trashes the weapon triangle, but is ineffective in a significant number of situations. However, a hammer wielder with Hawkeye WILL kill Frederick, even if he is equipped with a sword and standing on a fortress. The next skill of interest, Vantage Plus, allows its wielder to strike first when being attacked. Unlike regular Vantage for Myrmidons, Vantage Plus triggers all the time. When this skill is on enemy mages, this turns a safe elimination by Frederick into his death or a VERY painful engagement. Finally, Luna Plus is a Luna effect that always triggers. This sounds minor, but this is THE Lunatic Plus skill that ruins this mode. Against Frederick, this skill gives the enemy seven extra damage per hit. Myrmidons with this skill start hurting Frederick, and Barbarians deal double their normal amount of damage. Luna Plus is ineffective on units that Frederick is supposed to evade or kill first, such as units with Hammers or magic. However, if those units receive Hawkeye or Vantage Plus as well, they will kill Frederick and your army no matter how good your strategy is. Regardless, I still wish to undertake this Classic Lunatic Plus LTC, meaning that I will play the game on Lunatic Plus with the Classic option selected in as few recorded turns as possible. I will choose to play with the male avatar and I will also recruit and keep all the game units alive. Given the unbalanced nature of this mode and the severe handicap of an LTC (lowest turn-count) run, I will use any "non-cheating" technique to clear this game, including DLC, Streetpass, Spotpass, and Renown (which I have maximized already). As I slowly make breakthroughs, I will fill this thread with progress of my run and share techniques (and possibly videos) of what I have done. Chapters: Premonition: Invisible Ties - 2 Turns Prologue: The Verge of History - 6 Turns (4 Turns possible) Chapter 1: Unwelcome Change - 4 Turns
  23. So, I said I was going to play a hard-classic file using random pairs from Meteor's pairing randomizer thing. I was asked to tell how it was going. I decided to make this page, since it would be pointless to cover it on another page. I also can't record it because I don't have a new-fangled 3DS capture card. My brother will be playing along, so I'll do some coverage of his playthrough as well. We will be doing some minor grinding when we get new characters, and after chapter 16, we will do a lot of skill grinding, just so the kids can have the best skills. We're both currently on C5, which will probably be covered here sometime today or tomorrow. I would also like to thank Meteor for making the randomizer. Anyway, here are the pairings we got: Me- MU x Olivia, Chrom x Maribelle, Gaius x Sumia, Kellam x Cordelia, Lon'qu x Sully, Virion x Lissa, Donnel x Miriel, Fred x Nowi, Henry x Tharja, Gregor x Cherche, and Vaike x Panne. My brother- MU x Lissa, Chrom x Maribelle, Henry x Sumia, Ricken x Nowi, Vaike x Tharja, Fred x Miriel, Stahl x Olivia, Libra x Cherche (Ouch), Lon'qu x Panne, Gaius x Cordelia, and Gregor x Sully. EDIT: Oh, I forgot to mention, my MU's asset is skill, flaw is defense. My brother's is magic, flaw is HP. Feel free to give us tips (mainly on the classes and skills of the 2nd Gens) because we'll need them with some of the pairs (Libra x Cherche). Please remeber that this is a casual run, we will not be doing Apo, or any of the challenge pack. Heck, we may not even do Xenologues. Thank you for your support! UPDATE: C5 will be up sometime tomorrow due me having a busy day today and not having time to play the game.
  24. So Fire Emblem has been out a bit over a month now in Aus and after a few delays i just completed Lunatic+, have to say besides a the first turn of chapter 2 it wasnt as much as a pain as i thought. Would like to know how others dealth with Lunatic+ Classic Counter became easy to deal with once my characters started learning Galeforce,mark all the counter skills at the start of the map and use galeforce to drop in and out of their range. I used a team of Sorcerers for using Nos/AN and later on Mire. Which all the physical characters been Assassins so they always doubled and had good skill activation rates, also if i was worried about reinforcements coming on the edge of the map just epic a bow, so i dont counter kill myself. Also i used a Female MU i just couldnt overlook having another unit with Armsthift & Galeforce. Married Chrom the give Lucina said combo. I read a few guides the said to choose Def as a asset and to reset bad level ups, but seriously didnt need. I choose Speed as a Asset and HP as a flaw. I could only imagine it would be a breaze with the DLC skills but the only availible skill here is All Skills+2 but i dont really see the use of it. Thoughts? and how did yose deal with Lunatic+ Classic? Forgot to mention, obviously i didnt let anyone die and completed all availible side missions. Up to the one where you recruit Walhart, the rest arnt availible yet. Keen to try TSON when is comes out.
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