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Castle Code: 15471-33442-32238-42555 (NA)

Currectly working on Birthright a second time

Materials: Peaches, Lapis

Looking for Mitama with Aptitude and Azama with Lancefaire and Aptitude

Units currently active and rare skills attached:

Avatar: Swordfaire, Aptitude, Sol

Sakura: Bowfaire

Silas: Aptitude

Hinoka: Aptitude, Lancefaire

(M) Kana: Aptitude, Sol

Sophie: Sol, Aptitude

Mitama: Magic+2, Counter

Oboro: Aptitude

Takumi: Death Blow

Saizo: Aptitude

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Castle Code: 15324-73041-59180-17107

Castle Name: Kogarasumaru

Birthright Path

Materials: Pearl and Rice

Current Team and Skills:

Corrin: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Swordfaire

Azura: Aptitude, Replicate, Movement+1, Renewal, Lancefaire

Felicia: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Live to Serve, Shurikenfaire

Orochi: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Tomefaire

Hana: Aptitude, Replicate, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Swordfaire

Subaki: Aptitude, Replicate, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Lancefaire

Hinoka: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Renewal, Lancefaire

Rinkah: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Renewal, Axefaire

Oboro: Aptitude, Replicate, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Lancefaire

Azama: Aptitude, Replicate, Live to Serve, Renewal

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Castle Code - 03712 - 21586 - 48222 - 00675

Path - Revelation

Castle Name - Vallite Dawn

Resources - Fish, Meat, Ruby, Jade

Current Team (Will be updated and may change)

Kainé (Avatar) - Inspiration, Savage Blow, Amateratsu, Renewal, Countermagic

Azura - Inspiration, Amateratsu, Lancefaire, Renewal, Trample

Jakob - Inspiration, Replicate, Shurikenfaire, Lethality, Vengeance

(Avatar is +speed/- luck and has the dragon talent just in case anyone wanted to recruit her and was curious)

Feel free to let me know if there is a particular skill for the avatar you want to get, because she has a huge skill pool

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Hey guys! I just finished designing a new defense team. I put a lot of effort into this, so please enjoy it! Please tell me how the battle was. If you win, please enjoy one beefy boi! My berserker is great for scoring critical hits! :D

  • 3DS Friend Code: 2019-9808-9029
  • My Castle Code: 00467-74434-56905-50342
  • Chosen Affinity: Revelations
  • Avatar Name: Liam
  • Castle Name: Barahalla
  • Region: NA
  • Food Resource: Fish, Weat
  • Mineral Resource: Topaz, Coral
  • Battle Level: Hard
  • Additional Notes:  N/A
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Castle Name : Easy Skills

Castle Code (Revelations) : 16765-80355-13453-43682

Avatar Name : Corrin (F)

Region: EU (UK)

Food Resource : Daikon + Milk

Mineral Resource : Ruby

Easy to Seize or Battle : Easy Seize (All On Hold)

Buyable Skills: Rotate Daily (Most Rare Skills!)

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I try to update my castle every few weeks, usually centered around a theme :) 

Current Castle Name: LUCK Skills♪ 

Castle Code: 10898-41344-71638-85692

  • Resources: Crystal, Cabbage
  • Path: Conquest

Current Skills:

  • Avatar: Luck +4, Future Sight, Rally Luck, Profiteer, Salvage Blow
  • Beruka: Hoshidan Unity, Lifetaker, Lethality, Life and Death, Death Blow
  • Dwyer: Hoshidan Unity, Tomefaire, Amaterasu, Replicate, Death Blow
  • Kaze: Nobility, Salvage Blow, Future Sight, Miracle, Lucky Seven
  • Niles: Hoshidan Unity, Future Sight, Nobility, Profiteer, Certain Blow
  • Odin: Hoshidan Unity, Salvage Blow, Future Sight, Profiteer, Rally Luck
  • Ophelia: Profiteer, Rally Luck, Live to Serve, Spendthrift, Life and Death
  • Peri: Nobility, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Certain Blow, Death Blow
  • Velouria: Nobility, Lucky Seven, Voice of Peace, Certain Blow, Death Blow
  • Xander: Miracle, Future Sight, Salvage Blow, Hoshidan Unity, Nobility

I've got...a lot...of skills, so will try to contribute to the skill request in future *_* take my card!

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Hey I'm looking for anyone who might have Hoshidan Unity equiped for Oboro.                                                                                                                     Thanks for the Assistance!










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Here's my Castle Address:02464-47225-78647-69203.

Unit's name:Shiva



Castle's name:Syndicate

Unit's class:Lodestar

Current Level:74





BGM:Warmth Is Gone

DLC Map used to train:Boo Camp

Building Levels:Mostly 2s, working on 3s.


I'm looking to create Bond Units with other players.

Statues:Shiva, Kana, Hana, Anna, Felicia, Hayato.

Buildings:Accessory Shop, Arena, Dusk Armory, Einherjar Shop, Dawn Amory, Rod Shop, Staff Store, Lilith's Temple, Prison, Private Quarters, Records Hall, Mess Hall, Lottery Shop and Hot Spring.

Resources:Cabbage, Rice, Onyx, Jade.

Army's Power(due to having some Units from a Player named Mario):6458

Recent Buildings Used:Armory, Rod Shop and Arena

Skills:Many Rares, some commons.

Lilith's Level:5

Breath/Staff Level:D

Allies' Weapon levels:E-S

Amiibo Units:Lucina, Marth, Robin.

Units' Level Range:5-99

Classes:Hoshido Noble-Witch

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Castle Code: 09564-90538  43815-01373

Affinity: Hoshido 

Avatar Name: Tensoku

Castle Name: Suiko1TurnWin

Region: NA

Food: Peaches
Mineral: Jade

My castle is set up to be easy with a 14 Def 8 Res Saizo with Savage blow, Quixotic, Luna, Sol, and Aptitude.

Made it hopefully easy enough to 1 turn it and get more BP, but whoever visits doesn't battle. :/ 

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  • My Castle Code: 10056-14855-61483-84156
  • Path: Revelations
  • Avatar Name: Anise
  • Castle Name: All Items+Skills
  • Region: North America
  • Food Resource: All
  • Mineral Resource: All
  • Battle Level: Easy
  • Additional Notes: 
    • All units have maximum stats and are mostly for getting skills, not for PvP battle.
      • Kagero [Mechanist]: Draconic Hex, Beastbane, Golembane, Replicate, Lifetaker
      • Velouria [Wolfssegner]: Death Blow, Duelist's Blow, Certain Blow, Darting Blow, Lifetaker
      • Felicia [Hero]: Vantage, Life and Death, Certain Blow, Death Blow, Lifetaker
      • Sakura [Oni Chieftain]: Counter, Countermagic, Vantage, Renewal, Amaterasu
      • Rinkah [Witch]: Seal Strength, Seal Magic, Seal Speed, Seal Defense, Seal Resistance
      • Shigure [Falcon Knight]: Rally Strength, Rally Magic, Rally Skill, Rally Speed, Rally Defense
      • Forrest [Strategist]: Live to Serve, Lifetaker, Amaterasu, Inspiration, Defense +2
      • Hana [Priestess]: Poison Strike, Savage Blow, Grisly Wound, Swordbreaker, Tomebreaker
      • Elise [Master Ninja]: Nohrian Trust, Vantage, Quixotic, Duelist's Blow, Life and Death
      • Avater, Anise [Blacksmith]: Dragon Fang, Sol, Luna, Rend Heaven, Hoshidan Unity
    • All units aren't holding weapons and are set on hold, they are incapable of killing anybody.
    • Lilith's building has been removed.
    • There is no Dawn or Dusk dragon.

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  • My Castle Code:17640-33514-90879-84139
  • Chosen affinity:Nohr
  • Destiny /Bonds Of Love
  • Region:NA
  • Food Resource:Milk
  • Mineral Resource:Rubies
  • Version:NA
  • Battle Level (Level of Ease, if your castle is designed for challenging battles or quick & easy seizes or wins). Just Easy/Hard will do
  • Additional Notes:All corrin skills, paralogue bosses captured via DLC, all accessories are appreciated and all built items are at level 3.


  • Avatar:Destiny[Nohr Noble]:Death Blow, Certain Blow, Locktouch, Rend Heaven, HP+5.

  • Xander[Paladin]:Chivalry, Shelter, Elbow Room, Tomebreaker, Aegis, Pavise.

  • Leo[Dark Knight]:Malefic Aura, Heartseeker, Renewal, Vengeance, Countermagic, Pragmatic

  • Niles[Adventurer]:Kidnap, Locktouch, Pass, Lucky 7, Quixotic, Renewal

  • Male Kana[Nohr Noble]:Draconic Heir, Dragon Fang, Sol, Luna, Rend Heaven, Renewal

  • Flora[Maid]:Resistance+2, Demoiselle, Tomebreaker, Future Sight, Live To Serve, Icy Blood

  • Odin[Dread Fighter]:Heartseeker, Even Keel, Astra, Vengeance, Bowbreaker, Aching Blood

  • Elise[Great Lord]:Resistance+2, Live To Serve, Rend Heaven, Replicate, Inspiration, Lily's Poise

  • Felicia[Maid]:Resistance+2, Demoiselle, Live To Serve, Astra, Luna and Devoted Partner

  • Level Range:1-99

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Castle name: #IceeIsBack

Name: Dawn! < --- the little ! mark 

Just restarted because i was button mashing and i deleted my old file!

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Castle name: Lunatic+
Region: EU
It can be a bit challenging.

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Avatar Name: Mel
Castle Name: Ft. Mel
Chosen Affinity: Hoshido
Castle Code: 05360-30145
Region: North America
Food Resource: Fish
Mineral Resource: Coral
Battle Level/Level of Ease: IDK, medium?
Additional Notes: Please give an accessory if you visit!







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Castle Address: 00073-34849-33590-44814

Castle Name: Ft.Griffon

Region: North America

Chosen Affinity: Neutral

Food Resource: Peach and Wheat

Mineral Resource: Crystal and Lapis

Battle Level: Some what easy (Turrets, Golems, and puppets placed; all units on hold)


Benny: Strength +2, Natural Cover, Wary Fighter, Pavise

Keaton: Beastbane, Odd Shaped, Better Odds, Grisly Wounds, Aegis

Xander: Shelter, Elbow Room, Defender, Aegis

Kiragi: Lancefiare, Bowfaire, Certain Blow, Air Superiority, Ametarasu

Odin: Bowbreaker, Malefic Aura, Heartseeker, Vengeance

Peri: Shelter, Elbow Room, Defender, Aegis

Midori: Lethality, Replicate, Potent Potion, Profiteer, Spendthrift

Shigure: Darting Blow, Warding Blow, Swordfaire, Comraderie

Beruka: Strength +2, Lunge, Rally Defense, Swordbreaker

Azama: Rally Luck, Miracle, Renewal, Counter Magic


Skills Wanted:

Counter, Point Blank, Astra, Pavise/Aegis, Lethality, Bowbreaker, Lancefiare


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Castle Code: 14434-88756 86280-01078


Ali/Tundra City




Hard! Bring your best!

Be sure to take in some of the sights! Try standing on the southern part of the Southeastern wall and look towards the main castle, over the stores. Also, please leave an accessory... My units always seem to demand large tithes of them and I can never keep up with demand. Nohr Pauldrons, Pink Berets, White Ribbons, Lion Shields and Ninja Masks in particular are popular.

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Hi Everyone :) 
My Castle Name is Need Aptitude? (I'm in Canada so a NA castle here)
my address is 05785-68718-98685-76273
 Right now I am doing a Nohr run (though i can always load up my file for those who need some birthright skills)
I'm an Easy Seize (as far as I know. i've put everyone on hold, no one on the throne). I've got Milk and Rubies

If anyone has Keaton skills (especially Aptitude) that would be most grateful.  I've just gotten him

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