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What are your favorite Pokemon?


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Creating a new topic to talk about our favorite Pokemon. I'll be able to go in-depth later, but here are some favorites of mine.

EDIT: Okay, now that I have more time, I'll go a bit more in-depth as to why these are my favorite Pokemon, listed by generation.

Generation I


Ekans and Arbok were the original snake line, and being a fan of snakes, that of course meant they'd become one of my favorites. Arbok in particular has a unique style thanks to its cobra aesthetic. Would love to see it get a Mega and/or regional variant with types such as Grass, Water, Psychic, or Dark.

One of the coolest-looking Pokemon in Gen I.

I absolutely adore foxes, and Vulpix was the first fox Pokemon, so naturally it would be one of my favorites. I like Vulpix more than Ninetales incidentally, but no denying Ninetales is pretty and fluffy too.

Of all Fighting-types, Machamp remains king in my book. Its four-armed physique really stands out.

Like many fans, I adore Eevee and its evolutions. I enjoy the variety of designs that nevertheless retain some common elements (even if I feel some, like Espeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon, don't adhere to the Eevee template as much as they should).

The coolest Bug-type in my book, bar none. It's a dragon-mantis with scythes for hands, what more could you ask for? Well, a better moveset for it would be nice... At any rate, this is one Pokemon I'll be happy to see creative new variants or evolutions for.

Generation II


I may be an arachnophobe, but I tend to not mind less realistic spiders like Ariados as much. A Bug-type based on a spider was a pretty obvious choice to follow up a butterfly and a bee. I'd like to see Spider Web return, I think a combination of that and a poison move such as Toxic Thread or Poison Fang fits a spider pretty well.

One of my favorite Dark-types. I like Sneasel's feminine, sneaky look.

Generation III


Kirlia, Gardevoir
I've been a fan of Gardevoir and the Ralts line ever since Gen III. Obviously, Gardevoir has "waifu" appeal, but beyond that, I like it as a Psychic-type who has a close bond with its trainer. I also like Kirlia for how cute it is, and for the dancer theme.

I recently started becoming a fan of Illumise, as it's a fairly pretty Bug-type, and it's based on a firefly to boot (though I wish they'd given it a lighgtbulb "tail" like Volbeat). Wouldn't mind seeing it get a Mega.

Seviper is one of those Pokemon that grew on me, like Illumise and Braixen. I prefer Arbok, but Seviper has a distinct, striking look with its red fangs and black body with purple and gold markings.

While not technically a snake, it's close enough to one for my liking, and I of course enjoy its elegant design.

Generation IV


Yes, yes, curvy bunny girl and all that. But Lopunny is also genuinely adorable; I love its ear fluff. I also like the simple brown-and-cream color scheme. I prefer non-Mega Lopunny to Mega Lopunny, incidentally. Would love a Fairy-type variant with a magical girl motif (because hey, rabbits are often associated with the moon and all). A Cosplay Lopunny in the vein of Cosplay Pikachu would be a treat, especially if they cover different types than Pikachu.

Generation V


Finally, a bona fide snake that isn't Poison-type! Serperior happens to be my favorite Grass-type starter.

Perhaps my favorite Ghost-type. I like the mummy/Egyptian theme. I just wish it would learn a move that felt like it was actually mummifiying its opponent, such as Wrap or Bind.

Of all the mythicals, Mel is easily my favorite for its design and, like most of my choices, color scheme.

Generation VI


I was not a big fan of the Fennekin line when it first debuted. I thought the ear hair was strange. But, Braixen has grown on me over time. Of the three, she does the best job at representing the witch archetype, especially the "cute witch", and her tsundere mannerisms in Pokken add to her appeal. Braixen is pretty much my favorite Fire-type Starter now.

Generation VII


My favorite Water-type starter. A pretty mermaid seal with a lovely singing voice (check it out in New Pokemon Snap sometime). Its preevolutions are pretty darn cute for being based on clowns, too.

Alolan Vulpix
I like Alolan Vulpix as much as if not more than regular Vulpix for the snowy white fur and even more styled "hair". Alolan Vulpix is also quite pretty, with a novel typing to boot.

Steenee and Tsareena
Much like Kirlia and Gardevoir before them, I like Steenee and Tsareena for their feminine (and cute, in Steenee's case) designs.

Generation VIII


Galarian Ponyta
If any Pokemon makes me squee as much as Vulpix, it's this little cotton candy poodle horse. Where Alolan Vulpix still has to compete with regular Vulpix, with Ponyta there's no contest. Galarian Rapidash is pretty too. I often forget that Gal Pony's not Fairy-type, as that feels like it would fit so well.

Generation IX


I adore the fact both Gen IX legends actually spend a fair amount of time with you, and have unique gameplay roles to boot. Miraidon does especially well at the latter thanks to its ability to transform. Their fondness for sandwiches (and Penny) gives them an adorable kind of dorkiness too (what TV Tropes calls "adorkable"), a refreshing change from all the aloof godbeasts of destruction seen in past generations.

Might be fun to write down favorite Pokemon by gen, type, etc.

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Feraligatr, Blastoise, Snorlax, Psyduck, Charizard, Dragonite, Arcanine, Ursaring, Decidueye, Typhlosion, Sceptile, Nidoking, Pangoro, Lucario, Krookodile, Greninja, Incineroar, Tyranitar, Lycanroc, Ninetails, Raticate, Sandslash, Poliwrath, Alakazam, Gengar, Gyarados, Mightyena, Aggron, Houndoom, Empoleon, Samurott, Zoroark, Tyrantrum, Haxorus, Beartic, Talonflame, Corviknight, Thievul, Appletun, Obstagoon, Sirfetch'd, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Slowpoke

Zapdos, Lugia, Suicune, Entei, Groudon, Rayquaza, Giratina, Xerneas, Yveltal, Solgaleo, Zacian, Zamazenta

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My personal favourite is Torterra. It being my favourite starter in gen 4 is probably a big reason why, but I also just like Torterra.

I also like Gallade, Aegislash, Altaria, Mimikyu and Decidueye.

  • Gallade is a cool knight-in-shining-armour
  • A Pokémon that's a sword & shield is really cool
  • I think Altaria is cool and adorable. That said, I would've preferred if normal Altaria was Dragon/Fairy type, not just its mega evolution.
  • Mimikyu is adorable with its sad backstory that it just wants to not be lonely so it tries to pretend to be Pikachu, and its disguise is adorable and a really powerful ability (that apparently was sadly nerfed in gen 8; I wouldn't know as I haven't played any gen 8 or 9 games).
  • Decidueye has a cool design and the idea of an owl archer is cool.
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Clefairy, Happiny, Audino, Stufful, Floette, Wooloo, Skitty, Marill

Bulbasaur, Eevee, Chikorita, Mudkip, Piplup, Turtwig, Oshawott, Serperior, Fennekin, Rowlet, Primarina, Scorbunny, Sprigatito

Butterfree, Fearow, Dewgong, Onix, Kangaskhan, Lugia, Mightyena, Swellow, Breloom, Latias, Kyogre, Starly, Shinx, Togekiss, Roselia, Dialga, Mew, Jirachi, Unfezant, Simisear, Krookodile, Klinklang, Mienshao, Reshiram, Genesect, Fletchling, Dedenene, Xerneas, Alolan Raichu, Mimikyu, Lunala, Yamper, Corviknight, Galarian Ponyta, Mr. Rime, Hisuian Growlithe, Pawmi, Fidough, Nacli, Palafin, Cetoddle, Ogrepon, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Scream Tail, Omanyte, Lileep, Tirtouga, Amaura

Vulpix, Vileplume, Diglett, Poliwag, Chansey, Cyndaquil, Furret, Hoothoot, Ladyba, Mareep, Bellossom, Hoppip, Sunkern, Wooper, Slowking, Teddiursa, Swinub, Corsola, Mantine, Phanphy, Hitmontop, Celebi, Torchic, Beautifly, Gardevoir, Whismur, Plusle, Minun, Spoink, Altaria, Spheal, Gorebyss, Luvdisc, Combee, Pachirisu, Cherubi, Buneary, Lucario, Finneon, Cresselia, Manaphy, Shaymin, Victini, Purrloin, Munna, Tympole, Leavanny, Cottonee, Lilligant, Dwebble, Minccino, Reuniclus, Vanilluxe, Deerling, Emolga, Foongus, Frillish, Galvantula, Litwick, Cubchoo, Larvesta, Virizion, Meloetta, Diggersby, Vivillion, Litleo, Skiddo, Swirlix, Goomy, Klefki, Pumpkaboo, Diancie, Pikipeck, Ribombee, Rockruff, Fomantis, Steenee, Minior, Komala, Tapu Fini, Cosmog, Magearna, Stakataka, Meltan, Greedent, Gossifleur, Rolycoly, Clobbopus, Hettrem, Alcremie, Snom, Stonjourner, Indeedee, Morpeko, Galarian Weezing, Maushold, Dolliv, Grafaiai, Flittle, Tinkatuff, Iron Bundle, Chi-Yu, Iron Valiant, Terapagos

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32 minutes ago, Morgan--Grandmaster said:


Godly taste!

Oh my gosh Minccino is THE CUTEST thing ever in Pokemon!!!

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in general, my favorites tend to be among: Gallade (and Mega Gallade, he looks like he came out of Saint Seiya), Gardevoir, Altaria, Chimecho, Scizor, Rhydon, Ninetales (both OG and Alola), Suicune, Lugia, Frosmoth, Feraligatr, Espeon, Kingdra, Xatu, Dragonair and Arcanine

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Hell yeah, I love this question. I don't really have a huge list of favorites, and I'm sure I could certainly add to that list, but to keep it simple, Lapras and Espeon are my top two, and I'd say Primarina is my favorite starter (I absolutely love its cry).

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Dratini has always been my favorite pokemon, I even dressed up as a Dratini for Halloween once as a little kid, and have a very old plush, and even a Dartini hat that is now way too small for me. They are the first baby dragons, and such a little cutie, and I love them.

Another favorite is Umbreon, which is still my favorite of the eeveelution. I named one of cats as a kid Umbreon, and she was a real sweetheart, and the pokemon will always make me think of her.

I have a soft spot for the 6 Smeargle challenge (first saw Pikasprey do that one, and tried two for myself), and I still think of my favorite little Smeargle, ol' Euripides. I was naming each of the Smeargle after different notable masters of different art forms, as this poor Greek playwright of a Smeargle was the one stuck with just charm as his first move, and it made him the absolute hero of the team, often having to sacrifice himself to ensure our team of artists could make it though tough early game fights.

I have a very soft spot for Dunsparce as well, due to a Crystal Nuzlocke, where I lucked into the 1% Dunsparce encounter at the very beginning. It being a female when I had a naming theme of Zelda characters, it felt like destiny, we had Zelda the Dunsparce, and I decided then and there to try and make her the hero of the team, and much to my surprise, I discovered that Dunsparce is actually excellent in Gen 2 early game. Rage is secretly a busted move in that gen, and she wrecked the first 3 gyms easily thanks to that, adding dig was enough to crush gym 4, and with a bit of careful team support, she was able to carry us all the way to the last Gym, although due to some technical issues, I never did finish that run (I was using a kind of janky DS emulation of GB game, which janked out a little bit when preparing for gym 8...)

I have a bit of a soft spot for Slugma and Magcargo for two reason, the simplest of which is that my first wild shiny I caught was Magcargo (in Heatran's den), and it was my favorite starter from what is my favorite Pokemon hack, the Pokemon Emerald Trashlocke hack, which simply made the game harder by just changing which pokemon to are available at each part of the game to pokemon that are rarely used for being weak (and keeping you from access the TMs from the game corner).

Honestly, I could keep naming a bunch of gen 2 pokemon, it is my favorite generation, and there were a lot of fun pokemon added that gen, plus they didn't feel the need to powercreep everything back then so they could just be a bunch of weird little pokemon. I do mean this, I am willing to go to bat for a LOT of gen 2 pokes, almost all of them are fantastic little guys, and I am showing significant levels of restraint here.

Togekiss became another favorite of mine thanks to Sunnyside, a Serene Grace Para-flinching Togekiss, which was just a fun thing to play with, and a hero of my HeartGold playthrough. Heart Gold was such a love letter to Johto, and Sunnyside the Togekiss is a memorable part of that lovely experience.

I need to mention what I originally called my Z-Team, as I was planning on using a team with one of my favorite pokemon for each generation for the 6th gen game that never was. Fortunately I got impatient, and fell in love with how diverse the pokemon available in Kalos were, that let me make the team without much serious transfering (and breeding). It was a combination of good, and favorite little pokes, and each are a line worth mentioning with the end team having Dragonite for Gen 1 (and I have already gushed about my fav Dratini), Tyranitar for gen 2 (it was one of my brother's favorite's of the generation, and it makes me think of him), Gardevoir for gen 3 (honestly it is a shame how horny weirdos have made people so judgmental about liking Gardevoir), Rotom for gen 4 (I am a fan of ghost types, and this ghost in the machine is so cool with their multiple forms, and it earned its extra prominence with the Rotom-dex), Volcarona for gen 5 (this moth of the sun is really cool, and even as a little Larvesta those flame like offshoots combines a coolness with its natural cuteness), and last, but for a certainly not least, Aegislash (little Honedge is so cool, and as the kind of nerd that liked swords, a haunted sword is a pokemon that is right up my alley).

Goomy is a friend shaped blob of goo of my favorite type, which made me a big fan from the start, and Legends Arceus making them a secret slug Drgaon is great, love that line of adorable goo(f) balls 😛 .

Klefki gets complained about way too much for such a cute little goofball, and I will defend the little keyring. People would lambast them as a sign of Pokemon running out of ideas when the first generation had things like Magneton...

Rowlet might be my favorite starter at this point. That cute little leaf bowtie on that adorable little owly boy is the best, and them becoming a ghost archer, it feels strangely linked to me. Getting to use them again in Legends Arceus was just icing on the cake for the little hero.

 I can't help it, I am going to add even more weird dragon types to the list with the lovable bully burning Drampa, the dragon grampa that makes everyone think of Falkor and randomly normal type.

Mimikyu is a pokemon I have such a soft spot for. The little ghostie fella just wants everyone to love them like they do Pikachu, and I am ready to give them the biggest hugs, and all the praise for the little cutie.

The fact that they made multiple apple dragons feels like a present just for me, but I want to just emphasize my favorite of them, the utterly absurd Appletun, the applepie Dragon. I love that goofball so very much.

As many complaints as I have about gen 8, they went out of their way to make multiple pokemon just for me, with Sinistea as another cutie. I live on tea, and ghost is my second favorite type...

I love weird Dragon types, so Tatsugiri, the Sushi dragon is such a pokemon made for me. The little cuties even have different forms with such bold personalities to their designs, I just love the little things. Heck they even got a notable appearance in the plot of gen 9.

I am sure I could find even more pokemon to gush about if I tried, but this seems like fair number to bring up for now.

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I've gotta give it to Lumineon. It's literally just a fish, three generations after that was deemed acceptable design. And yet, it has the audacity to take an "eon" name. Two, if we want to count "Finneon" as well. Those are now names that Eevee will never have the chance to evolve into. All for some fish that nobody ever uses.

Godspeed, Lumineon.

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Least Favorite:


Mr. Mime




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