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FE12 PMU run

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See, I don't like playing normally. Pick me an NM team.

-13 units, with one FEMALE My Unit. (Yes, I'm psychotic.) And Marth. Pick the Background stuff. I am auto-picking Cavalier->Falcoknight for My Unit.

-I loaded The Save from VincentASM from THIS topic, so Male Class Limits removed.

-Pick which Mode (Classic or Casual)

-I do plan to use Statboosters from the Lunatic completion. You can choose who gets what.


-My Unit Female (Cavalier->Falcoknight.) (13th's personal Pick

-Feena, must be combat, must kill Hardin. (TourGuideFromTheUnderworld)

-Cecille Cleric to Swordmaster (Xander)

-Julian, Combat duty (No thief) (Vicious Sal)

-Luke, I choose, therefore he will be doing almost everything. He will be mainly Cavalier->Draco, with time as almost everything else. (Darros)

- Ryan, Myrmidion->Paladin (XiSrOn)

-Belf/Vergil: Archer->Sniper (Furetchen)

-Astram, General (clipseykitty)

-Rody, Merc->Berserker(Venusaur)

-Merric: Mage-> Horseman, No Forged Levin (JosefLior)

-Etzel, Berserker (General Horace)

-Malliesia: Cavalier ->Falcoknight (Kopfjager)

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Feena. However, she must be used as a combat unit. You may use her to dance as well, but she has to be actively used for combat as well. I'm also requesting that she is the unit used to defeat Hardin, because it's the cool thing to do.

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EDIT: I will decide Background, As I am starting... now. Orphan, Beauty, Humane.

Orphan for the bonus Speed. 9 Base Strength and 8 base speed? Yes please

Here's Alice!


And here's her stats. Mind not the sizes of the photos


Hey look, she has the same bases as some of the SD units. The SD Trained units. Except for HP. That's a little low.

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Wait... calm... down... Shadow...


So, anyways, starting this later. Again.

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