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Grandjackal's Pokemon Emerald Playlog!


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Welcome one, welcome all, to yet another edition of Grandjackal's Playlogs! This time, we go through with Pokemon Emerald and the region of Hoenn, a boring farmer island that's half drowned in the ocean, ruled at the center of this god-awfully terrained island by an old madman who plays with electricity, forever fighting the stallwhore champion of the world who lives in a tiny rock made entirely of soot. How do people live on an island of volcano ash when that could be nothing short of harmful both in breathing and the fact you can't grow any food on it whatsoever? Magic.

In seriousness though, I actually find third gen pretty boring. It's insanely fast of which I will give it credit for, but the region is so herpty derpty. It's the color green, then suddenly a vapid ocean. It's so boring that the biggest cities have the exciting new awesomeness like A MALL and A POWER PLANT! Thrills and chills folks. Half these guys still live in freaking trees like ewoks. I also am just really meh about 3rd gen pokemon in general. None of them really appeal to me, and I find myself gravtating more towards past gen pokemon more often than not. Also, the soundtrack is complete garbage.

However, I do this mainly because I have never actually done an efficiency run of pokemon, and the tier list I have noticed doesn't really have a basis. Everyone's comparing in a big fat void with no real guideline as to what should or can be truly expected. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. Though I might fail hard, because I am very unused to that sort of style of play. I'm the type that usually runs back to the pokecenter cause the pokemon I wanna level up got a booboo. It's so tempting cause it's free, and really, why not? Well, I will have to resist it this time, won't I?

Some things I wish to note about this playthrough.

-I will not be catching a pokemon by hunting them down until I get the one with the nature I want, or highest base I want and all of that garbage. First one I catch is the one I'm using.

-I will not eevn attempt to think about EVs and IVs, because I generally don't even know what pokemon give you what IVs. Nor do I care. At best I will give the Macho Brace to someone and hope for the best.

-I will be taking note of TMs as they come. I tend to horde and then never end up using them, and that's something that while it may not change, I can take note of pokemon who can make an advantage out of them.

-No grinding either, and especially no breeding. My mons be sterile.

-Wattson can go to hell.

So, next I shall mention my planned team, without forethought to any moveset or nature.

Torchic. There's no doubt that Mudkip is a boss, so I'm merely going to see if his contributions can be covered since you get a dime a dozen water pokemon in Hoenn, and generally you can find ways around where you would love a ground type (Wattson is gonna suck though). As for his strengths, finding a good fire type AND a good fighting type in Hoenn (I do not consider Makuhita good) is a hard deal. Your choices are a weak-ass Slugma, a late-arriving Vuplix (I'm not hating, just it comes late), and that's it. Fighting types are even worse since you're stuck with Makuhita who is Machop without actually good fighting moves to start with, and Machop himelf who lacks the evolution he needs cause Emerald has no internet connection to trade. Torchic fills both these rolls, and has speed on top of it. Even if he's not Mudkip, he's still a real prime choice.

-Traded Seedot. Dark types have had it rough till 4th gen. Most have a high physical attack but garbage attack, and their element was special at the time. It didn't even make sense. No move at the time even sounded like a special attack. Bite Crunch, Beat Up, Pursuit...At best, you could make a case or Faint Attack. Seedot grows into a mon that actually has a special attack stat, along with a secondary typing. I'll be needing this guy to deal with the water gym. It's no Ludicolo, but stalling is for quitters.

-Skarmory. If you don't know why Skarm is awesome by now...

-Solrock. Now this would be my pick that was based on the fact that everyone is skeptical of the psychic rocks moving up, and I know for a fact that I have played using Solrock before and was amazed by his performance. It helps that the gym immediately after him is one he absolutely destroys.

-Carvahna. Surf user, I need at least 1. Carvahna is a good one since it has a decent special attack, dual typing, comes a bit before the psychic twins of which it was practically destined to destroy, STAB Surf and Crunch, and great speed. He dies when looked at funny, but I can overlook the minor details. He's one of the few gen 3 pokemon I use frequently. The other is Aron. Won't be using him this playthrough.

-Magnemite. I'll be going back through New Mauville, though it's a completely unecessary side quest, because Thunderbolt is raw. Though I might change my mind for Electrode, mainly to see if speed can outdo Magnemite's toughness and typing. Like having a definite answer, cause I expect Electrode to fail miserably.

If I am to do another playthrough, my team might just end up being completely random in nature, just things I would really enjoy using randomly. Mudkip/Aron/Whismur/3 other mons or something.

So without further ado, I will skip you the pain of dealing with the whole intro part. Just know the potion you get form your PC should be enough to last you to Oldale AFTER you beat your "Rival". So without further ado, we start our adventure in Oldale! Much like the aftertaste of what the town is named, it is disgusting, rotten, and I can't wait to be rid of it so here we go! But first, let's take a look at mah Torchic.

Torchic: Level 8, Rash

26 HP, 16 AtK, 13 Def, 18 Sp Atk, 13 sp Def, 12 Spd

Ahh, a Rash one. Rather lucky actually. Offense boosting while killing a stat it doesn't care in the slightest about.

Route 102

My first mission shall be to catch a Ralts so that I can trade it for a Seedot in Rustboro. Seedot can also be found here, but is also a rare occurance in itself. That, and it doesn't have exp boost. I think it's fair to say that getting either Ralts OR Seedot (traded or no) is time consuming. Might hurt their standing a bit. However, I DO have a use for Ralts upcoming. It'll involve her being used as a growling meatshield until Torchic can come in and safely kill something off when and if he gets low enough on health that it worries me. I find one in a moderate amount of time, though I still clearly would have had to kill a bit of time to get it. So I continue to the first actual trainer in the game.

A mere Poochyena, which a level 8 Scratch 2HKOs. Unfortunately I eat a critical hit tackle, taking 6 damage. Not a lot, but I don't wnna be taking crits. Simple enough. Next is a bug catcher, which again should be a simple undertaking. Crit the first wurmple, making up for the earlier one, torchic gaining a level!

Torchic Level 9: +2 HP, +1 everything else.

Second Wurmple commits suicide by using String Shot, and I score money. Next trainer busts out a Zigzagoon which I get another crit to one shot. Ok, now the game is being nice to me which is new. Tailow comes out next, and Scratch nearly dispatches it, getting it to the red as it responds with a Peck, doing a weak 3 damage. Torchic is now level 10.

Torchic level 10: +3 HP and Sp Atk, +1 everything else. Ember Get!

I go to pick the 2 Oran and Pecha berries nearby, and it's something I like about the game. It's not quite free potions, but it IS a ton of free Antidotes, and with my luck I get poisoned all the time. The Oran berries might just be my excuse to skip the next town and head right for Rustburo. I go for the next trainer, a lass of which throws a Zig at me. I wanna save embers because I don't remember how many things are between me and Rustburo, but I wanna make sure I don't run out o them. Luckily, the zig uses Growl and I kill it anyways. Next is Shroomish, which I light on fire. I go down and nab the Potion, going straight to Petalburg.

Pointless not-cutscene later. By the way, another reason I hate gen 3: These moments are probably the most drawn out, even considering it goes through text faster than gen 4 or 5. To make it worse, Emerald threw in Scott the Pointless Pilgrim and...Something else from gen 2 that sucked on toast. I'll get to that "fun" bit when it rears it's ugly head.

I'mma also do something a bit loco. I'mma skip trainers that are skippable. This includes the Fisherman and the Kid on the beach. However, if it's one of those schizo trainers that just tend to look around randomly 'll make note on if fate was smiling on me. I grab the Pecha and Oran berries (why am I worried? I have 40 HP in reserve and 4 Antidotes). Fate did not smile on me with the Lady, which upsets me cause she can use a Full Restore, which wastes my PP. She throws out her Zig which is at an actual level to potentially scare me (7), so I throw embers. It uses growl, and unfortunately I got it to red which means it's time for her to use a Full Restore. Make note: Save your STAB for the finishing blow.

Torchic level 11: +2 HP, Atk, and Sp Def, +1 everything else.

Fortunately she used Growl, so I didn't eat damage on top of it. Now into Petalburg Woods.

Fate did not smile on me again with the bug catcher, but whatever. The annoying part is he has 4 wurmples to throw at me, but they're all pathetically low leveled at level 3. Shades of gen 2. I somehow don't kill it with a scratch, and I eat a tackle for 2 damage. Whatever, I have 4 Orans and a Potion to burn, it's all good. Repeat, except this time I'm hit with a useless String Shot. Another is attempted, but it's missed, so I got off free with that. Halfway out of Scratches. Even with another String Shot, I'm still faster.

Nab the Paralyze Heal, and then we have some guy shadily trying to find someone who has a Shroomish for hm to molest cause he's supposed to be on a business errand and he's in these dark woods being stalked by criminals while he mentions he REALLY likes that pokemon and would like to just take it off you. Team Yarrr strikes, and throws a Pooch for me to roast. It hits me for 5 damage, and I have to burn 2 Embers (Mainly because I didn't think a scratch would kill. It's level 9, which is actually close to me).

Torchic level 12: +2 HP and Sp Atk, +1 everything else.

The Shroomish molester bribes me with a Great Ball (...) and runs off remembering he's got important things to do. I pick up a hidden Poke Ball in the obvious "hidden stuff here" spot, and hope to make it past the spastic bug catcher. Fate hates me. A Nincada this time, a pokemon early on with an actual defense stat. Ember does the trick. Another Nincada, another Ember. I grab the Ether (Wow, you actually get one this early?), and then I proceed to exit.

Route 105

Collect the two Cheri Berries and Oran Berries (60 HP+Potion, and now 2 unecessary Burn Heals. At least for now), along with get Bullet Seed of the chap nearby. Imperitive for Seedot trade, but can also be helpful in Shroomish to give him a bit more outstanding ofense than just the 20 power Absorb. I go around back to nab the secret Pokeball and Super Potion, along with the plain sight Potion, and go back to our usual broadcasting. The Rich Boy fakes me out hardcore, as he made himself seem like a normal rotating trainer, then he looked back up the moment I was to pass. cheating bastard. Well, I crit him and kill his Zig, so...Guess the jokes on me eh? I walk casually past the lass into the twins who throw things at me that I can kill easy. Ralts has no real choice but to Growl while Torchic scratches the Lotad and embers the Seedot. The Growl helps Torchic take the Astonish for a mere blip of damage. Seedot is no challange.

Level 13 Torchic: +2 HP and Attack, +0 Spd Def, +1 everything else.

Ralts levels up but I don't care. I pick up the 2 Leppa and Cheri berries, and the old woman gives me a Chesto Berry. I grab the X Defend behind the railing before entering the city proper.

Rustburo City

All the way to Rustburo without a single heal! Might even be able to save Peeko without one with my new partner in crime, Seedot! I decide to scour the place for treasure. Listing them as following.

-Premier Ball

-HM01 (A way to improve off Scratch and Pound for Treecko and Torchic. Torchic might not appreciate the eating of his moveslot, but I'm sure Treecko won't care)


Seedot Level 5/Early Bird/Relaxed

Holding Chesto Berry

19 HP, 9 Attack, 11 Defense, 8 Sp Atk, 8 Sp Def, 7 Speed

Relaxed is a nature that boosts Defense and kills Speed. As an in-game trade, this is fixed. I'm a bit down it's fixed to kill speed, but leveling speed is what I'm after.

-Super Potion up north.

And that's all for now. Save and taking a break. One thing to note is that even if you're not the type that goes to the pokecenter if your pokemon get paper cuts, there is a LOT of recovery items in this game early on.

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Starting up again, can't quite put it down. It's either that or my Skyrim addiction. Fight fire with fire, man.

Route 106

No healing yet! Now we face the first Youngster and he has...a Level 9 Machop. Was not expecting that. Luckily he only has Low Kick which sucks. 5 damage. Still good. Next comes a Schoolgirl named Karen who sends out a Shroomish which bursts into flames.

Torchic level 14: +@ HP, Sp Atk and Sp Def, +1 everything else.

Double Team wth a Hiker and youngster. Shroomish and Geodude. Ember shuts down the Shroomish.

Seedot level 6: +1 HP, +1 Atk and Def, +0 everything else.

Lotad comes next. Mud Sport used, cause clearly I'm using electricity. Bullet Seed hits twice to my unfortunate luck it doesn't kill (it's a double weakness on a STAB, how did that not kill?). I have to waste an Ember to avoid getting hit by anything Geodude might throw at my Torchic.

Seedot Level 7: +0 Attack, +1 everything else. Learned Growth!

Seedot Level 8: +2 HP, +1 everything else

Lotad uses Astonish on Seedot, which does low damage as expected. Finished with a Scratchand Bullet Seed.

Seedot Level 9: +2 HP, +1 Atk and Def, +0 everything else.

Hiker fight is unavoidable, so I'm forced to deal with 2 Geodudes. I switch between Torchic and Seedot, because Seedot's leveling speed is so fast that I can actually get away with this. The idea is to get Torchic to evolve before Roxanne as an insurance policy. Easly dispatched with those few +s in Sp Atk.

Seedot Level 10: +2 HP, +0 Speed +1 everything else

...Aaaaand, Peeko's not actually here until you beat Roxanne. Could have sworn it didn't matter. Well, whoops. These levels would have happened regardless. However, if you're going straight for Roxanne, note that you mos likely will not have any of your mons evolved, including Torchic if you're going about it the way I am. This is pretty significant for Torchic, as it means no Fighting typing or Double Kick. Also if you go straight for Roxanne with a straight Seedot, you might end up with a really low level Seedot that will not fair too well against the level 10 Geodudes, since at equal level it's actually slower. At this level though, Bullet Seed is a clean 2HKO. So far though, you might have to consider a Shroomish. Speaking of level 10 Geodudes.

Torchic level 15: +2 HP and Defense, +1 everything else

Seedot level 11: +2 HP, +1 everything else

Oh gawd, you can skip 2 of the gym fights to...My Torchic is a level away...Well, this is a surprise. I'm fighting against Roxanne with a team that has to do some thinking...

Boss: Roxanne

Equipped Seedot with Oran Berry. Starting with X Defend. Survives the Rock Throw with 3 HP from it's 13, so I'm reletively safe as I recover back to 13. Use X Special. It uses Defense Curl. Uses defense Curl again.....I then ignore orders and use Harden. CRAP!! I forgot all about that! *Facedesk* At least it used Harden, so it ensures my survival. I finally land one and luckily I land 3 hits of the bullet, landing hte kill.

Seedot: +2 HP, +1 Attack and Defense, +0 everything else.

Potion used. Rocktomb misses. Ignored orders, uses Harden. Rocktomb lands, doing only 6 damage. Geodude uses defense curl, Seedot ignores me. Takes a Rock Throw and eats 6 damage. Finally a Bullet Seed goes off and another 3 hits lands me a kill.

Seedot Level 13: +2 HP, +0 Attack, +1 everything else. Replaced Bide with Nature Power.

Out comes Nosepass. Uses Harden. Ignored orders BUT used Growth. Nosepass hardens again. Seedot Hardens. I'm seeing a metapod vs metapod fight...Nosepass uses Block so I can't run, not that I care. Nosepass uses Swift and...Lands a critical hit. This is getting weird. Nosepass uses Harden again, and FINALLY I land a Bullet Seed. Only 2 hits though. I take a tackle, only 3 damage. Bullet Seed hits 3 times this time, and I nab the kill.

Seedot level 14: +1 HP, Attack and Defense, +0 everything else.

Seedot evolved Into Nuzleaf!

Gains Dark typing! 44 HP, 25 Attack, 18 Defense, 22 Special Attack, 16 Special Defense, 19 Speed

Significant boost, wouldn't you agree? Especially that speed.

Now I'm actually going to restart because I have been doing a bit o' comparison with something he's doing since he seemed to be piqued by my style of playthrough considering trainer skipping, and he went ahead and solo'd with Torchic (up till he gets Tentacool anyways, then he's dumping the chic), and with the detour to Peeko's Cave (since we both forgot). However, I can tell you guys that even though you can ignore the fights in the gym other than Roxanne (Something I derped with at the front door), you can actually go through this with Seedot the minute you pick him up, you just need to set up with Harden more and use more of your healing resources. Since you'll be going to find Peeko anyways if you choose Torchic, you might as well take the detour, Seedot or no. While dondon's spent all his money and is now trying to break into the museum in Slateport because he doesn't have the money for the 50 bucks entry fee, I promised him to go as far as Brawly before I restart. However, it is possible to basically solo Roxanne with Seedot, but it takes some effort and luck without the detour. Regardless, Seedot can at least help you muscle down Roxanne. Can be worth the time fetching that Ralts.

So I go save Peeko, I shove May out of the way and head for...

Dewford Isles

Now since I have no Combusken, I am forced to resort to going to talk to Steven first. I have a fight with a Fisherman using Tentacool, which is somehow faster than my 4 level higher Torchic AND IT POISONS ME OF COURSE. Supersonic hits of course...And I land the scratch and kill, cause fuck you Tentacool. HNNNNNGH!! One level off and it's by a sliver!! GAAAAH!!! I grab the Stardust and Pokeball, and head into the cave. The cave doesn't even offer any good trinkets that would be helpful going in on Brawly. Just a pokeball, an escape rope, an everstone and...Flash...Ok, so there's another pokemon I would like to note has utility, specifically against Brawly who doesn't play games and is dangerously close to beating my ass into the ground.


Night Shade, Flash and Ghost Typing is all I need to say (in case they have Foresight). Catching the damn thing without dying horribly is another problem altogether. It doesn't like the idea of being caught, and Night Shade with your team is a 4HKO. You're basically fighting time to catch a low health mon. Steel Wing has been obtained. Great for any mon with wings. I will be saving it for Skarm...After I restart. Cause no matter what I'm getting Skarm.

But now it's time for me to face the music and get my ass beat to the soundtrack.

Boss: Brawly

Yeah. You can skip all the way to Brawly. Imagine how bad I feel right now. I can only hope this strat I'm about to do will work. Start with Torchic. Switch to Sableye. Karate Chop misses. Machop can only use Bulk Up it seems, as it's not using foresight. I snuck in a scratch just in case the Night Shade would have been off by like a little bit. Want to conserve my PP because Night Shade does not have a lot.

Torchic level 16: +2 HP, Atk and Sp Atk, +1 everything else. Replaced Focus Energy with Peck.

Meditite comes in and I need to get Sable the fuck out so I switch in Nuzleaf. I remember Brawly's trick here. It would always spam Focus Punch so I can just spam attacks on it all day. So I'mma ust spam Nature Power all day. But then I remembered that it ignores orders cause I still don't have the appropriate badge. Luckily it hit Bullet Seed enough as to cause it's health to drop low enough to make Brawly use a Potion. This means less PP wasted for when I take down that Makuhita. I take that opportunity to switch in Torchic to Peck at it instead since he's being more reliable. It's super effective. Then comes in big fat mac daddy.

Nuzleaf level 15: +2 HP, +0 Def, +1 everything else. Brawly cannot deal with Night Shade this way either it seems, since he starts spamming Bulk Up again. Two more Night Shades and it downs a berry. I again sneak in a scratch cause I don't wanna fail to KO. Unfortunately I do, so I gotta work my way to whittle to whittle it down. With scratches. However it just comes to show one thing. Sableye can completely cheese Brawly.

Sableye Level 13: +2 HP, Atk and Sp Atk, +1 everywhere else. Replaced Foresight with Astonish.

Torchic evolved into Combusken! Replaced Scratch with Double Kick.

48 HP, 35 Atk, 28 Def 37 Sp Atk, 25 sp Def, 23 Spd

So yeah, to my shock you can basically use Sableye as a Jeigen to help train up your other guys by switching into him, because he is completely safe to everything but Meditite who has this problem with spamming Focus Punch. Machop and Makuhita have abslutely no way to deal with Sableye. Just make sure you time your Night Shades correctly in coordination with your scratches so he doesn't accidentally bust out a potion on you, cause Night Shade does not have a lot of PP for mistakes.

Note: Cumbusken is a good user of Bulk Up. With Blaze and generally low health, it can cause a problem. The issue is it's speed really, cause 29 isn't exactly lightning. Not when Sableye is 3 levels behind you and is only 8 away.

So yeah, I think I've taken this run far enough and will restart using Treecko this time. My opinion on Torchic is generally at the start he's pretty meh until you get him as a fighter with Double Kick, Peck and Bulk Up, which case I imagine he would be pretty awesome considering low levels. Seedot can be used to deal with Roxanne, and Sableye is the ultimate answer to Brawly without question.

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You know that Combusken learns Bulk Up naturally?

Well 2 things. One, it's been a while since I've played third gen. 2. I've literally been awake longer than 24 hours. Long story, but I'm kinda out of it.

Regardless I completely forgot about it. Still, I'm going to restart anyways and go with Treecko at some point. I did as you said with Brawly and showed that Sableye trolls him hard. So if anyone gets stuck at Brawly?


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Alright, so now I am restarting, this time I will be getting a Treecko as a starter! My team will be mostly the same, looking like this.

Treecko/Sableye/Skarmory/Solrock/Carvahna/Magnemite or Voltorb

Reason for Sableye: I'm honestly curious about it, since it messes up Brawly fierce. The issue is mostly that it has no long term what I imagine, but with this playstyle I'm going for that might change, seeing that Torchic can just barely manage Combusken by Roxanne, and that's if you go and take on the path to Peeko before you're supposed to. Treecko solves that problem as well, so I don't need Seedot (and furthermore don't need to waste my time getting a Ralts). I needed some form of earlygame catch just as a stability factor.

Now, I will also be making a secondary catch that will essentially be there as utility only, and what great utility it will be.

Zigzagoon: You don't need to have it in battle to make use of Pickup and HM slavery. Why not just get free things? Something I kinda forgot in my first dry run, but here we go nonetheless. I'll need one to get Carvahna anyways...Who thought to make the Good Rod AFTER you need Surf to proceed?

Might catch two for more Pickup goodness, since you get plenty of free pokeballs during your adventure. I don't wanna end up spending money frivilously on those things, but I imagine Zigs will make up for it with free stuff. Hell, maybe even free pokeballs.

So, now I begin my new adventure, getting a Treecko

Level 5 Treecko/Impish

20 HP, 10 Atk, 8 Def, 10 Sp Atk, 11 Sp Def, 12 Speed

Ugh. While I don't mind the +Def on her (holy crap it's a female Treecko. Rare female starter), I detest the -Sp Atk because that's a lot of her offense down the craper. Worse Absorb (thus not as good sustain, though again the +Def I suppose helps diffuse that a sliiiiiiiiight bit), and a worse Leaf Blade, which is the entire point of a Treecko. Furthermore, is it really +Def when you start with 8?

The first fight is just free exp sine Birch heals you back up. It does give you a good gauge on your mon though, as Treecko shows he's so pathetic he can't 2HKO a mon that's 3 levels lower than him. Route 101 I run into no wild mons which is a surprise to me, but I plan to not fight any wild pokemon on the basis that if I did, while I might get a level I would be pre-emptively wasting a potion that might help me when I better need it. It's not like you can't beat your rival without a potion.

Mini Boss: May

She throws out her Torchic and I hope to defeat it with my superior speed. I land a crit, but the issue is we both 5HKO eachother, so Treecko will win this fight unless something silly happened like he got a crap Def base, or a crap Atk base, just based on your speed. So, no potion used, and rival beaten. I might have to visit a pokecenter, but it beats using a resource that I could actually use in-battle.

Treecko level 6: +2 in HP, Sp Atk and Speed, +1 everything else. Learned Absorb

Did not remember it learned that move this early...Well that helps immensely. Might have to test it out, because that could mean I don't even have to go to the pokecenter. I got lucky with a crit and am left with 10 HP, but you with normal luck might end up with about 5-6 HP. Still enough to get by I suppose, just warrents a bit of caution. Some other perks now that I think about it is with STAB you have 30 power on it, it's immune to Growl, and in fact with low HP you get a boost in power thanks to Overgrow so you can sustain yourself well with it. Suppose we'll see how well that works.

Back to Littleroot, get pokedex and my kicking new shoes, then the adventure truly begins. Tis fortunate my first encounter is in fact with a Zigzagoon! I use Absorb to do as much damage as pound to absorb 3 HP, and it hits me back for...4 damage. Well technically it only did 1 damage, so it's all cool. I throw a pokeball at it and I nab it. I don't plan to use it seriously, as I mean to just use it's Pickup ability for my own uses. Might end up catching higher level ones as I venture through (in example I find a level >10 one I'll catch it cause I know you find better items as you get them at higher levels. Good excuse to use one for real since I know these mons are good thanks to lol STABHeadbutt at level 9, but Pickup and HM slavability are good enough reason to at least have one on your team).

Next is a Wurmple. Absorb sucks on this thing so I decide to simply flee from it. I arrive at Oldale and decide to skip the center. First trainer fight, the youngster with the Pooch. Absorb deeals about a quarter of it's health and absorbs 2 HP. It Howls and I pray it does nothing but spam it, as I absorb another 2 HP. It hits me for 5 damage, which makes me facepalm and I hope it does another Howl. If only I were so lucky as it hits me for another 5. I absorb but only get 1 HP, so now I'm at 6, meaning the whole battle he only did 3 damage, but I'm down 4 Absorbs.

Treecko level 7: +2 HP, Defense and Sp Def, +1 everything else.

It's then I notice you can skip the Bug Catcher. Since I'm playing with Treecko and I need health, I skip him because Absorb hitting resistance will result in poor turnout for me. I noticed I could skip the youngster too, but it involves taking a long way about a kid in the bushes, so I'd probably end up in a random encounter anyways. Less danger vs money and more exp. Youngster throws out a Zig, and I use Absorb to nearly cut it in half, absorbing 6 HP etting me to half health. It wastes a turn using Growl, so with another Absorb I take another chunk of health on it. I do less damage, probably not boosted by Overgrowth as I only get 3 HP back, and it hits me back down to 11. I finish it with another absorb and get 2 HP, so now 'm back in the green.

Level 8 Treecko: +2 HP, Sp Atk and Spd, +0 Def, +1 everything else. I have an Impish nature and so far it's not even showing. Makes me wish I had a type that got +Sp Atk. I would imagine it would actually be pretty good under hte parameters I'm playing.

He throws out a Taillow...Crap. Pound again only does a third. It uses growl, but it's next attack is Peck which drops me 9 HP so I'm back down to 7 HP. I'm lucky I'm faster, otherwise it'd have straight killed me if it pecked twice. I pluck the two Oran and Pecha berries and head forward. Fate continues to hate me as the Lass spots me in her spazzing out. It mght have been smarter that I skipped the youngster back there. I use an absorb on her Zig and I do more than half it's health, getting 6 HP, the next killing and bringing me to 15. Good thing it wasted it's time with growl. It then brings out Shroomish. Crap. I use Absorb and see it resists, and only gives me 1 HP, and it tackles for 2 bringing me to 14. I'm not wasting a bunch of Absorbs, but I don't wanna get Effect Spore'd...Gonna have to pound to gauge my damage. I barely do much more damage, so I decide to Leer. t uses absorb and does basically the same thing that I do. Pound now does enough that I can manage, but I just want to cross my fingers for the last hit. It does not kill, and it uses Absorb again. Pound one last time and I get lucky.

Treecko level 9: +2 HP, Sp Atk and Speed, +1 everything else.

Petalburg City

While I ignore this stupid portion of watching Norman and Wally and Scott waste my time, that I basically could have skipped 2 fights on the route, along with running from wild encounters and Treecko is still not only decently healthy, I have not used a single resource nor have I used the pokecenter once as of yet. I'm about halfway through my Absorb uses, but I feel I could go through Petalburg woods decently. If I must I can talk to the Fisherman with the Magikarp and treat him like a blood transfusion. I pass by the youngster on the beach and nab the Pecha and Oran berries, and I manage to sneak by the Lady, so I go into Petalburg Woods without interruption. For once, luck's on my side.

Petalburg Woods

Not so fortunate with the Bug Catcher. Note to self, don't gloat. I now have to deal with 4 bugs with an 11 HP Treecko. Pound luckily 2HKOs and I'm so fast that String Shot makes me giggle. Tackle only does 2 damage to me in return. Perhaps this Impish nature is a blessing in disguise. One lands a critical hit though (DAMMIT!) and I'm down to 4 HP before a level up.

Treecko level 10: +2 HP and Sp Def, +1 everything else.

I am in deep dung. I can only hope I can sneak by the Rich Boy too. I had realized this entire time I have not checked my Zig to see if it picked anything up. It hasn't, to my amazement. I pick up the Paralyze Heal and keep on. I encounter a Silcoon...I want to. I so want to kill this thing, but it would take ages. I run from it and continue on to the Team Aqua fight. I'm rather scared, considering I'm flying by the edge of my pants with my only +6 HP and this dude has a Pooch who could Howl, and if I don't kill it quick enough to turn my lights out. Let's see what an Overgrown Absorb does. Well, it manages to do near half health to this level 9 Pooch who is almost my level, and I get a nice 5 HP back to get me back to a healthy 11 HP. Hwever, he uses Sand Attack, which is now a problem because I have the worst luck with acc. Not only can this make me die, but it will waste PP too. Another Absorb gets me 4 more HP, and he Howls. Luck smiles and I manage to land another Absorb, getting me back up to a healthy 18 HP. Team Aqua grunt got a bit too greedy and I walk away after that double or nothing. Guy gives me a Great Ball in return, and I walk away. I pic up the hidden pokeball, and now have to deal with another bug catcher as I couldn't sneak by. Nincadas this time, so Absorb won't suck. I know these guys have crazy good defense so I go with absorb. It uses Leech life and after I get to 22 HP with Absorb, he Leech Lifes away 15. I now see the big problem here. He scratches and thankfully I pull ahead with a bit more HP.

Level 11 Treecko: +2 HP and Speed, +1 everything else.

Learned Quick Attack! Well nice I have more Pound PP, seeing as I'm already ridiculously fast.

Another nincada. Please don't use Leech Life...Scratch, ok good. Another absorb, and I'm back up to 24 HP. Dammit, Leech Life. I have to use Absorb, and now 'm at 19 HP and out of Absorb. I get an Ether though, but I won't need it until Roxanne. However, there's a pokecenter befor eher, and using it is better than wasting the Ether this early. I go out of Petalburg, picking the Cheri and Oran berries and go back to grab the items in the back which include a Pokeball, a Potion, and a Super Potion.

I notice the rich boy again, and he really DOES pretend to be one of those trainers that just revolves around in a clockwork fashion, but then sees you trying to sneak by. So now I'm up against this dude with a level 7 Zig, and I have 19 HP. Am I glad it's not level 9. I use a Quick attack and see it 3HKOs, but he growls. Another and it growls again. I leer back cause I would rather avoid the use of Full Restore. After a bit it uses Tail Whip, so now I'm up a Growl. I keep using Leer until I get even again which is the turn after where I get another Tail Whip. Killed without taking a hit, or making hi use the Full Restore. Something I did not think about is that you can avoid the team fight with the twins on the bridge if I didn't have the Zig. Whatever, not that big a deal. I go for the Lotad first cause it's the only one with an attack, and I'd rather not eat a Bide. I Quick Attack and while I take a Growl, the Tackle from Zig works out to kill it before it can do anything else.

Treecko level 12: +2 HP, +0 Def, +1 everything else.

Zig levels, but I don't really care. Seedot is still Biding so I decide to use up a Leer and a Growl again. I may have gotten a bit gun happy with Leer and Growl as he uses Bide again. Whatever. Couple more Leers and Growls, then I end it. Zig levels again, but whatever again. I talk t the old woman and get a Chesto Berry along with nabbing the Leppa and Cheri berries. I also nab the treasures of x Defend, HM 1 and Premier Ball, along with the Super Potion up north.

I heal up at the pokecenter, again because I would prefer a visit rather than wasting the Ether this early.

Boss Fight: Roxanne

I use the X Defend because I know Rock Tomb happens. and it does a straight 12 damage, 3HKO. Another Rock Tomb, but an Absorb basically returns me to full health. Roxanne uses a Potion and though the Geodude barely survives the Absorb, I finish it with a Quick Attack.

Treecko level 13: +2 HP, Sp Atk, Sp Def, Speed, +1 everything else.

Another Geodude appears before me. A critical hit with Absorb and I kill it. Then comes Nosepass who isn't double weak to grass. The 2 Rock Tombs make it faster than me, but it Hardens, taking...a 5th of HP. I remember my first run I had an X Special, and I'm wondering where the hell it went. It uses Harden again and I absorb. Block, and I absorb. It eats a berry and I wanna smash my head. It tackles and only does 5 damage, which I recover 4. A Potion is used. Rrrg....All my Absorb PP. It then lands a critical hit with a tackle where I roll my eyes. After a lot of Nosepass refusing to die, I finally whittle the team down.

Treecko level 14: +2 HP, 1 everythin else.

So even if I had used the Ether, I would have had to visit the pokecenter anyways to restore my Absorb use to deal with the Hikers when I go rescue Peeko.

I'll break for now.

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Onwards to save Peeko!

This route is littered with REAL iffy trainers who constantly spazz out. First fork, I grab the Repel and decide to go north cause I don't wanna deal with any bug types as Treecko. Instead I'm treated to a level 9 Machop, whom I absorb 5 HP from. Quick Attack doesn't do a lot more damage, but I'm saving Absorb at least, cause there's an upcoming couple fights I wanna save up for as a just in case. Machop takes about 4 hits to take down, and gives me a real nice amount of exp.

Luck is having a fun time dicking with me as the spazzy schoolgirl catches sight of me as well, and even worse it has a Shroomish. I decide Leering is a better option, because again I don't want to deal with Effect Spore, so lowering my chances is always the best. One Leer, one pathetic Absorb which does 1 damage. One more Leer, and it attempts to do what expect was some form of status effect spore anyways (missed what it was) and it missed. Quick attack cuts it in half, then he Stun Spores me. At least I have a Cheri Berry for after the fight and a paralyze heal. I try to Quick Attack again, but I get stunned, and it absorbs another HP off. This just barely saves it so it does another absorb and of course it crits -_-;; One last quick attack kills.

Treecko level 15: +2 HP, Sp Atk and Speed, +1 everything else

I use up a Paralyze Heal and get on my way. Even worse than the spazzyness of single types is double teams because it puts my Treecko in a more perlous situation getting attacked by two enemies. Luckily one such mon is a Geodude and I have an Overgrown Absorb cooking. One shot, and I'm back above half health. Zig levels up, but agan I don't care. Cut deals a respectable chunk to Shroomish. I have Treecko Leer while Zig does the actual attacking, of which it suffers a Stun Spore for. Hey, better than having my Treecko eat one. I finish it with a Quick Attack to avoid dealing with another Stun Spore possibly hitting my Treecko (30% beats 75%). Zig levels again, but I don't care. Youngster busts out a Lotad, which I double team it with Cut and Quick Attack. Astonish does silly damage to my Treecko, and my Zig misses (you lousy...). Whatver, I have more than enough Quick Attack to spare. Ok, that was simpler than I thought. Thanks Zig.

It reminds me, I need to check if it picked up anything...Still no. Yeesh. Whatever, I can skip the other Hiker now that the Youngster moved (If he didn't, I'd have had to fight him...Probably would have been better for me, though n the bright side that's less Absorbs I had to spend). I pick up the X Special (so THAT'S why I had it last time!), and enter the cave to save Peeko from the awful rotten team aqua member. I pick up the Pokeball first, and then the aaqua member, my bad. The Pooch gets 3 shoted by the Absorb, of which I take another shot of because it's a thing that can use Howl, so it can take a decent chunk off me. Get to 31 HP, and luckily he misses so I snipe it off with a Quick Attack. 3 shots left....

The Benefits of an Early Cutter: Thans to Zigzagoon I have an early cutter (though Treecko has no reason not to learn it himself, since most of his attacks are garbage anyways), so on my way back I get a significant amount of loot. 6 Pinap Berries which in the least are free money (and now that I'm in the berry menu, I see that Leppa Berries restore PP...I could have avoided the pokecenter visit altogether), 4 Chesto Berries, an Ether (sweet), and on my way out I run into the Devon guy, who brings me to the president who heals my mons (Again, I could have totally avoided a visit to the center had I just used an Ether. Turns out I had more than I thought) and am given the Poke-Interrupter as I like to call it in Emerald version. May offers a battle, I tell her to fuck off, and continue off to get my Treasures of Cut. The bush before entering back into Petalburg Woods nets me a rather useless X Accuracy, but I suppose I should keep it for later. I get the feeling a mon of mine will love it for later. Enter Petalburg Woods, taking hte route I can cut down, and find a lady who admires my badge wh gives me a Miracle Seed. Ooooohhhh, there you go Treecko. Small boost, but every point counts. Snag the Great Ball while I'm there, along with the X Attack and a hidden Tiny Mushroom (again, more money). One last hidden item after a jump over the ridge in the form of a Potion, and out through the side door for yet another Pokeball. To Dewford we go!

Dewford Island

Let's not kid ourselves, it's not a town. I head north first to catch the ghost I love the most, along with get Steven out of the way. Before Granite Cave I nab the hidden Stardust and Pokeball. Also, it turns out the first Fisherman is skippable.

Granite Cave

Dude gives me Flash (I love that in gen 4 and 5 it stopped being an HM...), and I simply rush forward cause there's no trainers or anything really to stop me, nabbing the Escape Rope before the first latter. This would be a good place to use that Repel from earlier by the way if you're not trying to catch a Sableye (or any mon here). Short place, but filled with annoying pokes. 2nd floor has yet ANOTHER pokeball (Why buy them at this rate? 10 of them already, with 3 great balls and 1 premier), and head for the third floor. As a side note though, in my usual runs this is where I tend to catch Arons, one fo the few pokemon of gen 3 that I adore. In a run like this think he would be complete trash (levels too slow, his moveset's not great, slow, ass special defense sort of kills his defensive typing, next two gyms destroy him, Flannery's gym kinda can again due to ass special defense). I just like that he evolves into this hellish beast of steel that in a more casual playthrough would ngaf and bulldoze everything over. I hit the third floor and nab the Everstone (more money less problems), and start to muck about for my Sableye. I noticed something though as I derped about, namely that in this run, wild enemies are actually rather high level compared to me. Treecko's level 15 and level 10-12 mons are lurking down here. I run into a Sableye quick enough, a level 10. 3 Absorbs used, and it lands a critical hit on me after a Leer, then a nightshade, lowering me down to 13 HP. It's enough for an Overgrowth, so while I hate that it did more damage than it should, I know I'm not in that bad of shape. Great Ball used because I remember the last time I tried to catch it it was a gigantic pain in the ass for some reason. First ball nabs it though. Must have been the fact the other time was level 12.

So. Long term Sableye. This'll be fun. If I see fit to drop it eventually though I will, cause I know this thing will suck on toast eventually. In fairness however, let's see how far it's mileage goes.

Sableye Level 10/Hasty

9/32 HP, 22 Attack, 19 Defense, 20 Special Attack, 20 Special Defense, 16 Speed

While I know this thing is as slow as glue in a real sense, it's bases are fantastic, and the nature I got for it was semi-perfect as it doesn't care an ounce about defense. Would have preferred Special Defense or Attack, but all's well and good. As reference, here's my Treecko (and since I now have a team, at the end of posts in a Spoiler I'll have stats posted) at level 15.

40 HP, 20 Attack, 17 Defense, 25 Special Attack, 24 Special Defense, 28 Speed

That's 5 levels higher, and outside of speed they're rather similar. Sableye wins in some situations and loses in some, but by the time I'm done with Brawly, I'm sure some more will tilt in his favor. Had I not decided to go with Sableye long term, I could probably have Treecko evolved after Brawly.

...Now that I think about it, I have Rock Tomb. While I would prefer to save it for Solrock, I wonder who can learn it? Oh wow, Treecko AND Sableye can learn it...Hmmm...A speed lowerng move on my Sableye...Nahh, Would prefer it on Solrock. However, I guess it's a thought to consider. Too many people think of the lategame stuff like Calm Mind and Earthquake. Slight issue is it's...Less than stellar 80 acc.

I give the letter to Steven who grants me the awesome Steel Wing...which is kinda useless to me, now that I think about it because I'll never have a mon who'll make use of it. In fact, why would any flying type want it when they're weak to Ice and Rock anyways? Only one is Skarm, and he learns it anyways. Get it on him faster I guess, but I'd prefer the money.

Now for Brawly. *Goes to switch Sableye to the lead* Dammit, STILL no pickup from Zig!

Boss: Brawly

Am I lucky Sableye only used Night Shade once. Found a nice trick too, cause Brawly is apparently a moron in the deepest sense of the word. See, unless I have a level 12 Sableye I can't actually avoid a single potion use on any of his mons. So, I had to get a bit creative. As I have learned, this doofus will only spam Bulk Up until his attack is maxed. He will not use it for his defense, so I can Leer him until 6 uses are up, then i can still have a significant Scratch. So as it turns out, I don't have to actually waste Night Shade uses, especially since I have the lesser kind of Sableye. He WILL use Bulk Up to keep his defense even, however. Wish I had an X Speed right now...

Sableye level 11: +2 at everything but Sp Atk and Speed, which were +1s.

I actually switch out to Treecko. I need some HP on him, and Brawly is so rock stupid he'll spam Focus Punch. 6HKO, and it nets me 3 HP a shot. It would have caused a potion use (which I was banking on...), but I landed a critical hit. I avoid that, and now Makuhita is going to be a pain in the ass.

Treecko level 16: +1 Atk, +0 Def, +2 everything else. Replace Pound with Pursuit, since I have Quick Attack, and more coverage is more coverage.

I switch out into Sableye (Treecko has 33 HP, and the last time I tried to have Treecko get away with something, Makuhita smoked him like a blunt). I'm surprised Senior Bag of Crap for a Head is faster than me, but then again it's also 8 levels higher. I decide to spam leers again because I figure wasting it over attacks I actually wanna use is better. After it gets done spamming Bulk Up (which unlike Machop will not bother with it again once it's attack is maxed), I scratch it to as close to half health as I can manage before shooting a Night Shade to get him to the lowest health before he uses a Berry. I decide to just spam Leer until it's at it's lowest Def. Like Sableye is gonna bother with Leer ever again. It's then I realized that I could have spammed it to -6 Def and I could have 3HKOd clean without a potion use. So again, I wasted PP.

Sableye level 12: +1 to Sp Def and Speed, and +2 to everything else.

Treecko evolves into Grovyle! It wants to learn Fury Cutter...PFAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! You wish, game.

46 HP, 27 Atk, 22 Def, 32 Sp Atk, 29 Sp Def, 38 Spd

Not THAT much of a boost. Gained a little in all things but not a whole lot, but then a LOT in Speed, which he already had a lot of. I like how it evolved and has basically the same attack as a Sableye 4 levls below it, same story with Def.

Welp, that was a big disaster. Again folks, if you want this to go smooth? Get yourself a level 12 Sableye. Actually makes a huge difference.

Slateport City

Soft Sand Get! No ground type moves yet (and would be handy for Aron's Mud Slap, kinda), but if you're going to get a Geodude than this is a sweet thing for Magnitude. Also nab a Potion. No free Soda for me though. Trying to cut down on more than just time.

Now to deliver the goods, but unfortunately Captain Wow is at another building. I go there and throw $50 at the woman at the counter and rob an Aqua member of the TM Thief! Yaaaay, an early STAB for Sableye (and a way to get rid of pesky Berries!)! Getting rid of that useless Foresight on it. Bulk Up cannot be used on any mon on my team currently. So, now it's time to deliver the goods, but then we get mugged by team Aqua again. I'm sure this will end the same way it did the last time: in embaressment for them.

First mon is a level 13 Carvahna. I Night Shade and it uses Leer. This guy thinks he's 4th gen. Focus Energy...Does he not actually have Bite? Nope, there is is. Aaaaand it kills Sableye. 13 HP was not enough. I forgot that Carvahna doesn't mess around even with Special Attack on a strong STAB. Whatever, stronger Grovyle. Next guy tries his hand and sends out a Zubat. Due to my awful ordering of my team I let out Zig first, which I decide to just suicide by Growling an Tail Whipping through a Supersonic. I get off two Tail Whips and a Growl before dying (cause Zig keeps hitting himself. Zubat is so pathetic, even my 8 levels lower Zig had a chance to win that fight if I tried seriously). Grovyle comes in and is so pathetic in return though that even with 2 Def downs, a Quick Attack doesn't kill, and eats about 7 damage for it from Leech Life.

Level 17 Grovyle: +2 to everything but Def, which gets +0. Impish nature...

Next is Carvahna, which is spanish for Food. Grovyle proves his awfulness again as with Miracle Seed, STAB and >30 Sp Atk he cannot OHKO a Carvahna who's 3 levels lower than him with Absorb when it hits weakness, and the retaliated Bite in return negated the HP recovery. See, this is where I stopped liking Treecko in every playthrough. It's dissapointing it had a good earlygame under these circumstances. Captain Stern is kind enough to heal my pokemon as thanks.

Breaking here.



Name Lvl HP Atk Def Sak Sdf Spe

Grovyle 17 48 29 22 34 31 40

Sableye 12 36 26 23 23 23 18

Items Used: X Defend

Pokecenter Visits: 1, which was totally unecessary as I learned

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For once I am actually glad for a forced encounter because I am dying of exp thirst. Dual team with Pokefans, Plusle and Minun. They'll just keep Helping Hand one another, and note that they have Berries. Thief one of them for a free one. Plusle tends to be the more offense oriented one so make sure to take him out first. Thief and a couple Quick Attacks do the trick.

Sableye level 13: +2 to everything but Sp Atk and Speed, which get +1. Replace Scratch with Astonish. Wanna keep Leer for utilic reasons, though really it's not like either grant a lot of coverage. At least Astonish has flinch and Stab makes it stronger than Scratch anyways.

The other one's Minun comes next cause I want to make sure they waste time with Helping Hands as much as possible. Takes a bit more to down Minun since it's tougher and my mons are not exactly known for flexing muscles.

Grovyle level 18: +2 HP, Sp Atk and Speed, +1 everything else.

Out comes the Plusle, and Grovyle eats a Thunder Wave. Apparently the Minun ceased being amused. It eats it's Berry, and now a couple Quick Attacks should kill, having Sableye focus on Minun now. Plusle goes down.

Sableye level 14: +1 to Sp Def and Speed, +2 to everything else.

No damage taken, and only one paralysis. Cheri used to cure it. I do not manage to sneak past the spazzy Youngster, and he sends out an Aron. Perfect for my Sableye to devour, since it has Compoundeyes and Night Shade ignores defense. It uses Mud Slap once and hardens another. Only 4 damage while it's in a body bag.

Sableye level 15: +3 HP, +0 Def, +1 Attack and Sp Atk, +2 Sp Def and Spd

Next is an Electrike. Would be wiser to switch to Grovyle, but I'm hardly scared of this twit of a pokemon. Thief cuts it in half, and I laugh at how pathetic this mon is. Outsped by a Sableye. Howls, and it's a death sentence. I'm just barely on the cusp of level 16...

I take the time to find the hidden Full Heal (There's a lot of hidden items on this path). I save cause I know what's coming...

This fight kinda sucks. I'm actually gonna take an immediate break here because this fight is pretty luck based. Basically one confused hit off of Sableye and I'm done.

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I hate this fight under NORMAL circumstances. However, restriction breeds creativity. I have berries, why not use them? Unfortunately I have no Sitrus, so I have to give Orans to Grovyle (he's not using grass in this fight anyways), and Sableye. I lead with Sableye, cause I need him leveled, and he's so close. I eat a Supersonic, which causes me to flip coins. 2 Thieves and a Night Shade later though it's done, though I had to eat a Wing Attack. Still not below half health though.

Sableye level 16: +1 Speed, +2 everything else.

Combusken comes out, and I decide to change my strat. I throw in Zag so I can use a Potion on Sableye, my first healing item I've actually used. He pecks and instantly explodes my Zig, which point I throw Sableye back in. Uses Focus Energy while I blast it with Night Shade. Ember deals 16 damage. I need this last Night Shade to hit. I use up the Berry, and barely survives the Ember with 1 HP. He kills Combusken (even if he died, I would have had Grovyle come in and finish it off with a Quick Attack. This is just better).

Sableye level 17: +2 HP, Atk and Def, +1 everything else. Wants to learn Fury Swipes. Uhhhh, no.

Lombre comes out next, where I bust out Grovyle wh's fully healthy. Pursuit does not do the damage I would like, so I Leer it, eating a Swift and Astonish to take me down to 36 HP. Quick Attack does more damage, but he wastes a turn using Growl. Since I now have an HP lead I go back to Pursuit knowing the Berry will save me. It uses Astonish instead of Swift for pathetic damage, and I'm down to 21. It's dead, and I beat May. I hate how a stray crit ends your run.

Grovyle level 19: +2 HP, Sp Def and Speed, +1 everything else.

Now gimme your lunch money you annoying bitch. That's 2 Orans and a Potion you sapped out of me, not to mention you went ahead and broke my legs. She even gives me an Item Finder, which lets me more easily find the secret stuff around this route, not to mention lets me get on with playing the actual game. I saved 80 times after May, for real. So, I manage to find a Great Ball in the brush. Another hidden item is between two trainers I'm not even close to being in shape to deal with, so I simply skip it. Then I run into something that makes my heart sink...A Psychic and a Biker girl. In perfect Lineup for a double fight. I try to see if I could perhaps go forward while avoiding the biker girl but unfortunately no. I take the opportunity to save beforehand as a note, and what I see distresses me further. A Magnemite and an Abra. Abra I'm sure has Hidden Power, and I have no mons to deal with Magnemite. I luck out like no one's business however as Hidden Power happens to not effect Sableye, implying it's either HP Psychic, Fighting or Normal. Magnemite eats a Night Shade and is reduced to past half health, which he retaliates with a Thundershock. Now to see how far luck pushes me...I think it has a reduced Sp Def nature as Absorb did a sound amount of damage despite not hitting effectively (Or I'm unaware that Magnemite has crappy SpDef). I continue Absorbing because I need health. Thundershock deals about the same damage-GODDAMMIT IT PARALYZED ME. I take an extra Thundershock, but it dies. I think it's fair to say I pretty much need a Pokecenter visit at this point, but I suppose I can throw Grovyle a Cheri Berry to see if I can survive until Verdanturf, but again I see no point in wasting resources when I don't need to. As I ventureon I continue making use of the Itemfinder to find yet ANOTHER Pokeball hidden in the grass.


I never thought I would be so happy to see this place. *Picks 9 Nanab berries before entering*

Around the corner is an X Speed, get Rock Smash. The bike you can get might as well be the Mach Bike, since you can't do anything with the Acro Bike until the Not Sylph Scope. As I talk to random people, but discover a random dude who is willing to teach Rollout to a random mon. Might talk to you later, hombre.

Now to see if I can beat Wally's pathetic ass with a paralyzed Grovyle.

Yup. Double Team gets scissored by a OHKO with Pursuit. Don't use Ralts, kids.

Grovyle level 20: +3 HP, +2 Atk, Sp Atk and Spd, +1 Def and Sp Def.

6 more levels...

Route to Verdanturf

9 Weapear Berries. This route has a bunch o deviousness in it. First one is simple, a Breeder who spazzes out but you can avoid by just walking in the grass (and you can just run if you happen to encounter anything), but then there's these 3 ladies near a cuttable bush with a runner jogging back and fourth between them. I saved to go between them to see what was behind the bush. It was a Revive it turns out (Easy to get, just Pursuit the Ralts using Psychic), so that could be worthwhile. However the Breeder trolled me just before Verdanturf, pretending to be a rotating trainer when she totally isn't. She's like the Rich Boy from outside Petalburg. Out comes Wngull, and it uses Supersonic (Of course...). I take the time to Absorb it to go from 19 to 31 HP, a nice recovery. I finish off after snapping out of confusion to Quick Attack it. How I wish you didn't have 6 mons. Next is Goldeen who has Peck, and I get paralyzed to eat a Tail Whip on top. However, absorb brings me back up to 37. Next is Roselia (FUCK), so I decide to spam Quick Attack it, killing it in two hits. Shroomish is next (Good thing I already suffer a status) and go for Pursuit since all it can do is be pathetic with Absorb damage. But of course I get paralyzed, so I have to eat another attack. Marill is next, who Defense Curls in cowardice before Grovyle cracks her open and devours her for vittles-it survived? It's 9 levels under me and I'm hitting it with a STAB under Miracle Seed, and it survived? *Punches Grovyle*. Quick Attack finishes...You suck, Grovyle.

Grovyle Level 21: +1 Attack and Defense, +2 everything else.

Skitty's left (Good thing Grovyle's female). 2 Quick Attacks and the troll is dead. Except one last troll: She gives me her phone number, so I have yet another person to interrupt me at points of my adventure. Before entering Verdanturf, to the south is a Pokeball and a hidden Repel.


...Nothing to see here.

Verdanturf Tunnel

I go to the left first, to nab the Blackglasses and HP UP. Honestly not sure who to give it to. Might give it to Grovyle. Yet then I run into a wild hiker, who throws Geodudes at me. More food for my hungry Grovyle. Well, now my Grovyle is bac to full health...Ya know, it's starting to look like a solo anyways at this point.

Grovyle level 22: +1 Defense and Sp Def, +2 everything else.

I teach Rock Smash to Zig, and decide to...I need Wattson's badge. Rrr...Ok, so I'd be 2 levels lower with Grovyle before fighting Wattson. Wonderful. Ok, I reload the save (which unfortunately already has the Breeder beaten, so that's one level) to go back to Mauville. I ponder catching a Geodude for dealing with Wattson while avoiding using the Pokecenter...

Breaking here.



36/57 HP, 34 Atk, 26 Def, 41 Sp Atk, 37 Sp Def, 48 Speed

Pursuit (9/20), Leer (29/30), Absorb (14/20), Quck Attack (!5/30)


0/47 HP, 35 Atk, 31 Def, 30 Sp Atk, 31 Sp Def, 24 Speed

Leer (30/30), Astonish (9/15), Thief (4/10), Night Shade (5/15)

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Fun fact re: Hidden Power. On pretty much all opposing trainers (not wild), it's a Fighting type move (likely Power of 30), as I've done multiple tests, and it's always HP Fighting. (ie: 0 IV's on all opposing trainers (bar exceptions))

RE: Rich Boy outside Petalburg: Only sees you if you're running past him, otherwise he'll keep rotating, iirc. But the Breeder outside Verdanturf I vaguely recall you can't dodge.

Just what I remember (which might be wrong.).

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Fun fact re: Hidden Power. On pretty much all opposing trainers (not wild), it's a Fighting type move (likely Power of 30), as I've done multiple tests, and it's always HP Fighting. (ie: 0 IV's on all opposing trainers (bar exceptions))

RE: Rich Boy outside Petalburg: Only sees you if you're running past him, otherwise he'll keep rotating, iirc. But the Breeder outside Verdanturf I vaguely recall you can't dodge.

Just what I remember (which might be wrong.).

If that's the case, I'll keep that in mind for any trainer who rotates.

Okay. . .but why the lack of Pokecenters?

Trying to get by with the bare minimum and rely only on the resources the game throws at me, which 3rd gen throws a LOT at you. Now if I were playing normally, I would use a pokecenter at every opportunity. This is to help see which pokemon would help at absolutely bare minimum, since it will show they can help you get by even i you were flyng by the seat of your pants. This is why I dig Sableye, as I learn more about him. He's one of your few early answers to Steel types (the others being Maku and Geodude) with Night Shade, which also allows him significant power to any hard nut to crack, help you safely catch pokemon without risking crits. He's also a hardcore anti-psychic as he's immune to them and can rely on either Astonish, or Thief of which he's the only pokemon who can use it as a STAB when it comes.

I'mma see if Sableye can survive a blast from Manectric so I can steal it's Berry. That'll be of huge significance if I can manage.

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I have no choice but to take a pokecenter before Wattson. With my freaking paralyzed and half health Grovyle, i actually get walled by the unavoidable Youngster. Besides, I'm pretty sure Wattson would eat me for breakfast.

So, that's 2 visits. One was again pointless, but whatever.

So, this Youngster. How sad I got walled by this, as he's the one guy not even using electric types. I lead with Grovyle and use Pursuit. Reason I don't lead with Sableye against the Zig is because it has Thunderbolt, and I don't want too much damage stacked on him. Takes a sand attack so I now have to flip coins. One more Pursuit is followed by a Growl. Zig wishing it was gen 4, eh? One last Pursuit and he's out of here. NOW we switch to Sableye because Gulpin come sin, and Sludge kicks Grovyle's ass. I use Thief, of whch is responded with an...Amnesia. The yomi levels...Ok, Night Shade then. Much more effective, yet followed by a Yawn. One more Night Shade, followed by another dumb yawn. I'mma fight through the sleep, since this Gulpin seems really dumb. It responds with another Amnesia, leading me to believe it only has Sludge to actually hit me with. Finally Sludge comes out, but only comes out with 5 damage. Another Amnesia. Another sleep. Another Yawn. FINALLY I wake up and throw the sludgeball in the trash. Minimal damage taken before fighting the fierce evil demonic...

Boss: Wattson

For no one who has had the joy of fighting Emerald Wattson, all I have to say is a Magneton followed by a Manectric when your only reasonable responses to electric types are Marshstomp and Geodude. So I lead with Grovyle, again because I don't want a lot of damage. He leads with Voltorb, using Shockwave which does 8 damage. Pursuit and Quick Attackboth suck the exact amount. I decide to Absorb when he uses Spark which does about the same damage, which takes me from 33 to 37. He then Selfdestructs...Ok, so in goes Sableye. Electrike comes out, and my strategy is simple: Spam the hell out of Night Shade because my life depends on it. Electrike is thankfully stupid as it Howls. It hits me with a Shockwave, and it does a hardcore 20 damage to me, and unfortunately it's faster than me too. However, it's only 3 Night Shades to kill.

Sableye level 18: +2 to everything but Speed which is +1

Next is Magneton, who I switch out to Zig to take an explosive death while I heal up with a Super Potion. So in comes a whole Sableye who is more than 2HKOd by Shockwave while I do a quarter with my best hit, and I die.

So my bestanswer to this Magneton is Sableye, and I get demolished. It's like I got punished for not picking up a Geodude or picking Marshtomp. Magneton's easily the worst part of him, since the hardest part is getting past it without Geodude or Marshtomp. The fact he's got a Manectric waiting for you afterwards is just icing on Wattson's murdercake.

Now I think this kind of run is still possible, you just have to pick very particular pokemon. For Treecko you'd have t catch the likes of Sableye (in fact, all 3 would have to, if only to make Brawly's gym easier without having to lug around earlygame luggage), Torchic would need to catch an answer for the likes of Roxanne, Winona, the twins and Juan (Traded Seedot being the best in all terms, and has the added benefit of having a resistance to Wattson so he can act as an emergency switch in, or can be used in general outside of Magneton then being good against Juan in general. Sucks against Winona, otherwise you have Wingull who helps by also having Wing Attack for Brawly, or Lotad for a future Surfer who can also help against the twins since they use pokemon that are also weak to water. As for Winna, Magneton or Solrock would do), Treecko needs ways to deal with Wattson. Flannery and Winona (Geodude or...Geodude. Against Flannery, could also pick up Solrock who's just right there and also helps with Winona), and Marshtomp needs a better answer against Juan and the E4 (Magnemite, since he's also a helpful answer to Winona. Otherwise my only thought is someone who can put Ice Beam to good use...Which if I recall, Marshtop can learn).

So me not catching a Geodude sucks. Might just restart again...I would also like to note that this style of play isn't really all that fun anyways, since it typically devolves into a solo where you occasionally catch some mons that can help you out in the moment. Levels, surprisingly, were not actually a problem, since each gym seems to have an easy way to cheese them in some form (If I ever got there, Norman might be a big problem however. Though again, I could just have Solrock gain a crapton of levels there which would follow up in also demolishing Winona). Juan would probably be the only exception (though joke would have been on him, I'm using Treecko).

So, I'm probably gonna restart, but I got two questions for hte few people who actually read my logs. First one goes for this log specifically. Would you all prefer I just do the usual fight every trainer thing, since this style is very boring and vapid? Cause I'm more than willing to. Second being, how can I improve my commentary since I know I tend to be a little uhh...Boring and bare facts when it comes to these logs.

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Makuhita gets his ass handed to him by Shock Wave and Manectric is still a big problem.

stuff about having to get a Sableye

For earlygame Torchic solos, it's far more efficient to go the extra distance to get him to Combusken before Roxanne, and he can solo Brawly with a little bit of luck (probably needs a high Atk IV or a +Atk nature, or use Focus Energy to get a critical hit OHKO on Makuhita). For most runs in general, in fact, you don't want to go the route of having as few battles as possible; you'd rather prefer a small amount of battling to get you to a point where you can do the game with significantly less difficulty.

EDIT: In Grovyle's case against Wattson, you're probably shit outta luck, although he could theoretically deal with Wattson after he learns Leaf Blade because Magneton's SpDef is not that good. But that is a huge EXP investment required. Combusken also rapes Wattson provided you have some death fodder for intermittent Super Potions and you don't get paralyzed twice from Static.

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Makuhita deals with steel types

And, with X attack, it should 1-2HKO everything

So, throw it in with Geodude, and Marshtomp.

Why would I want 2 things that deal with steel types, especially since Makuhita does not deal with anything else in particular between Geodude and Marshtomp? Oh no, not NORMAL types...

For earlygame Torchic solos, it's far more efficient to go the extra distance to get him to Combusken before Roxanne, and he can solo Brawly with a little bit of luck (probably needs a high Atk IV or a +Atk nature). For most runs in general, in fact, you don't want to go the route of having as few battles as possible; you'd rather prefer a small amount of battling to get you to a point where you can do the game with significantly less difficulty.

Kinda the point I was making there. Even if what I was trying to do is possible, it's not even fun to avoid every battle. Thus, why I'm probably going to restart.

Besides, I only bring up specific mons that straight cheese like a gym or two. Though, Sableye's not exactly THAT bad from his start...He's straight garbage later though I reckon.

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Makuhita gets his ass handed to him by Shock Wave and Manectric is still a big problem.

Further pointing out that it actually kinda sucks. At least Geodude has Ground to be immune to Electric.

EDIT: In Grovyle's case against Wattson, you're probably shit outta luck, although he could theoretically deal with Wattson after he learns Leaf Blade because Magneton's SpDef is not that good. But that is a huge EXP investment required.

Even with Leaf Blade, it's still very chancey. The Grass resist on Steel is fairly potent here. With the wrong attacks being used, you don't stand a chance, really.

WRT to the playlog: Pure low level is actually retarded. Like you said, you need specific Pokes to get past certain parts of the game. Might be a good idea to actually fight some optional trainers/wild Pokemon to ease the load a little. DO IT

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I dare you to try Feebas

Also, for eletrike Types, Voltorbs underrated.

Self-destruct/explosion have WTF power

And halve enemy defense, so Explosions 240 bases power goes WTF

(I think its 240)

And, stab TB ad TWave helps.

It could do very well

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Yup, it's settled. I'm restarting. So, my new team will be...


Torchic: He's a lot more awesome in a more normal run, since now he's not just barely achieving Combusken by Roxanne. Being a competent fighting or fire type in this game is incredibly rare, and he gets both jobs done. He will be at least part of my answer to Wattson, since his most troublesome part is Magneton, of which Combusken can bruce lee without a problem. Can also bring the law down on daddy Norman.

Aron: I am known for being an armor knight fan, and despite most of them sucking, Aron ncluded, it is my duty to use one and I apologize for not using one earlier. Aron is clearly meant for defensive purposes, since his typing is mostly bent that way and the few things he WOULD b good against crush him since they tend to be Special types, and not only is hs Sp Def bad, his HP is low as well as it's too slow to kill them first. He has some tools though. Namely whatever he reacts to gets demolished after taking defensive hits, and has a really early Mud Slap for some accuracy reduction to better serve the defensive purposes of himself and his team. Gets Headbutt and though he doesnt have STAB like the Zig, he's still one to hit pretty hard. Besides, if I need a tank to stall something out like perhaps against Winona's Altaria or anything the Team leaders throw at me that aren't their main mons, Aron's my guy.

Skarmory: Again, no intro necessary

Solrock: Explained above.

Cacturne: There is a crapton of water coming, and as you can see I am ill equipped to deal with them. This is what Cacturne will be for. While he's no Magneton, he at least can take hits back from water thanks to his typing (as Magneton doesn't resist and has meh special defense). Again slow, but built for defensive means. He'll also be a hardcore answer with the twins, along with another answer.

Tentacruel: While poison typed, it has great Sp Def and STAB Surf so it can help. He will also be my Ice Beamer for Drake.

This may also be the worst stall team on gen 3 ever if we were playing PvP.

Now, getting on with the show! As for the rules, I will change them a bit. I will battle only those on the path that is clearly on my way to wherever my destination may be. For example, I will not be going past Pacifilodge as they are frivilous (As I am playing Emerald I have to actually go there. If it were Ruby or Sapphire, I wouldn't even bother going). I still won't spam pokecenters every time a mon gets a minor injury, but you had best believe I'm hitting one every time I enter town. I will also not go down any completely unecessary paths, such as the route that goes off the Trick House, or the Trick House itself, etc.

Time to pick up my Torchic, again the rare female one. She seems to be a Mild one. +Sp Atk, -Def. Ehhhhhhhhhhhh, I can live. Guess it helps with dealing with Magneton due to it's more lousy Sp Def, but it's -Def makes it a greater pain to deal with Roxanne. But I'll have to deal, won't I? Still, she's got the muscle to tear apart that Zig that was harassing Birch. But she does it with calm finesse, cause she's mild. She's not a show off.

Torchic level 5: 19 HP, 12 Atk, 9 Def, 13 Sp Atk, 10 Sp Def, 9 Speed

Back in the backwoods town where it's just me and my neighbor and my neighbor's lab, he gives it to me as a thank you (are you really that scared of a Zigzagoon? I'm pretty sure you could have punched it and had it ready to be served for dinner. You live in the most hickish town in the most hickish pokemon realm you derp), then tells me to meet his daughter cause that's how hicks greet eachother. How I wish we didn't move form Unova...

Heading to Oldale encounter a wild Poochyena. Ya know, I have an affinity for Dark types...But Mightyena just does not cut the mustard. Pooch sucks, first off. It's not that fast, and depends on Howl to actually do something worth a damn. It evolves and gets Intimidation which is nice, but it's offense is still garbage. If only it had 4th gen mechanics...2 scratches and it's dead.

Next is a Wurmple, which will die by hte mighty mild claw of my Torchic. A tackle reduces it to 15, another 2 damage after the Pooch fight, and yet again 2 shots.

Torchic level 6: +2 HP and Sp Atk, +0 Def, +1 everything else.


I don't believe I'll be needing the pokecenter at the moment, I'm still rather healthy.

Route 103

Another encounter. Man, the last times I kinda lucked out. First time through had no encounters and now I keep running into them. Level 3 Zig, 3HKOd and takes 3 damage from a STAB Tackle (STAB Tackle, snicker snort). Goddammit, Poochyena, go away! 3 hits this time since it's another level so I take 4 damage overall before kicking it to the curb. Seems I will be using the Potion from my PC.

Mid-Boss: Mid-Boss

For those of you that get the joke, you're welcome.

So I'm at half health, and I 4HKO...Guess I'll be (miss)....YES! Potion use saved! *Fistpump* The gods of rock were on my side. I get 69 exp (Mild).

Torchic level 7: +2 HP and Sp Atk, +1 everything else. Learned Focus Attack, which is totally not Ember!

I go back to professor Birch remembering he heals my pokemon, and...He doesn't. Must have had a brain fart, and that he healed me after the first fight. Derp. Guess I'll be resting at my house, because surviving with 3 HP is shaky at best. Getting back down to business, time to go on my adventure, finding a Zig first. Surprised a Zig is 3HKOd by my level 7 Torchic and doing 3 damage back in return (knew it). I lob a ball at it to catch, cause again I want an HM slave and want to test my luck with Pickup. Funny enough, it's also Mild. What are the odds?

Route 102 or whatever is to the left of Oldale

No having to catch a Ralts this time, straight to Petalburg. Level 4 Pooch, 3 and 5 damage overall for the price of killing the mutt.

Torchic level 8: +2 HP, Atk and Sp Def, +! everything else

A bug catcher wonders my way, and like a fool this guy throws a Wurmple at me. The ever so mild Torchic proceeds to ignore the string shot like a boss and still attack first anyways. Yet another Wurmple, and it actually tackles me for 3 HP. That is all.

Torchic level 9: +2 HP and Sp Atk, +1 everything else.

Youngster up next. My levels are looking quite a bit healthier this way it seems. Scratch now 3HKOs a level 4 Zigs, so I only take 3 damage taking it out. A Taillow comes out next, and a Peck deals 3 damage. STABS will not save you from the mild Torchic!

Berry picking, I nab up 2 Pecha and Orans, then mug a Lass on the way to Petalburg.

Torchic level 10: +1 Sp Def and Speed, +2 everything else. Learned Ember, which is totally Ember!

Shroomish up next? *Grins* GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH MONEY! Then I grab a Potion and run to Petalburg.


From Littleroot to Petalburg with only 6 HP to spare and no resources used. Granted a miss is what granted me this glory, but rarely is accuracy on MY side, so I shall celebrate it. Heal up, waste time learning stuff I already know and move on.

Well, maybe later. Just wanna break for now.

I dare you to try Feebas

I hate you too.

Also, for eletrike Types, Voltorbs underrated.

Self-destruct/explosion have WTF power

And halve enemy defense, so Explosions 240 bases power goes WTF

(I think its 240)

And, stab TB ad TWave helps.

It could do very well

I gave Voltorb a thought, but then I remembered Cacturne exists. Figured I'd give him a run, since I happen to like the bag of spikes.

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Onto the beachside where I fight a Youngster with his silly Zig. One Ember and he's out of here. Seedot's even simpler.

Torchic level 11: +2 HP and Sp Atk, +1 everything else.

See, this is why I like Torchic. It just has raw-ass power.Now it is time to pick some berries (I am now up to 4 antidotes and 40 HP in berries), and of course no chance of sneaking by the lady. Might be a level 7 Zig, but have a superpowerfulbut mild mannered Torchic! Now gimme that big money.

Petalburg Woods

Well, perhaps I should note to players not in the know that a lot of new mons are available here such as Wurmple, Shroomish and the rare if ever crappy Slakoth. While Shroomish would be an entirely wise catch right now, I will not be catching him. No, I will be kung fu fighting Roxanne. Until then, my Torchic will be eating worms for dinner. Would be a waste to say what happened to the first Bug Catcher.

Torchic level 12: +2 HP, +0 Speed, +1 everything else.

The +0 speed shocks me.

Paralyze Heal get! Meet the Shroomish molester, save him from getting mugged by the most incompetent Aqua member on the planet. A scratch and an Ember do the trick. Nab the secret Pokeball, fail to snea past the spazzy bug catcher (It does seem that walking makes them less spazzy), and set fire to two Nincadas.

Torchic level 13: +2 HP, Atk and Sp Atk, +1 everything else.

Oooh, wild Cascoon! Fire time. Destroy them if you ever run into one as they're a decent chunk of exp basically for free.

Route 104

2 Cheri and Oran Berries, a Pokeball, a wild Marill I run from (WOW I did not know they showed up this early), a Super Potion, and a regular Potion. Tal to the guy near the berry patches and you get the TM Bullet Seed. Seedot, Shroomish and Treecko can make use of this, but as you may note I'm not using any of those. Run into Rich Boy who uses a Zig that actually survives an even stronger Torchic's Ember, so I gotta blast him again since he uses a full blown Full Restore. Derp and run into a Lass who throws a Lotad at me, who doesn't quite die to a Scratch and Growls at me. Shroomish afterwards ges set on fire, like a lot of things in Petalburg Woods.

Torchic level 14: +2 HP and Sp Atk, +1 everything else.

Twins...Seedot gets Embered and Lotad gets double teamed, Zi gets a useless level. Decide after that level to heck on Zig, now seeing he's got an item! Wooo, free Great Ball! Now to fight a fisherman. I should have known better, he throws out a MAgikarp first. Usually takes 2 hits and is a complete waste of time as he gives no exp. Throws another at me...I have to keep this in mind, because every game in the series has some prick who has 6 Magikarp to throw at you some point later in the game. Old lady gives me a Chesto Berry, I pick two Leppas and Cheris. Sorry that was so bland, this route is just not worth words.


Can't ignore the X Defend. I'll be needing it. Premier Ball, HM 01, the Super Potion up north. Now to train in the mountains, cause I can't fight Roxanne with a mere Torchic.

Route 116

Anybody want a Skitty? No? Me either, let's go on and kill a bug catcher's stuff after nabbing a Repel. Mere Wurmples do not sate the ever mighty mild Torchic.

Torchic level 15: +2 HP and Atk, +0 Def, +1 everything else.

Schoolgirl is next with a Shroomish which at this point gives me a plenty amount of exp, but I'm starting to get nervous considering my levels. It's gonna be a just barely with getting Combusken. However, while I was thinking I accidentally run into the double team of a Hiker and a Shroomish. Ember ont he Shroomish while Zig growls to make Geodude less of pest. Luckily, Geodude didn't do anything dangerous like smack me with a Rock Throw. Defense Curl, Mud Sport, basically anything but attac me as two Embers do the trick. One last Hiker with a lot of burnt out Embers. Nearly out of 'em by now.

Torchic level 16: +2 HP and Sp Def, +3 Sp Atk, +1 everything else

The +Sp Atk makes me smile. Replaced Focus Energy and Scratch with Peck and Double Kick. The Double Kick will be my savior against Roxanne.

I grab the X Special while 'm here, figuring t would be helpful against Wattson later and go back to Rustburo. I avoid the Youngster, since he's not a necessary fight at this point.

Rustburo Gym

I heal up frst at the pokecenter obviously, and take on a Youngster with Double Kick, ending his level 10 Geodude's life right quick. I decide to take on the Youngster and Hiker individually, not wanting damage stacked on my Combusken before even ighting Roxanne. Double Kick OHKOs Geodudes, so not much to actually say.

Combusken level 17: +2 HP, Atk and Speed, +1 everything else.

Boss: Roxanne

Even being level 12 won't save you from the furious kicks of Combusken, Geodude.

Combusken level 18: +3 HP, +2 Atk and Sp Atk, +1 everything else.

Now comes the annoyingly tanky part: Nosepass. I actually send out Zig first, knowing that it will use a lot of Harden, so I plan to Tail Whp until it kills Zig. I can't not come out positive. Rock Tomb is used, and...OHKOs. Ok nevermind. However, I should not have underestimated Combusken, as he nearly OHKOs Nosepass anyways. Even after the Berry putting him at about 20%, Roxanne uses a Potion..and STILL I kill it next attack. All, have faith in the mighty mild Combusken! For with her non-flashy and very practical Double Kick, she shall slay all of her enemies! If I had a+Atk nature one though, I'd have straight smashed it. Oh well, 'll take an easier Wattson over easier Roxanne any day.

Rock Tomb get! Aron will greatly appreciate this one. I go to heal only to see an Aqua member actually being successful. Well, guess this place has no police, so I better do something about it, right? I teahc Zigzagoon Cut, cause I want prizes on the way back to Captain Briney's Seaside Hut of Mystery .

Rusturf Cave

Pokeball and Double Kicking a Pooch. Easy peasy. On the way back though I decide to take on the menagerie on the way back through Cut, along with getting some treasures. First is a dual between a Lady and a Rich Boy. Zig gets DoubleKicked while Zig starts whittling down the Lotad who Absorbs off him. Combusken decides to Double Kick another Pooch for they are flashy. One more Cut, and a Growl cuts my team's attack. Nothing a Peck can't fix. One last Zigzagoon, who also feasts on the non-lightning and normal Double Kicks. Plenty of money. I missed what I picked up, but it was either another Pokeball or another Potion. Either way, cool. Now it is time to kick some Schoolchildren around who throw a Ralts and Marill at me. Wow, Psychic and Water. Regardless they're gonna get smashed. Decide to kill Marill first, cause I'm not exactly worried. Ralts is an easy down regardless.

Combusken level 19: +3 Sp Atk, +1 Speed, +2 everything else. Tasty.

6 Pinaps, 4 Chestos and an Ether later and I'm back to the route to Mr Briney's. Oh right, and the Great Ball from the Timewaste Corporation. I run into May, and I decline the fight. I just don't like fighting her, and I remember a way too defensive Torkoal the last time I picked this up. Cut nets me an X Accuracy, a Miracle Seed (for Cacturne), a Great Ball, an X Attack, a Tinymushroom, a Potion and a Pokeball. To Dewford!

Dewford Island

Zig nets me a free Potion. Heading to the cave first while avoiding hte Fisherman, wanting to save that for my incoming new mon. But while I'm outside I nab the hidden Stardust and Pokeball.

Granite Cave

Get HM Flash for no reason, thinking to catch Aron on the bottom floor for the highest level chances. Escape Rope get, heading down the ladder, nabbing the Pokeball, head downstairs again, and find my Aron. Seems level 11 is all that luck will grant me, though it's fair enough really. It's then I realized that Combusken either straight murders him with Ember or Double Kick, or deals pathetic damage with Peck. It takes a while, but I nab one. Hardy natured...fitting. Has Sturdy. If only this was gen 5...

Aron level 11: 12/32 HP, 20 Atk, 27 Def, 16 Sp At, 16 Sp Def, 14 Speed


I teach it Rock Tomb, replacing Harden with it since...really?

Get the Everstone, since that's at least money. Letter delivered to Steven, and given Steel Wing as a reward. Now to fight the fishermen. Guy closest starts with a Magikarp, and while it doesn't give much reward it IS pretty free. Tentacool is up next to the plate who attempts a Supersonic and misses, and my STAB Rock Tomb...Doesn't quite kill (it was level 7 and I couldn't one shot a Tentacool with a STAB 50 power move). Failed to even lower speed...Oh right, it has Clear Body. That's kind of annoying. Supersonic misses again and I land the Headbutt to kill (since I don't wanna risk even a 95% acc vs Supersonic, especially after it missed twice. With my luck I gotta count my blessings). One more Magikarp and Aron comes out without a scratch. Now to fight one more Tentacool, who is level 11 and makes me hope I don't get Bubblebeamed. Supersonic attempts to hit twice and misses *Fistpump* and 2 Headbutts send it to the grave. Aron to my dismay levels slow because even after that he doesn't level.

Back in Dewford I remember a trinket I forgot to pick up this entire time: Silk Scarf! Helps at the spurr of the moment with Aron's Headbutt, so I give it to him for now.

Dewford Gym

I'mma smash the gym, starting with a battle girl and her Meditite. It uses Bide to my shock I don't 2HKO. Meditite is tougher than he looks. Well, Zig absorbs the Bide, and Aron comes back in to finish him off.

Aron level 12: +2 HP, Atk and Def, +1 everything else.

Next up after the lights dim a bit less is a Salor and a BattleGirl witha MAchop and a Meditite, and I know immediately which one is the bigger threat. Meditite wastes a turn using Detect, and Machop Karate Chops the wrong guy as he gets Pecked and Headbutted. One more Headbutt does the trick as I learned Aron is faster than the level higher Machop (Damn that thing is slow), while Combusken pecks at Meditite, who decides to Meditate on that. One more Peck finishes the fight.

Run into a Blackbelt in the dark and meet up with a Makuhita. I've been lucky so far with Aron, so I send in Combusken who takes a Sand Attack. Peck misses, and I eat a critical hit Vital throw. Peck finally hits and I crit back for a one shot.

Aron level 13: +2 HP and Def, +1 everything else. Replaced Tackle with Metal Claw

Man there are a lot more people here than I thought. Dealing with a Machop who straight OHKOs Aron with a Low Kick. No real surprise there. Combusken comes in to deal with the threat with two pecks. Well after that I kinda need to go back to the pokecenter. Perhaps I got a bit greedy. Go back, heal up and go back in to fight a Battle Girl's Meditite. He Meditates and Bides, signing his own death warrent. Level 13 and 256 exp barely fills the bar a quarter.

Boss: Brawly

Opens up with a Machop, which I switch to Combusken to Peck, landing a crit at the cost of 13 HP. Didn't get off much. Next out is Meditite who has a Focus Punch problem, so I know Aron can kill for free. Mud Slap first, since I had to restart and I noted that it always survived my Headbutts with a sliver of health to take Super Potions. It doesn't work however, but perhaps it's best I waste his Super Potions now.

Aron level 14: +2 HP, Atk and Def, +1 everything else.

Makuhita tends to be the huge problem with it's tons of health, Bulk Up, and a Sitrus Berry. So I send out Zig first...Yeah. Tail Whip it first, and like I predicted he couldn't resist killing the weak puny Zig. I throw in Combusken next and use Double Kick. Though I would have dealt with him clean if he had to use a Sitrus Berry, I straight crit him and deal death to him anyways. Comes to show that sometimes all you gotta do is bait and switch. Never underestimate debilitating moves ingame.

Combusken level 20: +3 HP, +2 Atk and Sp Atk, +1 everything else.

Off to Slateport with a break and the TM Bulk Up! Now I have a thought on giving Bulk Up to Aron, though I could save it for some other mon like Skarm (if he learns it, I'm not exactly fully TM knowledgeable). Think I should give it to Aron? Could be excellent use against Norman, and Winona later.

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Slateport Beach

I will not be doing the Soda Pop Fight Club, as much as I want to because 6 60HP heals is awesome as hell. I do nab the Soft Sand though, and then start fighting sailors. Up first to bat is a Wingull who with a water gun lands a crit to bring Aron down to 8 HP. At least he hit with Rock Tomb. My guy's in the infirmary, they're in the morgue. Machop comes next who Aron can't fight at all (especially not like this), so I switch to Double Kick him while he wastes time Leering. One sailor down, though before I find another to destroy I find an inner tuber who throws a Marill at me. Man, Aron's starting time is a bit more perilous than I thought. Switch to the mighty Double Kick, and with a Defense Curl Marill survives it even though she's 8 levels lower. Tough water rat...Might actually try Marill out next run. *Double Kicks*

I find the next sailor, who is apparently drunk off his ass. Another Wingull. I would like to drop rocks on your head, but Aron has 8 HP (Switches out). 13 HP a hit, and it outspeeds me. Damn. Well, ties for speed (kills it the next peck). Now with both sailors defeated and left in the dust, I comb the beach to rob children of their lunch money. However, recall havng a bad experience. There is some troll out here with a Zigzagoon that knows Surf...It turns out the one at the 3-intersection trap is the one that has the legendary Zig of the water and waves. It hilariously only does 13 HP though, so the same as a STAB Water Gun from Wingull.DOUBURU KYAKU!

So it's then I stupidly enter into a double fight, with low health Aron and Combusken, though at face value it seems harmless. A Tentacool and an Azurill. It's then I forgot about Supersonic, and how kind the game was to me in previous encounters...One down, and just barely surviving a Poison Sting after Combusken hits himself and Aron takes a Charm. One Tentacool down, but when the next comes after getting double team it survives with like one HP and takes down the mild Cmbusken. Feel embaressed losing Combusken like this.

Aron level 15: +2 HP, +3 Def, +1 everything else.

Zig has to come out and pick up the pieces. While don't really care what level it is, it DID hit the level to learn Headbutt, so that's cool. Too bad it hits s weak that Headbutt does the same as a weaker STAB Rock Tomb from a Charmed Aron. All this for a Potion? Bah.


Zig picked up an item! *Potion* Oh thanks, you overgrown rat. Getting trolled all over the place. Well clearly I heal up first before deciding to scour for treasures this place may hide. It's then I find some interesting tidbits, like a woman who gives me a Powder Jar and offers to make me medicine. Suppose that's a great way to put the useless berries to better use than selling them for chump change. Not much else it seems. Time to visit Stern. Oh right, Team Incompetent Color 3. Throws out a Carvahna at me and...Uses rage? Well suck on a Rock Tomb. With the speed drop, I take it out without much more damage anyways. Next is a Zubat who eats a Rock Tomb and falls, followed by a Carvahna. Lands a crit with it's Rage, but succumbs anyways (I missed a Rock Tomb).

Route Whatever is North of Slateport

Dual Battle after wasting time with Birch, the Plusle and Minun couple. Double Kick straight demolishes Minun which is nice cause it's the more defensive of the bunch.

Aron level 16: +2 HP, Atk and Def, +0 Spd, +1 everything else.

Combusken level 21: +1 Speed, +2 everything else. Replaced Growl with Sand Attack.

Mud Slap on the other Plusle, as the new one comes in. Double Kick destroys him coming in, and Rock Tomb inconveniently misses, causing me to eat a Thunder Wave on my Combusken. Rock Tomb hits hte Minun though, and drops it's speed. It eats a berry, but that won't save it. Moving on I pick up the Dire Hit. Finding a Youngster I decide to fight him, discovering he also has an Aron! Mud Slap Fight! Well, I Mud Slap, he Hardens...This fight is getting nasty. Whatever, he's wasting time while I blind him. He Hardens again...Talk about rolling over and dying. In comes an Electrike, who eats a Mud Slap as he Howls, trying to land a Rock Tomb while he Howls (and I miss), nails me with a Thunder Wave (Cause Arons are fast), and finally a Rock Tomb lands.

Aron level 17: +2 HP and Def, +1 everything else. Ignored Iron Defense.

Moving on.

Mid-Boss: Mid-Boss

The hard part is Marshtomp, and namely how I have no real way to deal with it. First is Lombre, who is so garbage that even Aron can deal. Absorb even only does 6 damage. 2 Swifts and an Absorb and I get paralyzed, then Growled, another Swift and at the sliver of health it switches out to Marshstomp. Lucky me I was gonna finish it off with Mudslap so it has worse accuracy with Mud Shot. I switch out to Zig as deah fodder. If Marshtomp misses, I can d a Tail Whip as a risk to make Combusken safer. One Double Kick and his Mud Shot misses. Once more and it hits. I know it outspeeds me with this, so have to sacrifice Aron to get by. Combusken comes back in and smokes him.

Combusken level 22: +1 Def and Sp Def, +2 everything else.

Lombre comes back in, and in case that 3rd mon is something unpleasant, I use a Super Potion to heal back up after that nasty Mud Shot. A tiny Swift only deals 8 damage, so I finish with a Peck. Slugma is out next...I can't believe I was scared. *Double Kick* Whatever though, I need a hyper leveled Combusken for the terror I'm about to face. Best I just have Combusken take care of business for a bit.

While I was in battle, I noticed Zig had an item. Sweet, an Ultra Ball!

Using my new Itemfinder I scout out the nearby Great Ball, and note a hdden item between a Pokemaniac and a Rocker. Pokemaniac decides he's got a bone with me first, and launches a Lombre at me, who is immediately downed by a critical hit of Double Kick's first hit. Again, not flashy. Was a very mild and considerate roundhouse kick that snapped his neck.

Combusken level 13: +1 Speed, +2 everything else.

Nuzleaf dies to an ember. The Rocker comes out next with an Electrike, which I was hoping was gonna be a Magnemite, cause now I have to fear Static. Which the first hit of double kick without fail causes it to happen. Voltorb comes next (Sigh), where it Screeches at me and I suffer paralysis. Another Screech, and finally Double Kick comes out. It was worth it though, as it gets me a Revive! Next up is a Psychic and a Cyclist, the Psychic wanting up first. Hidden Power thankfully is not Psychic, and only deals like 4 damage. Peck and it's gone, as Ember didn't one shot it (just barely). The Cyclst busts out a Magnemite (why do cyclists have magnemites?), which Tackles me (what a waste) and Ember melts it into ore.

Combusken level 24: +3 HP and Sp Atk, +2 Atk, +0 Def, +1 everything else.

Elixer get. Hidden Pokeball next. 9 Nanab Berries before...


I'm allowed to hate you this time, stupid place. I make sure to get Rock Smash and the X Speed before healing up and such. Oh hey, Zig's got another item! *Grabs Escape Rope off him* Well, can help I imagine. As for Bikes, the Mach Bike is better since the Acro Bike is only good for the times after you get stuff like Waterfall, which is a long ways off. Now to go to the gym. but first, a scrawny one is in my way.


Rock Tomb does not one shot Ralts. I am stunned. Headbutt finishes it. Get meh exp. If Aron has a weakness, it's that his level rate is painfully slow.

Mauville Gym

Rocker and Batle Girl first, as they throw a Meditite and an Electrike. Meditite uses Detect rather smartly as Electrike Sparks Combusken for a decent chunk. Aron Mud Slaps cause I don't wanna make any physical cntact with Electrike. Quick Attack on Aron which doesn't do much and a Peck fails to OHKO Meditite by a sliver of health, making me eat a Confusion in return to bring me to half health. Roc Tomb brings Electrike to killable health and reduces it's speed. Another Quick Attack to Aron, and a Mud Slap to Electrike finishes it. Voltorb and Meditite come out, which I know that Meditite will survive so I have him double teamed as he's a greater threat than Loltorb. Voltorb Screeches pointlessly while Meditite dies to a Headbutt and Peck. He meditates on it. Voltorb uses Shock Wave on Combusken while it ats a Mud Slap and an Ember. IT STILL LIVES WTF. That's VOLTORB, not somethiing that is actually tough. Whatever, it dies while Charging.

Aron level 18: +2 HP, Def and Speed, +1 everything else. Wow, it got speed.

Youngster is next, as I see Combusken is closer to a leel up I let him have at it. The Zigzagoon is easy to deal with, and then in comes Gulpin. Ember only deals half it's health in damage, which it then Amnesias. I decide to Peck and like Ember after the Amnesia it wouldn't kill. I take a Sludge and end up poisoned for 6 HP left, though it was rather predictable I would wind up in low health after the Sludge.

I'mma go back and heal up. Running back in I deal with the duo Rocker and Bug Maniac. Voltorb and Illumise, Double Kick deals with the idiot Voltorb who decided to Charge.

Combusken: +1 Sp Def, +2 everything else. Rock Tomb lands on Illumise to reduce him to ash, Magnemite coming out to fill Voltorb's slot, and Volbeat for Illumise. Vlbeat's pretty fast as it outspeeds everything, hitting my Combusken with a Shockwave. Hopefully Rock Tomb fixes that. Indeed it does as it falls to an Ember.

Used a Potion on Combusken, seeing as I have 8 and it tok a good chunk there. Now at full health. I'll need it...

Boss: Wattson

Hello darkness, my old friend...

X Speed, then X Attack at the cost of eating 2 sparks, reduced rom 67 HP to 35. Clean kill. Electrike out next, who eats a crit and suffers the same fate.

Combusken level 26: +3 HP, +1 Speed, +2 everything else.

Magneton stand a chance? Hell no! Double Kick! So as you can see, X Attack can do you wonders, Combusken. Manectric however is still faster even after an X Speed. Sitrus Berry heals it back up from a decent chunk to green, and my next attack brings it to the red. I use a Cheri to bring him back from Paralysis, planning to heal next turn while he wastes time using a Super Potion. He unfortunately crits with a Quick Attack after that Howl first turn...So I die without warning. So much for saving that Revive. A Potion while I sacrifice Aron to get Combusken out there. He wastes a turn Howling, and I Double Kick...and get Paralyzed from Static. Of course. So now it's down to a coin flip outside of crit chances. It comes out my side, and I come out the victor on my first attempt. A lot of resources wasted, but on the other hand I have a superpowered Combusken now. I get Shock Wave for my trouble, which I can't really put to use at the moment.

I teach Zigzagoon Rock Smash before healing up and heading north.

Route North Outside of Mauville

Aroma Girl and Camper with a Shandshrew and Roselia. Ember deals with Roselia easy.

Combusken level 27: +2 HP, Atk and Sp Atk, +1 everything else.

Metal Claw does only a little over a quarter, then finishing with Ember.

Aron level 19: +2 HP, Atk and Def, +1 everything else.

Camper and Kindler next, bringing out a Shroomish and Numel. Ember takes care of Shroomish easy, and Headbutt fails to flinch Numel while it retaliates with a mere Tackle to Combusken. A mild pair of kicks await to send him to Utgard.

Now to take out the Winstrate family! Victor starts wth a Taillow, Rock tomb dealing with it easy as it Focus Attacks. Zigzagoon comes out, Headbutt hitting it for beyond half as it hits me with a sand attack and eats an oran berry. Tail Whip comes out next as a Headbutt kills. Victor is not victorious. Next comes out Victoria with a Roselia. Stun Spore annoys, but otherwise it's an easy deal for Aron...Until it Mega Drains me for 16 HP. I risk another attack under paralysis and I win out since I kill with Headbutt after it uses Growth. Victoria down. Vivi comes out next with a Marill. Now I KNOW I can't deal with that, so I switch to Combusken. It makes me realize until I get Cacnea, I have no way to deal with water. Go Goggles can't come quick enough. Defense Curl allows t to survive a Double Kick (I'm 12 freaking levels higher! How tough IS this thing!?). It wastes time with Tail Whip, so I Peck it and get it out of here.

Aron level 20: +2 HP and Defense. Only 10 more to go. And yeah, after 3 straight fights, one with a high exp gain in Roselia and it only levels once. To give you an idea on how slow it levels.

Shroomish is out next, and I switch back to Aron. It uses Leech Seed while I Headbutt, much to my annoyance. Absorb les it live another day, and I risk one more Headbutt. I do not win this time, and switch back out to Combusken. Next is Numel, so I do a double switch to Double Kick while I feed Aron some more. Final fight with Vicky, switching out to Combusken. She somehow calls me out and I eat a Confusion for it. I go for a Peck and it detects. Freaking psychic thing. I missed what it did as the turn after I have gone form the green all the way to the red with 14 health. It dies, but what the hell did I miss? Whatever, I get the Macho Brace and move on. Well ok, guess I'mma heal up after THAT assbeatng. It's just a slight jog backwards and I'm back running. Since Cacnea comes a bit late and is slow anyways, I'll be making use of Macho Brace off it.

So, heading back on my path, I run into Gabby and her cameraman, looking for an asswhooping. Aron and Combusken deal with it easily, only taking a weak Uproar at Combusken. She wants to interview me, but I tell her no comment. Camper decides she wants in on that, and she busts out a Shroomish. Switching out to Combusken to absorb the Mega Drain, laugh mildly at it before Embering. I switch back out to Aron for Marill as I note that Marill has not once ever used a water attack. She uses Rollout on Aron, and though I outspeed (ok, THERE'S a flaw, you're slower than Aron), I 2HKO with Headbutt. After dealing with her I run blindly into another camper, who throws a Shandshrew at me. What, no gun? I'm insulted. Might as well throw silly putty. Defense Curl only saves it from one more attack, and it Defense Curls again so that was a big fat waste of time. If only I could catch Cacnea early...Ah well, exp pacing and all that.

Another Camper. Yeesh. Coming out o the woodwor you are. I outrun his Nuzleaf and 2HKO with Headbutt with a flinch.

Aron level 21: +3 HP, +2 Atk and Def, +1 everything else. Roar? This ain't PvP son.

Oh hey, Zig picked up an item! *Hyper Potion* Daaaaaamn, am I glad I caught you!

Another camper...Ya know, why are there so many campers out at a desert that's next door to a volcano? Capers my ass, these are ADVENTURERS! Adventurers with pokemon like Taillow, which I burry in a tomb of rocks! Then comes Lombre, the hombre with a bone to pick for me kicking it's ass every other blink. 2HKOd by Headbutt, outsped (...) and all it has to attack me with is Swift. Two hikers now, and I see a Numel. A Mud Slap and a Headbutt for an Ember, which did a somewhat fair amount of damage.Machop, so I switch out to Combusken who eats a Karate Chop. Double Kick deals with him easy. Next hiker has a Geodude, which I realize this thing has MAgnitude and that my mons cannot deal with it. I switch out to Combusken who eats a Magnitude 10 in fact. switch to Zig for the Rock Smash cause I'm desperate and I don't wanna lose this badly to something simple. It uses Mud Sport while I keep Rock Smashing, which it finally Rock Throws and kills Zig. I come back in and Metal Claw against it and kill.

Aron level 22: +2 HP and Def, +1 everywhere else.

Another Geodude. Lot of Luck going on with these fights. Could miss, and could deal with a huge Magnitude. One last Geodude and it defense curls, after all this I barely get by with the skin of my nose. Now to Lavaridge Cave

Lavaridge Cave

Just a quick jog.

Past Lavaridge Cave

4 Rawst and Pecha berries. Now I see what is either a Roker or a Bird Keepr (I'm hoping the latter) and an Aroma Girl, and all I have is an Aron walking around. Oh, it's apparently a Kindler. I got the halfway on that one. 2 Headbutts on a Numel that growled me, and I'm out of Headbutt PP. Slugma comes out next, which I bury in a Rock Tomb...But somehow it lives. Stupid Growl made me eat an Ember. Mud Slap finishes, and then right next is the Aroma Lady. Metal Claw for a Megadrain, Metal Claw for a Stun Spore, but it raises my attack. I use a Cheri, so I don't gamble when I'm literally barely alive. One more Metal Claw finishses the job on Shroomish. Roselia's Mega Drain deals 15 damage, and Metal Claw strikes to nearly kill and get an attack raise. It uses Stun Spore while I use a Potion, and it uses Growth. Mega Drain deals 23 HP and I kill with a Metal Claw. I am bleeding at the eye sockets at this point.

Aron level 23: +0 Speed, +1 Sp Def and Sp Atk, +2 everything else. 7 more levels.

Route 111

I quietly walk past the Cooltrainer because I am nowhere near the shape to throw down with him, and talk to the lad before the tree. He gives me Secret Power, which can be a really handy powerful normal STAB. I'll never need it, but it IS money. I am also very thankful I have Cut, so I don't have to snea by another Cooltrainer to get to the healing hut, where I get a much needed rest. Oh...guess there wasn't another Cooltrainer. Whatever, more Berries. Get a Razz from the woman, 4 more Razz from the near trees along with 4 Orans. I run up the Mach Bike up the sand hill, recalling there being a treasure up here only to run into a Blackbelt named Daisuke. So this is where he writes his music. Must be where he contacts Thor. He throws out a Machop at me and again I throw Combusken in to deal with what Aron can't. I feel kinda silly since this s a completely out of hte way fight, especially since Combusken took an uneessary 12 damage for it. Would have been more if it didn't Leer, Double Kick didn't even OHKO. I get back down from that waste of time to run into a Cool Trainer on my way to Ashy Alley where I'm sure to meet Ashy Larry. Wingull comes first. Annoying, but Rock Tomb should do it. 19 damage is a lot, but he's dead and Aron got EXP. Numel comes next. Is it safe t say the game just straight hates Aron? Headbutt for a flinch (What a saving grace move this is), and another cause I don't wanna risk a damn thing ( recall this thing has Magnitude). Roselia next (Goddammit!), and though I outspeed it does a Stun Spore since it avoided a flinch, though I avoided the Spore.

Route 113

I always did like the music here, one of the few good tracks this game has. Also, Skarmory! It's a rather rare occurance, but it's also a big route. I lead with Aron because I don't wanna risk anything, and Aron is tough as nails against it. Oh! There's also Slugmas here. Ya know, next playthrough I might pick this useless blob up ust for the hell of it. What genius thought up Rock+Fire anyways, and then decided to make it really slow? Doesn't take long for me to find one, and I'm not gonna try and luck out in finding another at a higher level with how rare this thing is. Would be searching for hours I'm sure. It starts with a peck and I land a critical hit to land Rock Tomb, gettng it just past half health. Caught with the Ultra Ball that Zigzagoon picked up.

Level 16 Skarmory/Calm

18/49 HP, 27 At, 50 Def, 20 Sp Atk, 35 Sp Def, 30 Speed

I am half and half on this. On one hand, I like a bulkier Skarm. On the other hand, it's attack is killed. If it had it's Sp Atk lowered I'd be happier, but it seems this is what the cards dealt me this time. It doesn't learn Steel Wing until level 36, and I'm not waiting that long. I get rid of Agility. It's already got pretty good speed, at least Sand-Attack can serve a purpose to the whole team.

Now onto the game. First trainer is a Youngster, and he lets rip a Trappinch which Skarm 2HKOs with Steel Wing. Faint Attack deals 4 damage, and down falls the Trapinch. I go for treasure, but I forget I'm riding the Mach Bike, and run head first into a group of 3, starting a fight with a Pokemon and a Ninja Boy. Aron and Koffing. Combusken double kicks the Aron while Skarm Steel Wings the Koffing.

Combusken level 28: +1 Sp Def, +2 everything else. Replaced Sand Attack with Bulk Up.

Maniac sends out another Aron while Skarm deals about a 3rd of damage to Koffing, who then BLOWS THE FUCK UP, Skarm going down, and nearly taking Combusken with him. Next comes out a Ninjask, which I am not too fond of seeing as now two of my mons are near death and that thing is really fast. It...Hardens. Ok? Double Kick deals with the Aron and Rock Tomb doesn't care about Harden when you're x4 weak.

Aron level 24: +2 HP, Def and Speed, +1 everything else.

Not done yet as instantly after I have to deal with a Baltoy. Luckily, Ember OHKOs. Sandshrew is quickly sent to the incinerator as well. I get a Super Repel and a Nugget for my troubles. Decide since I'm damn near death to go back to the healing house and run back. Not that far away anyways. That treasure I meant to grab had an Ether. Parasol Lady busts a Numel out on me, seeing Peck does about a 3rd, and t uses Sunny Day. One more Peck. My bad, that's 1/4. Another peck and another Ember. Just barely living with 2 HP. Hey, Zig's got an item! *Nabs an X Attack* This will be tasty against Flannery. Twins follow, and double Spindas after I give Skarm a just in case Potion. Metal Claw and Steel Wing n one bring it to red, and they Uproar and Psybeam, doing very meh damage. Headbutt and Pecks deal with the other easy.

Skarmory level 17: +3 Def, +1 Sp Atk and Sp Def, +2 everything else.

Item off to the side happens to be a Max Ether. I take the shortcut to another hidden item, fighting a Ninja Boy's Koffing. Steel Wing deals a 3rd of damage, and Koffing is pretty much helpless. Repeat 9 times.

Skarmory level 18: +2 HP and Def, +2 Sp Def, +1 everything else.

The hidden item appears to be Double Team! Hmm...Perhaps not now, but at some point I feel like I'll want to use this...

A Youngster catches me in a spazz attack and throws an Aron at me. Skarm unfortunately cannot actually do damage against it, so I switch it to Combusken. A double kick does it easy. One last thing before the upcoming town here is a Bird Keeper and a Picknicker. A Marill and a Skarmory. I have Aron Rock Tomb on Skarmory while my Skarmoy Pecks at Marill. I somehow outspeed his Skarm with Aron as it uses Agility (After a speed down), and Marill Tail Whips. Skarm Agility again, and I use another Rock Tomb while Skarm Pecks at Marill. Marill uses Water Gun for barely a blip of damage because Skarm is built ford tuff. A Swift from the enemy Skarm deals a critical to Skarm to bring him to the red while Aron continues to Rock Tomb, Marill doing another Tail Whip. Sand Attack on Aron while Skarm fells the Marill. Lombre comes out as Skarm falls to Rock Tomb. The confusion is finally over-HOLY CRAP A SWELLOW. Swellow uses Wing Attack on the wrong mon, but still deals a good amount of damage. Lombre uses Nature Power and uses EARTHQUAKE!?! Ok, so Aron is instantly dead. Ember on Swellow deals a lot of damage to nearly have him ead while Skarm finishes off Lombre before he can do that insanity again, saving Combusken's ass. Swellow's Quick Attack almost kills Skarm after those Tail Whips, but comes just short. Regardless of if Combusken hit or missed, I had Swift ready to ensure death.

Skarmory level 19: +3 Def, +1 Sp Atk, +2 everything else.

Combusken level 29: +3 HP and Sp Atk, +1 Speed and +2 everything else.

Fallarbor Town

The Halfway House as I prefer to call it. There's only one real thing you can do here and that's nab TM Dig. I teach this to Aron, replacing Mud Slap with it. This will be my "answer" to electric types. I replace his Silk Scarf with Soft Sand.

Route 114

Lot of Fisherman have Barboachs here, and they like to use Magnitude. Perfect environment for Skarm. Frst fisherman has a Barboach, and Peck crit cuts it nearly to half, and a Water Gun does about 6 damage. Two more hits and it's down, so overall took 12 damage. After that I talk to the fellow with the Poochyena for TM Roar. More money. I spy a treasure to the right which is guarded by a fisherman and a picknicker. Barboach and Nuzleaf. The Barboach is a priority, seeing as it has the danger of Magnitude. Headbutt and Swift don't quite kill it, but it uses Mud Sport while Nuzleaf uses a laughable Swift. Nuzleaf is easy to take down afterwards. Seems the item was Energy Powder. I check to see how many fisherman were on the bridge (I thought more than just one) and accidentally skew into the view of a Picknicker with a Marill. Critical hit Pec cuts it to half while it uses Rollout. Another crit and I win it. Lombre soon after also gets the pecking treatment, and all it does is Growl back. What, you just did an Earthquake and you growl at me?

Skarmory level 20: +3 HP and Def, +1 Sp Atk and Speed, +2 Atk and Sp Def. I like how I've basically just did one route and already almost caught up with Aron.

Going back to the fisherman, he insults me with a trollikarp which I peck into a bloody mess. He then throws at me a slightly less trollish Goldeen, which I peck and it Supersonics. One more peck, followed by a Water Sport (Who seriously came up with the name of that move?). A Barboach approaches, and Skarm snaps out of confusion to 3HKO. It Magnitudes and Mud Sports to waste time while Skarm eats it. Nice to see when the prey knows it's place and that it can't win when finally caught. To the left I smell out a secret item, another Revive! Woo! To the right however is a very important batch of berries, 6 Persims to be precise. Holdable confuse-heals, very awesome stuff. Guy out front of the house even gives me a free Nanab berry.

Hey, Zig got an item! Free Ultra Ball again. Schoolgirls come out to play as they throw a Gravler and a Roselia. Skarm pecks Roselia and one shots, Aron digging and hoping he doesn't eat a Magnitude. Steel Wing brings Gravler down to not even half, while Dig deals about the same amount. Steel Wing to finish it off.

Skarmory level 21: +3 Def, +1 Sp Atk, +2 everything else.

Camper up next with a Sandshrew. Steel Wing doesn't 2HKO, but it seems Sandshrew would try to poison steel. Another Wing, but a Scratch deals barely anything back. Swift to finish it off. Nuzleaf is up next, and it gonna get pecked. Doesn't kill, and I take a swift. I show him a REAL Swift. Right around the corner is a maniac with an Aron. I switch to Aron to Dig, as it does a Steel Claw for 10 damage. While I did, it uses Iron Defense to let it live, Headbutting me for 1 damage. One more Dig should do the trick. The rock just behind where the maniac starts holds a Carbos. I give it to Combusken since it's speed is somewhat sketchy for when I want him the most, namely against bosses. You remember the Manectric there otuspeeding him even with an X Speed. Hmm...What level does Swablu evolve? Might use that next time too for the hell of it. Besides, it seems like a real early dragon type you can get when you use it.

I Rock Smash to nab myself a Protein. I give it to Aron, mainly because it has a nice movepool offensively speaking at the moment, and I would like to make the most of it. A Kindler is in the near distance, springing a Slugma at me which I swift twice (I remember it having Magma Armor, I don't wanna get burned). It uses Ember on me or about 20 damage (Still safe), and I deal with it. Wingull up next, who Wing Attacks me for 2 damage (it gets it at level 18? Pretty early). One more Swift does the trick.

Skarmory level 22: +0 Atk, +1 Sp Atk, +2 Sp Def and Speed, +3 HP and Defense. I hate that +0, and I'm surprised how quickly it caught up in levels.

Hey, Zig got an item! Potion eh? Fair enough, a stockpile of healing items is never bad. Dual between a Hiker and a Picknicker. Geodude and Lombre. Skarm critical hits Lombre with a Peck to kill, while Aron digs and prays Geodude doesn't Magnitude.

Aron level 25: +2 HP At and Def, +1 everything else. Take Down? Why, when I already have Headbutt?

Out comes a Marill. Geodude Defense Curls. Marill Tail Whips after Aron does about half to Geodude. Skarm uses Steel Wing to finish it off, and the Numel that replaces it eats a Metal Claw, resisting and barely taking half. A Peck critical hits (Seriously Skarm, how are you managing all these crits) and kills Marill, and a Rock Tomb finishes Numel. The yodeling Hiker is next in my path to Cosmo Canyon-I mean Meteor Falls. Geodude is a simple matter with Steel Wing. Machop up next, which is even simpler.

Meteor Falls

My favorite track~<3

I head north to nab the Full Heal before going off to face off against Team Magma. Aqua though saves me the trouble of easy exp and chases them off. Pick up the Moon Stone before going to find Solrock. Doesn't take long for me to find one. Problem I see is a notoriously low starting level. Ahh well. Few Swifts while Tackle and Confusion is absorbed. A Rock Throw in my troubles does 6 damage to Skarm. Had to catch it with the freaking Ultra Ball.

Solrock Level 14/Brave

20/47 HP, 35 Atk, 30 Def, 24 sp Atk, 26 Sp Def, 24 Speed

Tackle/Harden/Confusion/Rock Throw

Not bad base stats considering it's level, and I wouldn't say that's the worst movepool in the world, especially since it's both stabs.

Think I'll take a break here. *Plugs in headphones and relaxes to the tune of Meteor Falls*


Name   Level   HP   Atk   Def   SAk   SDf   Spe
Combusken 29   77    61    45    66    44    40 Double Kick/Bulk Up/Peck/Ember
Aron      25   61    42    57    31    30    28 Metal Claw/Rock Tomb/Dig/Headbutt
Skarmory  22   64    36    68    26    46    40 Peck/Sand Attack/Swift/Steel Wing
Solrock See Above

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Swablu evolves something like level 35 (might be a bit lower). Learns Dragonbreath if you evolve it at the first opportunity. Swablu/Altaria is one of my favorite Pokemon.

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I like Aron, but it' slow levelling speed is it's problem

Cacturnes good, stab Needle Arm and Faint Attack, spikes and cotton spore.

Swablu is scrubby, but worth it.

This is informing, I look forward to seeing Aron grow.

Solrocks sp att is meh, but fire moves, `STAB psychic and solarbeam exist.

Its underrated IMO.

Keep going Grand one!!

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