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Yet another FE12 PMU

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I know this place has just had one of these, but this is a bit of a weird case. I started FE12 a while ago, back when the translation first came out, but I quickly ran into the same issue I often have when I play Fire Emblem games blind; I ended up training too many characters, because I'd keep getting new ones who seemed cool and I'd keep trying to use them at the expense of other characters who probably needed the levels better. I also kind of shot myself in the foot by playing Hard mode on a first run, and by chapter 8 I had very few units over level 10. I was constantly having to desperately try and avoid someone or other getting 2HKOed and having to restart the chapter, and the game just kind of stopped being fun. For this reason I think I want to restart the game with a good idea of exactly what team I want from the start, so that I don't keep wasting EXP on random units when there are really more important people it could be going to. But just playing the game normally again doesn't really appeal to me, so I'm going to request the input of you guys in order to make a second run more interesting.

So, knock yourselves out; pick me any 12 units to use in addition to Marth and MU (who will be a female Mage). I'll probably be playing on Normal, and I don't particuarly want to just get the best units possible and steamroll through everything, but at the same time I obviously don't want units who will be utterly useless either. I will use whoever you suggest, but just try not to give me anyone that's too broken or too terrible. Feel free to be as creative as you like with reclassing, of course. I may or may not occasionally update on how the runthrough is going once I start.

1. Tomas (Bishop)

2. Ryan (Archer->Sniper)

3. Astram (Hero/Horseman)

4. Draug (Dark Mage->Sorceror)

5. Caeda (Pegasus Knight->Dracoknight)

6. Warren (Pirate->Berserker)

7. Katarina (Dracoknight)

8. Catria (Pegasus Knight->Sage)

9. Roger (Fighter->Warrior)

10. Castor (Hunter->Horseman)

11. Athena (Cavalier->Sniper)

12. Malicia (Cleric->Bishop)

13. Nabarl (Cavalier->Paladin)

All units are now chosen.

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Oh right, I should probably have mentioned that since this is my first playthrough, you'll have to stay within the male class restrictions.

I think I'll pick Sniper Ryan out of those just to ensure that I have someone for the earlygame.

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Draug would actually be better as a Hero for the better Speed efficiency that he so desperately needs.

And I recommend Malicia for all of your Mag/healing needs.

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Guess I'll extend the list to 13 slots to accomodate both of those (not like Swordmaster Yubello really deserves to take up a slot anyway). Glad I got an actual healer just before the end.

All slots are filled now, thanks for your input everyone. I'll be very interested to see how this turns out.

EDIT: Oh, okay, I got edit-ninja'd. Well, that definitely works for me, ha. Nabarl it is.

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Have a prologue log.

MU selection: Rika, Mage(F), Farmer's child, Beautiful, Recluse.

Prologue 1: Obviously standard stuff. I like how the dialogue is so barely changed for a female MU. IS, you so lazy! "He said that the best way for men to understand each other is by fighting. Well, I'm a girl, but..." Really?

Prologue 2: Again, easy. I fed Ryan both the kills since he's still level 1.

Prologue 3: Luke and Rody hung back, Rika and Ryan beat the generics and then Ryan shot down Caeda in one hit. Excellent. Rika got a level up that was only Mag though, which is sort of sad. I picked the choice that leads to Gordin since I wouldn't want to use Athena before I reclass her to the specified class anyway.

Prologue 4: Unequipped Luke and Rody, and plugged the three-tile chokepoint with them and Caeda. Caeda killed the myrmidon on a counter, then Rika and Ryan picked off the other two. After that I moved Ryan within Jeorge's range. Jeorge moved to him, Ryan countered, then Caeda and Rika hit him from close range and we were done. Caeda got an awesome level up for killing him.

Prologue 5: Was a little difficult to get this one without letting anyone except Rika, Ryan and Caeda do any real fighting. Basically just used everyone as meatshields and let Wrys and Rody die because who cares really. Rika's level ups are pretty disappointing so far, this had better change. Ryan seems to be turning out well though.

Haha they even still talk about female MU when they're talking about who the girls are admiring, really what is this

Prologue 6: Picked the option that led to Draug even though I'm not using him until I can reclass. I only deployed the three characters I'm using and let Cecile get killed off; was pretty easy to beat this map with just Rika, Caeda and Ryan. Rika's level ups remain pretty bad, I am not happy with this.

Prologue 7: For this one Caeda basically flew around killing everything while Rika beat the armour knights near the starting point and Ryan chipped away at a few things. Fun stuff. Glad Normal is easy enough that I can actually do okay only deploying three units. Also Rika finally got a decent level up.

Prologue 8: Good fun. Mildly difficult to beat with just four units, but just slowly progressing and luring enemies into fighting the right characters got us through pretty easily. Ended with an epic climactic duel between Rika and Katarina. Man I love Tearing Shadows. Also Rika is getting better now, hooray.

Unit stats (Caeda isn't there since she left and I didn't think to get a screenshot beforehand. But she was turning out pretty great, surprising amount of Str gains.)

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