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English Official FE7 Site (mirror)


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Something I've been considering for a while, after the English official FE7 site was "taken down", I've created a (hopefully) working mirror of the site here.

Don't forget to read the pre-launch page!

AFAIK, all the non-outward links should work (including the media). If there are any errors or stuff, you can mention them here. I'm aware the alignment of the bottom half of the front page (with the ERSB statement and stuff) might be a bit off.

Anybody remember this site? Any comments, etc?

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Just had a stroll-through with Opera 11.00. Seems to be working just fine!

(the usual Flash quirks are there, but I think it's a problem with Flash and not the site)

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I remember having the guidebook for FE7. And promptly losing it. I don't think I ever used the damn thing to help myself, given I was ~11 or 12 when I first played FE7

I actually found a player's guide for that in a used book store in Milwaukee. Didn't buy it though, since I'd already beaten it twice.

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