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Found 12 results

  1. So, one of the more common complaints about FEH is how sparse the writing is. Forging Bonds tries to sell characters with writing, but it doesn't do nearly enough. A few short monologues gushing about the summoner isn't really enough to show the player why they should care about the character. So, how would you "fix" it? You can suggest improvements to the specific plots of the first two books, ways to better integrate summoned heroes into the plot, ways to fluff out Zenith's lore, etc.
  2. So, in Awakening there are all these people like "cHrOm GiVe Us ThE fIrE eMbLeM" like Gucci Gangrel and Validar iirc so why doesn't Kellam just hold the Fire Emblem? It sounds like a joke but seriously no one would even know where it is because it wouldn't basically exist. I think that this is a pretty big plothole. Chrom could literally save the entire kingdom of Ylisse from havoc if he just gave Kellam the Fire Emblem. But... what if Chrom didn't even remember Kellam? Well..., in order to get Kellam you need Chrom to talk to him in Chapter 3, which is at least 1 interaction with Chrom in the game, and knowing how much Kellam is forgotten, Chrom should give him the Fire Emblem if he has any sort of brain. So, we have 3 conclusions, A plothole Chrom is dumb It is a game calm down -The End-
  3. So, remember the time I said I wouldn't do another LP any time soon because I was busy? Yeah. I lied. "And the fabled tactician who almost destroyed the universe, right after sending half of his army to their deaths". Although, I definitely hope things don't go so badly this time around. Remember me? I played FE12 and it was horrible! It almost feels like it was only last week. Now I'm here to bring forth another work of locomotive malfunction and consequent derailment. I initially considered playing normal mode. Then I thought of playing normal but increasing the enemy growths a little, so it would be like a "not so hard" mode. Then I thought "fuck it, the only good thing of my last LP was me failing". Hard mode it is! If we make it past chapter 7, I'll be satisfied. Ruben, didn't you say you wouldn't have time for this? The thing about FE12 was that it had a number of factors that made it rather tedious to LP. The two screens forced me to go through long, dragged out sessions of cropping, the character sprites going dark when not actively talking made editing harder than it needed to be, and the lack of assets for FE12 on the internet and highly detailed sprites forced me to cut corners weirdly when editing. FE6 does not have any of these issues, which should make things easier for me. Does that mean we'll get an actual schedule this time? I intend to at least update every 3 days. Not as rushed as the main campaign, but not as hilariously slow as the chronicles. Will we get another terrible, self-insert fanfic? Can't you see the tag? I didn't read the last LP! What's all this talk about destroying the universe? Should I call 911? Go ahead and read it! It's right there in my signature, along with a reader's recommendation. Eh? Eh? If you cannot be arsed, well, it's not that important. I plan to introduce some continuity, but it should be quite obvious to anybody with two eyes and a functional brain. Will we get a saying on anything that goes on in the LP? Routes, units, anything? No. Hahahah, okay okay, I mean, I'll try to play all routes in different save files. I'll probably do what I want for the most part, but feel free to suggest units or things to do. Just... not Rutger please... we've been over that. I think. So, that's it? Good. Then, without any further ado... It is time to wait a few days until I get around to writing down the update! Until then, I fare you all well.
  4. Micaiah and Sothe’s relationship throughout the game is told to be a very strong, protective, and close one, though it’s never actually seemed very romantic to me. Not at all flirty or conventionally intimate by romantic standards. Until Micaiah and Sothe end up married in the A support ending, I never really felt THAT sort of connection from them and even then it seemed to come along so suddenly. Also: Micaiah is stated to become Queen in the ending, though Sothe is only ever mentioned as her “husband” and “pillar of strength”, and never really King of Daein even with being married to her. Might it be fair to guess that maybe Sothe is NOT king and perhaps only Prince, leaving Miccy with all the concrete power? Might it be possible that they are only married for political reasons?
  5. There are some pretty crazy plans in the Fire Emblem series. From Manfroy's manipulating countries, to Azura's plan for Garon to sit on a throne. Which one do you think has the highest change of failing? For me is Manfroy, his plan rely heavily on the writing itself favoring him and the amount of cutscene powers to accomplished otherwise difficult feats.
  6. I wasn't able to find an explicit discussion thread for FEHeroes story. Therefore the purpose of this thread is to discuss FEHeroes main plot as well as nuances in the chapters, paralogues and other worldly missions as well as character development and such. I hope the spoiler in the topic, will be enough to make people aware, that there might be spoilers here.
  7. I have a question about the plot line for King Garon. My question involves spoiling the ending to all three paths, so if you have not played all three paths please don't view the spoiler. [spoiler=Plots of All Three Paths] My question is which form is King Garon's true form? In Birthright after you defeat him he turns into the Blight Dragon, in Conquest his form was revealed to be a slime monster after seating on the throne, and in Revelations he doesn't change forms at all. I have read many comments about him taking whatever form Anankos chooses, but if sitting on the Hoshido throne turns him into a slime monster. Doesn't that mean that is his true form, since the throne breaks any spell placed on who ever sits on it? Also if his true form is a slime monster, how did he manage to turn into a dragon in Birthright?
  8. This was something I realised after seeing the plot point show up a few times, but... How, exactly, did Naesala's attack on Phoenicis count as a 'genocide'? The narrative states that the elderly, women and children were spared, and considering Phoenicis's army was currently mobilised, that doesn't leave a lot of people to kill back at Phoenicis. The only fighting-age males one would expect would be scholars, tacticians, and other thinking-type people, seeing as the laguz are, by nature, more prepared for battle than other races. And this plot point- that laguz are not thinkers- suggests that the number of such laguz would be very low. There's nothing to farm on Phoenicis, there's no evidence that manpower is needed for anything other than fighting in Phoenicis, and considering the army was just going up on Begnion... How does Naesala's attack count as anything more than a serial homicide, a massacre at worst?
  9. I'm currently writing an FE story, with an interesting twist on a large quantity of units. Basically, the villain has summoned Magvel and Elibe to join Tellius, and as a result, units from Magvel and Elibe join the party to help defeat the villain. Shortly before the final battle, however, the villain destroys all of his summons, including the playable roster. Of course, in an actual game, this would be a massive slap in the face (the first unit like this joins in Chapter 5, and the loss happens in Chapter 24), so I've developed a compromise that fits all right into the plot: The units add a flat bonus to characters that don't disappear, plus whatever stats they've gained since recruitment. Would this be considered a fair compromise, in terms of gameplay? Most characters give bonuses to characters of the same or similar class (Lyn gives her bonus to the Lord, Hector gives his to Ike, and so on in such a fashion), and I believe that the army you'd get out of this would be serviceable, even if you had used nothing but these units as soon as possible (and even then, you'd get a lot of experience out of the early levels), and there are a handful of good units near the end... I'm just fishing for thought, really. Would this kind of final chapter be all right in gameplay form?
  10. This is something that has bothered me since my first playthrough of FE13. It is implied that Lucina is the only child born in the current timeline (With some child units, it's outright stated). When a potential mother unit dies, they have a retreat quote, even when playing on Classic. When a potential father dies, (With a few exceptions) they actually die. Because of these two points, say if I had Stahl marry Lissa and I have recruited Owain. If Stahl were to die and I did not reset, shouldn't Owain just poof out of exsistence, due to the grandfather paradox? Or does that actually happen, and I haven't noticed?
  11. Hello! This here is a thread I started to discuss and help refine ideas I had for an FE game. So, why don't I start out? My plot frame: You have a Mercenary band, whom are hired by a kingdom (Lanex) to help them avoid being conquered by a neighboring kingdom (Akur) who is currently kicking their ass. Events ensue and we see that the king of the Akur (Albin) has a talented warrior and tactician (Cyth) leading his army, whom also seems to be very secluded. The player army eventually leads a counter offensive against Akur after being typical FE protagonists and kicking everyone into ash. In one timeline (ah la Awakening), the army goes in and defeats Albin, but Cyth starts a trap, incapacitating the mercenary force and allowing him to take control of Akur and lead a yet more successful military campaign, taking over the continents and (when they attack him once again) killing the original generation. This leaves the second generation alone in a desolate future, where the children, resorting to underground tactics, can barely put up a fight and are soon defeated by Cyth who, testing the power of a new incarnation of the Fire Emblem (Dark Emblem, a treasure hidden within the castle of Akur from a war many centuries ago), fucks up time itself and sends the children and a bunch of other things back to the past, just after the start of the original quest. The break in time causes a similar reaction to occur with the Dark Emblem in the past, and now a whole new chain of events have been set into action to motivate the rest of the game. Well, that was the basic outline of the plot. Of course, it's devoid of a ton of details, backstory, and the extensive character list I created (as well all the gameplay ideas I had), but I thought it was a good way to break the ice. So please, tell me what you think of this and any future updates I may have. All constructive criticism in great appreciated!
  12. Digimon World Dawn/Dusk are RPGs for the DS made back in 2007 or 2008. I'm not good at explaining the mechanics, so I'll list a few things. -There are 8 "attributes" and 8 species; this is similar to pokemon in a few ways but a bit simpler. -Digimon can learn almost any move, but it's probobly not worth the effort of straying from the main digivolution path it was on. -It's full of fetch quests and bosskilling, but the good part is the fact that you can exit areas and redo them. -Digimon are also sorted by the stat spread they have, like "balance", "HP", "speed", etc. -You get "species exp." by defeated digimon. The type of exp you gain corresponds to the digimon you've defeated. - I'll hold off some of the details for now. Anyways, here's the rundown on the "starter digimon". Dawn Dusk I'll put a poll up for you guys to vote on which version and which pack I'll use.
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