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I'm gay dabadeedabada

Omg you nevarr loveded me ;_;

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The blood erupts from my jugular vein,

A literal translation of my mental pain,

You nevarr loveded mee.

I'm sweating, you're comparable to a radiator.

So pale, so unrelenting, so cold when you're not turned on.

You satiate my appetite with the blood from your carotid artery,

You let me drink from your pulmonary vein,

But it was all lies.

You nevarr loveded me.

All that emerges from your rectum is recondite fabrications;

From your urethra, pretentious omniscience.

I believed you when you said the world was flat, and that the seas further south contained monsters.

But when I dived in,

The solitary, obscure monster was you.

You devoured my bleeding, withered, emaciated, nigrescent, rigor-mortis laden, mortal, fragile, depressed, obsolete, obsequious, dilapidated heart,

And I cried tears of icy, ebony and/or scarlet blood.

Just like the blood dripping from my slit ulnar artery.

Every fibre of my vena cava longs and lusts for you.


You nevarr loveded me. ;_;

I'd slit my renal artery for you. ;_;

Everyone hates me and my life sucks (just like a dyson vacuum cleaner) because of you.

I wish I were dead, I wish we were dead together.

You nevarr loveded me... ;_;

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