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Carmine Sword

[FE4] SOYO Draft: Glory to Granvell Edition

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It's looking like we can finish this tonight. Only 7 characters left.

Btw when you said that the last unit on the list was Levin did you mean that was the one to pick for the round, or that there weren't any units left on the list? @Carmine Sword

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Terrador has given me a new list so if I'm not totally reading impaired like last time the unit Crimsonvolt gets is Aideen and kids. Conglaturation.


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Terrador makes the highly questionable choice to give Crimsonvolt Ethlyn despite Crimsonvolt having a dancer. I don't even know man.

DarthRoxas can't get Fury because he has one of her substitute children, which means I have to be given Fury, which leaves Darthroxas with Nordion whore Lachesis.

We did it guys, good job.

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You know, Terrador's choices looked weird up until that Shanan pick. Gen 1 and Gen 2 are going to be completely different games for me.
Gen 1's pretty much staffing Sigurd to victory while Gen 2's a literal army.

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My team could've been worse, especially after I messed up with the rules and thought I could mess with Terrador by making him have to choose units. I would've preferred Leif, but Nanna and Delmud are good too. I really want to pair up Finn and Lachesis, but I'll probably just do Alec for inheritance.

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Might as well start this trainwreck.

Prologue: 11/11

Doing this any faster without Ethlyn doesn't seem feasible without Sigurd dodging literally everything.

Jungby: 5/5

Sigurd did the thing. He didn't proc any strength before reaching Jungby so he had to kill the guy blocking the way with the Iron Lance, which meant he had to go to the Church to heal after seizing. Noish chips some dudes and Arden slowly waddles towards Jungby. Quan kills a Hand Axe fighter.

Evans: 6/11

Sigurd just takes Evans on his own after getting the Silver Sword. Arden, Noish, and Quan defend Jungby from dudes who ignored Sigurd and Arvis while Noish gets the Speed Ring so he can sell it later to afford the Paragon Ring in Chapter 2. Arden got MAGIC so the game is clearly telling me to pair him with Tiltyu.

Chapter 1: 20/31

Had Sigurd and Quan clear the first 5 arena fights so they could heal mid-chapter. Arden cleared all but the last fight and Noish cleared the whole arena.

Genoa: 4/15

Sigurd and Quan go down to kill the boss cause Sigurd can't ORKO him by himself so he needs some Javelin chip from Quan first. Sigurd left the Hand Axe guy on 10 HP for Noish to kill. Noish + Arden also exactly 2HKOed fighters which was nice, although most of them suicided on Arden instead of Noish when both were in range for some reason even though Arden had more defense. Game's weird man.

Marpha: 6/21

Technically possible in 5, but that requires Quan to both proc Adept and hit the boss twice with a Javelin at 33 hit, so fuck that. Otherwise Sigurd just killed a bunch of stuff with the Silver sword while Quan and Noish cleared out stragglers. Arden killed the first village brigand. Recruited Ayra cause I need the Brave Sword for later.

Verdane: 10/31

Sigurd and Quan healed at the arena and then went through the forest. Sigurd had to equip the Iron Lance in order for the fighters to actually attack him in the forest. Quan killed Jamke and Deirdre showed up and kills some fighters for a level. Noish got the one village that never gets attacked by brigands and Arden finished off the brigand attacking the village near the second castle for that sweet 500 gold reward.


Sigurd Lv. 17.78 Lord Knight 48HP/25Str/0Mgc/16Skl/17Spd/14Lck/14Def/3Res

Deirdre Lv. 4.54 Priestess 27HP/0Str/15Mgc/9Skl/12Spd/6Lck/3Def/16Res

Arden Lv. 8.30 Thwomp 40HP/16Str/1Mgc/5Skl/5Spd/4Lck/15Def/0Res

Noish Lv. 10.80 Cavalier 39HP/16Str/0Mgc/8Skl/9Spd/7Lck/13Def/0Res

Quan Lv. 12.23 Duke Knight 43HP/21Str/0Mgc/15Skl/14Spd/6Lck/14Def/4Res

Chapter 2: 27/48

Man this chapter takes forever.

Herhein: 10/41

Sigurd, Quan, and Noish rush to the castle. Quan killed the but-faced man for the Silver Lance and Noish bought the Light Brand at Nordion to get a few kills on it during the chapter. Holyn just stood near Mackily. Deirdre slowly followed behind the horses cause she needs to Warp people back after Anphony.

Anphony: 5/46

Had to take an extra turn to recruit Beowulf and get the Paragon Ring. Sigurd baits the thwomps at the castle and leaves them all with like 4 HP, which causes them all to suicide on Noish next turn to get some more kills on the Light Brand. The Voltz kill kind of sucks but there's not much I can do about it unfortunately. If Quan procs Adept against Voltz then Noish can easily kill him with anything next turn, but since Quan didn't proc Adept, Noish needed to get an Iron Lance crit to finish Voltz off (Light Brand crit works to technically, but the hit rate is way worse so I just used the Iron Lance). Deirdre finally caught up with the main group. She just warped a bunch of undrafted units back on the way there for exp. Quan recruited Beowulf who only got exp from the arena this chapter sadly. Arden got THE POWER OF PURSUIT.

Mackily: 7/63

Sigurd got warped to Herhein by Deirdre, while Quan just walked back. Noish and Beowulf started walking towards the villages. Holyn could ORKO the unpromoted cavaliers charging you with the Steel Blade which helped a bit. He and Quan eventually cleared a path for Sigurd to reach the castle. Noish got the Bargain Ring so he could afford the Pursuit and Magic Rings next chapter, then got warped back to the home castle to protect it from Fury's units.

Agusty: 5/68

Made a small mistake and forgot to have Sigurd buy the Brave Lance after seizing Mackily, so he had to crit Chagall with the Silver Sword instead unfortunately. Noish killed Fury's squad and then Levinr recruited her and she cleared the arena. Beowulf got warped back on the last turn after getting most of the villages so he could afford to buy the Paragon Ring and beat the first 6 arena matches. Chaimos ORKOed Beowulf so I just gave up trying to win the fight. Arden bought the Speed Ring and Armorslayer at Herhein to beat the Lance Armor and Thunder Mage in the arena for some more exp. Beating Chaimos was also pretty unreasonable for Arden so he only cleared 6 arena matches like Beowulf. Fury could beat him though cause lol Slim Lance.

Chapter 3: 17/85

Lots of item shifting before actually starting the map. Basically everyone cleared out the arena except Sigurd to heal later, Beowulf cause he needs the Brave Sword to kill the last 3 arena enemies and he can't use it on Turn 1, and Fury didn't use it at all cause she's going to get some gold from the villages first and then do the arena after she can buy the Paragon Ring. Noish promoted and took the Magic, Speed, and Pursuit rings to kill the cross knights. Beowulf took the Shield Ring for the pirates later.

Madino: 4/72

Everyone except Noish goes up, while he goes left with Lachesis. Arden stays in the castle on the first turn so he can buy the Brave Sword to clear the arena and then sell it back so Beowulf can buy it to kill the Pirates. Sigurd killed the boss with a Silver Sword crit.

Silvail: 6/78

Sigurd uses the Return Ring to go backand Noish murders literally everything over by Sivail, including Papilion so I got the Renewal Ring for once. Boewulf and Fury stood next to each other for a few turns before Fury went to clear the arena and get the +3 strength village and Beowulf choked the point in preparation for the pirates. Arden and Holyn got some villages on the right side. Sigurd killed Chagall with a Silver Sword crit + hit. 

Orgahil: 7/85

Beowulf, Fury, and Quan dealt with the pirates. Beowulf killed the Leg Ring guy, then cantoed back to sell it so Sigurd could buy it from the pawn shop to get to Orgahil faster. Noish sold the Brave Lance so Fury could use it to clear the arena. Used Ethlyn and Briggid for a jealousy set-up to get more love points between Beowulf and Fury. Tiltyu easilly dealt with the pirates over by the tower and got 3 levels out of it which was nice.

Goodbye Quan, I'll miss you man.

STATS (End of Chapter 3):

Sigurd Lv. I forget cause I started Chapter and did the arena already whoops

Deirdre Lv. 14.55 Priestess Manfroy'd/10

Arden Lv. 15.14 Thwomp 47HP/21Str/1Mgc/6Skl/7Spd/5Lck/19Def/1Res

Noish Lv. 25.21 Paladin 52HP/24Str/5Mgc/18Skl/14Spd/12Lck/24Def/6Res

Quan Lv. 20.23 Duke Knight 53HP/25Str/1Mgc/18Skl/18Spd/7Lck/19Def/4Res

Holyn Lv 19.49 Mercenary 47HP/17Str/0Mgc/20Skl/18Spd/2Lck/13Def/2Res

Beowulf Lv. 20.50 Free Knight 49HP/15Str/0Mgc/16Skl/15Spd/6Lck/14Def/0Res

Fury Lv. 18.27 Pegasus Knight 39HP/17Str/5Mgc/14Skl/23Spd/8Lck/13Def/9Res

Tiltyu Lv. 6.63 Thunder Mage 30HP/0Str/12Mgc/17Skl/12Spd/11Lck/1Def/10Res

Chapter 4: 23/108

Everyone cleared the arena except Sigurd to heal. Everyone except Tiltyu promoted if they hadn't already. Dew takes the Leg Ring and Barrier Ring to get to the bridge.

Thove: 11/96

Sigurd, Noish, and Dew ran to Thove. Fury spammed Return for exp and was in a jealousy formation pretty much every turn. Beowulf baited down some mages that Sigurd and Noish failed to kill so that Tiltyu could kill them for the exp. She also killed some brigands with help from her boyfriend Arden. Holyn did literally nothing.

Zaxon: 12/108

Sigurd returned home and bought the Leg Ring back. Tiltyu got some more villages. She also at most of the villagers so she should be able to promote after the arena next chapter. Holyn badly fought the guys at Silesia cause they all had ranged weapons. Boewulf and Fury built more love points through jealousy. Noish killed some of Pamela's goons to get kills on the Light Brand, but he had too much defense so they wouldn't attack him which sucked. Boss kill was ass cause Sigurd was at 1 HP so he needed to hit all 4 times with the Brave Sword and dodge the boss.

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Uh... sure? Why though?

Chapter 5: 24/132

Sigurd bought most of the rings and swords. Didn't get the Paragon Ring yet cause Tiltyu needs it to promote. Fury gets all the lances, Miracle Sword, Thunder Sword, Thief Sword, Skill Ring, and Renewal Ring. Tiltyu gets all the tomes and one of the Return Rings so Tinny can go back and use the arena in Chapter 7 after getting recruited. Arden gets the Pursuit Ring. Beowulf gets nothing. Sad!

Lubeck: 5/113

Noish and Sigurd murder everything while everyone else twiddles their thumbs near the start. Tiltyu kills a brigand for some exp and Holyn takes the crit Silver Sword and kills all the enemies to the left of the starting castle to get more kills on the Silver Sword. Beowulf is too busy standing near Fury to do it. Boss kill was surprisingly reliable. Sigurd got the Brave Sword to 50 kills on the General in front of Langbalt (totally planned that guys) and Noish got the Light Brand to almost 70 kills by the time they reached the boss since all the Bow Knights attacked him over Sigurd since with the Shield Ring Sigurd had more defense (and also avoid which affects enemy targeting priority a bit). Noish crit Langbalt once from range with the Light Brand and then Sigurd just need to crit with the Brave Sword once in 4 attacks to finish Langbalt off.

Phinora: 4/117

Sigurd just went there himself. Noish sold all his stuff so Sigurd could buy it after seizing Phinora. Tiltyu finally promoted. She warped Holyn over to Lubeck to kill the Wyverns coming up.

Velthomer: 15/132

Tiltyu warped Fury down to Phinora to help with Velthomer, although she was exactly OHKOed Reptor which would have cost turns, except I needed to wait 5 turns after killing Reptor for Arden and Tiltyu to even get married. Curse you lack of jealousy set-ups!


Sigurd Lv. 30.00 Knight Lord 64HP/25Str/0Mgc/21Skl/22Spd/18Lck/22Def/3Res

Arden Lv. 24.15 General 55HP/25Str/2Mgc/8Skl/10Spd/7Lck/25Def/4Res

Noish Lv. 30.00 Paladin 57HP/24Str/7Mgc/18Skl/14Spd/12Lck/24Def/7Res

Holyn Lv 30.00 Hero 59HP/25Str/3Mgc/27Skl/23Spd/2Lck/18Def/7Res

Beowulf Lv. 25.34 Forrest Knight 54HP/19Str/0Mgc/28Skl/24Spd/7Lck/20Def/3Res

Fury Lv. 30.00 Falcon Knight 44HP/21Str/14Mgc/19Skl/30Spd/10Lck/19Def/15Res

Tiltyu Lv. 23.91 War Mage 39HP/4Str/21Mgc/24Skl/21Spd/19Lck/6Def/16Res

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He doesn't need to do that to have enough money. He'll have enough money for it automatically just from the money he earns at the end of each chapter.

Chapter 6: 18/150

Seliph Solo.avi. Oifey + Dimna exactly kill Johalva's goons so that was cool I guess. Arthur killed the guy guarding Johalva's castle, which caused him to retreat back toward the castle, letting Arthur head him off and kill him for the exp. Fee got 3 villages including the Skill Ring village. Oifey got strength and speed. A good start!

Chapter 7: 20/170

Had Fee sell the Skill Rings so she could buy the Paragon Ring and solo the south part of the map with it. Everyone fully cleared the arena except Seliph and Dimna. Seliph needed it to heal and Dimna was just too chump to beat the whole arena.

Yeid: 9/159

Seliph rushes to the castle while Dimna and Arthur kill Dank Mages. Daisy puts most of the enemies near Yeid to sleep to steal their cash with getting OHKOed back.

Melgen: 6/165

Oifey and Arthur baited the dudes near Melgen to move while Seliph eventually got out of the desert to help out. Dimna got the Shield Ring village.

Alster: 5/170

Tinny cost a turn sadly cause Arthur is just so much slower than Seliph. It let Fee get more exp I guess from killing the Generals in front of Blume. Dimna baited the Melgen guys away from Daisy and Julia except for one cavalier who Daisy put to sleep and chipped for a few turns for some extra exp before Julia sent her home to clear the arena with Sleep Sword cheese for some more cash to give to people. Tinny easily cleared the arena with Elthunder crits.

Chapter 8: 14/184

Daisy gave Arthur some money to buy the Paragon Ring so he could solo all the thwomps near the start and promote. Fee promoted after using the arena.

Connaught: 8/178

Had to take an extra turn cause Seliph took too much damage from the mage sisters and didn't have enough HP left to tank a hit from Ishtar, who is impossible to dodge, so he had to go heal at the church. Oifey went up with him to get the Power Ring from the village after stealing some money from the thwomps. Arthur murdered everything down by the start since with the Magic Ring and Elthunder he could exactly OHKO all the enemies except the General mini-boss, and thanks to Vantage he'd always attack first. The Light Brand reached 100 kills.

Meath: 6/184

Seliph went down and recruited Ced, who cleared the arena and then sold the Light Tome so Julia could use it to fight in the arena. Dimna and Oifey made their way towards Connaught to get the villagers. Fee murdered all of the Dracoknights near Meath with the Thunder Sword since Seliph needs the Light Brand. The Thunder Sword is at 42 kills so it will reach crit next chapter from all the Dracoknights there.


Seliph Lv. 28.61 Knight Lord 67HP/25Str/10Mgc/22Skl/17Spd/19Lck/20Def/7Res

Julia Lv. 11.62 Priestess 32HP/1Str/21Mgc/11Skl/15Spd/10Lck/4Def/17Res

Oifey Lv. 23.63 Paladin 48HP/22Str/9Mgc/20Skl/19Spd/11Lck/20Def/9Res

Dimna Lv. 13.01 Bow Knight 41HP/11Str/0Mgc/12Skl/13Spd/5Lck/15Def/1Res

Fee Lv. 25.01 Falcon Knight 52HP/22Str/13Mgc/22Skl/28Spd/11Lck/18Def/18Res

Arthur Lv. 22.47 Mage Knight 58HP/19Str/17Mgc/19Skl/17Spd/23Lck/20Def/12Res

Daisy Lv. 8.90 Thief 30HP/3Str/1Mgc/5Skl/16Spd/7Lck/3Def/3Res

Tinny Lv. 10.65 Mage 37HP/3Str/9Mgc/14Skl/13Spd/13Lck/5Def/9Res

Ced Lv. 18.15 Sage 48HP/10Str/15Mgc/23Skl/24Spd/16Lck/12Def/13Res

Chapter 9:15/199

Kappathogia: 3/187

Seliph murdered everything. Fee killed Altenna.

Luthecia: 3/190

Yep. Fee killed Travant.

Grutia: 4/194

Had Seliph sell the Magic Ring at Luthecia so Arthur could buy it so he would be able to OHKO Musar with a Thoron crit. Arthur stood on Luthecia and killed most of the Musar squad. Oifey killed like 2 of them. Warped Dimna over when only the Mend Staff Paladins were left so Oifey could feed him one for some exp. Julia spammed Warp a bunch, then sold the Paragon Ring and all her stuff on the turn Seliph seized so Tinny could clear the arena with the Paragon Ring and Ced could warp Julia down to talk to Seliph for the +3 conversation.

Thracia: 5/199

Got the +3 res conversation from Julia. Dimna, Oifey, and Arthur got the villages, Fee kept murdering all of the Dracoknights. Seliph and Fee managed to take down Arion so I could get the Miracle Ring.

Chapter 10: 23/222

Got Tinny and Dimna promoted finally.

Chronos: 4/203

No Rescue staff so RIP Turncount. Everyone helped clear out the enemies at the start. Seliph doesn't have enough res to avoid getting put to sleep, but the Sleep Staff guy targeted Oifey instead cause he has lower res. Tinny Silenced one of the sleep staff guys. Arthur got hit by Hel intentionally to put him at 1 HP so he could Vantage/Wrath murder everything.

Rados: 4/207

Tinny Warped Arthur over to Chronos to kill all of Ridell's squad with Vantage/Wrath crits. He had the least defense out of him, Oifey, and Seliph, so all the enemies targeted him. Ced got warped to Chronos next to Restore people when they get put to Sleep, and then Dimna got warped over to kill a Brigand that would have destroyed Chronos.

Miletos: 6/213

Seliph returned home with the Return Ring and then got warped to Chronos by Tinny since that was closer than Rados. Oifey, Arthur, and Fee killed all the enemies up by the castle before Seliph even got there. 

Chapley: 9/222

Had to waste 5 turns getting Tyrfing cause nobody could deal any damage to Arvis without it. And then Seliph can't ORKO him either so that cost another turn. Fuck Pavise seriously.

The End: 26/248

Edda: 4/226

Seliph went to Edda with some help from Fee and Ced. Tyrfing kept him from being put to sleep.

Dozel: 4/230

Seliph Return Ring'd back and Arthur murdered all of the Dozel Squad with Thoron crits. Dimna killed the boss because why not haha.

Freege: 5/235

Had Fee bait the Barons to move so Seliph could seize on the last turn. Oifey bought the Speed Ring from Dimna to double the Pegasus Sisters.

Velthomer: 8/243

The Pegasus sisters were absolute cancer without any Holy Weapons, Oifey had to hit multiple 36 hit attacks with the Brave Sword against them to eventually kill them which was absolute ass. Ishtar also had to not proc Adept for Seliph to live which was also cancer cause she has like a 50% chance of activating it. Fee and Arthur (who got warped up by Tinny after Freege was seized) baited the Dead Lords around, Fee killed some of them. Seliph baited Julia over to Velthomer and then killed Manfroy with Brave Sword crits.

Belhalla: 5/248

Seliph sold the Magic and Leg Rings so Julia could buy them. She murdered all the deadlords that were still alive and then killed Julius.

Final Turncount: 248 238

Apparently I miscounted somewhere cause the ending screne said the final turncount was 238 turns.


Seliph Lv. 30.00 Knight Lord 70HP/25Str/10Mgc/22Skl/18Spd/20Lck/22Def/10Res

Julia Lv. 29.32 Sage  48HP/2Str/30Mgc/20Skl/30Spd/14Lck/7Def/27Res

Oifey Lv. 30.00 Paladin 58HP/24Str/9Mgc/23Skl/24Spd/15Lck/22Def/10Res

Dimna Lv. 29.49 Arch Knight 56HP/18Str/1Mgc/21Skl/19Spd/12Lck/23Def/6Res

Fee Lv. 30.00 Falcon Knight 56HP/22Str/13Mgc/23Skl/30Spd/11Lck/20Def/19Res

Arthur Lv. 30.00 Mage Knight 67HP/20Str/17Mgc/22Skl/22Spd/24Lck/20Def/15Res

Daisy Lv. 15.88 Thief 36HP/4Str/1Mgc/8Skl/22Spd/9Lck/4Def/5Res

Tinny Lv. 30.00 War Mage 59HP/16Str/19Mgc/24Skl/27Spd/26Lck/17Def/17Res

Ced Lv. 30.00 Sage 61HP/15Str/16Mgc/27Skl/27Spd/17Lck/18Def/15Res

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So, this is an experience I won't forget anytime soon. Never used Midir or Azel before this and I may end up liking them. (Heck I didn't even know Azel became a Mage Knight before I did some research to start this :P.) Just don't ask how many times I've reset from Prologue to Chapter 2.

Edit: So I'm a complete and utter moran and ended up screwing up my saves so I had to replay from the start. I tried to follow the same strategies, but stats varied quite a bit. (Midir, Ethlyn and especially Azel took big hits. Arden became better and Sigurd's lower stats helped the run) I made sure to note any differences.

Prologue: 11/11 [Old: 12/12]

Jungby: 5/5 [Old: 5/5]

Simple stuff, Sigurd moves toward the castle while Arden walks around attacking people Sigurd passes. Azel visited the northmost village and killed the folks up there. Ethlyn rushes ahead to catch up with Sigurd.

Evans: 6/11 [Old: 7/12]

Upon capture, Midir kills the bandit on the southern village and gets the speed ring. Ethlyn heals Sigurd who moved toward the bridge and got the silver sword. Azel and Midir kill any stragglers. An 11 turn was possible, but that would require Midir to bait and dodge ton to make a clear path for Sigurd, but he got a pretty good level (Hp, Str, Spd, Def) on this run.

Edit: Midir, Azel, and Ethlyn's level ups weren't spectacular. I ended up using Midir as bait to get the 11-turn.

End of Prologue

	LVL	Hp	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	10	41	18	0	12	12	8	12	3
Arden:	4	37	13	0	5	4	3	14	0
Azel:	4	33	2	10	7	11	3	2	7
Ethlyn:	2	29	5	8	12	12	9	4	6
Midir:	4	33	10	0	7	10	3	7	0



Chapter 1: 22/33 [Old: 22/34]
Standard arena action. Sigurd saved 2 for heals, just in case. Arden and Ethlyn cleared all but the last one. Midir and Azel finished all by the end of the chapter.

Genoa: 4/15 [Old: 4/16]
I got a 4-turn! Had Sigurd start with the javelin to weaken and head towards the castle with Midir. Azel and Arden were able to get some solid kills. Learned how the Charge skill works, so at this point, I'm going to try to keep Midir at decently high hp to activate it more. Midir chipped the boss while Sigurd captured. While this was happening I had Aideen go south, while Dew went the normal way east. Sounds weird, but I really wanted Aideen to recruit Mr. Killer Bow to let Midir kill things in the future.

Marpha: 6/21 [Old: 7/23]
Arena healed Sigurd and recruited Aya for the brave sword. Midir got healed to enable Charge proc. Arden focused on the village while Azel tried to keep up with the group. This was the point that made me want the Killer Bow. Could have 6 turned this, but Midir's chip was too low. Did the talks to get the staves and the love points for Midir.

Edit: Midir had the chip to 6-turn this run.

Verdane: 12/33 [Old: 11/34]
Spent a turn to recruit Mr. Killer Bow for Midir. Finished arena for Midir, Azel, and Sigurd. Ethlyn and Aideen staved a bit for exp. Azel and Arden got a village each. Deirdre baited and cleared a path for Sigurd to capture the castle.

Edit: Not entirely sure how this ended up slower.

Stats End of Chapter 1: 

	LVL	Hp	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	18	52	25	1	15	16	11	13	3
Arden:	6	39	14	0	6	5	3	14	1
Azel:	5	34	2	11	7	12	3	2	6
Ethlyn:	6	33	6	8	12	12	11	5	6
Midir:	8	36	12	0	8	12	3	10	0
Aideen:	8	31	0	13	8	12	13	2	10
Deirdre:4	26	0	15	10	12	6	3	17

	LVL	Hp	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	18	??	22	1	16	15	13	17	3
Arden:	6	??	14	0	7	4	3	14	0
Azel:	6	??	0	14	8	14	3	3	7
Ethlyn:	8	??	9	8	14	13	8	8	7
Midir:	10	??	13	2	11	14	4	12	0
Deirdre:5	??	1	16	9	12	6	5	18



Chapter 2: 27/60 [Old: 30/64]
This chapter went downhill real fast. Midir and Azel didn't do arena until they got Paragon.

Herhein: 9/42 [Old: 9/43]
Full speed ahead. Had Aideen Warp occasionally for exp. Praise the Killer Bow, Midir can kill the Heirhein General in one turn so Sigurd captured immediately. Everyone else continued forward. (Did a couple of attempts with Azel waiting near Mackily; however, there was no way he was going to survive everything.)

Anphony: 5/47 [Old: 5/48]
Welp, Midir's awesomeness can only last so long. Not being able to retaliate on enemy phase is a pain. Got the brave lance and gave it to Sigurd. Sigurd and co. went forward. Arden got pursuit ring. Sigurd left most guys at 8hp. Midir chipped and Sigurd captured. Sadly, Ethlyn got paragon, otherwise, it would have taken 1 more turn. Levin had his own forest journey.

Edit: Midir got paragon this run.

Mackily: 8/55 [Old: 10/58]
Here's where everything goes downhill. Staved Sigurd and Midir over so that they can go to Mackily. Sold paragon so Midir could clear the arena with it.  Levin got into position, attacking enemies over the ledge. Aideen and Azel kept going toward the villages. Got Aideen the Bargain ring and Azel visited most of the villages. The path got really cluttered for Sigurd. Not only did the enemies not go for Sigurd, but they also didn't go for Midir. Eventually got space for Sigurd to ORKO the bishop. While that was happening, Arden got staved over to the base to fend off the pigeons.

Edit: Midir's lower stats made him better bait, and Sigurd's lower defense allowed enemies to target him. The path was cleared faster allowing for an 8-turn instead of a 10-turn.

Agusty: 5/60 [Old: 6/64]
Feeling Congested? Get Afrin. Really, not having another mounted unit who can kill on enemy phase isn't great, but I'm growing to love Midir's ability to auto kill anything. Levin and Azel finished the arena with paragon before the chapter ended.

Edit: Huge difference here, Azel did not complete the arena. He stopped at the myrmidon because there was a really low chance (less than 1%) that he was going to win and I didn't feel like grinding that out. Left him with paragon for the next chapter.

Stats End of Chapter 2:    

	LVL	HP	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	24	58	25	0	18	18	12	17	3
Arden:	8	41	15	0	7	5	3	14	1
Azel:	8	36	2	13	7	13	4	4	6
Ethlyn:	11	36	8	9	14	13	12	6	7
Midir:	18	40	19	0	11	19	4	14	2
Aideen:	9	31	0	13	9	13	14	2	10
Deirdre:6	28	1	16	11	12	7	5	17
Levin:	12	40	1	15	15	22	8	9	9

	LVL	HP	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	22	??	25	1	17	18	14	20	4
Arden:	8	??	15	1	7	4	3	15	0
Azel:	12	??	1	18	11	18	7	6	7
Ethlyn:	16	??	11	8	17	17	12	10	9
Midir:	19	??	21	2	17	21	5	16	0
Aideen:	12	??	1	13	11	14	15	3	10
Deirdre:7	??	1	18	9	12	6	5	20
Levin:	12	??	1	16	15	21	9	7	10



Chapter 3: 15/75 [Old: 16/80]
Entire chapter can be summarized as "Sigurd and Midir kill things then get staved to kill more things while everyone else looks for exp". Midir got shiny new armor with his promotion. Everyone swapped paragon around to get lots of exp. Got the brave sword for Sigurd to use later. Levin got the Knight Ring and Azel got the Magic Ring.

Edit: Azel didn't get the magic ring this run and Aideen did warp spam this chapter.

Madino: 4/64 [Old: 5/69]
Azel went left while everyone else went north, not including the Teleport Station (Aideen). Sigurd's defense is at the point where few things attack him. Levin and Midir kill things for Sigurd to reach the boss.

Edit: Took the shield ring off Sigurd to make him targetable. This allowed for a clear path to the boss.

Silvail: 5/69 [Old: 5/74]
Staffed Sigurd and Midir back. Azel killed a few knights. Sigurd bought the brave sword and killed Chagall in four hits. Levin grabbed the northern villages and went over to where the bridge will be. Returned Azel to base to promote and warped him to Madino for the incoming pirates.

Edit: Because Madino was captured in 4 turns, the initial knights didn't reach Azel. Azel took out a couple of guys from the Lion Troupe but retreated to be warped to Madino soon after. Arden also headed north to take other villages.

Orgahil: 6/75 [Old: 6/80]
Staffed Sigurd and Midir over, but left Midir to build up some love points with Aideen. Levin cleared the choke by either using Adept or Critical. Azel's everything I wanted, a mounted unit that can clear the way for Sigurd. Pawned the Return staff off Ethlyn before the chapter ended. There goes the best feeling chapter I've had. Things are taking a turn for the better and I hope the turn count slowly drops for me now that the hardest part (at least I think it's the hardest part) is over.

Edit: Azel's everything I used to want. This run he's been shafted, but still did things occasionally. Levin picked-up the leg ring and Arden got the strength village. Definitely going to miss the old Azel.

Stats End of Chapter 3:    

	LVL	HP	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	27	61	25	0	19	19	14	18	3
Arden:	12	44	20	1	7	7	3	17	1
Azel:	12	38	2	16	7	17	5	7	6
Midir:	24	46	24	0	16	23	4	22	5
Aideen:	18	38	0	17	10	16	19	4	11
Levin:	23	49	1	19	18	25	11	16	10

	LVL	HP	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	26	??	25	1	19	19	16	22	4
Arden:	9	??	15	2	7	4	3	15	0
Azel:	24	??	7	25	15	22	9	15	12
Midir:	24	??	25	2	20	23	5	21	3
Aideen:	20	??	4	17	12	16	21	3	10
Levin:	19	??	1	18	20	25	10	9	12



Chapter 4 26/101
Did the normal paragon swaps. Levin promoted and Aideen's three warps from the promotion. Gave Dew the leg ring and got ready for the escort mission.

Thove: 14/89
Didn't have enough kill power to 13-turn this, and I really needed to have Aideen and Midir become a couple this chapter so he was MIA after killing some pegasus knights. Sigurd escorted Dew to the bridge where he proceeded to do his thing. Levin made in just in time to return Sigurd after he captured. Azel and Arden went around grabbing experience and villages.

Zaxon: 12/101
Midir and Aideen finally got a relationship going on turn 20. You finally left the friendzone Midir! Betting on the Brave Bow to become the new Killer Bow for Lester. Other than that, nothing much during the wait. Sigurd has the leg ring now and both Azel and Arden are ready to promote. Thought about getting Forsetti, but didn't grab it since Levin can already kill stuff in one turn. Azel and Arden did a couple of rescues for free levels. Sigurd ran over and got the very much required critical.

Stats End of Chapter 4:

	LVL	HP	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	30	64	25	1	20	22	15	19	3
Arden:	20	51	24	1	7	9	3	21	1
Azel:	21	43	3	22	8	21	7	10	6
Midir:	28	49	25	0	18	23	4	23	5
Aideen:	28	46	4	23	14	23	25	7	12
Levin:	29	55	1	30	24	30	12	17	16



Chapter 5 19/120
After 5 Chapters of fighting, it's time for the Gen 1 squad to do what they were made for: Watching Sigurd do absolutely everything!

Lubeck: 5/106
Midir and Azel compete for the best chip while Levin referees. Aideen waits home with the trophy while Arden takes a vacation showing off his new armor. Really nothing much on the way to Lubeck. Sigurd gets a few more kills on the brave sword and Midir goes for every brave bow kill he can get. Azel chipped the boss for Sigurd to get a silver sword crit. Levin got 1 heal off (can't really keep up).

Phinora: 4/110
Upon the capture of Lubeck, the chip tournament ends and Sigurd goes solo on a trip to a desert. Midir grabs the two villages while waiting for his reward. Repaired the Tyrfing after buying stuff so Sigurd can be immune to sleep staves.

Velthomer: 10/120
Midir got returned home to his family only to be kicked out to do actual work. Warped to Phinora to get extra kills on the brave bow from the dragon riders. Sigurd continued through the minefield and ORKOed Reptor.

Stats End of Chapter 5:

	LVL	HP	Str	Mag	Skl	Spd	Lck	Def	Res
Sigurd:	30	64	25	1	20	22	15	19	3
Arden:	26	57	25	1	8	11	3	27	5
Azel:	25	46	8	25	10	22	7	15	8
Midir:	30	51	25	0	19	23	4	23	5
Aideen:	30	47	4	24	14	23	26	7	12
Levin:	30	56	1	30	24	30	12	17	16





Sigurd: Silver, Brave, Thunder Swords; Power, Shield, Leg Rings; and of course Paragon Band.
Ethlyn: Light Bane, Slim Sword, Heal Staff
Midir: Brave, Killer, and Iron Bows; Speed, Skill, and Barrier Rings
Aideen: Return, Warp, Physics, and Mend Staves; Bargain Band, Knight Ring, Return Band, and Magic Ring

Thoughts on Gen 1: 
I'm really thankful Sigurd's a great unit because he definitely carried this run. 

Ethlyn was useful and staff utility is something I'll never turn down. In hindsight, I should've manipulated her levels more to get more strength and have her build up kills on light bane.

I'm not sure if Midir's actually decent, or my lack of any other mobile damage source clouded my mind. After getting the Killer Bow, anything he was in the range of was a guaranteed kill. That 1-turn of getting that bow was 100% worth it. Decided to make him and Aideen a pair instead of Azel because Lester would've become dead weight. He's the MVP of my heart.

Azel could've been awesome, but I let him down. If I got him to promote by the end of Chapter 3, he would have made easy work of the goons in Chapter 4 (definitely could have saved 2 turns).

Aideen saved a bunch of time this run. Not really much to say other than thanks for the ride.

I really thought Levin was going to do more this run, but without the leg ring, he can't keep up. When he does see action, he's just about as lethal as Midir (comparing Levin to Midir... somethings not right here). He picked up the staff utility of Ethlyn just as she left, so that was nice.

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