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How to be hipster in five easy steps


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1. Go to local farmers market, aquire french baguette and french spreadable cheese.

2. Go to local coffee shop that obviously stole most of their drinks from starbucks, aquire obscure drink.

3. Sit outside coffee shop with portable CD player (Obscure indie band CD optional) and a copy of 'Love is a Mix Tape' by Rob Sheffield.

4. ???????

5. Profit.

Kind of slapdash if you ask me, I didn't even bother to mention the clothes and accessories (Ipod,Ipad,Beanie,Cardigan,etc.). But you should know all of that if you are reading my guide. Thanks for reading, and post results!!!

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Then it only means you get called one?

nah, people just call anyone they don't like hipster, it's become a somewhat meaningless phrase, actual hipsters are a very specific thing.

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