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  1. 1. What shall I do?

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I will do the 3 most voted for things, in the order that they are most voted for to least.

Just don't make me watch porn while clothed. Use your head.

You have 15 minutes.

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-Order pizza

-Get naked for the pizza man

-Play Pokemon

-Play Pokemon WHILE the porn is on, occasionally looking up when the battles are becoming "mash a-button-tastic" and/or between long battle animations


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I came into this topic and checked the votes and heard "I will do the votes that were equally voted for simultaneously."

This is the hardest I've laughed all day.

And I voted just to keep them equal. 8D

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Sorry Death I didn't do it your way...

1. Naked (in bed I'll have you know, not on my chair like some... other weird people do)

2. Loaded teh pr0nz.

3. had my warmed up leftover pizza from last night on a plate by me.

4. Played FireRed, looking at teh porn and eating pizza when a chance occurred.

5. Never again.

6. Until next time.

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