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The Mafia to End All Mafias - Signups


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So it's been like 4 years since anyone's last tried to run a game

Naturally, this is a good time to see whether SF mafia is finally dead or if anyone on this forum is still insane enough to play a game. Let's go!

Will give this until the end of the year to fill. And if it fails, SF mafia truly is dead.


1. This is a NOC game. You may only talk outside the thread if your role PM allows it.

2. You may not post your role PM in-thread or quote host interactions. You may not post screenshots.

3. If you sign up, try to exist at least once a phase.

4. If you tactically modkill yourself to give your side an advantage, I will make sure that your alignment is worse off than before. If you are modkilled you cannot win. Just don't get modkilled.

5. Don't edit your posts. I probably won't modkill you for this unless you do it more than once.
5a. If you edit game-relevant content, I will modkill you.

6. Do not post during the night phase. I probably won't modkill you for this unless you're purposely ignoring this rule after being warned.


1. Death is definitely the end. Information may not be passed from dead players to living players. You may continue to post in-thread after your demise, but posts must be info-free and you may not spam the thread or distract from the game with deadtalk.

2. There are no items, and priorities have been decided beforehand.

3. Day Phase is 72 hours. Night Phase is 24 hours. Phases may or may not end early. If you intend to idle, please say so in your role PM. If you have not submitted an action by deadline, I will assume that you are idling.
3a. Day Phase will be shortened to 48 hours when half the players are left.

4. You need a hammer to lynch. Hammer is 50%+1 rounded down.
4a. You do not need a hammer to lynch on D1. The player with the most votes will be lynched on D1.
4b. You may choose to "no lynch" as many times as you want.
4c. Failure to consolidate on a lynch (or lack thereof) twice will result in universal loss.

5. Actions will be made in the standard ##Action: Player format.

6. This game starts on D1.

7. There are no hidden players.

8. Do not abuse loopholes.

9. Inspection results are guaranteed to be accurate.

10. You may not self-target.

11. Do not attempt to scum hunt by role or flavor.

12. LYLO/MYLO will be announced.

13. If you are ever uncertain about anything, ask the mods for clarification.

14. Follow your role PM. If your role PM contradicts the rules in any way, FOLLOW YOUR ROLE PM.

15. Do not try to outguess/outsmart/meta the hosts. You don't know what the hosts know.

16. This is a game. Have fun, don't get too worked up, and try to keep it civil.











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Sure. I'm in. I am familiar with the game and have great fun playing it in real life (though under the Werewolf branding), but I've never played it online. The whole Serenes Mafia phase always passed me by like a ship in the night. All that is to say I'll probably need some clarification on some stuff like lynching hammers.

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