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Found 25 results

  1. Tier Lists are like assholes - everyone has one. - Sun Tzu or Napoleon idk Basic Tier List rules. If you need like some summary of the rules, you can re-refer to the rules in here. (Not ordered atm btw). Also keep in mind that some units are ranked higher because what they offer early on is invaluable and difficult to replicate / replace. That's why Vander is B folks. Criteria is efficiency / LTC. Face it folks - Jean and Anna suck. Rewind and Bond Rings are assumed (within reason). Reliability is preferred, but not necessary (because Entrapping is kind of a shaky scenario but it's often at the first or second turn). What would a non-DLC Tier List Look Like? I think it would be roughly the same to be honest. Maybe some units like Chloe lose a little and maybe Celine is a bit more in C, but that's all I can think of at the moment. Basically, it'd look like the DLC Tier list, probably, like below. Finally, putting some of my current thoughts in the Spoiler tag but keep in mind that I am still evaluating a lot and want to also watch over some playthroughs. I'd also like to get another run or two of my own.
  2. Lately, I’ve been on an Awakening kick. I’ve been reading many supports and I started playing the game again. Some time ago I created a favorite Fates character tier list topic, so I thought I’d create an Awakening version. Like the Fates version, this is meant to be a subjective list based on personal likes and dislikes rather than somewhat more objective traits like functionality as units. I ordered mine in order of preference within each tier, but I don’t expect everyone to do that. Also, I count male and female Robin and Morgan as different characters, but I don’t count Masked Marth and Lucina as different characters. Share your favorite character tier lists as well!
  3. Since Fates has such a huge cast, I thought it would be fun to create an entirely subjective tier list based on personal likes and dislikes rather than somewhat more objective traits like functionality as units. Share your favorite character tier lists! I organized my favorites in order of preference within each tier, but I don’t expect that from everyone. I also count Male Corrin and Female Corrin and Male Kana and Female Kana as different characters. Feel free to copy my list and move character names around if it’s too much work to try to remember them all or type them out again. I listed every playable character and some NPCs and bosses when I felt inclined to include them. Top 10 Camilla, Jakob, Azura, Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Shigure, Shura, Felicia, Leo, Elise Top 20 (I love them just slightly less) Peri, Charlotte, Anna, Nyx, Ryoma, Reina, Xander, Selkie, Laslow, Siegbert Like Kaze, Percy, Flora, Sophie, Izana, Scarlet, Silas, Subaki, Arthur, Hayato, Kana (M), Kana (F), Kiragi, Lilith, Mozu, Ophelia, Odin, Hisame, Keaton, Velouria, Orochi, Rinkah, Kagero, Oboro, Yukimura, Kaden, Mitama, Benny, Effie, Rhajat, Caeldori, Kotaro, Candace Neutral Setsuna, Hinoka, Beruka, Asugi, Mikoto, Sakura, Garon, Midori, Shiro, Gunter, Fuga, Funke, Nichol, Senno, Hinata Mixed Feelings/Ambivalent Azama, Hana, Ignatius, Iago, Nina, Zola, Soleil, Forrest, Dwyer, Selena Dislike Takumi, Niles, Saizo, Hans
  4. I don't know if this is a good tier list but I think how good the character can do in Wyvern Lord class.
  5. Hello, denizens of the Forest - So, there's something I've been thinking about doing for a while. Namely, going through all the battalions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and assigning them a score. Thereby, creating something of a "tier list" among all the battalions available. The purpose of this thread is... not to do that. Rather, it's to take care of a necessary step, in advance of assessing the battalions - namely, assessing the gambits that they bring with them. Here's what I'm thinking - each Gambit will be graded on a scale from 1 to 10. If difficulty would be relevant to the ranking, let's assume New Game Maddening (if you're ranking by a different standard, of course I won't stop you, but please make it clear). In case it's relevant, again, assume access to DLC and Nintendo Switch Online. I'll provide my score, and everyone else is welcome to share their own score, too. Gambits will be graded on: Damage and hit rate (offensive only) Charges per map Range and Area-of-Effect Side and/or support effects As important to figure out, though, is what I'd rather NOT see gambits graded on, such as: What battalions they're attached too Availability and Usability Aesthetic considerations or personal taste ...Okay, maybe a +/-1 bias point will be allowed on the last one. But attributes of any associated battalion should not be considered. Why not? Well, when we eventually get to grading the battalions themselves, then those considerations (stat boosts, availability, usability) will be factored in, alongside gambit performance. For the time being, however, I'd like to try looking at each gambit, as much as possible, in a vacuum. Make sense? In terms of organization, there are (per my latest count) 37 usable gambits in the game. And a lot of them bear similarities with one another. So I'm thinking, grade several similar gambits (say, that share an AoE) as a single "Chapter", with 2 or 3 new chapters each week (so don't worry about missing a day). Optimistically, I could see covering all the gambits in the course of about six weeks. List of Gambits, with average ratings (and number of reviews): Index of AoE Names: So, how does this sound? Like something you'd want to be a part of? Or, not your flight of fancy? Does this approach seem structurally sound, or do you have suggested changes in how I might go about this? I'm all ears! Thank you for reading. I've attached a spreadsheet that, if I'm not mistaken, lists all the gambits available in Three Houses. If anything is missing or mistaken, though, please let me know. Expect the first chapter by this weekend. Look forward to it! Gambit_List.xlsx
  6. Alright, so this is kinda random, but I started thinking about it after watching some of Jrose11's content. I suppose I must start with criteria here, but this is based on how useful these TM/HMs are while playing Red/Blue at a relatively fast pace, not really competitive Gen 1 play, or full blown speed run pace. I have a lot of them set aside as undecided so far, and any advise or argument for a TM/HM being in a higher or lower category I would appreciate. Now to describe the tiers. TOP tier set themselves apart as the most useful TMs in the game, and I expect to be used almost immediately, and having an impact on a massive portion of the game. GOOD tier are TMs I expect to be useful if you have a poke that can use it, and for that to be a relatively common occurrence. USABLE tier are TMs where some fairly normal runs could find them useful. SITUATIONAL tier are TMS where the times where it would be useful are rare, and might require an explanation for when it might be useful. USELESS tier are ones where I have a hard time imagine them ever being useful. I also have a large section of TMs that I haven't tiered yet. I haven't ordered the TMs within individual Tiers yet, but once I have placed all of them I might end up doing so. Top Tier TM 08 Body Slam (S.S. Anne): Body Slam is one of the best normal moves in the game, and its gotten extremely early. Its a solid move that can be the best option for most of the physical pokemon all the way into endgame. TM 13 Ice Beam (Celadon Dept): Great coverage move that wipes Lance off the map, available on a lot of pokes, with 100 accuracy, and even a 10% freeze chance. Blizzard is some noted competition for this move, but its power is high enough in general, and its available earlier. TM 24 Thunderbolt (Vermillian Gym): The best electric move in the game, and you can get it early. Electric moves are particularly valuable, as it deals well with many of Lorelei's pokemon, and the Gyrados(es) from Lance, and potentially the Rival, whom are otherwise dangerous threats. TM 28 Dig (Cerulean City): In this gen, it has 100 power and accuracy (same as earthquake), is gotten extremely early into the game, and even has a lot of utility with fast play, as it brings you back to the last pokecenter you visited when you can use it in this game. It has a bit of a trade-off in that its two turn (one protected) is a bit slower, but also lets you use some stall tactics, or cheese past the mandatory exploding hiker in rock tunnel, or Koga's exploding Weezing. Plus the ground typing is a great way of dealing with Agatha's obnoxious poison types. TM 29 Psychic (Saffron City): It has 30% special drop chance (in a game where that is both Special Attack, and Special Defense), psychic attacks being only resisted by psychic types, and having type advantage over Agatha's team. The worst you can say about it is it being gotten around the mid game. TM 31 Mimic (Saffron City): Gen 1 movesets tend to be shallow, and Mimic is a godsend in fixing that issue. Its available to any poke that learn TMs, and it lets you chose an opponent's move to copy for a battle, so it gives you access to a lot of interesting options that might otherwise be unavailable to you. There is even a glitch to make the move learn permanent (although it is a bit limited in requiring the enemy trainer to have switching in its AI). HM03 Surf (Safari Zone): This is the most suspect TM/HM in this tier, but it is the best reliable water move, can be used repeatedly, and with how available water type pokemon are at the point in the game you get this HM, that re-usability adds to its value. Good Tier TM 01 Mega Punch (Mt. Moon/Celadon Dept): I kinda view this as the Jeigan of TMs, as its one of the first TMs you ever get, and its an improvement to any poke's move list that can learn it. Make no mistake, this move will be replaced, as it has accuracy issues, but an 80 base power move in the point in the game where you are really on tackles is not to be ignored. TM 03 Sword's Dance (Silph Co.): If this move were available on more pokes with Stab on physical moves it would be Top Tier. It is still a great boosting move, that gives access to an extra 3 badge boost glitches, and the boost it gives is still fairly valuable in setting up a sweep. TM 11 Bubblebeam (Cerulean Gym): This is an extremely early TM, that will be an immediate boost to any early water type poke you have, but its how many other type pokes that can learn this move that push it into good tier. Its one of the earliest ways to access some extra type coverage, with good power for how early you get it. TM 14 Blizzard (Pokemon Mansion): This is a great TM, its a bit late game, but having 90 accuracy on an 120 power move is amazing, and the typing for it is excellent as well (and that is before mentioning the 10% freeze chance...). I considered it for top tier even, but Ice Beam edges it out. TM 26 Earthquake (Silph Co.) : It feels odd to leave the TM for a move that has been good throughout the generations in only Good Tier, but Dig so thoroughly outmatches it that it doesn't deserve to be in the same tier. Dig matches Earthquake in power and accuracy (in this gen at least), coming earlier, is available to more pokes, and has added utility outside of battle as well. Don't get me wrong its still a good TM, and you might even want to replace Dig with it in the endgame to save some time in battles, but its competition has edged it out of Top Tier. TM 38 Fire Blast (Cinnabar Gym): If any other fire TMs existed this might have fallen a place in the tier list, but it being the only way to add either fire coverage, or simply power up a Fire poke just barely pushes it here. Otherwise it is a bit of a mixed bag, its a late game TM, but many of the fire types that might want it tend to only be available later into the game as well, it might have the massive 120 power, but comes with accuracy issue to compensate. TM 45 Thunder Wave (Route 24): Paralysis is a nasty status effect (and while you do have to worry about a glitch if the enemy raises its speed, that is still a fairly rare occurrence), and having a 100% to debuff some of the most dangerous fast pokes you might face can really save you in the long run. TM 48 Rock Slide (Celadon Dept): As the only Rock move other than the embarrassingly bad rock throw (50 power, and 65 accuracy in this gen...), this move ends up being a vast improvement to any rock pokes, and a way to give physical pokes some desperately needed coverage. HM 02 Fly (Route 16): The second best Flying attack, but its much more available than its competition (drill peck). Its the go to stab flying move for most pokes in this game, and has the obvious outside utility, plus the two turns (one protected) can still be used with some stall tactics, or to cheese Koga's Weezing explosion (it unfortunately comes too late for the mandatory rock tunnel hiker...). HM 04 Strength (Fuchsia City): This is the most suspect TM/HM in this tier, but its the number of Pokes that can learn this move, it being reusable, and being the 2nd highest (tied) power move without side effects, that ends up push this just barely into Good tier. Usable Tier TM 05 Mega Kick (Celadon Dept/Victory Road): There is a lot of competition for Normal type moves, but the high damage (120 Power), at a low accuracy (and PP) tradeoff can be useful. TM 06 Toxic (Fuchsia Gym): Central to many stall tactics, with some beneficial bugs to boot. Combining it with Leech Seed (another common stall move) makes for a potent combo due to both raising the toxic timer. More offensive strategies are usually better, but stall is still usable in game. TM 10 Double Edge (Rocket Hideout): Despite the 100 power and accuracy of this move, the recoil on it is makes it true to its name. If you need that extra bit of power, and are willing to pay the price in the extra healing it can be a usable TM TM 15 Hyper Beam (Game Corner): If you didn't have to hemorrhage either money, or time into the game corner to get this TM it would be at least Good tier. The gen 1 glitch that makes this move not need to recharge when you ko a poke makes it an amazing move, but the cost of getting it is a bit prohibitive. TM 17 Submission (Victory Road): If this TM arrived earlier in the game it would be far better. It may be the best fighting move available to pokes other than hitmonlee, but it has accuracy issues, and the only thing left in the game is the elite 4 by the time you get it. Lorelei being an ice trainer makes it sound useful against her, but Cloister's sky high defense, and Jynx's psychic typing, make it only really effective against her Dewgong and Lapras. TM 25 Thunder (Power Plant): The low accuracy, and how much more out of the way it is than Thunderbolt, are what push it down into this tier. If you need an electric move, and have already used Thunderbolt, or desperately need that extra power (and are willing to risk the miss) it can still be useful to get. TM 32 Double Team (Fuchsia City/Celadon Dept): The raising of evasion is vital to a lot of stall tactics, which are viable in game. More offensive strategies are usually better, but stall is still usable. TM 33 Reflect (Power Plant/Celadon Dept): I considered putting this into the situational tier, but using the half physical damage to survive Koga's Weezing exploding, or forcing one of Lances pokes into a Hyper Beam recharge turn are useful enough to pull it into this tier. I will note that unlike most gens, it last for the entire battle, but only on the poke that used it TM 36 Self Destruct (Silph co.): The high power of this move will almost certainly finish off a dangerous poke, and with tactical use of it, and sufficient money spent on revives it is usable. TM 44 Rest (S.S. Anne): Central to many stall tactics, as it is one of the most common heal moves, and both fully heals, and heals status. Admittedly there are a lot of notable bugs making that status heal less useful than it sounds, as it doesn't reset the Toxic timer, and doesn't heal the speed drop and attack drop of Paralyze and Burn, but even if it didn't heal status at all it would still be a usable move for a tactic which is still viable. TM 47 Explosion (Victory Road): A stronger, latter game Self destruct, and the same blurb basically applies. Its massive power will finish off a dangerous poke, and with tactical use of it, and sufficient money spent on revives it is usable. TM 49 Tri Attack (Celadon Dept): Its how few Pokes that can learn this move that make it so low on the list. Its almost as good as Body slam, and comes a little later, but can be bought multiple times, but few pokes can learn it, and many of them are mediocre physical attackers at best. Situational Tier TM 07 Horn Drill(Celdaon Dept/Rocket Hideout): If you have to rely on the 30% accuracy OHKO moves, you are in a strange run. Admittedly you can use X accuracy to get rid of the accuracy check, but it still only works on slower pokes, so you might have to boost up speed as well (and if you don't you are probably using a poke good enough to use better options). TM 09 Take Down (Saffron City/Celadon Dept): Recoil, with lower might and accuracy that Double-Edge, using it over the numerous better normal moves is a strange situation to be in. TM 12 Water Gun (Mt. Moon): One of the better TMs in this tier as you get it early, but its 40 power (still better than bubble...) becomes obsolete very soon, as Bubble Beam is superior to it (and surf even more so), and there are few enemies it is useful against before it becomes obsolete. TM 16 Pay Day (Route 12): Its not very useful for combat, and not many pokes learn it, but if you desperately need access to extra money it might see some use... TM 18 Counter (Celadon Dept): Having to really on the enemy directly damaging you, to deal damage back is rarely a good idea... TM 19 Seismic Toss (Route 25): Usually normal attacks will out damage this fixed damage attack. Now it does scale with level, giving it more use in solo or low poke runs, and ignores all weakness and immunities in this game, so it has quite a few situational uses, I don't think it is quite enough or useable tier... TM 21 Mega Drain (Celadon Dept): This is a low power move for when you get it in the midgame, in an attacking type that isn't very useful. Now it does give a bit of healing, and I could see a grass type that learns growth taking this TM to avoid razor leaf's high crit chance from spoiling the buff strat, but both of those are niche enough to earn this tier. TM 22 Solar Beam (Pokemon Mansion): I almost put this in useless tier, as two turn unprotected moves are incredibly bad, but this is high enough power (120), and in a typing with bad enough competition that I could imagine someone using this TM... TM 23 Dragon Rage(Game Corner): Few pokes can learn it, the fixed damage becomes out modded later into the game, and its exorbitantly expensive to get thanks to the game corner. TM 27 Fissure (Viridian Gym): If you have to really on the 30% accuracy OHKO moves, you are in a strange run. Admittedly you can use X accuracy to get rid of the accuracy check, but it still only works on slower pokes, so you might have to boost up speed as well, but seeing as you managed to get all 8 badges to even get it, you probably already have better options. TM 34 Bide (Pewter Gym):This is so close to being in useless tier, but I could imagine a weird run where a poke's move set it so bad that this almost useless first TM might actually be an improvement. Plus its the only way for a few normal types to actually damage some of the mandatory ghost trainers in Pokemon Tower TM 39 Swift (Route 12): It just comes too late into the game, with too low of power, and too much competition with other Normal type moves to see enough use for it to reach usable tier. The ignoring of accuracy check gives it some notable situational uses, so its one of the better TMs in this tier. TM 41 Softboiled (Celadon City): This can only be learned by a single poke (other than Mew), and in this game, and that poke, Chansey, needs high quality special TMs to take advantage of its high special, and you could easily have room for this move, which has some utility in both stalling, and in saving money on healing items (or avoiding them all together). This one is really on the border between these tiers... TM 43 Sky Attack (Victory Road): I almost put this in useless tier, as two turn unprotected moves are incredibly bad, but 140 power on a flying type move is just high enough (on a rare enough attacking type) that I could imagine someone trying to use this move. HM 05 Flash (Route 2): Effectively this is a worse version of double team. Now if you cold replace the move flash with double team it would probably be in the next higher tier, but deciding to use it early locks you out of a more viable option (that is reusable as well due to it being sold), which makes this a niche enough choice to reach situational tier. Useless Tier TM 02 Razor Wind (Celadon Dept/Rocket Hideout): a two turn unprotected move that has only 80 power, and is a normal type is utterly useless... TM 04 Whirlwind (Route 4) : It does nothing in trainer battles, and you are not forced to encounter a wild pokemon after you get this TM, before you have access to repels... TM 20 Rage (Route 15) : One of the worst moves in the generation, and the way it locks you into using it can get you into one of the most famous softlocks in the game... TM 30 Teleport (Route 9) : It does nothing in trainer battles, and you get it after you have access to repel, and even if you wanted to use its field effect, you get dig, a move that lets you use the same effect, before you even have access to it. TM 35 Metronome (Cinnabar Island) : Using a random move is rarely good, and with how late into the game you get this TM, I can't imagine there being a run where it is a good idea to actually use this TM when you get it. If you got it earlier when you had less options it might reach situational, but you are near the end of the game when you get this... TM 37 Egg Bomb (Fuchsia City/Celadon Dept): Only three (four including Mew) pokes can learn this TM, none of them are primarily physical attackers, and while it has terrible accuracy to boot... TM 40 Skull Bash (Safari Zone): a two turn unprotected move that has only 100 power, and is a normal type is utterly useless... TM 42 Dream Eater (Viridian City): The sleep mechanics of this game may be broken, but having to rely on them to use a move is niche to begin with. Looking a bit more into it, its only available on the Drowzee, and Gastley line, both of which have to rely on the least accurate sleep move, Hypnosis. Psychic is the obvious move that competes with it, and even if you already used the TM Drowzee/Hypno learn it through level-up, and the Gastley line learns Dream eater itself through level-up if you really want this move, making this TM rather useless. TM 46 Psywave (Saffron Gym): Random fixed damage between 1 and 1.5 x your level is inconsistent, and terrible... HM 01 Cut (S.S. Anne) : By the time you get this, its a bad move, in one of the most common move types, and you can't replace it. Using it as anything other than a dead move slot is unimaginable. Undecided TM 50 Substitute - In this generation this move is so glitchy that I am uncertain how useful it would be
  7. I want to share some of my writings on this. I wanted to create conditions for a tier list which were exact in nature and which approximated what humans would care about in a tier list. There's a lot to be said about this subject and I've written 18 pages on it so far. It's hard to know where to begin. Below is the last thing I wrote and I wanted to share it. I posted it on Reddit so you can see it there as well. My blog: https://femaniac.blogspot.com/ (contains all of the writings)
  8. So, long story short, I was bored and I figured I'd try my hand at making one of these, because I always end up conflicted over which Budding Talents are actually worth getting and which should be prioritised early on. Some basic rules, first off: I'll be ranking each character on their own, because, while some share the same skill from their budding talent, I think some characters make more use of it than others, so I'll separate those. The criteria for ranking each budding talent will be both the usefulness of the ability received from unlocking it and how useful that skill will be to their overall class progression. Note that this is the terminology I will use: skill as the actual weapon skill turned into a boon, and ability/art for the passive or combat art it unlocks. I'll be assuming Maddening, No NG+ for this list, though I may mention lower difficulties at points. Standard disclaimer that this is my opinion- I'm not the most informed person on the subject, so please feel free to let me know where I may go wrong. That said, let's get started: Almost Always Useful: Usually Useful Sometimes Useful Rarely Useful So there we go. That's my tier list of all the Budding Talents in the game. I think. God I hope I got them all. Anyway, let me know any disagreements you have- I may edit the tier list as discussion progresses.
  9. Tierlists can be a really controversial thing, but I just felt like sharing my opinion on this game's ranking and discussing it. I'll be assuming that Seth is not being (ab)used and grinding is not allowed. Tier Explanations: The names inside the () indicates the Road Taken by the player. The Units are ranked within the seperate tiers... kind of. Lord Tier: Eirika (Eirika) Ephraim (Ephraim) Seth Tier: Seth S-Tier: Franz Vanessa Tethys Saleh (Eirika) A-Tier: Arthur Moulder Gerik Cormag (Ephraim) Tana Kyle Saleh (Ephraim) Forde B-Tier: Garcia Innes (Eirika) Ephraim (Eirika) Duessel (Ephraim) Lute Cormag (Eirika) C-Tier: Eirika (Ephraim) Innes (Ephraim) Joshua Natasha Gillaim Colm Duessel (Eirika) DozlaMyrrh Ross D-Tier: Knoll L'Arachell Rennac Neimi E-Tier: Ewan Marisa Amelia Reasoning:
  10. Hey, it’s Azure. I decided that maybe I can make a tier list for this game on Hard mode. Criteria revolves around the level of efficiency that someone like Mekkah would want in other games. Note that no DLC is being taken into account here, and both routes have different metas. Everyone is ranked from best to worst in each tier. Villagers are ranked by their usefulness in each of their respective class choices separately. For example, Kliff as an archer will be ranked differently from Kliff as a mage. If anything else needs explaining, let me know. Now, for the two tier lists. Alm Route: Celica’s Route: I am not fully aware of things, so I won’t bother explaining why each unit is in what tier just yet. We can all discuss as we go along.
  11. This is my version of a Birthright Tier List. The overall goal is to analyze a unit's effectiveness throughout the entire game and to differentiate units based off of stats and availability. I have played birthright twice on Lunatic so I have experience with a wide variety of characters and build paths. A couple things to note: I am omitting DLC and any stat boosters and arms scrolls when assessing characters. This is to get the least biased approach to each unit. However Invasions and limited skirmishes are acceptable. THis is what separates Birthright from Conquest and I think it is fair to once in a while participate in a skirmish battle whenever available and not abuse the system (i.e. not spending gold to force enemies to appear.) No skill inheritance and no reclassing except for master seals. Any additional information that does not affect the rankings comes after a : We all know that Ryoma makes this game really easy, even on Lunatic mode. So for this list, I judged units as if Ryoma never existed. I benched Ryoma to see how the other units would react and the game is quite more challenging without Lobster Lord (and chapter 25, the one with Camilla in the underground is one of the hardest levels in Fates with or without Ryoma.) You could make a whole separate list on which units benefit Ryoma the most but that isn’t the case here. You really get to see how other units shine when Ryoma isn’t in the fold. There is a giant drop off in viability from Ryoma to Corrin and another drop off from B-C tier or Azama to Hayato. One thing I noticed was that from Felicia to Azama, the units are very close together and there isn't as much of a gap as you might think. The goal of this list is to discuss the overall ability of characters. The best ability is availability. This is factored into the list as well. The list also is effort to reward as it discusses which characters will perform best with the least amount of resources (however it is not an LTC list). Obviously your opinion might differ from mine so discuss why you agree or disagree. Check out my Conquest Tier List https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/72009-conquest-tier-list-in-depth/ Now onto the list S+ Ryoma S Corrin S- Azura A+ Silas Scarlett Takumi A Hinoka Kagero Saizo A- Felicia 1 Oboro B+ Kaze Reina B Sakura Hana Jakub 1 Orochi B- Rinkah Kaden Azama C+ Hayato Subaki C Hinata C- Mozu D+ Izana Felicia 2 D Shura Jakub 2 Setsuna D- Yukimura S/God Tier/The overpowered tier where even if they get RNG screwed, remain elite and available throughout the game. Ryoma- The number 1 unit in the game (they call Birthright Ryoma Emblem for a reason) and he probably could make a run for the Fire Emblem Hall of Fame. He joins with amazing base stats and above average growths in most other areas. He is 1 level away from Astra (which is even stronger because of removal of weapon durability.) With a pair up unit, he can single handedly carry your team. His only knock is his pedestrian resistance growths, but his skill and luck are high enough that he dodges constantly from mages. On top of that his passive ability is pretty much a free crit, damage reduction, and damage buff. What is there not to like? He joins relatively late, but that isn’t too much of an issue. On top of that, Rajinto lets him attack from 1 or 2 spaces which is invaluable. Definitely the best unit in this game by a landslide. Corrin- You can shape him however you like and Yato is a very solid weapon even if it is locked to 1 range. Hoshidon Noble might have better skills that Nohr Noble, but rods over tomes is a huge downer. I can’t really recommend + magic because of that. I tend to go +speed -luck to match all the other units in the game with high speed. Either way, he/she is available for every level in the game so plenty of opportunities to overlevel. Azura- Dancer/Singer/Heron/Refresher of Fates. Always viable. Even though she is hella squishy, her offensive growths are actually good and could pick up a few kills in a pinch. Even though she is locked to C lances, her with a killer lance is surprisingly filthy. Her skill and luck make her dodge consistently and her 60+20% speed growth is absurd. Don’t rely on her fighting though as most physical units will 1 shot her: Consider temporarily reclassing her to a witch to get teleport. She can still use her refresh after teleporting to an ally. Just think about how busted that is. A tier/Tier 1/ Strong units that are extremely viable but RNG gods could prevent them from reaching their full potential. Silas- He is the anti-epitome of Birthright; meh speed and great defensively. He is one of the very few units that can truly excel at being a tank. On top of being the only cavalier unit in the game (without MC branch,) he is one of the highest movements for a non-flying unit. And he hits hard with his exceptional strength. As for promotions, both Paladin and Great Knight work but Great Knight helps him be the tank you desperately need. A whopping 4 out of the 29 Hoshidon classes give a defensive bonus of 15% or more (and yes Rinkah’s classes are 3 of those 4) and 40+20% is insane for this route. A staple for any team. Scarlett- Pretty much the only viable axe user before promotion and she comes in great shape. Excellent base stats with very high strength. On top of that she is the only unit that can go down the wyvern route in Birthright. She is one of the few candidates that can use the hammer obtained in Chapter 12 which is crucial considering the excess amount of armored units in the late game. She comes with a high base defense and her speed growths let her double consistently. She should fit into any team comp nicely. Takumi-We are assuming no Point Blank skill as with that he could rival Ryoma as the top unit potentially. Fujin Yumi is an amazing weapon and helps add a lot of value to a yumi user who is locked to 2 range. Insanely high skill and the special weapon helps make up for his average strength and relatively subpar speed. He is also surprisingly beefy for a yumi user and can take a few more hits than a majority of other units. Also, helps deal with the plethora of wyverns in the game. Overall a really good unit and with minimal protection can shred through the enemy: even if the Ballistician class is relatively underwhelming, Fujin Yumi makes him hit like a truck and can take out squishies with ease, if he gets in range that is. Hinoka- Joins with exceptional base stats and joins early. She is your only viable flying unit this early. She hits pretty hard and doubles consistently. She is a powerhouse late game as well as she scales well into the endgame and has solid defense and HP to compensate for the bow vulnerability. With a guard naginata, she will be one of your bulkier units. Works exceptionally well as a carrier as she can drop off slower movement units into the heart of the battle and fight alongside them. Her pair up gives a healthy balance of stats that are beneficial to a lot of units: Consider making her a Dark Falcon as well as her growths stay similar and her strength growths shifts to magic growths. Even if her magic growth is underwhelming, it is viable enough to make her a dual threat unit as she is one legitimate case of someone who can do that in this route. Even with the Galeforce nerfs, it still is a nice ability to shove in your back pocket. Kagero- Best strength growths by a longshot at a commanding 65%. On top of that she has great speed as ninjas have some of the best class speed growths in the game. However, she has comically bad HP and Defense stats. True definition of glass cannon. Her skill growth isn’t anything to gawk at either, but shurkiens are some of the most accurate weapons so that mitigates it a ton. A surprisingly exceptional mage killer as well as her 40% Resistance is second only to Orochi. She takes close to no damage from mages and her high damage output shred through the low defenses. Works amazingly as a Master Ninja even if Lethality is kind of wasted on her, Shurikenfaire makes her even more deadly. Will deal the highest damage output out of any unit in the game. As a pair up bot, she gives the much-needed strength growths that a lot of units could benefit from. Definitely has potential to be at least a top 5 unit in most playthroughs. Saizo- He has the best total growths in the entire game so that is definitely is vital. He is a pretty solid unit across the board but his biggest downfall is his pitiful speed at 30%. To be fair, the ninja class helps neutralize this weakness to some degree. He is a tanky unit in general and can take a decent amount of punishment. 45% magic growth is exceptional for a ninja as he is a solid dual threat option (although the only real option is a flame shuriken.) A thing to note is he joins with a measly 3 magic so it will take some time for him to build up his magic pool. He is probably the best candidate to make a Mechanist as his overall versatility lets you do more with Replicate and he is tanky enough to not get busted down if he is split up (although Master Ninja is almost always the way to go). You could knock him for being an all round unit as he won’t be the best at anything, but the versatility he brings is crucial to any team (and the fact that ninjas in general are strong) Felicia 1- Even with the abundance of early game rod users, what makes her stand out from the pact is her magic ability. She isn’t competing against strong magic competition overall and her early game availability sets her over the top. Although, until she gets the Flame Shuriken, she is rather underwhelming. But any damage is better than no damage (which is the case with both Azama and Sakura.) Overall a great support unit who can be an effective mage killer as well as pick off Generals later in the game. S rank rods also are a nice addition as well. Oboro- She has 40s across the board in the majority of her stats. She is the only Spear Master which benefits her greatly as she gets access to the highly coveted Lancefaire which increases her damage output significantly. Seal speed is a solid skill as well. Overall she is a good balance of attack and defense and can dodge a few hits as well. Unfortunately, there are not many Killer Lances in this game so getting your hands on one can be difficult, but her high ability to crit is also noticeable. Her passive is one of the best in the game as the vast majority of enemies faced are Nohrian in this route. Add all of that up and she hits extremely hard and can tank a solid number of hits as well. B tier/Tier 2/ Balanced tier that has viable units but weaknesses are more noticeable or units are outclassed by contemporaries Kaze- Out of the 3 ninjas he is by far the fastest. The problem is that it is usually overkill especially with Nohrian enemies being relatively slower. Other than that, he has very solid HP, Strength, and Resistance growths so he can also be a solid mage killer. Even with the high HP growths, he is still fragile due to his horrendous defensive growths. Kagero does his job better but with ninjas being so incredibly overpowered in this game, he won’t ever be a bad unit. SPOILER, on a lesser note, you must get an A support with the MC or he dies in chapter 15. It shouldn’t be too hard to do but if you ignore supports this can be detrimental as you lose a unit for nothing. Reina- Birthright did us the favour of giving us legendary prepromotes and Reina is definitely one of them. Even if her base stats are suspect for a prepromote, she has excellent growths in her 2 biggest stats, strength and speed. On top of that Chapter 11 is solely flying enemies so it is incredibly easy to get her a few levels. Her only knock is that she is terrible defensively and her growths won’t help her get much better here. She can use naginatas but it leaves her highly susceptible to counter attacks. It is easy to overextend with her but that leaves you increasingly vulnerable but if protected well enough, she can deal a ton of damage. Sakura- Her growths in magic and luck are excellent and she can surprisingly take a few more hits than expected with her adequate HP and defensive growths. Her biggest fault is being stuck on Shrine Maiden which also has limited movement (although festivals help counter this weakness a lot.) As for promotions, her as a priestess with a shining bow is incredibly filthy. She can double many enemies and on top of being able to attack from 1 or 2 spaces, it is incredibly versatile as well. However, getting C rank bows is so difficult as you are stuck with using physical bows for so long. For a more immediate impact, her as a Onimyoji is also a solid option as she can succeed with E rank tomes. Both options are viable but depending on if you want her to help you instantly, or more in the future: A couple of arm scrolls can speed up the process along on priestess and make it even more viable. When I am not using them, I tend to favor Onimyoji as I don’t want her to be useless for so long and the extra babying you must do as Priestess is too much for me. Hana- She is underappreciated mainly because she is often compared to Ryoma which is unfair. Even if Lobster Lord is better than her in every way, she is still incredibly lethal offensively. 55% Strength is the second highest and makes her hit incredibly hard. On top of that her speed at 55% is also well above average. However, she is made of glass. There is an incredibly high chance of her dying if hit with 2 strong attack. On top of that her early game is incredibly weak as it takes her a while to build up her skill pool. But after a bit of training, she can dodge pretty consistently and deal a ton of damage in the process. But a lot of luck is involved with her as she cannot get hit or she drops like a fly. Jakub 1- The thing that made him so amazing in Conquest hurts him tremendously in Birthright. With 3 other ninjas who use hidden weapons and can debuff, he is by far the weakest in that regard. On top of that, his low magic makes his healing even weaker (especially with festivals having less base heal than staffs.) With that being said, he is still a solid support unit and still has solid kill potential. He is also one of the most readily available units in the game so he has plenty of opportunities to be helpful. Oroichi- Her magic and skill are through the roof. She is a nuke that hits incredibly hard. Plus, the highest resistance growths in the game, she can also tank against mages incredibly well. With all of these amazing attributes it pains me to mention her nonexistent, sinful speed. 15% is so terrible that she gets doubled by godamn Generals. Especially with almost everyone else in the game having incredible speed, they are truly light years ahead in this area. Yes, she lands her hits and hits hard, but without being able to hit twice, her damage potential is wasted incredibly. But even with this terrible fault, she is still a solid magic user in a game lacking in that position and can be used as a long range nuke to weaken caught out enemies for other units to finish off. Rinkah- She really should be a lot lower but she has one saving grace; she is the only early game axe user. Until chapter 13 where you get Scarlett, you are stuck with her. Unless you somehow got Silas promoted which is highly unlikely, she is your main unit to deal with the endless waves of lance users. Her strength is also terrible. But her defense and skill are above average and can be used as an off tank. On top of that, she is the only unit able to promote into a Blacksmith (for better stats) or Oni Chieften (for amazing skills). Overall being an axe user and having access to exclusive classes helps save her from being hot garbage: The memes about Sakura being more jacked are actually justified as her strength growth is surprisingly higher than Rinkahs. Apparently, muscles don’t mean anything in Ryoma Emblem. Kaden- There is nothing to special about Kitsunes/Ninetails except for Beastbane which is a solid ability and Even Better which is incredibly busted. This ability gives him a bit of extra survivability as his defense his average. Overall speaking, his stats are average across the board but consistently doubles. Beaststone+ comes relatively late so that is something to factor in. Not a bad unit, but doesn’t bring anything special that another unit doesn’t already do. Azama- His growths are actually amazing. Amazing HP, Strength, Speed, and Defense growth. But unfortunately, he starts off locked onto rods, which scale off magic. Another unit’s potential wasted due to a terrible starting class. Consider master sealing him early as he is a very solid naginata user with the ability to double consistently. It’s a shame that his early levels plus rod abilities are wasted with his terrible magic growths. C Tier/ Tier 3/Requires a lot more work put into them or units that get outclassed due to bad growth distributions. Hayato- He has pretty average growths across the board except for Luck which is well above average. His early game is absolutely atrocious though. Joins incredibly underleveled with subpar base stats. His direct comparison is Orochi who joins 1 level earlier and far stronger. Maybe at 20/20 they are comparable but usually 1 Orochi hit equates to 2 Hayato hits if you look at the math. He has solid potential if enough resources are dedicated to him but even then, he is nothing special. Highest potential is a top 10 unit which is nothing to write home about. Subaki- It is complete irony that he is portrayed as a “perfect person” when in reality, he is one of the most imperfect units in the game. 30% strength and 20% is god awful and means he literally will not do any damage. 45% defense and 55% HP might make him into a viable tank and then you see the 5% resistance growths and wonder what they were thinking when they made this character. However, giving him a bolt naginata makes him marginally better as 20% magic is not too bad for a physical unit. But a bolt naginata works for a lot of other units like Hinoka, or Scarlet, or Azama, or Oboro, or even Azura. At best, he is a solid tank that needs to stay miles away from mages. Hinata- His stats are all over the place. Until you reach his speed at 15% …as a samurai…whose MO is to double enemies. He has good defense but is literally shoved into the worst class as both Swordmaster and Master of Arms are not tanky classes. And 35% strength is nothing to write home about either. Although to his credit, he joins with 14 base speed so he will be a lot more useful off the bat than Hana, but she literally needs a few levels before she starts running circles around Hinata. He also is one of the worst characters in the end game as his scaling will catch up to him and his high base speed will get ousted by literally every other unit. Useful due to his high base stats he joins at but he will fall off a cliff real fast. Mozu- Very similar to Hayato except that she is locked to lances so she can’t even hit from a range until she gets D rank javelin. The one thing going for her is access to the Merchant class which no one else has access to even if it is a gimmicky class. Spendthrift is a sketchy ability but if used correctly can be game changing. With more areas to train, she is a little more viable in Birthright. But even with her above average growths and aptitude (which only equals to 1 extra point every 10 levels), she requires way too much effort to get the ball rolling and you are better off using the exp on someone else. D Tier/ Tier 4/ Joins late and terribly under leveled. Requires too much effort for too little gain Izana- A solid unit to slot in the bottom of your team if too many units die. He joins underleveled and almost every unit will be higher level than him. Can be a solid mage if your other mages didn’t pan out (which surprisingly happens very easily), he can be a niche magic user which are barren in this route. Felicia 2- Another healer is always welcome and another magic user couldn’t come quickly enough. Unfortunately, she is incredibly underleveled and needs a lot of staff spamming to catch up to the rest of the team. Shura- He wouldn’t be bad if he didn’t join in Chapter 22. Even if he isn’t underleveled, his stats are just bad and he doesn’t provide anything to the team besides maybe a marginal healer. Having too many bow users on your team leaves you incredibly vulnerable and he really isn’t worth running over Takumi or Reina. Jakub 2- Similar to Felicia 2, really underleveld. On top of that, he scales off of strength and not magic which hurts his healing ability tremendously. His debuffs are helpful but gets outshined by the other ninjas who are far ahead. Setsuna- The only things she excels at are speed (which is number 1) and resistance. Every other stat is terrible. She is so fragile that she could die to 1 ballista shot if they let them kill in this game. Additonally her strength is terrible and struggles to deal significant damage to wyverns (where there is a 3x multiplier.) She can be used exclusively as a mage killer at best. Especially with all the amazing yumi users in this game, she gets outclassed by a mile: A shame because she probably was one of the funniest characters in Birthright in a route that lacked intriguing personalities in general. Yukimura- Just don’t even bother. He isn’t worth the time. Terrible stats and joins at Chapter 23 at the earliest. To be fair his passive gives +5 hit rate to all units which is one of the better personal abilities. But if you are not running him for that then there is 0 reason to use him. And replicating trash just gets you more trash so don’t be deceived by that ability.
  12. This is my version of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Tier List. I have beaten the game on all difficulty settings and I have used all of the characters with different builds. I looked more at stats and tried to make the list as objective as possible. I also considered no grinding except for invasions and paralogues, no DLC, and no elaborate reclassing. On top of that no skill inheritance from other save files. Any unit can become elite with the right skills so I didn’t want to muddy up the results. I also kept all the prepromoted units in their current class and discussed both promotion options for basic units unless one clearly outshines the other (making Elise a maid will never be helpful.) I occasionally added more personal information that had no bearing on the results but I thought was interesting nonetheless. Anything after a : is subjective. Also, no children characters as there stats vary by pairings. I have played every Fire Emblem game that has been released worldwide and I thought this was a good game to do a tier list for. The goal of this list is to discuss the overall ability of characters. The best ability is availability. This is factored into the list as well. The list also is effort to reward as it discusses which characters will perform best with the least amount of resources. Obviously your opinion might differ from mine so discuss why you agree or disagree. Now onto the list S+ Camilla S Corrin Elise S- Azura A+ Xander Jakub 1 A Charlote Effie A- Niles Silas B+ Leo Felicia 1 B Benny Kaze Peri B- Selena Keaton C+ Beruka C Laslow Arthur C- Nyx Gunter Shura Flora D+ Felicia 2 D Izana Jakub 2 D- Odin F Mozu S/God Tier/The overpowered tier where even if they get RNG screwed, remain elite and available throughout the game. Camilla- Base stats are ridiculous and is a complete monster. Not quite on the levels as RD Haar or POR Titania, but nonetheless strong. An amazing safety net to have on difficult early missions such as Chapter 10, and 12. Remains strong into the late game. Even if she falls off a little in the endgame, she will still be a top 3 unit heading into chapter 26. Her only knock is she is a pretty underwhelming magic user so she wastes some of her magic growths as a Malig Knight: Reclassing her to a Wyvern Rider gives her even more insane stats. Even if the skills are objectively worse, she doesn’t waste any growths on magic. However, Camilla in Blue and white looks weird. Corrin- MC unit will always be viable because he/she is available for every mission. Bane and boon aren’t game changing but I tend to go + Speed – Luck to make doubling enemies in the early stage easier. Nohr Noble makes you dual threat so + Magic isn’t a bad idea either. Dragon transformation isn’t that helpful: Reclassing to Grandmaster makes Corrin even more of a dual threat. Elise- A complete monster on offense. Will almost always cap Magic, Luck, and Resistance before 20/20. Doubles ninjas consistently. Even if her skill is below average, give her a forged fire tome and she will hands down be the highest damage dealer on your team. She usually comes close to capping her important stats before 20/0 as a troubadour so you can master seal her as soon as she hits 10 to strategist. Squishy against physical units but keeping her in the backrow makes her an unstoppable cinnamon roll who can 1 shot 95 percent of units in the game. You don’t even have to babysit her that much as you can staff spam and a second healer with freeze is a must for chapter 10. Absolutely should be considered one of the best magic users in any game of the series: Witch Elise is even more filthy as her magic cap goes even higher plus being able to teleport makes up for the lost movement. Azura- Dancer/Singer/Heron/Refresher of Fates. Always viable. Even though she is hella squishy, her offensive growths are actually good and could pick up a few kills in a pinch. Even though she is locked to C lances, her with a killer lance is surprisingly filthy. Her skill and luck make her dodge consistently and her 60+20% speed growth is absurd. Don’t rely on her fighting though as most physical units will 1 shot her: Consider temporarily reclassing her to a witch to get teleport. She can still use her refresh after teleporting to an ally. Just think about how busted that is. A tier/Tier 1/ Strong units that are extremely viable but RNG gods could prevent them from reaching their full potential. Xander- Joins relatively late but has pretty solid strength, defense and skill for a 20/4 Paladin. However, the pedestrian speed is quite annoying as he will have difficulty doubling enemies and actually gets doubled by ninjas in Chapter 17. However, Siegried makes up for this as being able to attack from 1 or 2 spaces and the bonus dodge and defense, Xander will always be a cornerstone in all teams: I like how the game makes it seem like Xander and Ryoma are equals on the battlefield but let’s be fair; Ryoma would slaughter him in a 1v1. Jakub 1 – Available for pretty much the whole game plus access to S rank staffs and constant debuffs. Hits harder physically and can take more physical hits compared to his female counterpart, however he is worse in both dealing and taking magic attacks. Without a full roster of hidden weapon users compared to Birthright, Jakub is very important for surviving the early levels and offers uncontested support throughout the game. Charlotte – Crit machine. Even when she first joins, giving her a killer axe gives her insane crit numbers. Her strength growth is elite and her skill is well above average so she hits hard and hits often. If you are willing to sacrifice her hit rate for gamble and a great club, her crit rates can reach between 80-90 %. Her high health and solid defense keep her alive for multiple fights as a Berserker (although Sol is very useful as a Hero, you miss out on death blow and loses a lot of her crit). Magic users are an issue though as her resistance leaves her vulnerable: If you could somehow get vantage on her (either through MC marriage or skill inheritance) she literally cannot lose a fight. Probably one of the most broken things I’ve seen. Effie – Clinically underrated. But then again, almost every Knight/General in any game is severely underestimated. She joins early and has unmatched strength growths. On top of that she has strong defense and health growths that turn her into a hard-hitting tank. Probably better than Kellam from Awakening but not as good as RD Gatrie. 50% speed growth is actually very solid and will actually double a significant number of enemies and once in a blue moon doubles a Swordmaster. She rarely gets doubled so going down the General path for Wary Fighter is unnecessary. Those who complain about movement can reclass her to Great Knight for 7 Movement and Luna at a cost for a little bulkiness. Either way, Effie hits and takes hits like a brick wall: Her speed usually is higher than Xander for me so take that into perspective. Niles – Almost solely is this high on the list because he is the only early game bow user and only unit that can use ballistas in Chapter 10 as well as opening doors and chests and capturing units. As an Adventurer, he gains even more utility with staves. Great speed and resistance, but suffers from pedestrian strength growths. Silas – Your OG cavalier. Available early and often. Excellent growths in Strength and Defense. Tends to lack in speed and is terrible in resistance. Level into Paladin for a more offensive approach and Great Knight for a bulkier build. Viable in both classes. A necessity to survive the early game onslaught and scales well into the end game. B tier/Tier 2/ Balanced tier that has viable units but weaknesses are more noticeable Leo – Brynhildr isn’t enough to save Leo from being the worst Nohr Royale in my opinion. Although he gains good skills from the Dark Knight class, mediocre speed growth leave a lot to be desired. He has decent strength growths and is the only other somewhat viable dual threat unit besides Corrin. Leo is however a very well rounded unit as most of his other stats are pretty decent and having solid defense and resistance will let him take a few extra hits. His biggest strength is also his biggest weakness as his mix of bulk and damage prevent him from excelling in any one particular area even if most of his growth rates are above average. To be fair he still has the potential to be a top 5 unit and is still a very reliable unit: Still one of my favorite characters, too bad he gets shafted by his speed. Felicia 1 – The only hidden weapon user that excels in Magic for the early game. With a Flame Shuriken, she can become a powerhouse. However, many of the Hoshidons in the game have high resistances which mitigate her damage a lot. Flame Shuriken, also doesn’t apply offensive skills which is unfortunate. Either way, she joins early and even if she is not as powerful as her counterpart, she is still a very strong support unit who can pick off magic users easily with her high Resistance and Magic. Benny – If Effie is a brick wall, then Benny is a steel barrier. He can lock down zones with ease. Give him a healer, and he can camp in a chokepoint for days. He also breaks the stereotype of Generals being susceptible to magic as his 45% resistance growth is tied for the highest personal growth. The only downfall is his horrendous speed and will almost always get doubled and can become exposed before he learns Wary Fighter. Should almost always be a General. 5 movement isn’t too big of an issue as the average is 6 and you can use an escort to drop him at his location. He ain’t moving too much anyways. Kaze – Being the only ninja on your team gives him bonus points. Joins a little underleveled but his bases make up for it. Unfortunately, he is terrible defensively and doesn’t hit hard enough to consistently kill higher defense units. Also being shuriken locked is less than ideal as he won’t offer the same utility as your personal maid/butler. Luckily, 21 base speed is enough to double pretty much anyone for multiple levels to come and being able to open locks is huge as well. Peri – Gets outshined by the other Cavaliers because of her bases and join time, but is in no means a bad unit. She has unorthodox growths as she isn’t like the others who excel in Strength and Defense. She has above average speed growths and very solid resistance growths for a lance user. There is no point in making her a Great Knight but her as a Paladin lets her unorthodox growths shine. However, like Leo, being well rounded can be her biggest downfall as she doesn’t excel at anything. Selena- Joins decently early and will end up with enough speed to double most enemies. She is a solid unit all around although is relatively squishy. Her skill and luck growths help her dodge consistently. Even though she is statistically better as a Hero, making her a Bow Knight gives you a much needed second bow unit as well as additional movement and the base speed on top of her outstanding speed growths can make her dangerous. Unfortunately, both these classes are relatively underwhelming which affects her greatly. Keaton – Is naturally bulky and with the Beastrune (which he comes with when recruited.) He becomes a solid physical tank. On top of that you get the Beaststone+ as a drop in chapter 19 which is much earlier than the other 2 routes (Chapter 26 in Revelations lol). Beastbane is a solid ability to have. However, he requires a lot of help from the RNG gods to be considered an elite unit as his Strength, speed and defense is average at best and his Skill is blasphemous. C Tier/ Tier 3/Requires a blessing from the RNG gods to be viable or units with bad availability Beruka- Unfortunate for her, she joins at the same time as Camilla who is better in every way plus she can also use Dragon veins. she has asinine Strength and Speed growths for a physical unit. To put it into perspective Odin has higher base strength growths (and he also isn’t that good of a unit.) Good news is she has one of the highest skill growths which is crucial for the unreliable hit rates of axes in the game. If babied a little, as well as offering a sacrifice to the RNG gods, she can become a decent unit, but a lot has to go right. Laslow – The only thing that keeps him somewhat relevant is his personal rally skill which is one of the better personal skills in the game. He has superior Strength and Skill growths but Selena has better Speed and tank growths (and she was already fragile to begin with.) He works well with a Kodachi as he ain’t doubling anyone anyways. His Skill and Luck will make sure he rarely misses. Most people just turn him into a rally bot: For me personally, he was blessed by the gods as my Laslow would always end up with far better stats than he should have. Arthur – Justice did not prevail when they decided to make this character. 5% luck growths might fit his character traits, but it is truly abysmal on the battlefield. On top of that, Charlotte outperforms him in every way as an axe user. At least he joins early enough and has solid strength. He won’t be doubling people often either and isn’t exactly tanky enough to take endless punishment: I always found a way to keep him on my Conquest teams just for the sake of it but objectively, he is nothing special (although he is a huge beneficiary of goddess icons.) Nyx – Dank Knight helped saved her from being completely terrible as it balances out some of her biggest weaknesses in durability and Skill as well as strong skills. However, she is competing against Leo and Elise who are both better and they can use Dragon Veins. Even Felicia offers superior utility as a healer so Nyx is the odd one out. With the worst strength growth in the game, she can't be used as a dual threat Dank Knight. Too much effort to train her for not so great reward. Gunter – A staple for Chapter 2 and Chapter 15. Other than that, he is not so helpful. His only real benefit is to be Corrin’s personal pair up buddy as his passive is decent. But most people don’t want to waste a unit slot on just a support buddy. His base stats are what you get because he isn’t getting much better. Shura – Did Niles die? If not there isn’t a reason to use him. If you desperately want a second archer and you didn’t turn Laslow or Selena into a Bow Knight, than he isn’t a terrible option. But if you really wanted another bow user you could have used Anna who can join much earlier. But he joins late and SPOILER if you choose to execute him instead, you get a much-needed pair of boots which would be more helpful. Flora – Earliest she can join is Chapter 19 which is a huge downer. Good news is that she has excellent base stats for a level 5 Maid. Like Felicia she is incredibly lethal for a support unit with a Flame Shuriken and you can’t go wrong with another healer. Availability is her biggest weakness. D Tier/ Tier 4/ Joins late and terribly under leveled. Requires too much effort for too little gain Felicia 2: She comes at the end of chapter 15 and her base stats are pretty underwhelming. Chances are even if you train her she will be at best equal to Flora when she joins 4 chapters later so you are better off using the exp for other units. Izana – He is the stereotypical late game prepromoted unit that you could slot on your team as a bottom 5 unit. He comes incredibly under leveled and the earliest he can be added is Chapter 23. His base stats are very solid for a 20/5 but almost all of you units will be higher level so he really is just a filler unit if you either killed too many units or mismanaged experience (pretty easy to do with Camilla, Corrin and Elise being EXP whores, but don’t do that as you will not beat the endgame) Jakub 2 – Healing scales off Magic and with him being a physical attacker, you won’t be an efficient healer. On top of that his base strength is so low, you will hit like a noodle. The only thing he is helpful for is debuffing the enemy but he will die to almost anything by being so underscaled. Odin – His growth rates make sense in the context of the story as he is an axe user that switches to a magic user. That explains the horrendous Magic and Resistance growths. Doesn’t make him good though. Even in the chapter he joins he is useless. He is an OK dual threat Dank Knight at best. He also can’t double anyone even if his life depended on it (and it does because he isn’t that beefy either) Too little reward for the amount of babying you have to do. F Tier/ Ninja/Takumi Bait/ Terrible investment for little to no reward; no realistic approach to becoming viable Mozu – Benny is still better Takumi bait than her even if you didn’t use him at all. The only reason I play her prologue is to get Elise the exp she needs before she Master seals. Especially without being able to grind (besides DLC) you will be sacrificing other units to make her somewhat usable. And no matter what, she will be completely useless for Chapter 10 as you literally need all hands-on deck for that level. Aptitude only gives a 10% increase which really only equals to 1 extra point for each stat every 10 levels, so her potential isn’t even that good anyway.
  13. Hello there! So I've decided to start a series of polls to truly understand how good/bad people on this board think units are in FE4. Well, gotta have some stupid rules first: - Only numerical votes on a understandable scale, please. - Don't forget to at least briefly justify why a unit kicks/sucks ass! - You may give the unit a +/- 0.5 bias, but only if you give a reason for it (even if it's only for Alec's turban, for example) - Correct me if I did some mistakes on this topic or future ones. I do a lot of them honestly :P - Most of all, have fun debating! ^^ Results GEN 1 1- Sigurd = 9 99/10 (17 votes) 2- Noish = 5.31/10 (20 votes) 3- Alec = 5.89/10 (19 votes) 4- Ardan = 2.04/10 (18 votes) 5- Lex = 7.60/10 (20 votes) 6- Azel = 4.65/10 (22 votes) 7- Cuan = 8.14/10 (21 votes) 8- Ethlyn = 8.77/10 (18 votes) 9- Finn = 8.30/10 (18 votes) 10- Midayle = 6.91/10 (19 votes) 11- Ayra = 5.94/10 (22 votes) 12- Dew = 6.11/10 (19 votes) 13- Adean = 6.65/10 (16 votes) 14- Jamke = 5.57/10 (17 votes) 15- Deirdre = 1.89/10 (17 votes) 16- Holyn = 5.53/10 (19 votes) 17- Lachesis = 6.71/10 (19 votes) 18- Beowulf = 5.32/10 (18 votes) 19- Lewyn/Levin = 7.15/10 (20 votes) 20- Sylvia = 7.95/10 (27 votes) 21- Erin = 7.42/10 (19 votes) 22- Taillte = 3.82/10 (19 votes) 23- Briggid = 5.5/10 (16 votes) 24- Claude = 5.47/10 (16 votes) GEN 2 1- Seliph = 9.36/10 (18 votes) 2- Oifaye = 7.65/10 (17 votes) 3- Julia = 4.86/10 (18 votes) 4- Johan = 4.63/10 (16 votes) 5- Johalva = 3.53/10 (16 votes) 6- Shanan = 7.06/10 (18 votes) 7- Leif = 8.73/10 (20 votes) 8- Ares = 8.62/10 (17 votes) 9- Altenna = 5.27/10 (17 votes) 10- Hannibal = 1.66/10 (16 votes) So, I have no choice but to start with the main Lord himself, Sigurd! Class: Lord Knight (Level 5) Holy Blood: Major Baldur Personal Skills: Pursuit Class Skills: None Stats: 35 HP (110%) 14 Strength (50%) 0 Magic (5%) 11 Skill (50%) 12 Speed (30%) 9 Defense (40%) 3 Resistance (5%) 7 Luck (40%) My thoughts: Like pretty much every FE4 player, I think Sigurd is by far the best lord to ever have existed in the franchise! He has great bases, good growths, is mounted in FE4, has the most important skill (Pursuit) and can use any sword ever - which includes the Tyrfing and its godly stats bonuses - as well as most lances, if you care. And let's not forget his incredible Silver Sword that he will receive in the Prologue chapter! So yeah, I'll give him a 9.5/10, cause his Resistance still sucks without the Tyrfing, but since I have a bias for him, it translates into a massive 10/10! Let's get the show started! ^^
  14. After like 7 Lunatic+Hard Playthroughs of Conquest I've decided to make a Tier List for it. I'm looking to make it as accurate as possible. Being an efficient unit (high move, shelter, ability to kill at 1-2 range or bosskill, etc) makes the unit go up, not having these qualities or having them but needing more effort makes them go lower. Here we go: Rules: -Conquest Lunatic Classic Mode -Full recruitment, No Deaths. -No DLC or Bonus items. -No outside my castle visiting feature. -No cooking or capturing. -No invasion battles. -Efficiency (slower than LTC but not slow enough to where we can just casually take 10 turns in a map to grind someone up. Think of it like if chapter 12 takes 2 turns in a LTC run by bumrushing ryoma, efficiency takes a bit longer to ensure that it is reliable to do so. So like 6-7 turns. How many more Turns efficiency takes varies from map to map, but basically whatever seems reliable and fast) Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Camilla Top Tier Corrin Azura Xander Jakob (Ch2) Leo High Tier Beruka Silas Niles Felicia (Ch2) Mid Tier Effie Kaze Elise Selena Shura Arthur Peri Gunter Low Tier Nyx Keaton Charlotte Laslow Flora Felicia (Ch16) Izana Bottom Tier Jakob (Ch16) Benny Mozu Odin [spoiler=List in Picture form] Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Top Tier High Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier [spoiler=Important Commentary on v1.0 Unit Placements] First Tier belongs solely to Camilla, for obvious reasons. She joins as early as Chapter 10, with ridiculous bases in every stat with amazing growths that ensure she stays obscenely good throughout the game. She flies, has good weapon ranks, good classes and a decent personal skill. She's extremely dominant and doesn't need resources to perform at her best. Second Tier kicks off with Azura, her dancing is invaluable throughout the game and it becomes kinda broken with Shelter units around. Corrin is an amazing, reliable and versatile combat unit for the entire game. She can pull off a myriad of classes too well, with cavalier or wyvern being her best options. Xander joins kinda late and wants your Speedwing. Those are his only flaws. Godlike 1-2 range and durability make him too useful in most of the lategame maps. Also has Shelter if you weren't already satisfied with him. Jakob is an amazing unit that joins you early and can go Paladin with a Heart Seal. While this does mean he starts E rank weapons, it offers too many benefits for that measly cost. It means you get an 8 mov unit early on. It means Jakob gets elbow room with just 1 level. With another level you get another Shelter unit. He even gets Defender early to skyrocket his already good combat. He just keeps getting better and better with little cost. Silas joins early with nice bases and growths, has a really good and abusable personal skill in a high move class. High Tier kicks off with Niles, who is a really good unit that joins you early and has a ton of unique uses. He gives movement on pairup, gets mov+1 himself, has the ability to lockpick, has no trouble doubling, etc. He can even go bowknight later on and have like 10 mov. That's kind of amazing. His growths in areas other than spd means he can and often will fall off later on when enemy stats make the jump though. Then there's Effie, with her high str and good personal skill giving her clutch offense early on. She can go Great Knight and keep killing and tanking things. Kaze joins later than in Birthright but is still pretty darn amazing. He has amazing spd that lets him double basically forever and has good 1-2 range offense thanks to shurikens. Very useful unit but too frail to be exposed to too much combat. Leo, much like Xander, joins late and wants your Speedwing, but has really good bases and a tome that makes him a 1-2 range nuke. He has good bulk on both sides and is just really solid at combat. Felicia (Ch2), while inferior to Jakob in every way possible, does have the ability to go Strategist and have good offense (but terrible defense) early on. She's like a better Elise without Dragon Veins to me since she can do combat to get more exp than elise and get going faster. If she doesn't go strategist she's still a nice support unit that can eventually be a flame shuriken nuke. Upper Mid Tier has Elise at the top. While Elise is really solid, I feel she's not a High Tier unit. That would mean she's just one or 2 spots below Leo and there's a very clear difference between them in performance. Elise comes early with a pony and is good at her healing job. Eventually she can be a playerphase nuke too with her amazing mag and spd growths. She can never really do EP combat thanks to her hp and def though. Beruka's bases are really solid and she flies. Her biggest downside is her Spd base being super low and her growths being on the poor side. Still, she's a flying unit with good single strikes and that makes her useful enough. Selena, much like Beruka, joins with solid bases early on. She's in a much more inferior class than Beruka though. She can pull off Bow Knight and Pegasus Knight rather well. The latter making her a flying Rescue user. She will be useful, much like Beruka but she won't be winning any mvp awards either. Shura joins late and costs you a Boots if you recruit him, but he can be useful as a Bow Knight with 10 move and has nice bases. Arthur closes Upper Mid. Being an early joining unit with a good support class and the ability to be another Shelter unit if need be. Mid Tier. I felt like these guys needed the tier gap because there's no way they're on par with the upper mids. Peri kicks off the tier. She has average bases and growths in a good class and joins decently early on. She can use Shelter right away too. Gunter provides amazing pairup bonuses to Corrin, can use Shelter, can fly and he can grab quite a few support skills like Rallies really easily. Not an amazing combat unit, but a valuable support unit. Laslow joins along with Peri in C12 and has decent bases. His spd holds him back, but he's usable. He's mediocre, but usable. His rally is neat to have for free. A lot of people will give me heck for my Charlotte placement I bet, but she doesn't give move. Her str spd pairup bonus is amazing for sure, but needs more mov. And she's terrible at combat. Low Tier: Now we get to the losers. Nyx is awful. She could maybe be early-sealed to Dark Knight and be decent in like one map but that's about it. She really is hopeless as a combat unit. She can go Bowknight and be a 10 move support unit but there are better options for that and they can do combat too. Flora joins with a B rank in staves in C19 so she can use entrap. She has good skl and mag, making her pretty accurate with staves too. She has that niche going for her. Staff rank is hard to build. Felicia C16 joins late and is extremely bad, but she can heal kinda well and maybe do decent chip with Flame Shuriken here and there. Izana joins suuuper late, but he has 2 rallies and can use staves on things. Keaton, while he does have nice bases, he joins at a time when no one wants a 5 move unit with good 1 range combat. This holds him back sooo much. Bottom Tier: These are more losers than the losers. Jakob C16 can be another Shelter bot maybe and heal for less than C16 Felicia if he stays Butler. Benny can instaseal to GK and give move and str def on pairup but that's about it. Mozu can be a decent sniper if you want to go through the hell that is training her and spend an early Heart Seal on her for some reason. Odin is the worst character in the game from what i've played. His bases are laughably bad and his spd growth cripples him even more. He will always be mediocre at best even if you do train him. He can probably do better if sealed to samurai asap, but heart seals are heavily contested resources. [spoiler=Bonus, ranking the Nohrian kids] Top Tier High Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier Percy and Sophie in the top as they are likely to exist because their parents are great/good. Percy has a Wyvern, with good stats everywhere and a huge defense stat that makes him actually really handy to tank things. He can get Shelter from his dad and fly, which is really good. Sophie is a Cavalier, which means she gets Shelter right away, has a good dad and often will join with good bases. She usually does well no matter who is her mom. High Tier: Nina is likely to exist thanks to Niles being an amazing unit himself. She's on the very frail side but she has good offense and has the mov+1 skill to make her even better. Ophelia doesn't have a good dad, but wow her offense is really good and she can go Dark Knight. She's a nuke. Too bad about that dad of hers...Kana can inherit good stuff like Wyvern to help out. His/her stats are mediocre/average at best but he/she can be made into a useful unit more often than not. Dwyer is decent if Corrin married Jakob and inherits the good stuff, otherwise he's just a healer on a pony like Elise but worse. Mid Tier: Midori can go Mechanist, which is a good class for 1-2 range nuking things. She's decent at best though. Siegbert isnt likely to exist before the very late maps thanks to Xander's availability. He's really average I find and strictly inferior to Xander. Soleil is a late joining Laslow without his Rally but with the ability to potentially be made better through skill genetics...not very promising. Can probably go Bow Knight and do decently. Shigure...it's painful to pairup Azura in Drafts! omg she's the worst!!!!! Now that I got that out of my system, Shigure can become a Rally Speed bot later on which is probably handy if he does manage to exist. Low Tier: Forrest is a late joining healer thanks to Leo's late arrival. Velouria isn't likely to be in play and doesn't offer much. Bottom Tier: Ignatius. Yeah...his dad is bad, his paralogue I hear is impossible after a certain point (havent done it myself yet) and hes probably just a pairup bot GK like his dad. Previous versions: [spoiler=v1.0] Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Top Tier High Tier Upper Mid Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier
  15. Ever wonder how your opinions and attitudes of Fire Emblem have changed over the course of nearly a decade? Thanks to the magic of Gamefaqs archived topics, we can see how I roughly evaluate the roster of FE1 in 2007 compared to what I think of them now! Keep in mind that my original tier list was not ordered within each tier, so small discrepancies between lists can be considered basically negligible. Also noteworthy: 1. I originally considered Jagen and Zaggaro(Sedgar) to be so bad that they deserved their own tier below bottom tier. Oops! 2. Chainey was forgotten in the original draft of this tier list. Ricardo was listed twice to compensate (in the same tier, no less!) 3. Numbers have also been added next to each character's name in the interest of comparing the two lists. The original list can be found here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/562649-fire-emblem-ankoku-ryu-to-hikari-no-tsurugi/39858849 (It's post #2) [spoiler=2007] Top Tier: 1.Abel 2.Hardain 3.Kain 4.Katua (Catria) 5.Oguma 6.Navarre 7.Paola 8.Marich (Merric) 9.Julian High Tier: 10.Linda 11.Astoria 12.Raddy 13.Est 14.Gordan 15.Samson 16.Marth 17.Wendal Mid Tier: 18.Alan 19.Barts 20.Caesar 21.Lawrence 22.Sheeda 23.Medea 24.Minerva 25.Chiki 26.Gato 27.Kashim (Castor) Low Tier: 28.Villuck (Vyland) 29.Maji (Cord) 30.Roger 31.Toms (Dolph) 32.Doga 33.Roshe 34.Machis (Matthis) 35.Thomas 36.George 37.Beck 38.Jake Bottom Tier: 39.Banetou 40.Boa 41.Maria 42.Michelan 43.Rena 44.Ricardo 45.Riff 46.Saji 47.Ulf 48.Daros 49.Ellis 50.Ricardo Jeigan Tier: 51.Jeigan 52.Zaggaro Here is my new and improved quickly thrown together tier list. I made it under the assumption that no character is assumed to be used besides Marth. (This is why Maria has utility as a warper despite Rena existing and the whitewings count as costing many turns independently of Minerva & Maria's recruitments.) [spoiler=2017] Top Tier: 1.Kain (+2) 2.Abel (+1) 3.Sheeda (+19) 4.Rena (+39) 5.Wendell (+12) 6.Hardin (-4) 7.Marth (+9) High Tier: 8.Ogma (-3) 9.Navarre (-3) 10.Merric (-2) 11.Jagen (+40) 12.Barts (+7) 13.Boa (+27) 14.Julian (-5) Mid Tier: 15.Roshe (+18) 16.Machis (+17) 17.Wolf (+30) 18.Gordon (-4) 19.Kashim (+8) 20.Maji (+9) 21.Medea (+2) 22.Astram (-11) 23.Ricardo (+21/+27) 24.Chainey (???) 25.Minerva (+1) 26.Maria (+15) Low Tier: 27.Zaggaro (+24) 28.Biraku (0) 29.Doga (+3) 30.Saji (+16) 31.Daros (+17) 32.Raddy (-20) 33.Caesar (-13) 34.Thomas (+1) 35.Gato (-9) 36.Lawrence (-15) 37.Linde (-27) Bottom Tier: 38.Toms (-7) 39.Roger (-9) 40.Jake (-2) 41.Beck (-4) 42.Michelan (0) 43.Ellis (-6) 44.Riff (+1) 45.Palla (-38) 46.Samson (-31) 47.Aran (-29) 48.Catria (-44) 49.Bantu (-10) 50.Est (-37) 51.Chiki (-26) 52.George (-16) Top 5 units that rose from my initial list: 5. Ricardo (+21/27) / Zaggaro (+24) One of my major changes from my previous makeshift tier list to my new makeshift tier list is the acknowledgement that most characters just aren't great and either bring little to the table, aren't worth the table, cost turns, or all of the above! Ricardo brings moderate thief utility to the table while being basically free to recruit while Zaggaro can nuke fliers and deal a little bit of chip damage with 9 movement and is actually free to recruit. Neither of these guys are in any way excellent but my idea that getting a little something for nothing is better than getting some of something for a lot is very apparent when comparing the two lists. 4. Boa (+27) Poor Boa got profiled just because he's old and his growths are low. Boa's 15 base speed makes him a great dead-Gharnef-on-a-stick, not to mention that as a sage he provides decent chip support and great staff support. Best of all, Boa joins reasonably early and automatically, which are both qualities I apparently pay attention to a lot more now than before. 3. Wolf (+30) Wolf doesn't have the best growths or bases in the game, but they get the job done. What Wolf does have is an excellent move stat and easy access to the Partia, making him one of the most user-friendly and surprisingly effective bow users in the game. 2. Rena (+39) Rena can barely level up in this game. However, she can still warp. Rena is basically warp personified, so up up up she went. 1. Jagen (+40) Was this ever even a question? Poor old Jeigan was given the below-bottom tier treatment in my old list for his poor averages, but I overlooked all of the great things the old man brings to the table. He's your best all-around combat unit for quite some time and joins from the get-go! With a silver sword he is a reasonable unit to deploy all the way to midgame, but his lategame really kept him from me listing him as a top tier unit. Top 5 units that fell from my initial list: 5. Linde (-27) On paper you would almost believe that Linda is a slightly worse version of Merric. In practice, she perhaps couldn't be more disappointing. Aura is a neat tome but it is not even close to Excalibur, not to mention that Linde joins much later and more out of the way with growths and bases merely comparable to Merric's. What a shame! 4. Aran (-29) & Samson (-31) While I considered listing these guys separately, the irony of including them together was just too rich. Both of these guys embody what values changed most from my initial tier list to this one: late join times, annoying turn costs, and solid level 20 stats. Unfortunately, I favor the first two nowadays over the latter, so down they went. Turn counts are real jerks, aren't they? 3. Est (-37) Oh, the shame! Although I did not rank Est in the top tier, her ability to quickly promote to a dragon knight for that sweet 14 base def and to gain offense stats quick to complement that bulk had me vastly overrate Est and her late join time, difficulty to level up, and vast turn cost. 2. Palla (-38) Seeing a pattern, here? Palla is a reasonable unit but her turn cost is just too steep to be considered for a serious run. (Unless you're doing one of those weird full recruitment runs instead of those super sexy minimum recruitment runs.) Minerva, as a comparison, costs less turns and is generally better (with the hardly contested speed wing), and only just managed to scrape my middle tier. 1. Catria (-44) Oh no! Not my waifu! Unfortunately for Catria, 20/20 averages don't do much for me anymore, and no amount of 30% def growths can stop her huge turn cost from being a liability. She's a reasonable combat unit that only costs a few turns if you were planning to recruit Minerva anyway, but in any low-turn or efficient run the turn cost isn't worth it even if you really want a flier. Well, that's my journey from 2007 to present. This is mostly an FYI but feel free to discuss/make fun of my placements from either list if you would like. Pretty amazing how 10 years and a few fe1 drafts can change a person's opinion, huh? We went from averages are king in 2007 to turns are king in 2017. Check back in 2027 to see how my crazy opinions have changed even further. You won't believe where Doga ends up!
  16. I posted a topic like this a few months ago. And though nobody responded, I realize now that the list in that topic is more of a postgame list than an efficiency list. So I figure that to try to help whoever might be trying to go through this game by at last laying the groundwork for such a list. And in regards to some tier spots, I have an idea for three or four tiers that, while consisting of Digimon that you'll definitely see lategame, I don't know if they should be placed between someplace like mid and low, or in an "ungrouped" zone. Even even considering that they'll likely look like this. GBA FE Lord promotion tier Mastemon Creepymon Barbamon Beelzemon Belphemon Sleep Mode Belphemon Rage Mode Leviamon Lillithmon Dratini tier Lucemon (all forms) FE13 Spotpass tier UlforceVeedramon Magnamon Armor!Rapidmon Examon Dynasmon Crusadermon Leopardmon Craniamon Kentaurosmon Gankoomon Jesmon Gallantmon ChaosGallantmon Alphamon Omnimon Imperialdramon Paladin Mode DLC tier Dianamon BlackWarGreymon MetalGarurumon (Black) Omnimon Zwart Beelzemon Blast Mode Kerpymon (Black) I'm also wondering which Digimon should be listed on most of the list. Should I have all Mega/Ultra level Digimon like with the other list,vwith consideration given to the fact that every Digimon in the game can eventually become any Digimon? Or should I give a focus similar to what Smogon does with their Pokémon tier lists and list earlier stages and tier them by stats, availability, and evolution? Any thoughts?
  17. https://twitter.com/Mr_RSmash/status/760709372406296576 Overall fairly interesting places for quite a number of characters. Some commonly held opinions against some really funky ones, (such as Link being as high as he is)
  18. Hello Serenes, sorry for a very brief question post, but I was just wondering if anyone can give me a " tier list" of the skills in the game. Be it PVP or solo, it may say weird, but I don't really care which one you give me. I saw one once, but foolishly didn't save/follow it. I'm not really one for tiers for skills really, but I just want to gauge a few skills. Thanks for your help in advance!
  19. It's that time again folks, ZeRo has begun his new list, based more on personal opinion this time as opposed to 100% results, Esam also started a list, (In Euk's first post) and he's going from the Bottom Up
  20. I can't be assed to find the old one which is very possibly 3+ years old now. I once made a tier list of the Genealogy skills, and naturally, my list-making self has decided to remake it. It's a simple enough list, as skills are much easier to judge than units for numerous reasons. Personal experience definitely comes less into play here as well. The ranking criteria are as follows: -Availability: How available this skill is to your units. Obviously the more common the skill, the more useful. This does not include the auto-critical tacked onto 50+ kill weapons (because then Critical could theoretically be the top of everything by virtue of reinforcement farming). Class/weapon skills are included in this tally. Also, it is taken into account which units possess these skills. For example, Ayra possessing Nihil is absolutely useless because she will never, ever be critted; whereas Alec's possession of Nihil is a little more useful because he can avoid Horseslayer crits. Same with, say, Wrath: Tiltyu and Tinny possessing Wrath is useless because they are extremely frail for a majority of the game, whereas Arthur is amazing with Wrath, especially if he is Lex or Levin's son. -Effect in Battle: How this skill benefits (or poses a drawback) to your units in battle affects its placement. Does it make your units kill enemies faster? Make them die less? Allow them to progress further? -Activation: How often does this skill activate? The more it activates, the better, naturally. -Adaptability: How easy is it for this skill to go from one generation to the next? This also includes how it benefits or hinders children characters. -Contributions to Efficiency Plays: We're not looking at absolute LTC here, but we're not turtling either. How does the skill help your units achieve their goals easier? Rings are also included in a skill's overall ranking. This, of course, affects very few skills, but it does affect the availability of the Ring skills. Another minor consideration is how well the skill works with other skills on units. For example, the almighty Ambush/Wrath combo makes both skills more useful when stacked, but not necessarily on their own. This is mostly looked at with skills like Charge and Continue which can be very dangerous when combined together or with Pursuit. UPDATE: Due to requests the tier list has been switched to two separate lists by Generation. Those are below. This is the original, and general, tier list, and will remain up for debate and reference. Pursuit Tier Pursuit High Tier Dance Elite High Middle Tier Prayer Steal Charisma Middle Tier Critical Continue Astra Charge Bargain Return Wrath Low Middle Tier Ambush Luna Low Tier Sol Nihil Life Bottom Tier Great Shield [spoiler=First Generation]Pursuit Tier Pursuit High Tier Dance Elite Return High Middle Tier Prayer Steal Charisma Middle Tier Continue Critical Charge Astra Bargain Low Middle Tier Wrath Luna Ambush Low Tier Sol Nihil Bottom Tier Life Great Shield [spoiler=Second Generation] Pursuit Tier Pursuit High Tier Dance Elite Charisma High Middle Tier Continue Critical Charge Middle Tier Prayer Astra Charge Steal Bargain Low Middle Tier Wrath Ambush Return Luna Low Tier Sol Life Bottom Tier Nihil Great Shield [spoiler=The Almighty ChangeLog]3/8/2015: -Bargain dropped to Middle Tier, position still debateable -Critical dropped to Middle Tier, maintains same position
  21. PLEASE TAG ALL YOUR GAME SPOILERS STATING WHAT GAME THEY RELATE TO. SOME PEOPLE HAVEN'T PLAYED THEM ALL. So I was wondering, we had this thread a while back at the NeoGAF boards and the discussion turned out quite interesting. I think it would be fun to talk about how certain characters would face against each other if they used the rules of their own games instead of going by Smash rules (where everyone is evened out). General consensus is that Shulk and Kirby are the most powerful, followed usually by Gods (Palutena, Rosalina) or God-like characters (Ness, Mewtwo, Pit) or characters with OP Ultimate forms (Sonic, Mario, I guess Link, I guess Pac-Man too, and some others). Of course, there's A LOT of room to debate this. Current Tier List: So what do you think? Who is the true most powerful Smash character outside Smash?
  22. Both in the traditional sense of western societies, your opinion of the universal aspects of these adjectives, and how you think characters would think of different classes within their worlds. For my initial list I'm primarily taking into consideration this last explanation. Note that I've only played the localized games with the exception of not having finished Sacred Stones, so I'm only including the classes I've seen in-game. Everyone familiar with different classes from the other entries in the series is free to add classes that are significantly different than those listed here. I’m excluding the various axe / lance knight type distinctions, along with laguz, manaketes and the like being compared to humans. I'm also excluding "unique classes", e.g. Raven King, Dark God, ect. and classes that are not inherent to a character (e.g. Bride). My rough estimate for the classes: Feminine to Masculine, in order -------Feminine-------- Dancer Troubadour Falcon Knight Pegasus Knight Dark Flier Cleric ------------ Gender Neutral--------- Trickster Priest Mage Thief Rogue Wyvern Rider Wyvern Lord / Dragonlord Griffin Rider Archer Sniper Sage Assassin Myrmidon Swordmaster Paladin Cavalier -----------Masculine---------- Lord Great Lord Dark Mage Sorcerer / Druid Horseman Soldier Halberdier Great Knight (Awakening) Knight Bishop General Mercenary Hero Fighter Warrior Bandit Berserker And just for fun, continuing the trend of feminine to masculine: For Laguz: --Feminine-- Heron --Gender Neutral-- Cat Raven Hawk Wolf Dragon Lion Tiger Weapons (one of the easier ones simply taking into account typical weights and consequent feasibility of wielding each): Axes Lances Swords Bows Daggers Magic (this one I feel is extremely open to debate and interpretation, so I'm quite curious as to what everyone will think): Lightning Dark Wind Fire Light
  23. Specifically, which female unit has the largest breasts for each Fire Emblem game? PoR: RD: SD: ect. I'm primarily talking about recruit-able characters, but the likes of Sonia or Petrine can get an honorable mention. Feel free to include runners-up in order as well. -My estimates for the higher end of the Tellius cast, in decreasing / shrinking order, including within tiers: Top Tier Nailah Heather Mia High Tier Almedha Sigrun Upper mid / "decent" tier Vika Titania Average tier Lucia Elincia Marcia Fiona Jill? Calill
  24. Who has the largest bust? I'm primarily talking about Tellius units, but the likes of Petrine can get an honorable mention. Feel free to include runners-up in order as well. Radiant Dawn: Nailah, with the runner-ups being Heather, Almedha, Mia, Sigrun, Vika, and Lucia, in descending / shrinking order.
  25. Hey guys, I was exploring the FE13 Subforum and I didn't really see any threads that specifically delve into which classes are the most useful in Awakening, so I thought I'd make one just for that purpose. The idea of this thread is to sort the classes for how useful they're generally considered to be for the postgame metagame-- namely spotpass challenges and challenge maps like Apotheosis. This refers more generally to which classes are the most useful to reclass into, regardless of the character. (Assume all DLC content available.) I'll keep track of more or less what the general consensus is in the OP for reference to anyone looking for like a general classing / strategy guide. S-Rank: Top of the line, second to none. - Sage [s / A Limbo] - Darkflier A-Rank: The best units with the most essential qualities required for success in the postgame. - Valkyrie - Falcoknight - Hero - Dancer B-Rank: Very strong units that typically act as good filler. May be interchangeable with one another or some A-rank units. - Berserker - Paladin - Sniper - Assassin - Dreadfighter - Bride C-Rank: Strong units with unique niches, though these roles are usually overshadowed by more powerful units. - Wyvern Lord - Sorcerer - Dark Knight - Greatlord - Grandmaster - Manakete D-Rank: Units that are usable, but mostly outclassed by other units. Not bad, but typically not worth a team slot. - Bow Knight - Warrior - General - Great Knight - Griffon Rider - Swordmaster - Trickster - War Monk E-Rank: Bottom-of-the-barrel units that have no practical use or application in competitive settings. - Villager - Taguel - Lodestar General Conduct: For discussion purposes, try to stick to discussing one or a few units at a time. While completed, the list may still be subject to change if enough substantial evidence for the change is offered up. **When discussing a unit, don't forget to mention which tier you think it belongs in.**
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