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Found 25 results

  1. It's been forever since I've been on a date and I've realized I have unfair and somewhat irrational expectations of a woman. Should I reconsider the requirement that they have completed Ghosts 'n' Goblins? Is there an alternate game I can use?
  2. Look, hear me out here guys. I know Dimitri isn't a super-hero but look at this. And sure, I know this is a knock-off of ViceTOluct's threads, but seeing as he got banned... I'm going to do it. Hell I'm going to put actual thought into it before I spiral into the strawgrasping that makes these fun. Yes. Thought into stupid crackpot theory territory. Because I love crackpot theories... even when I forget the theory. Batman is rich. Dimitri, being the Prince of Faerghus, is also rich. Obviously. Likewise, both Dimitri and Batman lost their parents as children. Both instances turned out to be more than what they initially appeared to be, with the assassination of the King of Faerghus being blamed on the people of Duscur. This was done to mask TWSitD involvement. In a similar fashion (though it's been altered depending on the telling so I'm going with the classic pre-crisis version, though some versions have changed Joe Chill out for Superman villain Metallo, or in the 1989 Batman film the Joker), Joe Chill murdered Bruce Wayne's parents... Thomas and Martha Wayne. While initially appearing as a mugging gone wrong, various accounts have been given (did you know in the first telling of the origin, only Thomas was shot, with Martha succumbing to a heart attack? The more you know). In some accounts it's been vengeance on Thomas Wayne for stopping criminals at a costume party. In others (Batman, the Ultimate Evil by Andrew Vachss specifically) the motivation was that Martha Wayne was secretly a federal agent on the verge of busting up an international crime ring involved in the exploitation of minors in the sort of manner that gets you on a register. I know that's a very roundabout way of saying it but, I'm mildly uncomfortable being any blunter. Point is, it's established in both cases the killers disguised an organized assassination as something else to cover up their own actions. Ok. Next is the fact Dimitri, like Bruce Wayne, was drastically changed by that. Just as Bruce pushed away childhood friend Zatanna Zatara (as seen around the 843/844 mark of Detective comics. I'd give the exact issue, but I forget damn it), Dimitri pushed away Felix, his former best friend. Difference here is Dimitri pushed away Felix by being open about his thirst for vengeance. Bruce pushed Zatanna away for purpose of hiding it. All said, in either case they'd end up associating again. Be it in the Justice League or in Garreg Mach. Not that things would ever quite be the same. Like Batman, Dimitri has a loyal servant, and like Batman he considers him more of a friend than such. I'm talking about Dedue and Alfred. Fun fact. Back in the 1980s, Alfred was supposed to be a WWII Veteran who fought with the French Resistance. Not that that's been referenced since Crisis on Infinite Earths... but it's a funny thing. Dimitri, much like Batman, has an excellent cape post-timeskip, and has taken to recruiting the young into his personal vendetta. Much like Batman at certain points in his career (right after Jason Todd's death at the hands of the Joker), he's pretty much snapped. Also like Batman, an individual associated with the law enforcement (as that's what the Knights of Seiros basically are in Fodlan) serves to help keep him in line through this harsh period. Yes. Gilbert is his Gordon. While I've already likened Dedue to Alfred, he doubles as a "Superman", in that as a knight, he's very much a "man of steel". Impervious to almost all harm... except magic. Which coincidentally, besides Kryptonite, is one of Superman's weaknesses... albeit less often exploited. Presumably because not every hood can learn magic, but every hood can pick up a green glowing rock. Dimitri, pre-timeskip, wears a mask. Not some physical mask, but he hides his fractured psyche behind a facade of normalcy that cracks with the more literal mask Edelgard employed as the Flame Emperor. If you listen to Felix, he was like this since the Duscur incident, which has no doubt lead to his training for vengeance. Felix also claims that he's different after his redemption arc is complete in the war phase. This means, Dimitri no longer needs the mask, he's finally recovered. Something, Batman is yet to do. Also of note, like Batman has evaded leadership of the Justice League for the most part despite his intelligence making him an ideal candidate, Dimitri does not involve himself in war phase planning while in his vengeance crazed mode. This may be for different reasons, with one preferring to avoid the attention, while the other is more than a little mad at that point. Also something something Edelgard/PoisonIvy or Edelgard/Catwoman loveinterest/enemy blah blah claptrap even I know is pushing credibility too far. Yeah, I think I've constructed a case. Whether it holds any water, or is just me distracting myself from a grim reality is up for debate. Hope it was a fun read at least.
  3. So for the uninitiated Berwick Saga is the second game from Shouzou Kaga, creator of the original 5 Fire Emblem titles, after leaving Intelligent Systems. It's set in the same world as TearRing Saga, although the two games are not directly related by plot. It borrows a lot of elements commonly found in the Fire Emblem series, such as permadeath and weapon durability, while adding several unique and interesting twists on the old formula. Battles are no longer carried out phase by phase, but instead on a turn by turn basis for example. Many skills and ideas found in modern Fire Emblem titles can be traced back to this title as well. This playthrough is based on this English patch created by Aethin, and I definitely recommend you check it out and support the project if you can. I'm all of two maps in and it's been an absolute blast so far. Anyways, Part 1 In this part, we're first introduced to our cast of characters and get our first taste of the crazy new battle system this game has to offer. I can't help but be heavily reminded of FE4 with how this game sets up the story. Nothing too crazy happens here story-wise, but I'm already finding a lot of things to like with this game. The art doesn't look that impressive in screenshots, but seeing the game in motion I have to say that the graphics are incredibly smooth and full of life. The soundtrack is already starting to grow on me too (that boss music!). Anyone who has played TearRing Saga and enjoyed it would probably say that this game has some big shoes to fill, but so far I have to say things are looking good.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35278872 first Lemmy now Bowie. This sucks :(
  5. It was due at 9:00 P.M. today. I turned it in at 9:00 P.M. today. ...Still not sure why you people should care actually, just thought I'd share this with you
  6. A little backstory here: On this Spyro fansite I once created this Survivor style general trivia challenge game. Didn't host but it was still really fun to do. Even after I left that site, I loved the idea. Here's my proposal: This game is based on the honor system. That means that looking up answers is not incouraged, but no one could really stop you. The game operates on Days. There will be 12 or so Days where a member from the losing team is eliminated until the merge occurs. Then it shall be one large team with individual invincibility. People will be voted off each day, except for possibly one or so non-elimination days. Contestants will send their votes by PM to the hosts. This of course means any hosts will probably need a good inbox or something. Looking to have around 10-12 competitors. Also would like to have a host, but it'd probably be a pretty difficult job. They'd get all the credit if this goes well. I know I've had this go well before, but it was never thanks to me. Teams will be randomized I guess. Contestants: 1. Franziska 2. Power Master 3. Draco 4. Glaceon Mage 5. Icemario 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 and 12 to be added if space is needed. Host: Baldrick Teams: Team *host choice #1*: Team *host choice #2*:
  7. Well, I did exactly as the title says. Please, tell me all of the horrendous, terrible things I did wrong, (preferably also tell me how to fix it), and offer general advice about things that I tend to not think of at all, such as color scheme. If you want, that is. I guess I'll show you guys what I have. Please note that I am very bad at this, and just think it's fun to do, that's why I have these in the first place. Also, there's only one. C: I really only do these from boredom, and with school and all being here, that probably will happen less. Because I was inspired by the Radiant Collection, I also made Takumi in GBA form. Well, tried at least. I think if I ever manage to fix it, I'll definitely be doing more Fates characters. I'm still working on it, but it may take a while, as shading is a thing that I'm bad at. Obviously.
  8. So I had an idea about X/Y and Serenes Forest right now. Perhaps we can have a battle tourney here, and see who the top battler of the forest can be. It'll be a fun experience, I'm sure, and perhaps this can net us all more friendships and Friend Safari mons? Rules: 1. Standard Doubles rules of the Battle Maison will apply here. 2. Best two out of three. 3. If you can't play in X/Y, battle your opponent on Showdown. 4. Full teams of six, but four per match. 5. Good luck and have fun. First round:
  9. Japan got an event for a shiny Jirachi (because Bank blocked the actual legit shiny Jirachis from prior games) and through the magic of trolling around GameFAQs I managed to get one. That said someone on SF prolly got one before me. shiny Celebi event plz Nintendo. <:3
  10. So after reading the character descriptions from this LP (near the bottom of the page), I decided to try my hand at doing something similar myself, only with FE13... because I was bored and had nothing better to do. I was only bored enough to do descriptions for the Gen Wunderkins, apparently. I probably think the descriptions are more witty and clever than they actually are (and some of them I don't even get anymore), but that's how it goes when you have an overinflated ego (which is why I made these thread because that ego was cruising for a bruising). Also Euklyd helped me with 99% of these, so props. Anyways, keep in mind that the descriptions are not entirely serious (although I'd like to think that they're fairly accurate :3), so don't feel offended if your favorite character didn't get the optimal description (and more importantly, don't spend pages arguing about it here). That being said, if there's anything you feel that can be changed or improved (or you just don't get a description, feel free to mention it (or just leave your general comments, that works too). Just as long as you're not expecting a quality answer, of course! CHROM: The heroic, well-respected lord. Bit of a hypocrite. AVATAR: The charismatic, amnesiac tactician. Bit of a player. LISSA: The perky, tomboyish cleric. Bit of a brat. FREDERICK: The no-nonsense, Chromosexual great knight. Bit of a pyromaniac. SULLY: The foul-mouthed, straightforward cavalier. Bit of a tryhard. VIRION: The clever, womanizing archer. Bit of a legend. STAHL: The helpful, perpetually hungry cavalier. Bit of a bro. VAIKE: The confident, absent-minded fighter. Bit of an egomaniac. MIRIEL: The methodical, perfectionist mage. Bit of a nerd. SUMIA: The ditzy, kindhearted pegasus knight. Bit of a hate magnet. DONNEL: The incompetent, peculiar-speaking villager. Bit of a pothead. LON'QU: The unsociable, woman-fearing myrmidon. Bit of a hunk. RICKEN: The endearing, animal-loving mage. Bit of a shota. MARIBELLE: The proud, sophisticated troubadour. Bit of an elitist. GAIUS: The calm, relatable thief. Bit of a sugar-fiend. PANNE: The independent, apathetic taguel. Bit of a xenophobe. CORDELIA: The hard working, beautiful pegasus knight. Bit of an eidolon. GREGOR: The mature, easy-going mercenary. Bit of a swell sword. NOWI: The energetic, childish manakete. Bit of a pedobait. LIBRA: The calm, attentive war monk. Bit of a zealot. THARJA: The sadistic, self-centered dark mage. Bit of a stalker. ANNA: The friendly, iconic trickster. Bit of a con artist. OLIVIA: The antisocial, talented dancer. Bit of an exhibitionist. CHERCHE: The loyal, composed wyvern rider. Bit of a dragonkin. HENRY: The cheerful, cruel dark mage. Bit of a punslinger. SAY'RI: The determined, old-fashioned swordmaster. Bit of a nonentity. TIKI: The naive, revered manakete. Bit of a deadbeat. BASILIO: The quirky, badass warrior. Bit of a possum. FLAVIA: The brave, informal hero. Bit of a sore loser. PRIAM: The sociable, powerhungry hero. Bit of a throwback.
  11. God fucking damn it I hate this game. So the only natural thing to do is make a playthrough of it. Obviously. LHM to start idk maybe I'll do HHM if I hate my life. Pick good characters for me. Serra and Florina will be used and transcend christ. Raven, Kent and Erk will die. Pent will not be used and his sexy wife will be used. This is guaranteed. Everyone else is fair game. It feels so weird not doing a tag-team [spoiler= Prologue because I'm too lazy to do Chapter 1] Gross no tutorials plz lets do eet true fact: chapter titles are a stable of screenshot lps Am I dead? Is this heaven. o Oh god. It feels so weird not hating you anymore. What am I doing to myself. b-but I am mute, so sorry. what's dat I am useless in every way, my apologies. Gosh that first text scroll was painful Move #1 Good start. *sigh* Wasting vulneraries is a stable of the prologue. probably God damn it. Wasting more resources. FINISH HIM get rekd baby steps to godhood Please stop watching me sleep. Ponytails are always welcome. We're screwed.
  12. Because we need a fandom thread that doesn't degrade into claim-based arguments.
  13. [10:38 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: its ok not everyone can be a brony [10:39:30 PM] Hiro Protagonist: yeah i'm just a bro [10:39:39 PM] Hiro Protagonist: or so i tell myself at night [10:39:44 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: haha [10:39:50 PM] Hiro Protagonist: if you say BRO a lot you become a BRO prolly [10:39:57 PM] Hiro Protagonist: just like those RPG characters [10:39:59 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: BRO [10:40:01 PM] Hiro Protagonist: IM GOING TO BE A HERO [10:40:07 PM] Hiro Protagonist: said shirou [10:40:22 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: nowai shirou's a SUPERHERO [10:40:34 PM] Hiro Protagonist: IM GOING TO BE A SCIENTOLOGIST but that doesnt work that way you have to give the church wads of bux [10:40:36 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: like in that one bad ending in heaven's feel [10:40:54 PM] Hiro Protagonist: yeah but the good ending was a bad ending because saber died [10:40:59 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: troo [10:41:25 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: I like how when you get the bad end where you try to keep her alive [10:41:27 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: they're like [10:41:33 PM] Hiro Protagonist: although you got to play from Rin's perspective i guess because ever since the prologue i was like CANT WAIT FOR THIS AGAIN jk the prologue sucked there were no death scenes [10:41:40 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: UNFORTUNATELY SABER MUST DIE IN THIS ROUTE [10:41:46 PM] Hiro Protagonist: GET FUCKED [10:41:47 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: IF YOU LIKE SABER GTFO [10:41:48 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: wow you can't skip farina's recruitment convo even after you payed her [10:41:57 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: she must be hectors troo waifu [10:42:01 PM] Hiro Protagonist: wow horace [10:42:03 PM] Hiro Protagonist: urrite [10:42:06 PM] Hiro Protagonist: irrefutable proof [10:42:08 PM] Hiro Protagonist: brb making a thread [10:42:17 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: haha [10:42:26 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: i hope farina is actually on my list otherwise i just wasted a lot of money [10:42:31 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: YES [10:42:34 PM] Hiro Protagonist: i was going to say something about F/SN but i forgot [10:43:02 PM] Hiro Protagonist: hahaha horace [10:44:43 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: i dun see thread [10:44:53 PM] scorrikitty: i ate it I await the inevitable lame replies and non sequiturs. Just know that I didn't expect better of you, so neither should you! Not that this thread deserves any amazing replies, but it'd be nice if it got one! Or over 10,000.
  14. I think so, that way we wouldn't have all these useless new topics. It's the fad topics all over again. ENOUGH.
  15. I have no idea what everyone's obsession is with this soda. I find it disgusting.
  16. Just thought I'd let you know.
  17. Shantae is a nice old platformer game developed by WayForward, the same who've created Mighty Switch Force, Ducktales Remastered, the Adventure Time game for DS/3DS, Contra 4 and a few other good games, it's published by Capcom. Released Titles Shantae, it's first release was on the Gameboy Colour back in 2002, it's old, but not that old, the game became an obscure gem due to its release coming a year after that of the Game Boy Advance, however it did show support as playing the game with a GBA adds "enhancements" to the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b5W754z02Q Shantae: Risky's Revenge is the second game in the series, the game released on the Nintendo DSi's DSiWare shop (also part of the Nintendo eShop and on Steam Greenlight) in 2010/11 (depending) a whole 8/9 years after the original, now I'll be honest, I have still yet to play this one, so I'll just leave a review here. Besides the two games above that have been released, we also have 2 other games coming soon titled Shantae and the Pirate's Curse coming on the 3DS eShop this fall, and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero which is going to be a multi-platform title, which is currently running a kickstarter here. I would be super glad if you would donate to the Kickstarter if you are interested, not because I asked. If you ask me it was an unfortunate time to start the kickstarter as it's being overshadowed by not-megaman. (Half)Genies! Pirates! Zombies! Monkeys! how many other games do you know that have these in?
  18. http://www.feplanet.net/sprites-tools-statsheet WHY IS IT DOWN?! **weeps**
  19. Not sure if many people have seen this, or if its been posted around here before, but I found a very amusing tumblr post that specifically addresses the woes of the Chrom x Olivia users. Here's the original post: http://hckleinman.tumblr.com/post/45116782437/from-wifey-fire-emblem-awakening-chrom-gets-no-love Have a laugh. I sure did! ^_^
  20. I think we can all agree that FE13 was somewhat enjoyable, but there's always something that someone would've done differently if they had the know how. I for one would make the subtitles different within confessions for when you have the Japanese voice set, because anyone who understands Japanese here would know that what they're saying isn't what the subtitles say. i would also change the spotpass characters to actually look like who they're suppose to look, and I would probably change the multilayer around a bit. There are some things I can let sly, like voice acting, but I wouldn't be mad if the game was fully voiced, but then you have the problem with the avatar's name, but that can always be worked around like Persona.
  21. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Chrom, Avatar, Frederick, Olivia, and Lucina are free for all to use. 3. The game will be played on Hard Mode Classic. 4. The last round of drafting is reversed. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling) 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units. 3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Paralogues are optional and are free up to 15 turns. 5. Challenge battles are banned. You may have undrafted units clear a challenge battle to shop, though any items obtained must be discarded/cannot be used or sold. 6. Map shopping is allowed, excluding items sold from Anna Merchant shops. 7. Mothers are drafted with their children, but are drafted at the same time as the rest of the units. 8. Use of items obtained from event tiles and the barracks are banned, but Renown items up to the large bullion are allowed. 9. Use of DLC and Spotpass (including Free Content) is strictly prohibited. 10. Forging is allowed. Extra: 1. A unit that activates Galeforce may not move. Taking another action with Galeforce other than using a healing item is worth a penalty of 10 turns. 2. The Rescue staff can only be used once per turn. 3. Avatar may only stay as Tactician/Grandmaster. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units performing any disallowed action is worth a penalty of 4 turns, 2. Undrafted units pairing up with drafted units is worth a penalty of 20 turns instead. Exceptions: 1. Ricken and Maribelle are free to be attacked without countering in Ch.5. 2. Nowi and Gregor are free for Ch.8. Teams SB: Sully+Kjelle, Morgan, Ricken, Gaius, Gregor, Nowi+Nah, Inigo ZM: Sumia+Cynthia, Cherche+Gerome, Libra, Vaike, Henry, Maribelle+Brady, Flavia Aeine: Stahl, Cordelia+Severa, Lon'qu, Tharja+Noire, Lissa+Owain, Tiki, Donnel Da Bear: Panne+Yarne, Anna, Miriel+Laurent, Kellam, Virion, Say'ri, Basilio [spoiler=units remaining] that took a fucking long time
  22. Hahahahahahah, you really just came in here, didn't you? Well, I suppose... since you're here... You looked at this topic, how gullible does that make you? 1. Pretty gullible 2. Not-so-gullible 3. Joke's on you, I didn't even see 4. So gullible that I could trick you into doing anything On a scale of 1-3, how would you rate this? 1. 42 2. 666 3. 13 4. 4 5. Bro, we're only one(two)question(s)in. What time do I live in? 1. The 90's 2. In your time 3. Somewhere out of time 4. The actual right time How many life choices have you regretted about now? 1. None 2. All 3. I haven't even made any 4. 79 How many lives do I have left? 1. 0 2. Zero 3. None 4. Nothing 5. 14 If I left SF, would you care? 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. YES 4. YES Did you answer that last question? 1. What question? 2. Yes 3. There was a question? 4. SERIOUSLY!?! WHERE'S THIS QUESTION?!?! 5. No How famous am I? 1. Nowhere If you loved me, would you love me? 1. Yes 2. No 3. bby, i luv u <3 4. No, I don't Am I even doing this right? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Doing what right? 4. I haven't noticed 5. Everywhere... This is the last question. 1. What? 2. Wat? 3. Wut? 4. Huh? 5. I don't even... 6. No, it's not How do you pronounce my name? 1. Miralizmis 2. Miralizmis 3. Miralizmis 4. Meow 5. Miralizmis Answers... If you answered mostly right, you're right. If you answered mostly wrong, you're wrong. If you answered everything, I love you. So, uh, yeah. What did I just do?
  23. So then Stahl vs. Sully. Arguably the two best non-MU units in the game. Naturally this debate will be happening according to the tier lists rules. I could post them but they should be well known by now so there isn't much reason. They both boast a massive amount of good qualities and few weaknesses. Stahl naturally has more strength and defense while Sully has more speed. This means the debate will basically come down to which stats are better... Seeing as how they're practically identical otherwise. First off we should naturally figure out how they do early-game as it's the easiest to predict and hardest part. Sully has one chapter on Stahl. That chapter is fairly unimportant and extremely quick but it's still a chance for Sully to contribute when Stahl can't and get EXP that Stahl can't. So let's look at Chapter 1. This chapter is pretty easy thanks to you probably not using more than 2 pairs and your team being able to just stand on forts and destroy the map in 3-5 turns. Sully can double the Fighters with Chrom at base but so can Frederick and Avatar. Avatar and Frederick both take more and do more damage at this point but she can still take Chrom and hang out on the fort. I think a level in this map should be more than fair depending on how you play. So we go into Chapter 2 with them looking something like this... (I procced Sully in her >50% growths) UNIT CLASS LV.XP HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS WEAPON RANK SULLY CAV 3.00 21 8 1 9 9 7 7 2 D LANCES STAHL CAV 2.00 22 8 0 7 6 5 8 1 D SWORDS So the only really pronounced lead is Sully's +3 speed. That's not that big though because if Sully wants to double then she has to take Chrom which leaves her durability kind of lacking, for example Fighters (17 attack) will be doing about 10 damage, Soldiers (15 attack) will be doing roughly 8, and Mercenaries (14 attack) do about 7. That means that every enemy on the map 3HKOes her when she's doubling while Stahl manages to not be 3HKOed by Mercs but that's before pair up. So if you want her to have a good EP she isn't going to be doubling. Making her speed lead irrelevant. Sully's best options are Vaike and Frederick... same as Stahl. They both die at about the same rates depending on which character they take. I'll say they can each take 2 levels here without too much pain. That's a good amount and reflects their contributions (basically best non-Frederick units). They both basically 2-3HKO. So in Chapter 3 Stahl has, +2 hp (95% growth... I'm just giving too him) +1 strength, skill, speed, luck, defense. Sully has, +1 hp, strength, skill, speed, luck, defense. The Chapter is interesting. Sully can take the javelin from Kellam for 1-2 range but it makes her attack rather bad (12+ attack depending on who she pairs with and enemies have 3-4 defense (if not a Knight) and 9 defense (if a Knight)) So she does 8-9 damage a hit with the javelin per hit, this can rise to 12-13 with Vaike or Frederick not a KO, if she takes Chrom to double she needs dual-attacks to 1-round. On top of this that javelin has 25 uses for 3-4 chapters so she can't really overuse it for constant counters. This map is great for working Stahl's lance rank so he'll take the Bronze Lance while Sully takes the Iron Lance. Again they do just about the same 2HKOing adn getting 3-6HKOed (depending on Vaike or Frederick). They both get a level and Stahl probably gets to D lances. That basically sums them up through P1 and C4, Sully can double with Chrom but her durability isn't good enough for this in most circumstances for her to keep up with Stahl while Stahl's durability and attack begin to get better than Sully's. Chapter 5~ is when Sully typically starts to reliably double most enemies with Vaike or Frederick. But at this time Stahl's durability becomes pretty concrete (taking 1-3 damage from all) and Stahl can actually double several enemies with Lon'qu. The comparison for the next couple of chapters basically relies on whether Sully is taking Frederick (her win), Vaike (pretty even but with Stahl taking a slight edge imo) or Chrom (easily Stahl). The problem with Sully taking Fred though is she takes him from Sumia, who really likes those boosts. She can use Frederick almost as well though so the cost isn't that large. As time goes on Stahl gets Cordelia to make him better against Mages (though he's still pretty bad) and he's still even (Frederick) to better (other). To make him a bit better for mid-game. I'd say Late-game is fairly even or in Stahl's favor because Sully can go Wyvern for an overall improvement (although her axe rank starts bad, nothing Discipline can't fix). While his superior defense and strength growths allow Stahl to stay even or ahead on strength and defense while not being weak to bows, which are pretty numerous in those chapters. They're both great but Hungry Guy in Green > Red-Haired Transgender story. I can go into more detail soon but I want to see what you have to say.
  24. The Fire Emblem series has it's powerful moments, are there any points within games that just hit you right in the feels? One right of the top of my head, and I mention it because it's really recent, and spoilers because Awakening spoilers Or FE4 at the end of Generation 1 FE7 Those are some just of the top of my head, what about you?
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