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Lord of Azure Flame Character Art

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SO APPARENTLY it's amusing when I livestream. I will therefore attempt to do so more often. Next livestream will be I don't even know when, but VOTE FOR WHO IS NEXT ANYWAY

As I stated in the channel, I may or may not be able to continue livestreaming over the summer. We'll see. Polls will continue for who gets drawn each week regardless.

blah blah Kiryn is always on fire blah

In this topic I will draw people's characters if they so request. Maybe it will be a useful reference to remember what characters look like?

To prove that I draw things that are not stick-figures:

Kelas and Arrin, stuck together in one picture for your conveniece:


And I can even draw things that are not humans!

Amari and the as-yet unnamed packhorse:


So, if you want me to draw your character, please post the following in a reply to this thread:

-Paragraph or so about your character's appearance. May be copypasta from the RP signup thread, but please put it here rather than make me dig it up...

-Brief description of what the picture should show (pose, full pic/half pic/whatever, etc)

-Sprite or other art if you have one

-Background description: Please, nothing detailed. I've been yoinking landscape photos from Wikimedia Commons and throwing Photoshop filters on them. I suck at actually drawing landscapes T_T

I'll pm you a draft of the image for approval, then compile the final results here.

NOTE: Queue subject to Kiryn's random whims.

Current queue:

Isotov (Phoenix)

Finished art:





Megae (from a crappy sketch done on paper in the car)






























Alt Mana


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Could you try to draw Chase if you don't mind? Basically the same pose as Kelas but with both eyes visible, and no bow. His shirt would be blue and the face would be the same as my old avatar (here's a ref pic if you need one: http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j187/JETZ34/RP%20Stuff/Chaseavatar.gif)

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Sure. Half, full, or what? Also, pose?

Something really girly? :D

Full body would be nice if you know how the rest of Jill's armor would look black, but it's not necessary.

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Esphyr would be interesting. I think there may be a pic of her already.

Katie (the NPC mage) would be more interesting IMO though. Just... go wild and try to make how she looks like her personality. If you wanna draw either the Lord of Azure Flame or Helenos as well... go right ahead. Yea. Not putting a limit on what you can draw. >.>

I want one of Esphyr though.

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Why dont you just draw a group picture with everyone?

That would be way more easier then drawing everyone seperate

Dont stress your self too, your finals are next week.

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Uh can you draw Helios on his horse like this


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Oooo... I wonder what Katie will look like. I always pictured her as a blonde for some reason. Like a cross between Calil and Nino. Oh please do blonde, we have no blondes yet and I can't add my last group character until way later so that's a no go. Also, can I add Iso to the bottom of the queue? Preferably standing slightly away from the viewer with his cape(comes down to his shoes) flowing out? Hands wherever. Patch of fire on the ground not necessary :lol:

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Tessa is blonde.

You can draw Morgan at some point if you want, but other people seem to have a lot of requests so I don't want to pressure you too much.

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...Lol, "pressure" goes away at the end of this week, I've only got two more finals. Added to the queue.

(I may also draw people's horses for the lulz. And the wyvern... maybe for practice? XD)

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Tessa is blonde.

Yeah but she's not a legal blonde ;)

Oh and drawing the wyvern(Kiev) is a great idea. Do you remember what color he is?

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Sprite: TessaMugGood.png

Text: Tess has blond hair, which she typically wears straight down, and partially kept back with a feather hair ornament that she cherishes. Her eyes are a pleasant light blue, and she has a soft honest expression. Growing up in the monastery she never was really allowed to wear skirts nor dresses, and usually kept to either the standard loose robes, or when she could get away with it, she preferred a relatively simple tunic and trousers combination. Her shirt was a color somewhere in the spectrum between cyan and teal, while her trousers were sepia colored, and made from sturdy fabric. She commonly wears a small leather satchel, slung over her shoulder, containing various odds and ends. A pair of soft leather riding boots completes the ensemble. Oh, and some basic height/weight info too. She's about 5'4" 135 lbs.

Also, for reference,

I'm pretty sure I'm picturing Trevor as a chestnut stallion. He's somewhat old, though I never really decided on an age (mostly because I "Did Not Do The Research"). He was properly trained as a warhorse, knows more commands than Tessa does, and doesn't spook easily. He may or may not have a white star on his forehead, I've been flip-flopping on that an awful lot.

You're the artist, so what you want to do is ultimately up to you, but I know from experience that tending to provide too much information is better than too little, so I'll just give you a few options, and let you pick whichever is the best for your creative juices.

Couple of options here.

Since you said you'd prefer to do singles, I'm assuming that means you'd rather not put Tessa and Trevor in the same picture. If that's mistaken, though, some picture of Tessa beside him, holding the reins in one hand and patting him with the other, would be a nice picture. Perhaps just some photoshop filtered field of wheat in the background maybe?

If it's a Tessa solo, though, maybe have her sitting with her back against a tree, and with one knee raised, holding and looking at a flower or something?

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^I'd mentally placed Trevor at about 12 or so-- old enough to be fairly wise as horses go, young enough to still do the running-around bit if he's well-bred and cared for, which warhorses tend to be... so yeah.

I can put Tessa and Trevor in the same picture; the "singles" thing is more for just the humans, where I'd rather have all the details done, then possibly combine them (yay Photoshop.) (Alternately I can draw Tessa standing, draw Trevor, and combine so she's standing next to him. That may be easier.)

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Not to bother you, but, after the other drawings are done, could you please draw one of Eric?

Description: Eric is rather tall man,at about 6'5", and has straight black hair, covering the nape of his neck. His slender build and pale complexion lead people to believe he is very ill. His hazel eyes are usually half-closed, as if he was tired. Usually seen wearing a dark blue coat and a light blue shirt, along with jet black pants and boots.

If you need a sort of reference, maybe a getup similar to Lloyd Reed?

Like this: 250px-ArtworkLloyd.JPG

Sorry if it's a bother.

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