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I got like 9 different files; Haven't played in ages. I'll put the info. for my main team, not sure if it changes or how any of this works like how to change my accessory that I give away. If someone figures it out let me know. 

My main character is a sniper with counter, renewal, aether, death blow, and certain blow(had a hell of lot of fun with pvp matches back before hackers joined; rip good times)

Anyway, here's my code:(does it change per game file?)



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MyCastle is 12353-44825-62511-00906. (My advice is not to go on the right side if you just want to seize, they are set to the Team Function [The rest are stationary]. Izana should move off the throne if you lure him.)


Asugi - Master Ninja

Caeldori: Rally Spd, Astra, Drting Blow, Camaraderie, Pavise

Kiragi: Skill +2, Quick Draw, Certain Blow, Savage Blow, Air Superiority

Velouria: Trample, Pavise, Lunge, Odd Shaped, Beastbane

Shigure: Seal Str, Drting Blow, Voice of Peace, Camaraderie, Rally Spd

Rhajat: Miracle, Renewal

Izana - Einherjar

Koyo (M!MU): Nobility, Dragon Fang, Dragon Ward, Dragonic Hex, Shurikenbreaker

Rinkah: Counter, Seal Res, Death, Certain and Warding Blow.

F!Kana: Nobility, Death Blow, Dragonic Hex, Dragon Fang

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No longer need the bowbreaker skill.
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A castle with a strong Hoshidian theme

  • Castle code : 02196-43102-26052-93306
  • Game version : Birthright
  • Affiliation : Hoshido
  • Avatar name : Yamato
  • Castle Name : Hoshidian Fort
  • Region : NA
  • Food Beans
  • Mineral : Amber
  • Castle Defense difficulty : Very Hard
  • Army power : 2658
  • Units level : 99
  • Buildings on the map : Rod shop / Dawn Armory / Prison / Arena / Accessory shop / Einherjar shop / Mess Hall / Hot spring
  • Building level : 3 (Max)
  • Prison : Generic advance class units
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