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  1. Replaying the game with the 2.3 patch and I ran into a small text error in the event that starts the 7-m citizen request for getting the costume. Also, the strange bug with the chapter 8 intro is still present, exists for me playing it on console via softmod with the game installed on internal hard drive, but it does not exist when emulating the game. At this point I'm more likely to believe it's some strange compatibility issue with the game loader than anything else, especially since I haven't come across anyone else who has run into that issue. I remember bringing the issue up a while ago but nobody had any clue as to what could be causing it. Edit: When purchasing the Big Rug furniture, when you get to the final prompt for whether or not to purchase, at the bottom left above your current money, where it shows the name of the furniture and the cost, it's called Tiger Carpet. That spot seems to be the only place where it's called that.
  2. I believe the amount of items in the unit's inventory is what causes the varying amounts of bytes for each individual unit. Every additional item in the inventory adds an extra 0x4 bytes, IIRC. I'm not sure what determines how many items are put into the inventory though, I never messed around with that much.
  3. The text for the spouse of whoever inherits Verdane causes the rest of the ending text to become broken.
  4. In the conversation where Larcei recruits Johalvier, at some point she says "I guesss I'd rather avoid fighting you, if I can..." - guess has an extra s.
  5. Sylvia's name is misspelled in the Alec x Sylvia lover conversation in chapter 5. (Ignore the weird classes you see, pic was taken in a randomizer).
  6. Hozu

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Here's holy bloods, and here's the weapon ranks. Edit: Oh, this is embarrassing, I didn't check to see what happens if I gave him a holy weapon, and he can still equip it despite the weapon rank saying A.
  7. Hozu

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Is there a way to reassign which holy blood comes from which byte that determines the blood? I've been helping someone test their FE4 randomizer, and there seems to be an issue where if a unit has a major blood, and a minor blood for the same weapon that comes from a later byte, the weapon rank gets set to A instead of *. In the original game, this affects the combinations of Major Baldur + Minor Odo, Major Baldur + Minor Hezul, and Major Odo + Minor Hezul. I believe the ideal solution would be to have one of the four bytes contain all three holy bloods for swords, similar to how the two lance bloods are able to escape this issue by coming from the same byte. Either that or modify the function that modifies the weapon ranks based off of holy bloods. Of course, this probably requires more changes than that, like how the holy blood display is handled, re-assigning the weapons (I believe there's already a Nightmare module for this though), and maybe something else I'm not thinking of right now.
  8. Hozu

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Does anyone know if the items 0x12 (a third steel blade) and 0x40 (a second iron axe) can actually be obtained? Or are they unused? Both the SF item locations page for FE4 and the corresponding page over at pegasusknight says there are only two obtainable steel blades and one iron axe. Edit: While there are 140 used item slots (starting at 0x3F689 on a headered ROM, covering 0x8C bytes to end at Circlet), the Nightmare modules suggest there are a couple of bytes for unused items after that. A short test where I assigned them weapons for player use seemed to be fine, after using the weapons, saving, and doing a hard reset. However, are those actually unused player item slots? Or is that used for something else and shouldn't be modified? Edit 2: Turns out item 0x2 Iron Sword (which has no listed location in the currently existing Nightmare modules) is assigned to Ethlyn in chapter 5, along with item 0x67, a Mend staff. Since Leif ends up getting that Iron Sword when he has nothing assigned to his starting inventory, it seems that the items added to Ethlyn get inherited by Leif, or attempts to be inherited and fails in the case of the Mend staff. Which is a good thing because 0x67 is assigned to Nanna.
  9. Has this mistake in the ch 2 Alec and Sylvia conversation ("foward") ever been reported? I feel like it slipped by unnoticed...
  10. The Valflame animation is messed up in the end of chapter 5 cutscene. I tested this after seeing the thread, comparing the original unpatched game with the latest beta, on Snes9x 1.56.2 (ie. the latest version) On the unpatched game it worked fine, of course, but on the patched version with everything else the screen, the little meteors impact at the top of the screen instead of around/onto the target. Not sure if this is a problem anywhere else in the game. Is this an issue on a more accurate like higan or on console?
  11. Neat, that's one way to go about it. Would it be possible to do what the Wii U VC release did and have the online shop always accessible, and the stock using the system clock? Or is that too difficult to do?
  12. Patch works fine on Snes9x for Windows, Snes9x via Retroarch on Wii, Snes9x via Retroarch on n3DS, the standalone Snes9x port to o3DS, and most importantly, higan. If it works on higan but not other emulators, then the problem is with those other emulators, unfortunately. Alternatively, you may have used the wrong patch for your ROM (example, using the headered version patch on an unheadered ROM). Verify that the ROM works on Snes9x on your computer before attempting to play it on your mobile device.
  13. Small update based on some feedback. Save file will be compatible with v1.0, but you won't get the base speed increase for Aran if you've already recruited him, nor will you get more uses for any Florete in your possession.
  14. Something I did in my spare time, more or less complete. I've done as much as I wanted to based on my knowledge of how to hack this game, though there are a lot of things I would have liked to have done, but couldn't. Still, it should be a decently enjoyable bout if you're looking for a slightly different experience for RD. Note that you would need to start a new game to get all of the changes. Starting from a clear save is perfectly fine - ideal, actually. Keep saves for the past few chapters as you go along just in case something weird happens, though I'm fairly certain everything should be fine... Edit: This doesn't seem to work on console unless you use Wiimms ISO tools to rebuild it. Unfortunately, I can't distribute such a patch because rebuilding it in such a way will shuffle all of the files around. This means a patch would contain all ~4.7 GB of data on the disc, which is not only a hassle to share, but would be illegal due to containing original data. If you don't want to rebuild the ISO, or don't know how to, you'll have to stick with emulating it, I'm afraid. Full patch details: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/445rwl76ex8fcq2/Hozu's minor RD rebalancing patch 1.01.zip?dl=0
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