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you just won a million dollars


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no sorry it's going to charity

EDIT: actually I can spare 100, 000. Have a nice day.

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um lumi I've had rabbit liver before

I hope you'll forgive me for this act of treason against the graceful divine and holy race of bunnies :<

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Still makes me a sadfais though hearing about it :<

Also I'm fucking starving atm and just dun wanna deal with descriptive food

20 minutes until end of class then I can go get food aaaaaaah

[4/11/12 4:07:52 PM] Lumi: I am so hungry I want to eat my computer

[4/11/12 4:07:58 PM] Lumi: but it's made of metal and I'd be computerless

[4/11/12 4:08:00 PM] Lumi: if I ate it

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