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H5 Blind playthrough log - COMPLETED!


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Chapter 7 - Castor actually makes nice contributions because of bow ranks!


This has to be my favourite new feature in this game. Merged a Heal stave to save some slots. Bought another fire tome and sold the bullion.


These 3 all look like they'd be excellent reclasses but I'm going to be needing their current utility in weapon ranks right now. Oh well.


Jesus christ how horrifying. Fortunately, due to this being a restarted attempt, I know that Mineva and the 3 Pegasus sisters won't actually attack you aggressively on this map, and that it's also safe to kill them. Unfortunately I can't recruit them yet though. The other Dracoknight is a proper monster though, he'll double nearly anyone and hit like a truck. The armors aren't anything special, and the boss once again lacks 1-2, and is armored so effective weakness shall triumph again...


I forge a Hammer anyway since I figure one forge per chapter should means I should be trying to make the most of it. Brownie points if you know the reference without googling.


Starting lineup. Yes, I brought Julian, to save a Door Key and get him some exp. I like giving thieves a bit of attention.


This may look like a bit of an odd setup for a 1st turn but because I restarted a few times to just check the enemy movements, the other Dracoknight will beeline straight to the top (maybe he's aiming for Lena?) with this positioning every time, whilst the other pegasus will move slightly more to the west instead. Merric can survive one attack, and OHKO with Excalibur, minimising the effort and damage needed to deal with that enemy.


Boom. Note that I reset quite a lot here to get an acceptable level up, which is why the postioning of my left units are a bit off.


Sedgar will bait the speedy PKs by his lonesome today (no Wolf required) and will also be doubly useful in contributing with his bow afterwards to chip them down anyway.


Jesus christ. Sedgar got crit for the third time in this run and survives it yet again. I mop up a PK with Castor and he gets a nice level up.


After chipping the other PK with Sedgar's bow I give the kill to Julian, who also levels up.


I didn't really expect this to hit anyway but more WEXP is nice since it won't use up a weapon charge either! Cain takes the thief. Now I can start working on Mineva's guard and the village to the east.


Castor OHKO's, Sedgar chips, Cord misses (gotta believe in wexp...), Merric took the other kill. I finish off Est next turn and consecutively chip Mineva enough for Sedgar to take the kill. Since they're both promoted, he actually gets decent exp for this kill and we get to his growths work their magic.


I even procced a 2x hp and a luk!


Meanwhile on clearing out the archers, Cain also levels. Not as great but hey, a def proc is nice.


I went for this layout in order to mean none of my units get exposed to two mercs (since they are very fast and double with steels vs most of my army). Abel tradeswapped Cain, chipped the other archer and Ogma takes the kill.


Mercs~ All I could ask for him soon is probably a rigged def up. I probably could have used that battle save for rigging these but they turned out fine anyway, and Ogma, Cain and Sedgar don't really need any help on their stats/levels anyway.


I blow the battle save after moving people down and stuff since those were some nice growths and I may as well save them in case shit goes sour.


LOL. The mercs both missed 4 times with good disp hit.


Fed some kills to Marth and Julian. Moved more people down.


Uh...uh oh.


4 cavs spawn as reinforcements and nearly kill Wendell. This isn't looking good.


Marth being the irresponsible commander decides to visit.Hey, not my problem, I'm on the other side of the mountain!

I recruit Bantu (who comes exceedingly early for a Manakete). I give him his firestone that I've been hanging onto. Too bad like all Dragon's he's only got limited uses. I don't even know if he gets the same ridiculous EXP gain that other manaketes get either.


This was the best I could salvage out for a defensive formation. Barst needed to dodge at least one attack and doesn't. Blegh. Fortunately I battle saved so at least now I know about the reinforcements. Reset.


Next attempt at this the mercs dont all miss. Oh well.


This tile is exactly far away enough to let Jagen move to block the southeastern fort. Only a Dracoknight could reach it. Abel hits D swords, which isn't that important. I just wanted to at least have the option of steel, but for now both Cain and Abel need to get their Lance rank to C to use Ridersbanes.


I checked the range that causes reinforcements to spawn, so I now know that past here is unsafe. Everyone will be waiting until I can get Shiida into position to block the western fort, whilst then Sedgar can camp the one in the middle.


Meh <_<


Unfortunately its going to take a few turns for Shiida to get over here to block....not much else to do but wait and let Lena top everyone up. Julian camps the save for the boss since he's not really going to be contributing any combat right now.


Eventually we're all in position. Time to move up!


I actually made an error in calculating how far the bottom cavalier should have been able to move. The fort is surrounded by trees costing him some mov penalty, but he still had enough to get in range to hit Cain of Sedgar. Blegh whatever.


Double blegh. His last two growths were blessed so I can't really complain. Cav's dead, I move up to start on the knights.


This was actually a really stupid mistake again, and nearly cost me another reset. I didnt check the knights actual attack range, I just used the "all enemies" range thing, and forgot they had Javelins. Barst got chipped and almost died again, mercifully dodging one attack to preserve him.


After a bunch of chips I finish off the other enemies. My weakened units should be far away enough/protected enough to be safe if a Cav spawns.


Nothing actually spawned this turn but I sure as hell don't trust those forts. I'm gonna camp someone on all of them whilst I have a go at the boss.


After some more positionings and having my cavs, jagen, sedgar and bantu camp the forts, Lena dings again. I wish she'd get some more hp...


I blow the battle save once I'm ready to fight the boss.


A bunch of chips and free WEXP later, I manage to put the boss in range for Marth to swoop in and steal a kill!


...except he missed. Good thing theres a save :V


I'll take it!


Marth seizes.

Chapter 7 turncount - 16

Total turns - 93

The reinforcements got me good but fortunately I'd used a battle save, so not too much was lost. Camped those forts good after that <_<

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I only get 2 flying units allowed atm. It's Jagen DK over Wendell right now, Wendell is comfortable in other roles, esp since he doubles and hits res even in his default class. Jagen feels more useful as a DK since I don't think he's beefy enough as a Paladin right now, doesn't double enough as an archer or Sage (even vs Armors), and doesnt do much damage as a SM.

Not using Hardin?

I like his weapon rank but I'm having a hard time squeezing him in when there are enough other units I want to use. If I had anyone else but reclassed prepromos who could use Steel Bows to oneshot pegasus knights I'd have already benched Castor, meaning I could put Hardin in there. As it stands, since this chapter let him catch up a bit Castor is probably getting used. His growths don't seem too bad.

Honestly Julian is probably a safer bench but I haven't really felt the need for another Cav. I'm in no real rush, as you can tell by my turncounts and lamo baiting with Sedgar.

Next chapter looks like it's begging for a warpskip....

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I'm writing up chapter 8 and I can just say right now - my Shiida is ungodly str blessed. Ridiculous.

EDIT: Done!

Here's Chapter 8


This map sports a bunch of shops and an arena. The arena enemies a few chapters ago was pretty fucking ridiculous though so I don't think I'll get much out of it.


Boss is going to be effective weapon fodder...that sword he's carrying looks neat though. If the uses weren't so low I could maybe justify making some magic users into Myrmidons or something. He's so isolated from his team that I could probably warp Marth and Shiida and win in 3 turns or something but I'd rather save the uses.


Fat recruitable armor. Almost certainly a bench. Base speed is actually not that bad for an armor but I doubt his def will look good once the class comes off.


These guys look like absoloute terrors. Avoiding them if possible, and hopefully only Sedgar will be taking any hits from them. The cavs aren't so bad. Not shown, generic armors and generic archers.


I'm making Merric a curate to buff his staff rank a bit before he gets promoted. Also because I conversely want to up Lena's tome rank a bit before SHE gets promoted. Their stats are basically equal aside from luk but obviously Merric has a lower level.


Jagen won't be that useful on this map so he's getting benched and reclassed to a Paladin. This leaves Wendell to take up the other flier slot, with a whopping 15 speed as a Dracoknight.


I forge Marth's rapier. With this he only needs a chip to kill them in one hit, and with a str proc or two he can OHKO them himself.


Starting lineup. I bring Julian along so he can leech a bit more exp.


Not with those stats you aren't. <_<


I try out the arena with Wendell for shits and giggles. And lo and behold, he can double this Paladin. Just enough for a kill!


Radd and Caesar go shopping. Another rapier + a new magic tome (I checked the other shops, and I'll be getting another Win spear in a turn or two)

Everyone else moved up, Sedgar taking the lead as per usual.


Only about 8 enemies actually came down. This makes things a lot more managable than I expected. With this position it's possible for Sedgar to get hit by all 4 cavaliers, if the AI permits it.


Meanwhile, Merric heals up Wendell a bit and levels up. I grab the Win spear, Everyone else just says out of range. Caesar will camp the battle save because he has nothing better to do.


Stupid AI didn't move themselves properly. Oh well.


I clear out the cavs with my army and Cord levels. Good enough.


Shiida can oneshot this cav and the lone armor that can reach her from this position. Any closer and she'd get sniped by the archers, but overall pretty convenient.


Checked who recruits, turns out its Shiida again! Have to make sure to finish off the archers this turn and not put her in range of the horsemen from above. Anyway...


Hook. Line. Sinker. <_<

Probably one of the best recruit conversations I've read in any FE game. Too bad for Roger that Shiida's totally into Marth instead.


Sedgar goes to get healed and give Merric staff exp, Castor hits C bows (irrelevant right now), and I feed Julian a kill. Abel finishes off the last archer and levels up. Nothing special, but speed is good. I am just barely on the tip of the range of the horsemen.


Next turn, everyone moves up, and Wendell goes to bait the northern armors and archers, since they'll be a lot easier to deal with than the horsemen, even if the exp isn't as good. Marth and Shiida head over to kill the boss and seize.


Didn't react in time to cap properly but I got two consecutive crits here...previously Julian and Castor got fed some kills. Lena has been chipping in here and there and Merric's been healing anyone with hp deficits.


I can trap this archer here, and I'd quite like to give the kill to Julian, so I just have Ogma wall him in for now.


I may yet live to regret this decision. Reinforcements spawned everywhere after I got near the boss (or was it because I got too far up here?). I need to seize in 2 turns or I think I'll get overwhelmed. I save with Caesar at the first battle save.


Didn't even have to rig this. Holy shit, I got res too, that's 2%!



Most str blessed pegasus knight I have ever used. Even Marcia wasn't this good.


Merric can just barely get out of range of the enemy horsemen, and Sedgar will survive another enemy phase just fine. Since those growths were THAT FUCKING GOOD and I still have a pending Castor and Julian level up, I save with him.




Not so neat. :\


Bunch of resets later...come on Julian, follow this up.


Roy/Eliwood tier levelup...


Gorillion resets later...

I'm cool with this, 4 statter and DEF. Don't make me waste more time on this Julian. D:






This looks odd, but since the archer is boxed in, I have to trade off her tomes so she won't kill it on enemy phase (I want it to go to Julian. Yes I am babying him. Yes it's probably a bad idea. Whatever.)


It's only a flesh wound Lena!


Sedgar gets crit AGAIN...that low luk is proving to be quite annoying.


I mop up a cav with some more chip and heal/staff exp to go around before Marth ends the map and seizes.

Chapter 8 turncount - 8

Total turns - 101

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I figured Wolf's higher level would limit his ridiculous growth more but in retrospect I probably could have used him instead. Then again, having a better defence growth is surely going to be a bonus for Sedgar. Well, too late to change anyway probably.

This next chapter looks quite annoying. Pirates on islands again, getting flashbacks to the first two chapters :\

I'm considering reclassing some units (Cavs, Fighters) into Mercs and Myrmidons so I can double pirates and hunters. There are so many hand axes that bow chip to avoid damage doesn't seem that advantageous, and javelins are going back to shitty hitrate again...also I really don't like that this game doesn't list the actual stat boosts people get for having a Firestone equipped, like GBA does. Luckily boss is 1 range locked unlike later Dragons. Probably have this chapter up later tonight hopefully!

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Well, I probably made this chapter a hell of a lot harder than I should have. I have an early attempt where I tried to rush through things and got overwhelmed, so I opted to take it really slow on another try. I didn't know about the reinforcements. Somehow I managed to fluke my way through the map in like 21 turns slowly killing off all the pirates and chipping the boss (who I didn't know the transform bonuses for and thus didn't bring an Excalibur Wendel to own with...). I get lucky with some hits and a crit after really poor positioning that probably should have made me restart the map, but I struggled through somehow.

Chapter 9


Forging a Ridersbane to meet my forge a chapter quota. Nightmare, get it? Night mare? Mare? Horse?



Boss is a Dragon (holy shit). I have no clue how strong he actually will be once transformed but he has no 1-2 so I should be able to chip him down.


Marth must reach this village by turn 3 (or have an ally block the bridge) or else an enemy thief will pillage it.


Starting lineup. I tried having a ton of Mercs and Myrmidons before and it didn't go that well (no 1-2...) plus I also desperately want C lances for Abel. Nothing much happens on my first turn because I'm trying to bait Pirates from the south. Marth and Wendell went East, and Julian opened a door. Everyone else just held position.


Next turn, two handaxe Pirates moved towards my starting island. If Sedgar moves here, he has the forest avd bonus and both Pirates can only hit him at range, allowing him to use his bow. Everyone else stays out of the way.


This bastard can actually 2 shot my General Wolf/Sedgar because of how absurdly strong the Devil Axe is. Some other unit will need to tank him.


Wendell will aggro and chip a Pirate for Marth here.


Dat luk stat...

A reset and duplicate positioning later...


Officially better than Jagen. Next turn I fly him off to protect the village whilst Marth takes the kill.


Meanwhile, I deal with the Pirates over here. With any luck I can get C lances on Abel before the chapter ends.


Hp and speed are always welcome! Merric levels considerably faster as a Priest than a Mage.


Since a bunch of enemy hunters and Pirates started beelining Marth to the east, I'm sending Shiida, Wolf and Jagen as backup. Meanwhile, Cain will bait the Devil Axe Pirate and hopefully the guy will kill himself.


Meh. And yeah I turned on battle animations for this map, I felt like it! On the other side of the map, Jagen got hit too, ugh.


Bit of helpful chip and Cain finishes him off for a stellar level up. Lookit all those double digits!


Sedgar and co move down to bait out some more enemies. Jagen or Shiida would have probably been a better choice here but whatever.


My Shiida's blessed str means she can kill this hunter by herself. Unfortunately Jagen will be dice rolling to survive anything if he sticks around, and Marth can't finish off everything himself either. Time to crit rig with a battle save!


A few resets later and...


Still not as cool as an Eliwood crit. Wolf moved to bait the remaining pirate whilst Jagen retreated.


Not for long, asshole. I'll probably be needing that to dent the boss in too.


This guy really hurts.


Moved down again. That Hunter not moving makes things a bit annoying, since I can't really extend across the bridge safely right now.


Marth finished off the other pirate for a sweet level up, whilst Shiida finished off the thief for a decent one. She has now capped speed at level 9 lol. Fastest thing alive.


Ugh. Reinforcements. I knew those forts at the south were no good. It's like that Laus map from FE6/7 all over again.


I can't reach the fort and there are too many damn pirates to expose myself right now. I'm going to try to hold the line near this bridge. Sedgar finally gets D in bows as a general, opening up steel! Yay.


Marth finally visits the village, and I recruit a sniper. Stats aren't too bad (weighed down by steel though...) but he comes with Silver and nearly A rank in bows. Things not being shown in the next few turns, getting the Goddess Icon and Bullion with Julian. That Goddess Icon is probably going to Sedgar or Wendell to make up these annoying crits they keep eating.


Sedgar levels up on enemy phase for another Sedgar style growth. 2x hp and luk again notably (please stop getting crit)


Ugh I forgot about this stupid priest somehow. Whatever.


Pirates are dumb and swim everywhere so to hold this spot I left Cord and Barst with hand axes. This is a bit risky but hitrates on both sides are generally piss poor when it comes to hand axes, so I'm willing to take a gamble. Cord is actually capable of doubling as well on these enemies. On the other side of the map, I'm busy picking off more Hunters and Pirates with Marth, Shiida and Jeorge.


Paid off big time, dodge and two consecutive 49% hits! Also a decent level up.


This was huge. In retrospect, getting a crit here probably made it possible for me to clear all the reinforcements and carry on, as I would have likely gotten overwhelmed without at least a hit. Big plays Cord!


However I don't have a safe way to kill this guy right now unfortunately, since there is a goddamn hammer wielding Pirate right behind him.


Since the guy will die on my next player phase easily anyway as long as I bait him out, I run everyone back and work on healing.


Ogma made it to the Fort (Barst is backup but not in enemy range right now), chips and gets a beautiful growth. I finish off that pesky Hunter next player phase with Barst, and he levels too.


Level ups are abound right now. Abel is now fast enough to double some Pirates on this map.


I threw Cord down to hand axe "tank" the Pirate again but didn't have any luck this time around, got hit and missed twice. :( I should have probably let Sedgar tank it instead.


D rank in staves means Merric can now Barrier people! However I'm throwing him back onto actually being a mage, since, well, I've finished the chapter and know there are fliers abound in the next one. Excalibur time. :V

Anyway everyone is now moved back into another defensive position for Sedgar to bait again, since theres more hammer pirates behind the handaxers. Ogma chills on a fort to the west to fight yet another Pirate, and Marth and co. are still working away at those eastern reinforcements.


This chapter has all the weapon rank ups! Just gotta get Cord to C axes now...


If you really want to know whats been going on with these guys then here you go, but I can tell you it wasn't very interesting. Right now I've taken a bit of a beating so I start having them run back the way they came, since Marth can't really take another hit, even if the hitrates he's facing aren't that scary.


Wendell can survive two handaxes just barely, and Cain should be able to dodge. I really really wish I'd brought a second healer, would have made things less complicated in terms of rotating bait and the like.


God bless you Wendell.


Ogma and Cain take over defensive positions here whilst I attempt to bait the AI into trying to hand axe Barst on a fort. No WTD and no 1-2, come on, prioritise him!


Silly manipulatable AI.


Her stats are nice but I really wish she'd get some more hp...also still a ways to go before D tomes. :\


That baited Pirate gets what's coming to him with a doubling steel axe Barst, aw yeah. Julian gets fed another kill. Proc str for no weight penalty with steel, come on man. There's only one Pirate left down here, but there are two chasing Marth and co. who are still running away on the other side of the map.


Single stats make all the difference. I gave Julian that kill too.


Meanwhile Abel and Wendell are here to help deal with the last Pirates. Everyone else moves for the boss.


Clear! Somehow I survived all those reinforcements. Unfortunately, the boss is no pushover...


Yeah uh. I'm not 1 range engaging this guy unless its a killing blow with a Wyrmslayer.


Unfortunately his boosts to def from transforming make most of my chippers except Lena do basically no damage at all. At the least, I do have about 3 or 4 people to chip in with. Cord will be preoccupied beating up a priest to get C rank axes atm though.


Christ, only 3 uses left on this thing, and an imminent level up. I figure Marth will take so long to get over here anyway that I may as well save using it till I can kill the boss with Ogma using the Wyvernslayer and rig some level ups.


God, chapter 3 boss regen nightmares all over again. At least Cord hit C axes. Now Cain needs to hit C lances, but that won't be happening anytime soon sadly.


Wolf doesn't even do damage to the boss :(


Boring turns of chip later I finally wittle him down enough to put Ogma (who's recieved his shiny new sword from Shiida) in OHKO range for the dragon.


Of course I'm not an idiot so I'm going to save first.




some time later I kill the boss and get some lovely growths.


Merric burns the rest of the staff uses whilst Marth runs over, and eventually seizes at a 21 turn clear. >_>

Chapter 9 turncount - 21

Total turns - 122

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Hey it's in my disclaimer that I'm not a good player! FE9 and 10 are the only games where I rushed on purpose blind, just so I could hit the BEXP requirements. And Jagen is no Titania lol. If FE12 has no crutch for bad players like me then I look forward to it!

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Its actually pretty damn cool to think that no other game in the series ever have as much tier shift as FE11 IIRC >_>

Pretty sure FE4 did...or it WILL amIpsychicorwhat.

For the record Manaketes can and do break speed caps later on.

To be semantical, the transformed dragons (naturally) have a higher speedcap than the oldmen with wings tapped on, so they don't really "break" the speedcap.
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Fuck reinforcements.

I think I'm just going to give up on this attempt, restart and just warp Shiida or Wendell to kill the boss before these bastards spawn. Also that forged bow sniper is annoying <_<

If it was just the cavs and armors I could manage but the horsemen really put a wrench in my plans.

Any advice is welcome.

EDIT: On second thoughts, I might be able to salvage this if I go back to my last battle save, and just try to rush the boss before the second wave of reinforcements spawn...the horsemen are still super annoying though.

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you can definitely rush the boss with caeda

in my updated strat i think i actually have her and DK wendell go north while everyone else goes west to meet the cavs and PKs. one of the DKs goes east, so jeorge goes with wendell and caeda to blick the dude.

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North, of course. Somehow I completely failed to realise you can go around the north, that should be considerably faster than running round the bottom. I might aggro the hero but whatevever, fliers can outrun him, and as long as the boss dies before the reinforcements spawn I can take my time clearing everything else up/recruiting. Thanks.

I also realised on staring at the map some more that that sniper should be baitable through the wall, which means I can at least lure him a bit more forward than the knight or other archers, hopefully that will simplify things. Previously I had to use Sedgar to bait and then rig a crit with a battle save to kill the fucker.

EDIT: Uh, everytime I try this, ALL the DKs and PK's start flying from directly east instead of going down like the did before. Am I supposed to not move them up on turn 1?

Nvm...just dont go the full movement range on the first turn.

Oh what the fuck, Minerva is aggressive now. Is she supposed to be aggressive before I talk to Maria? This kinda shits up this plan since I have to warp Marth to Maria first before Wendell and Shiida can move past safely.

Well whatever, I'll gladly give up 1 warp use to avoid all the hassle with the reinforcements.

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She attacks before I talk to Maria, so I've got 3 options.

1. Run Shiida round the top, warp Marth to talk to Maria so Minerva doesn't attack whilst she goes past her (no way she can get there fast enough round the left to avoid Minerva since there are DKs and PKs that come down the left)

2. Warp Shiida to kill the Knight and the boss after the DKs and PKs are dead and Minerva has cornered herself.

3. Figure out how to deal with the stupid reinforcements and just let Shiida kill the boss after the first wave. Basically everyone gets doubled by the Horsemen so I'd have to somehow lure the horsemen away from the cavaliers (with a flier maybe?) so I could kill the cavs (they're not an issue by themselves), and then get the horsemen later. I can't really be bothered to do this so I'm just going to probably do one of the former.

Warping Marth means I can just leave that stupid sniper alone since I don't have to go round...but I would like the bow since he drops it. I think regardless of whether it's 1 or 2 it's going to take quite a few turns to get Marth to all the places he needs to be and all the items I want. Although Shiida doesn't quite oneshot the Knight next to the boss, so I'll probably just warp Marth and let DK Wendell tank the Knight for her.

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Chapter 10...

I forgot to recap on stats and enemies on this map since I restarted like 4 times and deleted my screenshots before now. Oops.

Merric is a mage again so he can excaliblick things. Lena needs to be a Cleric to WAAARP. I didn't forge anything because I didn't really see the need right now.

Basically, every enemy now starts using silvers or forges. Painful. The boss has a forged javelin but he'll still get Shiida smashed so theres no worries about dealing with him yet. There's a really annoying sniper and an buff armorslayer hero (who has a master seal!) but they're weren't that bad to deal with if I was careful. Enemy PKs and DK's get blicked by mages, snipers, generals and hunters, so they're not really much of a problem.

Minerva (the DK from a few maps ago) is recruitable, but you have to recruit her sister Maria first. Unfortunately she's sitting inside a dungeon that Marth has no chance of reaching before turn 6 without a warp. Why turn 6? Enemy reinforcements spawn on turn 6 enemy phase, consisting of 2 armors, 4 cavs, and 2 horsemen. The horsemen have like 16 to 17 AS with silvers (although their base str is low), and are easily the most annoying of all the reinforcements. I failed multiple times at trying to deal with them, even with Sedgar chokepointing the castle, so I ended up settling on rushing the boss (although the map is still far from rushed itself since I mop up all the enemies, recruit everyone, and do some shopping)


Attempt number 4 or something like that...


Yes, those bloody reinforcements...I've given up on dealing with the first wave, so you'll be seeing some highly inefficient use of warp to just stop them spawning.


Shiida, DK Wendell and Jeorge are going round the north. If any units went any further north than this then enemy fliers on the other side of the map would prioritise moving east instead of south, which would make this route impossible. As it stands, only one PK (and Minerva) fly this way.


Down south, nothing to mention, people just run up.


Marth can kill this cav with some chip assistance. Barst is the best candidate to tank the javelin counter.


Son of a bitch.


It's a consistent strat, I swear.


See how much that hurts? Marth can finish off the cav now at least. 1 down.


He's almost as lucky as Lena.


I don't usually give Sedgar unpromoted kills but this minimises damage taken right now (which will matter later...). 2 down.


3... (ridersbane)


4, jagen traded for the ridersbane. Now for the fliers.


Up here we're just trucking along.


Blick. The enemy hero I talked about will aggro if i get too close, and I can't outrun Minerva, so I'm going to have to get Marth to Maria NOW to make her stop being aggressive. It was a nasty surprise the last time I tried that she'd actually attack me beforehand. :(




I haven't rescued you, the door's still closed.


You're not free, the door's still closed.




There's an enemy thief who swiped a chest inside, I'm letting him run out since he's non aggressive. On the left, PKs and DKs are getting ready to fly down, but they're no trouble to deal with.




Unfortuately, this PK is slightly more annoying, since I can't reach her with any of my non mounted units and she'd wreck face with that forged javelin if I didn't kill her this turn. Mercifully, Abel doesn't get doubled. Cain does (but survives just barely)


Jagen would actually get ORKO'd by this bitch so I have to kill her with him. Meanwhile Castor chipped the other DK and Sedgar took the kill. Castor dinged. God his bases were horrible, even with good levels he's only just now basically comparing to Draug (who was benched like 6 chapters ago) in stats. Bow rank really carried him, and at least his growth spread is quite average.


Even when fully healed, Barst actually gets ORKO'd by this thief (lol), who has a whopping 19 AS and a silver sword. I don't actually need this hand axe to hit to kill him though, Ogma can silver sword without getting doubled and then Julian can finish him off, both with much better hitrate. May as well try though!


Barst <3

Ogma cleans him up.


Jeorge has a long ass way to run round to join the rest of the team now since he can't safely go further west without aggroing the Hero (who will eat him for breakfast). Minerva is non aggressive now since Maria was talked to (telepathy?) so Shiida and Wendell head to the boss.


...maybe I should have brought a door key.


I figured out this spot last attempt. Previously I was sending Sedgar inside to bait the sniper and archers, who have an annoying overlap overlap and aggro table, but I had to use a battle save to rig crits on one of the enemies and still diceroll a miss for Shiida at 66% hitrate. This makes things a lot easier since they will just come down one at a time to chip Sedgar, who tanks fine and will chip back decent sustainability once Lena comes to heal him.


It also triggers this knight to start moving, which means I can kill him without getting near the archers.


Thank fuck, some HP at last.


I've been working on the raiiiilroad...


Only one more turn before this boss bites the dust! Wendell can't really contribute anything right now, he can only do at best 2 damage to the boss anyway (lol), and that curate is going to someone else. The main reason he's up here is to protect Shiida after she ORKO's the boss, since the knight to the left would otherwise just move onto the throne and probably kill her.


Cavs are basically getting topped up whilst Ogma and co are gonna be heading north to kill the armorslayer hero. Sedgar has no chance at tanking that guy, but with chip from 5 sources, and Ogma if neccessary, he shouldn't be a problem. Barst is just camping outside the door for that knight.


Sedgar having D bows for this map is such a blessing. Unfortunately he can't really take PP combat just yet because Lena can't reach him to heal on this turn, and he'd die to counterdamage. :(


Time to get Win Speared.


...well, in a second anyway...


I'm done rigging growths for you, you're already blessed as fuck. HP is good anyway.


Protect the Shiida!


I'm in no rush to kill that hero so I may as well keep my units in formation. I also am not entirely sure what triggers his aggro switch, as one time I got incredibly close to him and he STILL wouldn't aggro. Barst is gonna whoop that knight's ass on EP.


Get more str bro


Oh yeah, Sedgar got good exp from killing that DK and chipping right now so he leveled too. No luck this time, but I'm not complaining!


This guy aggro'd, presumably because I killed the boss. Ugh. I have to get Shiida out the way, but Wendell can bait him since he has 10 move and is flying.


Mopping up...those annoying archer/sniper are still there but Sedgar can maintain this spot for now. Can't really move in right now since my cavs are going to be helping to chip the hero.


Jeorge might actually make it in time to help Sedgar a bit lol


So...nice weather right?


Pointless turns and shit later, time to kill this hero. Jagen actually crit on his Javelin here, what a man.


See me after school Cain...


Abel is a good pupil. Castor took the kill after I milked him for some more exp.


I bought 2 pure waters, since I figure between that and the barrier I should be decently prepared. And a steel lance to the other armory.


What the fuck is the deal with this game giving endgame shit so early? Considering Minerva is the only one with a high enough axe rank and I have one in the bank anyway there's no point.


One more archer...


Jeorge actually contributed for the second time on this map! Now Julian can swoop in and then go let Marth out his cell.


I only just remembered that I could have convoy'd myself a door key in here... :facepalm:

Well whatever, turncounts be damned, may as well let Julian open the doors now.


Cain finally hit C lances by beating up the curate! (this seems to be a reccuring trend)


Nothing else to kill but Lena can keep healing for more exp! I may as well rig her a level up since theres a battle save that doesnt really need to be used right now...


We can do better than that.


Ooh baby. Does...having A staves actually do anything to her healing?


Stop flying around and let me recruit you.


How the fuck did you even know I rescued your sister anyway?


Marth syndrome...Lena's still staffbotting, she'll easily hit 20 first unless I make her a mage again.



Chapter 10 turns - 21 (lol...)

Total turncount - 143

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Quick question about caps and stat gains. Shiida capped speed. If I make her another class, say archer (and she loses the speed base of the PK class and becomes uncapped), and then levels up and gets speed, is her "internal" speed raised? If I promote her whilst she's in an archer with 20 speed, will she have all that extra speed added on after being reclassed back to a DK or FK?

Or is that just all irrelevant?

EDIT: I'm dumb, forgot that chapter gave me a speedwing. I went to check and it confirmed what I thought - your internal stat gains are stored regardless, even for promotions. I can have 22 speed as 10/1 dk if i speedwinged as a non speed capped class then promoted. Obviously if its a speedwing you could just speedwing after promoting but assuming I level up as an archer or cleric and get speed, she should have more as a DK once promoted. Of course a core problem here is that she's infinitely more useful as a PK because she doubles everyhting and destroys cavs. :|

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