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Your fucking stupid


Nothing personal, just when someone fucks up a statement trying to insult someone I feel obligated to correct them.

And Q, it's pretty weak that you are too much of a pussy to just say it, and instead you have to use your awesome secret little code. Also pretty weak that you are so attention deprived that you have to make this idiotic topic.

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It is a sad day when a person has so much time they screencap five different versions of a spelling error just to point it out.

Surely you, a poster on an internet message board for a niche Japanese strategy game, aren't going to try the "lol no life" card, right?


You see, when I was a kid, we had this saying about glass houses and throwing stones... ;)


And you only parody yourself further by using a macro tagged by ebaumsworld.

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Does not. I can tell by the lack of umlauts and by speaking a lot of German in my time.

Ridiculous. They might not be much of anything else, but the Krauts do have a certain base cleverness about them. They would never do something so obvious as include umlauts in their coded messages.

I also figured out I was using the wrong decryption key. It really says: Kaiser will support reconquestia of southwest stop do not let this telegram fall into the hands of an American stop That would be bad stop. Once again, in German.

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I miss the days when you used to spam my inbox with messages calling me a hippie bitch, explaining why I'm a hippie bitch, and rubbing your mexican pride in my face as though I gave a shit what nationality you are. I'm beginning to think you don't love me anymore, Quetz </3

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