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So lets tart with the Fire Emblem related artworks.

So yeah

This is my first attempt on drawing Wolf


This is the original WIP, but I aborted it since it looked strange.


Final result

Introductions of my My Units in FE12



Name: Charles

Age: 14 (Physically, actual age unknown)

Race: Half manakete (Divine Dragon) Half human

Class: Sage

Personal Weapon? : A light tome called Merkabah

Personality: Kuudere (Usually cool in person, but becomes naive and childish at some points.)


~Friends and family

~Meeting new people

~Bizzare info!


~People startling him to make his wings pop out.


~Alice: Childhood friend and fellow half manakete

~Katarina: Best friend after joining the army, eventually love interest

~Wolf: Rival at first since he wanted Alice first, but when Alice told Charles that she knew he loved Katarina more than her, he realized that Alice was telling him to be with the girl he loves more. And eventually Charles became friends with Wolf, especially when Charles told him to take care of Alice.

Other facts:

~He wears his dragonstone as a necklace and as a memory of his mother.

~After some months after the war, he marries Katarina.



Name: Alice

Age: 15 (Physically, actual age unclear)

Race: Half manakete (Ice Dragon), half human

Class: Swordmaster

Personal weapon? : Berrybell EDIT: I changed it to RozenBell (Special family sword made of blue rose petals)

Personality: Usually sweet and kind, but when she is angry, she can get extremely violent. Can be sorta considered yandere.


~Going wild

~Boys 83 Especially sexy ones (Big pervert on boys)






~Men who treat women as objects (She has a extreme hatred over that. If she sees a man raping a woman, then she would kill him)


~Charles: Childhood friend and fellow half manakete. She never got jealous about Charles liking Katarina.

~Katarina: Best friend, they were always close even after Katarina rejoined the army.

~Wolf: Love interest. Were sorta friend-enemy first, but eventually became lovers after they budded closer and closer.

Other facts:

~Wears her dragonstone around her neck. Keeps it as a memory of her father.

~After the war, when Alice found Wolf gravely wounded after being in a fierce battle in order to kill himself. Alice took him into her house, got Charles to heal him by using his staff and successfully saved Wolf from his ultimate suicide. Well, yeah, Alice was insanely angry at Wolf that she scolded him for hours about how Hardin will be upset to see him in heaven. Wolf was still unhappy first, but eventually realized that what Alice was saying was true. After healing his mind and depression, he marries Alice.

*The pairs I chose are from the base conversations with the my unit. I, being a fluent Japanese speaker and reader, is honest about these so please don't shit about it.

~Colored works~


Lineart by Kinoeneko http://www.pixiv.net...lust_id=2361237

Near bishie sparkles lullerz


Another lineart by Kinoeneko http://www.pixiv.net...lust_id=9008200

~Non FE works~


I think this is the most famous of all my works, Dragon Quest X Cendrillon, featuring my most favorite DQ pair, Psaro X Rose.


Another work I am proud of. Yeah, I am a massive Dragon Quest fanbitch.


Terry from Dragon Quest 6


Alucard from Castlevania. HOT BISHIE

Not sure if you are allowed to put cosplay here but I will just put a spoiler tag for it lol


Me as Reimu Hakurei from Touhou


Me as Erinn from Dragon Quest 9


And me as Angelo from Dragon Quest 8. Because of how I look, I am dubious abotu cosplaying Marth or Wolf.

Edited by BoA.execute
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Oh man, these are pretty. :3: Very good with the lighting/textures. It flows wonderfully. Your main wekanesses seem to be posing and anatomy, but they're not such a huge deal since you've made this style worth without those having to be prominent. =)

Also, huzzah for manaketes! Nice to see others who wear dragonstone necklaces, even if they aren't full manaketes. ^_^ Hello, guys!

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Art: I'm a color freak, and I like your colors. I can't say anything about stuff like anatomy, because I'm horrid with it.

Cosplay: Really nice.

Writing: See me later.

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Anatomy could use some work, like Merc said. Underdrawings are good and friendly things. I do like the coloring style, though.

Of course underdrawings (AKA sketches) are big helpers. I do use them

ANd thanks~

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http://ladyblacklunara.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2gonc1 Here's an anatomy guide I wrote about a year ago, this might help you better with proportions. It needs serious updating though.

The coloring is very nice. I don't have any criticism on that. :3

I do suggest looking at some skeletal structures, as well, and draw a few figures from life to improve your anatomy, since I can definitely see you having potential, and you could be great if you fix the anatomical issues.

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This is sorta a WTF artwork since it is really pointlesss. Its Roshea.


Sedgar + Tomas. Taken from a random Japanese fandom joke that they are proabably brothers (Which I really love).



NO IMAGE. A huge joke which the source is from the Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Official Art Gallery Here: http://www.nintendo....seum/index.html

Scroll down to Aurelis, apparently poor Sedgar didn't get any fanart. Because of that, Japanese people constantly draw him censored, like in this: http://twitpic.com/160jt8


Please consider watching this video first http://www.youtube.c...h?v=_JGaQ3g8WU4


Heh. Kemonomimi Wolf.

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