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New and Improved Official

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My Castle Central Share Sheet

Today I'll be pulling down the Fire Emblem Fates: My Castle Compendium thread, because it's out in more regions than not and hundreds of users here now have the game. Because it's being so actively played, it's about time we organized it in the simplest way possible.

The goal of this is to have a super easy-to-view list of Serenes Forest's many castles and unite our endeavors to get goodies, share gifts and just have a fun time. My hopes are that users who decide to share their info can post it here, and have it readily available for others who either want to just share and have fun, or are out for specific missions, like resource collection for forging weaponry, crafting accessories and feeding Lilith.

That being said, if you wish to share your castle, I'll happily post it on the list in the spreadsheet posted above. Here are the applications to get posted on the list.

[spoiler=Quick Application]

  • Friend Code | and/or | Castle Code

[spoiler=Full Application]

  • 3DS Friend Code | and/or | My Castle Code
  • Chosen affinity (Hoshido/Nohr/Revelations)
  • Avatar Name / Castle Name
  • Region (NA/JP/etc)
  • Food Resource
  • Mineral Resource
  • Battle Level (Level of Ease, if your castle is designed for challenging battles or quick & easy seizes or wins). Just Easy/Hard will do
  • Additional Notes (Available units/skills, stuff design, special requests, etc)

Also, if users have a specific request for an accessory, unit, skill or goal, feel free to post in here. We're a friendly bunch and often jump to accommodate where we can.

My Castle FAQs

I just got the game! When can I start using My Castle?

You can start using My Castle after the Branch of Fates (upon completing Chapter 6, or when beginning at the Branch of Fates through your options menu).

How do I find my My Castle Code?

Check your Crystal Ball, then go to Settings/Info, and open up Castle Address. Alternatively, on the touch-screen of your DS, select the second option on the lower-right corner to see your Card. This is what visitors see when they visit you and grab your calling card.

I don't like my message! How do I change it?

Talk to your Crystal Ball, open Streetpass Team and select Edit Card. You can edit other features for battle-related settings in this menu as well, but the Card is what you see on screen and visitors see as well. I personally suggest changing your message to include your Serenes Forest username, if your Corrin isn't already renamed to it. It makes things easier for visitors.

What can I get from visiting other castles?

By default, for interacting, you get a small chunk of DVP (roughly 1/5 of your meter). You can get one Mineral and one Food per visit, attend their Arena if they have one, among many other neat gifts and goodies, as well as even units!

How do I change my assistant? I don't like Felicia/Jakob!

You're stuck with either Felicia/Jakob, or one of the two default nameless soldiers that aid you. There are quite a few others you can get but I'll let that be a secret. :)

I've got 100 friends already on my Friend List. Can I still visit more?

Yes, if you use the Castle Code and save them to your Calling Cards, you can even if you are not their friend via Friend Code.

What's the point of even doing this?

You get additional food and minerals for forging and mess hall dishes, feeding Lilith with and spending at Accessory Shops. You also both help yourself and help your friend fill their Inbox with information and Rewards points. Visiting offers a point for Visit Bonuses and Battles do so for Battle Bonuses. Filling each of these nets gifts to you and the person you visit/whom visits you. You can also win/buy units from their castle and forge bonds with them, giving you access to their deployment. You can also buy their skills, if you really want one that you don't already have on one of your units. You can also buy Einherjar and visit Hot Springs and Prisons. There's a lot to do!

What's different between castles in Birthright, Conquest and Revelation?

Birthright gets a Dawn Armory and Scroll Shop, while Nohr gets a Dusk Armory and Staff Shop. These function as Weapon/Item stores for their respective nation, only selling gear from that nation.
Birthright castles also get three unique Castle Layouts, while Conquest gets a different set of three Castle Layouts. Each nation gets some decor specifically designed for their nation as well.
Lilith will only heal in Birthright. She will only battle in Conquest.
Units that run the stores will vary, offering different discounts based on their class and most proficient weapontype.

When I engage in a battle, and my buildings get destroyed, is it gone for good?

No. Damage dealt to your units and your structures revert back to their original status after every battle. Don't worry about breaking your precious statue of yourself, it'll come back! And yes, if Azura dies, she'll come back just the same as she was before.

I want to give my friend an Accessory, but it took me forever to save up the materials for it...

Go ahead and do it anyway! It builds a bond with the friend, and doesn't actually take it from your inventory. You essentially give them a copy of your accessory, meaning you can give away all of the Butterfly Masks and Bath Towels you'd like. This is super nice to do if you have Amiibo accessories and your friends don't have regular access to them.

What "special bond" did I make with my friend?

You now have access to Bond units, which are discussed in full right here. In short, they're Avatars capable of having almost any skill as a Personal Skill.

Why do I have to go through the same clunky menu every time I want to visit [X]? Can't I set a quick list so I can always visit [X] easier than scrolling through hundreds of castles?

Yes. You can access castles straight through your Friends list, by searching Castle Address and more. After visiting a castle, talk to their Avatar and grab their Calling Card (it's three presses of the A-button...super easy). They're now going to appear on your Calling Card list, which is basically a Favorites list. Update your Calling Card list (locking them) by checking the bulletin board in your castle's Travelers' Plaza. You can not currently delete Calling Cards.

Why is [X]'s store different than mine? We both have the same store.

You can upgrade your structures, such as Stores, Accessory Shops, Prisons and Arenas. Upgrading these allows your visitors to reap the benefits of the upgraded structure, without having to upgrade it themselves.

Can I just grind for EXP/Support Points/DVP like this?

If you are playing Conquest, you cannot grind for EXP. You can grind for Support points and DVP though on all files, and EXP on Birthright & Revelation.

What can't I share?

You can't share goodies acquired through DLC, such as skills, units or accessories.

I visited the Arena, and it kicked me out!?

You are only allowed to do of the following during a visit: Make purchases at the Accessory Shop, Battle, participate in the Arena, use the Smithy. All other events like socializing and info gathering are limitless between visits.

No one is visiting me! What's going on?!

You must check the Crystal Ball and press Update Data before your castle becomes visible to the world. Periodically updating your castle is suggested, since upgraded features, layouts and units won't appear to the rest of the world until you do so.

I can't visit other castles!

Check your Wi-Fi settings, make sure Streetpass is enabled. Also, you can only visit each castle once per day.

Documented Customization, Shopping & Building Information*

General Building List | General Resources List

Accessory Shop | Arena | Hoshidan/Nohrian Armories |Hoshidan Staff/Nohrian Rod Shops

Lottery Shop | Lilith's Temple | Mess Hall | Private Quarters | Smithy

Bond Units | Prison | Hot Springs | Einherjar Shop | Records Hall *Not yet documented

Visitation & Battle Reward Bonuses

If what you want to know isn't answered above, ask! If you all have any comments/critique, please let me know.

Also as a side-note, I've listed all users as Hoshido unless they specified otherwise. I'll be updating this list as often as I can, so feel free to just leave a message below. This is relevant for things like available stores and such, so please provide me a list when you can of your respective nation.

Special Thanks to CaitlynMellark for getting the NA+JP version of Castle Code sharing on her own thread

Special Thanks to TohruAdachi for his many many streams of the game, and also the screencap you see above

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Sexy looking list. Major kudos. o/

I'd request an edit of mine, since I recently just slapped Swordfaire, Astra, and Deathblow onto my avatar (alongside Replicate and Lifetaker) for you guys. Btw, I'm running Nohr. (Now Revelations)

Edit from me in the future: Please refer to my signature or my link in the spreadsheet for my most current skill set, as I change things often and no longer have MU in my squad.

Edited by AddictPunk
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I noticed some people on that spreadsheet have more than one MC code, does this mean you can have multiple castles online?

If so, can you visit yourself

They have more than one DS :D

Also to ppl above, if I've posted and your post is above mine, assume I've made an edit to your record and/or added you :)

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They have more than one DS :D

Also to ppl above, if I've posted and your post is above mine, assume I've made an edit to your record and/or added you :)

Ah, just tested it myself actually, you can't visit your Castle from a different save file.

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I'll put this here, just in case anyone missed this.

Castle Name : Dawn Castle.

Castle Code (Hoshido) : 09811-12883-80662-36129 (Image link : https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHlGal7Nbg)

Avatar Name : Sariya (Hoshido).

Food Resource : Daikon (Hoshido).

Mineral Resource : Amber (Hoshido), level three.

Accessories : All of them, I guess.

Easy to Seize or Battle : Easy to seize. Everyone is on hold, if they are not then please tell me.

Buyable Skills : In the spoiler.


Hoshido *Other then the skills they can get easily (like for example, Ryoma having Astra on this list would be kinda redundant) and DLC skills* :

Avatar (Hoshido Noble) Swordfaire, Replicate, Rend Heaven, Live to Serve, and Death Blow. She also has Profiteer and Aptitude.

Azura (Songstress) Renewal, Lancefaire, and Rend Heaven. She also has Pavise.

Sakura (Priestess) Inspiration, Counter, Bowfaire, Rend Heaven. She also has Future Sight, Dragon Fang, Astra, Hoshidan Unity, and Replicate.

Orochi (Onmyoji) Wary Fighter, Death Blow, Tomefaire, Vantage, and Vengeance. She also has Astra, Lancebreaker, Lifetaker, and Aptitude.

Scarlet (Wyvern Lord) Savage Blow, Lifetaker, Trample, Aegis, and Luna. She also has Natural Cover, Armored Blow, Swordbreaker, and Bowbreaker.

Male!Kana (Hoshido Noble) Renewal, Swordfaire, Savage Blow, and Rend Heaven. He also has Draconic Hex, Dragon Ward, and Hoshidan Unity.

Midori (Sniper) Renewal, Bowfaire, Savage Blow, Dragon Ward, and Rend Heaven. She also has Miracle, Quick Draw, Certain Blow, and Poison Strike.

Caeldori (Falcon Knight) Voice of Peace, Lancefaire, Renewal, Rend Heaven, and Astra. She also has Duelist's Blow, and Air Superiority.

Shigure (Falcon Knight) Voice of Peace, Lancefaire, Renewal, Rend Heaven, and Luna. He also has Miracle, Duelist's Blow, and Air Superiority.

Selkie (Nine-Tails) Quixotic, Renewal, Pavise, and Rend Heaven.

If anyone needs a :

Ryoma (Swordmaster) Pavise and Rend Heaven.

Hinoka (Kinshi Kinght) Amaterasu, Bowfaire, Lancefaire, Air Superiority, and Rend Heaven. She also has Luna, Quick Draw, and Certain Blow.

Takumi (Sniper) Life and Death, Death Blow, Astra, and Rend Heaven.

Jakob (Butler) Shurikenfaire, Rend Heaven, and Luna.

Felicia (Maid) Shurikenfaire, Inspiration, Rend Heaven, Sol, and Pavise. She also has Good Fortune and Strong Riposte.

Kaze (Master Ninja) Savage Blow, Renewal, Vantage, and Rend Heaven. He also has Astra, Swordfaire, Lunge, Duelist's Blow, and Trample.

Silas (Paladin) Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Rend Heaven, Aegis, and Luna.

Mozu (Spear Master) Seal Defense, Lancefaire, Profiteer, Luna, and Rend Heaven. She also has Seal Speed, and Swap.

Shura (Adventurer) Renewal, Gamble, and Sol.

Izana (Onmyoji) Renewal, Miracle, Astra, and Sol. He also has Replicate and Aptitude.

Rinkah (Blacksmith) Counter, Axefaire, Quixotic, Daeth Blow, and Rend Heaven. She also has Salvage Blow.

Hana (Swordmaster) Death Blow, Renewal, and Rend Heaven. She also has Seal Resistance, Counter, Shove, Shurikenbreaker.

Subaki (Kinshi Knight) Amaterasu, Trample, Renewal, Lancefaire, and Rend Heaven. He also has Life and Death, Warding Blow, and Air Superiority.

Saizo (Master Ninja) Life and Death, Wary Fighter, Vantage, and Astra. He also has Duelist's Blow, Swordfaire, Quixotic, Lifetaker, and Aptitude.

Azama (Great Master) Seal Speed, Lancefaire, and Rend Heaven. He also has Seal Defense and Swap.

Setsuna (Sinper) Death Blow, Quixotic, and Rend Heaven. She also has Poison Strike, Aptitude, Astra, and Lifetaker.

Hayato (Onmyoji) Vantage, Quixotic, Miracle, and Rend Heaven. He also has Death Blow, Renewal, Lifetaker, and Aptitude.

Oboro (Spear Master) Countermagic, Renewal, Miracle, and Rend Heaven.

Hinata (Swordmaster) Wary Fighter, Death Blow, Rend Heaven, and Savage Blow. He also has Sol and Trample.

Kagero (Master Ninja) Shurikenfaire, Savage Blow, Trample, Astra, and Rend Heaven. She also has Vantage, Duelist's Blow, and Swordfaire.

Reina (Kinshi Knight) Savage Blow, Lancefaire, Bowfaire, and Renewal.

Kadan (Nine-Tails) Quixotic, Renewal, Pavise, and Rend Heaven. He also has Vantage, Duelist's Blow, and Future's Sight.

Yukimura (Mechanist) Life and Death, Countermagic, Death Blow, and Luna. He also has Aptitude.

Dwyer (Butler) Defender, Shurikenfaire, Rend Heaven, and Luna.

Sophie (Paladin) Renewal, Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Pavise, and Rend Heaven.

Shiro (Spear Master) Savage Blow, Pavise, Astra, and Dragon Fang. He also has Rend Heaven, Counter, and Lunge.

Kiragi (Sniper) Counter, Death Blow, Life and Death, and Astra. He also has Lifetaker and Vantage.

Asugi (Master Ninja) Life and Death, Vantage, Astra, and Sol. He also has Seal Strength, Duelist's Blow, and Aptitude.

Hisame (Swordmaster) Life and Death, Renewal. He also has Seal Strength and Miracle.

Mitama (Spear Master) Seal Speed, Lancefaire, and Rend Heaven. She also has Seal Defense, Swap, Potent Potion, and Quick Salve.

Rhajat (Witch) Renewal, Vengeance. She also has Counter, Rend Heaven, Lunge, Death Blow, Trample, Malefic Aura, Quixotic, Savage Blow, and Aptitude.

Nohr *Same as the Hoshido list* :

Avatar (Nohr Noble) Renewal, Tomefaire. She has the same skills as Sariya, other wise.

Flora (Maid) Shurikenfaire, Death Blow, Renewal, Counter, and Rend Heaven. She also has Quixotic, Lifetaker, and Aptitude.

Ophelia (Sorcerer) Death Blow, Tomefaire, Renewal, and Dragon Fang. She also has Trample, Sol, Pavise, Vantage, Quxitoic, and Apititude.

Velouria (Wolfssegner) Renewal, Rend Heaven, Dragon Fang, and Pavise. She also has Aptitude, Countermagic, Death Blow, Nohran Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Trample, Replicate, Lancebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Quixotic, and Savage Blow.

Nina (Maid) Shurikenfaire, Renewal, Rend Heaven, Dragon Fang, and Pavise. She also has Seal Speed, Seal Defense, and Aptitude.

Soleil (Hero) Renewal, Swordfaire, Axefaire, Rend Heaven, and Pavise. She also has Astra, Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity, Trample, Shurkenfaire, Quixtoic, Nobitily, and Aptitude.

Camilla (Malig Knight) Tomefaire, Axefaire, Renewal, and Rend Heaven. She also has Counter, Countermagic, Repicate, Bowbreaker, Pass, and Quixotic.

Felicia (Maid) She has the same skills.

Mozu (Sniper) Bowfaire, Renewal, Pavise. She also has Astra, Vantage, Certain Blow, Quick Blow, and Replicate. She has the same skills, other wise.

Anna (Adventurer) Death Blow, Bowfaire, Counter, and Rend Heaven. She also has Astra, Sol, Luna, Pavise, Vantage, Life and Death, Certain Blow, Spendthrift, Quixotic, Lifetaker, Salavge Blow, Profiteer, and Aptitude.

If anyone need a :

Xander (Paladin) Death Blow, Savage Blow, and Trample. He also has Sol, Tomebreaker, Rend Heaven, Lunage, Replicate, Quixotic, and Aptitude.

Leo (Drak Knight) Death Blow, Inspiration, Tomefaire, Renewal. He also has Miracle, Swordfaire, and Lancebreaker.

Elise (Strategist) Live to Serve, Amaterasu, Tomefaire, Renewal, and Pavise. She also has Aptitude.

Jakob (Butler) Same skills.

Silas (Cavalier) Same skills.

Azura (Songstress) Movement +1, Miracle, and Replicate. Other wise, same skills.

Kaze (Master Ninja) Death Blow. Other wise, same skills.

Shura (Advernturer) Same skills.

Izana (Onmyoji) Same skills.

Arthur (Vanguard) Swordfaire, and Death Blow. He also has Countermagic, Darting Blow, Certain Blow, Swordbreaker, and Renewal.

Effie (General) Movement +1, Lancefaire, Axefaire, Renewal, and Luna. She also has HP+5, Gamble, Aegis, and Aegis.

Odin (Sorcerer) Death Blow, Tomefaire, and Trample. He also has Astra, Luna, Vantage, Vengeance, Replicate, Duelist's Blow, and Aptitude.

Niles (Adventurer) Trample, Bowfaire, and Rend Heaven. He also has Astra, Life and Death, Savage Blow, and Aptitude.

Nyx (Sorcerer) Lucy Seven, Tomefaire, and Lifetaker. She also has Counter, Quick Draw, Certain Blow, and Bowbreaker.

Selena (Mercenary) Renewal, Quixotic, Astra, and Aegis.

Beruka (Wyvern Rider) Air Superiority, Bowbreaker, Axefaire, Trample, and Rend Heaven. She also has Aptitude, Renewal, Lifetaker, and Savage Blow.

Laslow (Mercenary) Aptitude, Renewal, Swordfaire, Vengeance, and Rend Heaven. He also has Life and Death and Wary Fighter.

Peri (Cavalier) Renewal, Vantage, Trample, Rend Heaven, and Aptitude. She also has Pavise, Replicate, Lancefaire, Swordfaire, Swordbreaker, Life and Death, and Counter.

Benny (General) Axefaire, Lancefaire, Death Blow, and Rend Heaven. He also has HP +5, Aegis, Tomebreaker, Gamble, Renewal, and Aptitude.

Charlotte (Berserker) Tomebreaker, Death Blow, Certain Blow, and Rend Heaven. She also has Aptitude, Swordbreaker, Astra, Replicate, and Heartseeker.

Keaton (Wolfssegner) Death Blow, Quixotic, Renewal, Aegis, and Rend Heaven. He also has Astra, Luna, Pavise, and Pass.

Gunter (Great Knight) Lucky Seven, Death Blow, Renewal, and Sol. He also has Quixotic.

Male!Kana (Nohr Noble) Death Blow, Luna, Tomefaire, and Aptitude. Same skills, other wise.

Shigure (Dark Falcon) Movement +1, Luck +4, Replicate, Savage Blow, Aptitude, and Trample. Same skills, other wise.

Dwyer (Butler) Renewal, Pavise, Amaterasu, and Dragon Fang. Same skills, other wise.

Sophie (Paladin) Apitiude. Same skills, other wise.

Midori (Merchant) Lancefaire, Hoshidan Unity, Luck +4, Quixotic, Air Superiority, and Aptitude. Same skills, other wise.

Siegbert (Paladin) Nohrian Trust, Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Death Blow, and Renewal. He also has Movement +1, Rend Heaven, Tomebreaker, Savage Blow, Aptitude, and Pass.

Forrest (Strategist) Tomefaire, Renewal, Vantage, Pavise, and Luna. He also has Draconic Hex, Astra, Aptitude, Hoshidan Unity, Demoiselle, and Aptitude.

Ignatius (General) Countermagic, Renewal, Axefaire, and Lancefaire. He also has Certain Blow, Trample, and Aptitude.

Percy (Wyvern Lord) Countermagic, Movement +1, Rend Heaven, Lancefaire, and Axefaire. He also has Vengeance and Aptitude.

Just PM me.

After a while, I will make a new my castle team (I will mention it before I do though) but for now here is my castle setup.

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Putting spoilers back up, again.
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Castle Address: 06510-44516-86659-54393

Choosen Affinity: Revelation

Avatar name: Corrin

Castle name: RareSkill4Child

Region: NA

Food Resource: Meat, Daikon

Mineral Resource: Emerald, Coral

Additional Notes:

All Buildings level 3

Difficulty setting: Lunatic/Classic

Battle level: Easy

Available skills
- Midori: Bowfaire, Hoshidan Unity, Miracle, Quixotic, Salvage Blow
- Rhajat: Astra, Pavise, Shurikenbreaker, Certain Blow, Death Blow
- Ophelia: Death Blow, Shurikenbreaker, Gamble, Replicate, Certain Blow
- Shigure: Astra, Lancefaire, Bowbreaker, Renewal, Death Blow
- Selkie: Savage Blow, Replicate, Renewal, Poison Strike, Pavise
- Sophie: Astra, Lancefaire, Renewal, Death Blow, Pavise
- Caeldori: Axebreaker, Lancefaire, Pavise, Bowbreaker, Death Blow
- Kana(F): Renewal, Swordbreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Tomebreaker, Wary Fighter
- Siegbert: Sol, Lancefaire, Renewal, Lifetaker, Tomebreaker
- Percy: Bowbreaker, Lucky Seven, Tomebreaker, Heartseeker, Dragon Fang
Everyone is on hold so it should be easy to seize :)
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04863-58478 85843-30346
Corrin with Message "Frozenkappa SFF" / Castle Name: Easy Skills

Resources: Sapphire, Quartz, Berry and Beans
Check my signature for the latest skills and also I'm willing to gift accessories if you PM me your code and what you want. I think I have all the accessories that can be gifted

Check out the Skill Request Thread

[spoiler=List of accessories with either special effect or what model its from in brackets:]Slot 1: Pink Beret (Forrest), Trainee Garb (Azama), Mage's Circlet (Odin), Princess Bow (Elise), Dirty Kerchief, Simple Kerchief (Lilith), Flower Band, Giant Haircomb (Orochi), Lottery Hat (increase shifts at lottery), Princess Crown (Camilla), Prince Crown (Xander), Sun Tiara (Mikoto), White Ribbon (Charlotte), Night Cap, Golden Clip, Maid Band, Chef's Hat (increase shifts in mess hall), Head Towel (increase meeting in hot spring)

Slot 2: Ninja Mask (Saizo), Effigy Mask (Scarecow), Round Glasses (Yukimura), Cross Eyepatch (Niles), Oni Mask (Rinkah), Faceless Mask, Royal Feather (Arete), Hero Mask (Percy), Einherjer Mask (increase shifts in the einherjer shop), Samurai Mask (Ryoma), Golem Mask, Tengu Mask, Jailer Mask (increase shifts as jailer), Tinted Glasses (increases shifts in accessory shop)

Slot 3: Fox Tail (Kaden), Nohr Pauldron, Medicine Trunk (Apothecary), Lion Shield, Armored Shell (Knight), Fox Pauldron (Dread Fighter), Heart Pauldron, Battle Flag (Spear Master), General's Shell, Water Gourd (Oni Chieftain), Armory Shield (increase shifts in armory), Item Shield (increase shifts in vendor), Arena Shield (increase appearance in arena), Smithy Shield (increase shifts in smithy)

Slot 4: Bath Towel

Edited by Frozenkappa
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My Castle Code:



Chosen affinity:


Avatar Name:


Castle Name:

Shiru l'Adonai



Food Resource:

Berry Garden LV3

Mineral Resource:

Topaz Mine LV3


Avatar - Lifetaker, Vantage, Astra, Pavise, Tomefaire

Laslow - Sol, Inspiration, Trample, Swordfaire, Amaterasu

Odin - Seal Magic, Tomefaire, Astra, Trample, Malefic Aura

Selena - Luna, Sol, Swordbreaker, Swordfaire, Trample

Niles - Trample, Counter, Bowfaire, Quick Draw, Certain Blow

Keaton - Vantage, Certain Blow, Aegis, Axebreaker, Astra

Soleil - Pavise, Swordbreaker, Lifetaker, Amaterasu, Astra

Ophelia - Nohrian Trust, Tomefaire, Luna, Astra, Trample

Forrest - Luck +4, Health +5, Counter, Luna, Tomefaire

Shigure - Nohrian Trust, Rally Strength, Rally Speed, Rally Magic, Rally Skill

No one should attack you, so feel free to take any skills you desire by heading straight for seize!

Edited by RainbowToRosie
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  • 16547-59406 90389-53158


Kamui / Outer Heaven

North America

Food: Fish

Mineral: Coral

Difficulty: Easy

Current Buyable Skills (more coming soon):

Caeldori: Dragon Fang, Nobility

M!Kana: Camraderie

Rinkah: Vantage, Duelist's Blow, Locktouch, Poison Strike

Current Accessories: Princess Bow, Head Towel, Round Glasses, Oni Mask, Medicine Trunk, Emblem Shield, Bath Towel

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Alrighty. That makes 73 names on the list. I'm calling it a day for now! Gotta go home and prep the announcement for this on blogs and stuff now

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Code: 11321- 70168

60448- 86005

Affinity: Nohr

Name: Kaity

Region: NA

Food Resource: Cabbages (MY CABBAGES) If anyone gets this reference I will love them forever

Mineral Resource: Sapphire

Battle Level: Easy Seize

Character Skills:

Avatar: Astra, Draconic Hex, Hoshidan Unity, Profiteer, Darting Blow

Silas: Swordfaire, Luna, Trample

Elise: Tomefaire

Azura: Camaraderie, Lancefaire (I don't know if DLC skills can be bought by if they can add Dual Striker and Charm to this list as well)

Midori: Quick Draw, Poison Strike Savage Blow, Hoshidan Unity, Aptitude, Profiteer (All about that profit)

Selena: Darting Blow

Odin: Tomefaire

Edited by ChaosFox
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Aptitude Children - Easy seize, all on hold!
Castle Address: 06336-39928-56249-42744
Resources - Emerald, Quartz, Peach, Milk

Nina: Aptitude, Rend Heaven, Bowfaire, Lifetaker, Shurikenbreaker

Shigure: Aptitude, Luna, Darting Blow, Even Better, Lancefaire

Velouria: Aptitude, Astra, Axefaire, Luck+4, Lifetaker

Selkie: Aptitude, Astra, Beastbane, Evenhanded, Pavise

Ophelia: Aptitude, Vengeance, Rend Heaven, Tomefaire, Astra

Sophie: Aptitude, Rend Heaven, Swordfaire, Dragon Fang, Renewal

Shiro: Aptitude, Lethality, Lancefaire, Rend Heaven, Astra

Siegbert: Aptitude, Astra, Lancefaire, Renewal, Aegis

Forrest: Aptitude, Tomefaire, Luna, Renewal, Lifetaker

(Would also greatly appreciate if you could leave an accessory for me! Thank you, and enjoy! <3)

Edited by Saeli
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My code is 00212-21446-90124-42935

I have Lapis and Beans for my resources, have lvl 3 buildings. Everyone has no items and are on hold for a easy sieze. My good skills are;

  • Corrin: Replicate, Astra, Hoshidan Unity, Nohrian Trust, Swordfaire

  • Kana: Astra, Pavise, Swordfaire, Replicate, Hoshidan Unity

  • Azura: Replicate, Draconic Hex, Astra, Voice of Peace, Amaterasu

  • Ryoma: Astra,Sol, Lancebreaker, Swordfaire

  • Sakura: Replicate, Tomefaire

  • Hinoka: Lancefaire, Replicate, Rend Heaven

  • Rhajat: Replicate, Tomefaire

  • Sophie: Axebreaker, Sol, Replicate, Aegis, Lancefaire

  • Shro: Astra, Lancefair, Replicate

  • Takumi: Astra, Replicate, Bowfaire

Edited by Vonthin
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So, I actually have skill requests. I can't find Replicate for Saizo and Kaze, and I don't want to deal with leveling them up at Mechanists. I want Saizo to be a Dread Fighter and Kaze to stay a Master Ninja. If anyone has Replicate for either of them, I'd be grateful if you shared your castle!

I have a Saizo with Replicate now. Castle Address in my signature.

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My Castle Code:



I bounce between save files, so it'll either be Nohr or Revelations. My Revelations one should be the one currently in visitable since I'm working on completing that route tonight or tomorrow.

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I never even put MY My Castle up

  • Friend Code: 5172-0161-7284
  • CastleCode:
  • Nohr
  • Avatar: Abby | Castle: Casa Elieson
  • NA
  • Wheat
  • Ruby
  • Not set up for any kind of battle scenario yet
  • Standard Stuff, nothing fancy. For what it's worth I have one accessory, so any shared accessories would be super appreciated :) I'll be sure to share as I save up and unlock more!

(Note to self, Update from #14, down)

Edited by Elieson
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Hello, everyone. I've managed to get Aptitude on Dwyer and Kana, in addition to Soleil and Sophie. I've also got Profiteer on Dwyer and my Avatar. Also, my Castle is Nohr. It should be an easy seize. I have my units set to hold.

I went through and gave an accessory that I saw visited on my feed.

I'll throw my address up here again.




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Castle: 01718-42899-63866-13235

I have slightly updated my list from the previous here. All units are on hold so just walk in and seize.

  • Kaze: Vantage, Luna, Death Blow
  • Odin: Tomefaire, Vantage, Astra
  • Selena: Luna, Swordfaire
  • Silas: Savage Blow, Luna, Sol, Trample
  • Jakob: Amaterasu, Aegis, Luna
  • Laslow: Rend Heaven
  • Elise: Astra, Renewal
  • Xander: Sol
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Is the castle address tied to the game card or the 3DS? I know you can't have different castle addresses on the same game card, but what happens if you have two different game cards on the same 3DS, or conversely if you use the same game card, but on a different 3DS?

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