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Valentia Accordion Translation Project Thread

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On 3/25/2019 at 5:55 AM, Jotari said:

A better explanation would be to not give an explanation at all (and give all future male pegasus riders sexy skirts too).

I mean, I would have preferred that latter explanation (alongside a character or two who didn't wear a skirt), but hey, equally beskirted from now on? Maybe we'd get some tartan that way.

Edit: I note some of the concept art is also in the artbook with the special edition. Nowhere near this much and plenty of the beta designs are exclusive to this though. Also, the lower Rudolf sketch looks a little less sombre and more "Conquest and chill" to me.

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This thread should really be pinned. It has a lot of great information that people will appreciate finding a long time from now even if it won't have active conversation happening.

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